Taming Master

Chapter 250

Chapter 250: Searching for the Miraculous Medicine (1)

Again, the magical beast ‘Devil Dragon’ was a ‘Legendary’-rank.

And whether it was an item, a familiar or a retainer, it was a characteristic of Kailan for them to become exponentially stronger the higher the rank.

In other words, it meant that the ‘Devil Dragon’, which was a magical beast that was two ranks higher than a High-rank magical beast, was a on an entirely different level from the High-rank magical beast ‘Rakyel’, whom Ian had forcibly captured by beating it to near death last time.

It meant that with Ian’s current specs, it was not a monster that he could recklessly catch like the Rakyel.

‘But I want it so bad!’

Even while he was shoving his spear into the crown of the Devil Dragon, Ian was licking his lips.

However, the reason for that was not just because he wanted to handle the Devil Dragon, a Legendary-rank magical beast, as his magical beast familiar.

‘This monster was one of the ingredients to make the Evil Dragon Khalifa, which is outrageously strong to the point it is as powerful as a Devil King-rank, but is there no way to tame it?’

The reason why he wanted the Devil Dragon was because he remembered that this exact monster was one of the ingredients that was needed in order to make Mythological-rank.

Ian had remembered the whole synthesis formula that Cervian had told him in a passing manner.

‘He said that a Devil Dragon could be made if a Kaion and a Cerberus, which are High-ranking, so Heroic-rank, magical beasts, were combined and he stated that he made Khalifa by adding one more Legendary-rank magical beast to the Devil Dragon.’

The memory that Ian had, which was to the point it was surprising, was a power that came from his obsession towards the game.

Kyaaoh! Kyaaaooh-!

In the end, Ian couldn’t put his life on the line to satisfy his pride of capturing this monster.

Since, if he lost this chance, forget about the Devil Dragon, everybody would be annihilated.

‘Disappointing, but so long! This hyung will come back next time to catch you for sure!’


Without mercy, Ian drove into the weak point of the Devil Dragon, and in the end, the Devil Dragon began to turn into a grey light.


• You have successfully killed the Legendary-rank Magical Beast, the ‘Devil Dragon’.

• You have obtained 15,000 Fame.

• You have obtained 98,979,881 EXP.

Seu-reu-reuk- Thud-!

The heavy body of the Devil Dragon collapsed onto the ground just like that, and it was only then that the faces of the party members brightened.

“Whew, ah, how could there be a monstrosity like this one?”

At Remir’s words, Solare wore a bitter smile as he responded.

“Since it’s a Legendary-rank magical beast with not a large population even within the whole Devildom. However… I also never thought that a Legendary-rank magical beast was going to be guarding the Devil Summoning Stone.”


“Still, it’s a relief. We were able to take down that monstrosity of a creature because Ian was here.”

Ian, who heard the two people’s conversation, shook his head.

‘That’s right, it’s probably because they didn’t know that a Legendary-rank magical beast would be guarding, which is why they came in here with that fighting power. Same goes for Devil King Ricardo. If he knew that it was a Legendary-rank magical beast, he wouldn’t have sent me here alone, no?’

He had to admit, meeting Remir and Solare at the entrance of the dungeon at the perfect time was the skill of God.

As Ian grumbled internally, he approached the corpse of the Devil Dragon and spread out his hand.

Because in Kailan, different item rewards were each given to all users that contributed in killing the monster, there were no incidences where they fought against each other over a dropped item.

‘Alright, this is my first time taking down a Legendary-rank magical beast… so I wonder what I’ll get.’

After calming his fluttering heart, he checked the items that dropped.

‘Keu-heu-heu, at the least, a Heroic-rank item or higher will probably come out, right?’

However, in the next moment, Ian couldn’t help but become flustered.


• You have obtained the ‘Spirit Stone of the Devil Dragon’ (Rank: Legendary) (Classification: miscellaneous goods) item x7.

