Taming Master

Chapter 247

Chapter 247: The Beginning of the Devildom Monster Wave (1)

A new quest window popped up in front of Ian’s eyes.


• Destruction of the Devil Summoning Stone (Hidden)

Seraphim knew about the fact that the destructive devils were trying to release Evil Dragon Khalifa from its seal.

The destructive devils were planning on opening the dimensional door that would allow them to invade the human world using Evil Dragon Khalifa, and Seraphim was trying to stop that at all costs.

That’s why he was trying to seek Devil King Ricardo’s help.

However, before his letter reached Ricardo, Evil Dragon Khalifa had awoken.

Now, there was no way to go back.

The destructive devils obtained the power they needed, and ten days from now, they would succeed in opening the six dimensional doors that would lead to the human world.

The destructive devils will be opening the dimensional doors through a medium called ‘Devil Summoning Stones’, which were in Zone 50 of the Devildom.

Before ten days pass, destroy at least one Devil Summoning Stone and minimize the invasion of the destructive devils.

Quest Difficulty Level: SSS

Quest Condition: Completion of the ‘Beginnings of the Devil III (Hidden) (Connected)’ Quest./Release of the seal of Evil Dragon Khalifa.

Time Limit: 10 days

Reward: High-grade Magic Stone x50/Blessing of the Devil x10

*This quest cannot be rejected.

The eyes of Ian, who read through the quest with an interested expression, was fixated on the reward tab.

‘What the hell, the reward is High-grade Magic Stones? On top of that, 50 of them?’

It was an incredible reward that was enough to make him doubt his own two eyes.

High-grade Magic Stones were even exactly what Ian needed right now.

‘As a matter of fact, soon, my Judgment of the Spirit King item will reach its 2nd transcendence!’

The 2nd transcendence was talking about an item that had reached +10 fortification.

Currently, all of Ian’s equipment were in a state where they had reached +8~+9 fortification.

He had yet to succeed in reaching 2nd transcendence with anything, but he had a countless amount of Intermediate-grade Magic Stones that had piled up through hunting this whole time.

‘Let’s see here… How many Intermediate-rank Magic Stones do I have? This time, there’s 450, and since I’ve left about 300 in the village, it’s about a total of 750 it seems.’

Even if the fortification rate was so poor that it made him want to cry, if he had 750 Intermediate-grade Magic Stones, it looked like it would definitely be possible to reach 2nd transcendence in about two or so equipment.

Then he could immediately fortify them more with the High-grade Magic Stones.

‘Keu, I will clear this no matter what!’

Before the Devildom monster wave started, Ian, who formed an assignment that he needed to complete unconditionally, began to get fired up.

The tremendous difficulty level of an SSS-rank didn’t even catch his eye, and what was worse was that it was to the point that he had even momentarily forgotten about the Balrog, which was the Legendary-rank magical beast that he had been completely fixated on just a moment ago.

While looking at Ian, who clenched both of his fists tightly as he fired up his fighting spirit, the corners of Ricardo’s mouth slightly curled upwards.

“Huhu, do you think you can do it, Ian?”

Ian nodded his head.

“I can do it. No, I must do it.”

Ricardo, who mistook Ian’s passion towards magic stones as a passion to stop the dimensional war, wore a pleased smile.

“Good, your attitude is great.”

“Thank you!”

“Then let’s get a move on right away. Since there’s not a lot of time left.”

At those words, Ian’s expression became even brighter.

‘If this monstrously powerful Devil King is going to be moving with me, then this SSS-rank difficulty level quest will probably be a piece of cake.’

However, there was a part that Ian had thought of incorrectly.

The fact that the difficulty level of the quest was a triple S-rank meant that it was a rank that was calculated after taking into account all of the circumstances of the quest.

* * *

The main announcement window of the official Kailan homepage as well as the official community.

On that bulletin board, where not one post had been uploaded onto it ever since the Devildom opened up, a new post had popped up for the first time in a while.

And the content of it was enough to excite the users.

Although they already knew about the fact that the monster wave was going to start, detailed content on it was just vaguely known, but in this announcement, it was described in incredible detail.

The content of the announcement was as followed.

• Episode I The Invasion of the Devildom

At noon on October 1st, which is exactly a week away from now, a dimensional door from the Devildom will open.

Currently, the number of expected dimensional doors is a total of 6, and 3 each will open in the northern continent and the central continent as the monster wave begins.

It is expected that the monster wave will proceed for the whole month of October with a total of 10 levels, and if you do not win against the monster wave, the central continent and the northern continent will be converted into a part of the Devildom.

