Taming Master

Chapter 248

Chapter 248: The Beginning of the Devildom Monster Wave (2)


• You have succeeded in freeing Great Magician Solare.

• You have successfully completed the ‘Power of the Sun God II (Hidden) (Connected)’ Quest.

• Your Fame has increased by 300 thousand.

• From now on, Great Magician Solare will begin to follow you around.

• If you satisfy the specific conditions (Over 5 million Fame and at least a duke title), then you will be able to take in Solare as a retainer.

While reading the system messages that popped up, Remir wore a pleased expression.

‘Finally! With this, I’ve overcome at least one crisis.’

The difficulty level of this quest, where she needed to free Solare in order to obtain the Gem of the Sun God, was truly atrocious.

Considering that it was a quest with a difficulty level of a triple S-rank, the time that it took her to clear it was quite short, however, just like having to walk on top of thin ice, it was a quest where she needed to narrowly overcome very risky moments.

‘I was also lucky.’

There were critical situations in between where it was almost game over for her, but Remir had succeeded in safely clearing the quest, and now she stood staring at a white-headed magician that appeared in front of her.

“Are you Solare?”

At Remir’s question, Solare, who had his eyes closed, slowly opened his eyes.

“That’s right. My name is Solare.”

Solare, who had responded, carefully studied Remir.

And shortly after, he opened his mouth with a surprised expression.

“Egad! Please forgive my rudeness.”

As Solare was startled and bowed his head, Remir wore a puzzled expression and asked.

“What’s the problem?”

Solare responded.

“I didn’t recognize the envoy of the Sun God and have acted rudely.”

Remir, who only then understood Solare’s reaction, waved her hands as she responded.

“No, there’s no reason for you to be like that.”

And at that moment, the two people’s conversation began to proceed regardless of Remir’s will.

From the main system’s side, the moment that a new quest was activated, it had begun to control Remir’s character.

‘Hmm, I always have this feeling, but seriously, it’s somewhat peculiar.’

Remir began to contemplate the conversation.

“Huh-huh, for the envoy of the Sun God to have appeared in front of me, it must be because a sign of the dimensional war occurring again was visible.”

“That’s right, Solare. Your strength is needed, which is why I’ve come looking for you here.”

And for roughly about 5 minutes, the two people’s conversation continued.

The content of it was mainly about the fact that the dimensional war was about to start and an explanation to Solare about the quest that Remir had proceeded through up until now.

“As expected… it seems the destructive devils have not yet been able to throw away that ambition.”

“That’s right. And soon now, the dimensional doors will probably open.”


Solare, who let out a low groan, suddenly gathered both of his hands together as he closed his eyes.

As he did so, along with a white light that shone around his hands, a wave of energy began to rise.


And shortly after, Solare, who opened his eyes again, recited with a low voice.

“Indeed! I feel the energy of the ‘Devil Summoning Stones’ again.”

“By Devil Summoning Stones, you mean…?”

“The medium that opens the dimensional doors, they have begun to operate again.”

“Then what must we do? Please help us, Solare.”

“I failed a thousand years ago, but as we know about their ambitions beforehand like this, we must reduce the number of dimensional doors as much as possible.”

“Is there something for me to help out with?”

Solare slowly nodded his head as he closed his eyes again.

From his wrinkly forehead, he started to sweat profusely as if it was raining, and shortly after, the white light that was wrapped around his hand began to embroider the air in thick clouds.



Along with Solare’s shout of concentration that rang out in the silence, a giant portal opened up in front of the two people.

And Remir’s character, which had been released from the control, returned into her control again.

Remir quickly asked Solare.

“What is this portal?”

Solare responded.

“This is the portal that will lead us to Zone 50 of the Devildom, the place where the six Devil Summoning Stones are summoned.”

Remir, who heard Solare’s words, was startled.

‘What the hell? We’re only in Zone 80 here right now, but this is a portal that will transport us to Zone 50 at once?’

Remir, who couldn’t even make a guess as to how the difficulty level of Zone 50 would be, momentarily contemplated.

However, there was no reason for her to reject this offer anywhere.

‘Well, even if the monsters are stronger, how much stronger could they really be? At most, only about High-ranking magical beasts will probably appear.’

And as she also had ‘Solare’, whose level she couldn’t even estimate, as a strong reinforcement, Remir immediately nodded her head.

“Alright. Let’s get moving right away.”

And as this was the case, she remembered the existence of Ian, who had always proceeded through the maps one step ahead of her.

‘If I go through this portal, then I should for sure be able to get ahead of that punk now, right?’

The corners of the mouth of Remir, whose mood went up a little at that thought, slightly curled upwards, and Solare nodded his head as he slowly moved his feet.

“I will go in first, and you, the ‘Envoy of the Sun God’, please follow behind me.”

“Yes, I will do that.”

As soon as he heard Remir’s response, Solare disappeared into the portal instantly, and Remir also followed behind him without hesitation.

* * *

“Hmm, so you’re saying let’s destroy the Devil Summoning Stones in these two areas here, right?”

Towards Ricardo, who spoke while pointing to the map with his finger, Ian nodded his head.

“Yes, I think we just need to do as you said.”

At that, Ricardo, who looked around at the fighting power as he thought about it, pointed to one side of the map as he continued his words.

“I’ll destroy the devil stone that’s over here, so you go there.”


Ricardo’s words couldn’t help but make Ian become flustered.

‘No, weren’t we going to be moving together?’

Ricardo had told him that the magical beast guarding the dimensional devil stone was a Heroic-rank magical beast that was close to lv 400.