Normally, in the case of a boss-rank monster that guarded the last point of a hidden quest, a truly enormous amount of items and gold dropped when they were defeated.

So usually, it was certain that their gazes would be overflowing with system messages once they were killed, but…

‘What the hell, how did only one system message just pop up?’

Just one sentence for an item with an unknown identity popped up.

With a sour expression, Ian opened his inventory.

Since he needed to check the information of the items he obtained anyways.

‘Based on the fact that its classification shows that it is a miscellaneous good, I feel like it’s a random item, but still, since it is a Legendary-rank, there’s again no way of knowing.’

Ian tried really hard to hide his disappointed expression, as he opened the information of the ‘Spirit Stone of the Devil Dragon’ item.

• Spirit Stone of the Devil Dragon

Classification – Miscellaneous Goods

Rank – Legendary

*This is the Spirit Stone of the ‘Devil Dragon’, which is a magical beast of the legends that states they only inhabit Zone 30 of the Devildom, where the concentration of Devil Energy is high.

Amongst the magical beasts that existed, the Devil Dragon boasts the biggest size, and if the Devil Energy that was within its Breath even just grazes by something, it is said that it will even melt metal.

If enough of these spirit stones that the Devil Dragon had left behind just before dying are collected, a Devil Dragon can be summoned someday.

*This is an item that is exclusive to Devil Summoners.

*This item can be sold at a high price if you go to the ‘Altar of the Devil’ that’s in Zone 30 of the Devildom.

Just when Ian was blinking as he read down the information of the item.

In front of his eyes, a couple more system messages that were new had additionally popped up.


• You have obtained the ‘Spirit Stone of the Devil Dragon’ x3.

• Once the spirit has been completed after gathering all of the pieces of the spirit stone, you can summon a Devil Dragon.

• The current number of spirit stones gathered: 7/200 (3.5%)

Ian’s face brightened rapidly.

‘What the hell is this…! Was there such a system?’

With an excited expression, Ian’s mind began to race rapidly.

‘If this is the case, then obtaining a Devil Dragon is not completely impossible, no?’

And his gaze slightly turned towards Remir.

‘By any chance, would Remir have also obtained the spirit stone?’

‘As there was an additional item stating that it was a ‘Summoner-exclusive item’, he did think that Remir may have not even been able to obtain it, however, Ian couldn’t just not check.

“Excuse me, Remir.”

At Ian’s calling, Remir, who was checking her inventory, reflexively turned her head.

“Yes, why are you calling me?”

Ian scratched the back of his head as he responded.

“It’s nothing, but… By any chance, did something drop for you just now from taking down this monster?”

At Ian’s question, Remir responded.

“Well, I’ve obtained an item called the ‘Spirit Stone of the Devil Dragon’. 3 of them dropped.”

At that, Ian, who almost reflexively cheered(?), calmed down his heart as he opened his mouth again.

“By any chance…”

As Ian began to talk, Remir smirked.

This was because his intentions could be too easily seen.

Remir pulled out the faintly shining stone pieces from within her chest as she spoke.

“You need this, right?”

With a sheepish expression, Ian replied.

“That, that’s right, I guess…”

Although it would be obvious to Remir the fact that this was an item that Ian wanted even if she just looked at the information window, there was also no reason for him to hide his intentions for nothing.

“By any chance, could you… Sell me those?”

At Ian’s question, Remir beamed as she responded.

“Hmm, let’s see here. From what I’ve read, it’s an incredible item that allows you to even summon a Devil Dragon if you gather multiple of them, no?”

At Remir’s words, Ian broke out into a cold sweat.

“That, that’s correct.”

“Hmm… Then at what price should I sell this at?”

Remir’s eyes turned into crescents.

If he had seen her smile on any regular day and not in a situation like this, he would have thought that she was incredibly beautiful, however, that smile looked evil at the most.