On top of that, even with just the lv 300 High-rank magical beasts that guarded the surrounding, there were apparently at least ten of them, so as he told Ian to take care of one area on his own, he was stunned.

“Why are you fooling around the stump? There’s not much time left.”

However, for this once, Ian’s feet didn’t move so easily.

“Wouldn’t it be best if I move with you, Ricardo?”

However, Ian’s appeal still didn’t work.

“If we move like that, we will never be able to stop the two spots. I’m telling you, there’s not enough time.”

At those words, in the end, Ian couldn’t help but nod his head.

“Then… I guess it can’t be helped.”

* * *

• You have entered the ‘Unchanging Dark Abyss’.

• You are the first to discover the ‘Unchanging Dark Abyss’ dungeon.

• For the next 7 days, all of the EXP you obtain will double.

• You have obtained 100 thousand Fame.

The two fists of Remir, who saw the messages that popped up, automatically clenched.

‘Alright! Have I finally gotten ahead?’

Ever since the Devildom opened up, Remir’s pride was hurt from the sorrow of always being behind one step.

At the satisfaction that she had finally gotten ahead of Ian, her mood automatically got better.

And towards her, while she was like this, Solare spoke.

“This is a place that is made up of a total of 3 floors, Remir.”

“I see. Then is the Devil Summoning Stone on the 3rd basement floor?”

Solare nodded his head.

“That’s right. I feel like we’ll need to go down to that spot as fast as possible and destroy the devil stone. Because I had opened the portal, there’s a high chance that the destructive devils have noticed, so if we drag on the time, it’s possible that a Noblesse or a Devil King-rank destructive devil will appear in order to interrupt us.”

Remir nodded her head.

‘Devil King-rank, huh… It’s horrendous to even think about it.’

However, just then, from the door of the place that was opposite to Remir, a resonant sound began to ring out.

Keu-keuk- Keu-keu-keuk-!

At that, Remir became flustered, and Solare as well wore a startled expression.

“No! There’s no way that they’ve already noticed and have appeared, right?”

At Remir’s words, Solare broke out into a cold sweat as he replied.

“There’s… no way that’s the case. Even if they were to have noticed the wave of energy, there’s no way that they could have come this quickly…!”

The two people quickly began to cast a magic spell, and they stared at the door of the place that opened slowly.

However, shortly after, the two just became even more flustered.

Remir was especially even more dumbfounded than Solare.

‘How could such an incident…?’

The man that opened the door of the place and appeared tilted his head while looking at Remir as he opened his mouth.

“Huh? How did someone already arrive here? And on top of that, a user?”

He was none other than Ian, and wearing a completely dumbfounded expression, Remir glared at him.

‘This crazy! Is that something for you to say?’

She had transported from Zone 80 to Zone 50, the advanced zones of the Devildom, with one portal, which was basically a cheat key.

However, as her opponent had reached Zone 50 at a similar time as her without any sort of portal, the fact that she was flustered made sense.

Remir stared at Ian as she opened her mouth.

“Are you ‘Ian’?”

At Remir’s question, Ian, who wore a slightly surprised expression, responded.

“You know my name? That’s right, I’m Ian. Who are you?”

Remir became incredibly despondent.

‘What the hell, this punk doesn’t even know my name right now?’

Remir’s outer appearance was incredibly unique.

She wore a long and exposed red robe.

With pale skin that contrasted with it, her appearance also consisted of holding a flame staff.

She was also an incredibly famous ranker even in the official community, so she couldn’t help but be shocked at the fact that Ian didn’t recognize her.


Remir, who let out a short sigh, slowly opened her mouth again.

“I am Remir.”

“Ah-ha, I see.”

Meanwhile, Ian, who heard Remir’s name, tilted his head.

‘Hmm? Remir, huh… It’s somewhat of a familiar name.’

And shortly after, he was able to remember where he had heard that name.

‘That’s right! The ID of the 1st place user in the unofficial Magician rankings was Remir!’

Remir asked Ian again.

“Speaking of which, for what reason have you come here, Ian?”

At that, Ian, who was momentarily thinking about Remir’s identity, scratched the back of his head as he responded.

“Ah, for me, it’s because of a quest. I need to destroy a Devil Summoning Stone. I feel like you also have a similar quest as I do, though…”

At that, Remir wore a bitter smile as she nodded her head.

“That’s right, I also received the quest telling me to destroy a Devil Summoning Stone.”

As soon as he heard Remir’s response, Ian immediately requested to party together.

‘This works out well. As a matter of fact, the difficulty level on the inside will seriously be hellishly difficult, but if she’s a magician ranked 1st, she’ll still be more than just a little helpful.’

• You have requested to party with Magician User ‘Remir’.

However, different from Ian, Remir, who wouldn’t have heard from Solare about the difficulty level on the inside of the dungeon, was momentarily engulfed in a conflict.

‘Would it be a gain to party with this punk?’

However, just then, Solare, who was behind her, seemed to have discovered something as his eyes rounded.

“No… You, you’re!”

At that, Remir and Ian’s gazes naturally turned towards Solare, and his words continued.

“Kaizar! Kaizar, how are you here?!”

At Solare’s words, Kaizar, who stood behind Ian, strode forward.

“Hmm… Old man, do you know me?”

At Kaizar’s words, Solare was taken aback.

“This punk… Based on the fact that your way of talking is exactly like it was before, you’re for sure Kaizar. Have you lost your memory?”

Kaizar nodded his head as he replied.

“That’s right. I’ve gathered a lot of fragments of my memory, but I haven’t been able to recover all of it yet.”

Solare suddenly grasped Remir’s hand, and he opened his mouth out of excitement.

“Remir, we must be with them no matter what!”

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