‘She wasn’t the Monarch of the Red Flame, but a witch, a witch I tell you!’

For an instant, Ian remembered the items that were filling up his storage.

He was in the middle of remembering each of the Magician-exclusive weapons or armour pieces amongst the items that he had obtained up until now while hunting.

‘Let’s see here… There will definitely be an item that Remir would want.’

Just then, when Ian was wrapped up in his head, Remir’s words continued again.

“Exactly how good of a proposal are you planning on making that you’re thinking that diligently?”

A flustered Ian stuttered.

“One, one moment. Just wait a little bit!”

“There’s no time to be like this, Ian. We must destroy the Devil Summoning Stone quickly and leave this place.”

“One moment…!”

Remir, who couldn’t bear to watch Ian wring his mind out anymore, burst out into laughter as she opened her mouth again.

“Ian, then, I will make an offer.”

“Yes, tell me.”

Remir suddenly turned around and with her finger, she was pointing towards some place from afar.

And in that spot, there was a giant ‘crystal’, which was wrapped up in a purple energy.

“Firstly, please let me destroy the Devil Summoning Stone.”

At her unexpected suggestion, Ian wore a puzzled expression.


“It’s exactly as I said. That Devil Summoning Stone, I’m asking you to let me destroy with my own hands.”

Ian wore a sly expression.

‘What the hell? Is there content in her quest where it says that she must destroy the stone no matter what? Or does she want something like the Fame that you can obtain if you destroy that stone?’

Ian couldn’t exactly figure out Remir’s intention, but he soon nodded his head.

This was because this was a proposal with nothing for Ian to lose.

“Well, I’ll do it. And based on the fact that you said ‘firstly’, I feel like there are additional conditions as well…”

Remir immediately nodded her head.

“That’s right. There’s one more condition.”

“… Continue.”

Just when Ian, who thought that the time had finally come, was shaking(?), Remir’s words continued.

“After this quest, for the remaining three days or so until the Devildom closes, you must remain in a party with me and hunt without rest.”


At Remir’s offer, Ian’s two eyes rounded.

This was because that was simply the offer that Ian wanted to make as well.

‘Remir… She was an incredibly good woman!’

Ian quickly nodded his head as he responded.

“Alright, I’ll do that then.”

Remir also nodded her head with a pleased expression as she held out the spirit stones.

“Hu-hut, then, the deal has been established!”

At Remir’s cool proposal, Ian had become extremely happy.

‘Keu, what a welcome windfall!’

Meanwhile, separate from Ian, who was grinning, Remir also was flying towards the Devil Summoning Stone while wearing a broad smile.

‘Heu-heut, to have been able to make such a perfect deal by just giving three miscellaneous items that aren’t even that useful!’

To be honest, there was just one reason why Remir had asked to leave the destruction of the Devil Summoning Stone to her.

If looked at as a result, the destruction of the Devil Summoning Stone could be considered a tremendous achievement to stopping one of the Devildom waves.

If that was the case, then a sentence about something like first to accomplish would for sure spread throughout the server as a world message, and she didn’t want to lose that to Ian.

‘On top of that, I’ll even be able to shove around an incredibly high-quality personnel for three days, no?’

Although it wasn’t clear who was going to be shoving around who, either way, Remir had approached the Devil Summoning Stone with a grin until she was right in front of it.

And without hesitating, Remir spread her head towards the summoning stone.


A bright red flame spread out from her hand and shattered the Devil Summoning Stone, and as she expected, system messages began to pop up.

• You have successfully destroyed the ‘Devil Summoning Stone’!

• You have successfully completed the ‘Strength of the Sun God III (Hidden)(Connected)’ Quest!

• You have obtained 350 thousand Fame.

However, the world message that popped up throughout the whole server of Kailan in the next moment.

• User ‘Ian’ and ‘Remir’ have successfully stopped the monster wave of Area 4.

Remir’s expression turned sour in an instant.

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