The Schedule of the Devildom Monster Wave

1st Wave

Term: 10/1-10/15

Difficulty Level: Phase 1-3

Appearing Monsters: Low-rank ~ Intermediate-rank magical beasts/Low-rank devils

2nd Wave

Term: 10/16-10/25

Difficulty Level: Phase 4-7

Appearing Monsters: Low-rank ~ Intermediate-rank magical beasts/Low-rank ~ Common devils

3rd Wave

Term: 10/26-10/30

Difficulty Level: Phase 8-10

Appearing Monsters: Intermediate-rank ~ Legendary-rank magical beasts/(Unknown)

*During the duration of the episode, starting from 9:00 AM everyday, monsters will be summoned a total of 5 times with an interval of 3 hours in between.

*If you go to the capital of each empire starting from 6:00 PM today (9/24), you may register for the Devildom punitive force. (Level limit: 100)

*If you register for the punitive forces, you cannot leave the punitive force of each empire for the duration that you have registered for.

*If you register for the punitive forces, you will receive a base pay of at least 10 thousand gold everyday, and directly proportionate to the contribution value you have collected, you can additionally obtain an enormous benefit.

*The current expected area for the summoning of the dimensional door

St. Ville Plateau (The middle area of the central continent)

Yoohyun, who checked the announcement of the official homepage as he ate his lunch, rounded his eyes.

This was because in the spot where the expected area for the summoning of the dimensional door was written, an area name that he had seen often before caught his eye.

“What the hell? It’s… St. Ville Plateau?”

St. Ville Plateau was a field that was incredibly close to the Pyro Domain, which was the domain of the Lotus Guild.

On top of that, because that place had a topography where it was surrounded by a mountain range behind it, it was certain that the magical beasts that would be summoned there would pour out towards the Pyro Domain no matter what.

Yoohyun gulped audibly.

“This… should I be happy about this or not?”

For Yoohyun, this was a situation that he couldn’t really judge.

‘If in the case that it’s a wave level that can be stopped with the Defensive Power of our Pyro Domain, then this is truly an incredible chance!’

However, if it is the opposite case, the Pyro Domain, which they had grown with great effort up until now, would become completely devastated.

Yoohyun read through the hundreds of comments that were already attached to the bottom of the announcement post.

• Wow, only now do they launch a proper announcement.

• No kidding. But, to be honest, up until now, the operation was too negligent. This is seriously my first time seeing a game company that gives this little announcements while updating new content.

• Hul, isn’t that base pay of 50 thousand gold too cheap?

• Person above, aren’t you just trying too hard to luck out? If it’s 10 thousand gold, even if you were to convert it with the current market price, it’s about 12 thousand Won[1] in cash, so if it’s just where 12 thousand Won rolls in just from registering, isn’t it a very good profit?

• Is it…? But if a user that’s over lv 100 plays for a day, they could very easily make over ten thousand gold, so…

• Well, then, the additional benefit must be pretty good. Have you ever seen Kailan disappoint us?

• Well, that is true.

Yoohyun looked through the comments, but he wasn’t really able to find a comment that was useful.

“Hmm… It looks like I’ll have to log on for now and go to the Pyro Domain first.”

Yoohyun, who hadn’t visited the domain for a while as he had recently been doing a personal quest, thought that he should meet up with Fiolan and somewhat take countermeasures against the monster wave.

“Speaking of which, Jinsung, this punk, exactly when is he going to come out of the Devildom?”

Yoohyun, who roughly cleaned his dishes after eating, hurriedly logged onto Kailan.

* * *


“Hu-uff, hu-uff.”

After lodging his spear into the ground and supporting his body with it, Ian slowly began to catch his breath.

‘Argh, how can such an intense quest exist?’

It had been three days since he had started to proceed with the Destruction of the Devil Summoning Stone Quest.

Ian was confident that he had experienced all of the quite exhausting quests, however, even he felt that this quest’s difficulty level was tremendous.

‘No, is it a little off to call it the difficulty level?’

To be more exact, rather than the actual difficulty level of the quest being high, the problem was that the proceeding pace of the quest was so fast to the point it was beyond his imagination.

Ricardo, who had the greatest armed force level even amongst the Devil Kings, didn’t cut Ian any slack, and he had broken through the gateways of the Devildom at a truly ignorant speed.

This could be seen even from the fact that within just three days of the quest starting, he had succeeded in breaking through the gateway of Zone 80 to Zone 50.

‘Damn it, wouldn’t it be nicer if he just let me ride his Balrog’s back as well?’

It wasn’t even like Ricardo opened up the paths so that it would be easier for Ian to break through them.

Using his authority as the Devil King, he reached Zone 50 much sooner than Ian, and the only thing that he had helped Ian with was just the fact that he had cleared the two gateways that were in Zone 60 and Zone 70 beforehand.

‘Well, it’s possible that I should be thankful for even this, but…’

Either way, Ian, who had broken through to Zone 50 at an ignorantly fast speed that was spartan-like, was able to meet up with Ricardo who was waiting for him in front of the portal of Zone 50.

“Slow, too slow. You seriously barely arrived just on time.”

At Ricardo’s scolding, Ian caught his breath as he responded slowly.

“Huff, huff, still, I was not late!”

Ricardo nodded his head.

“Well, it is possible that I had made too unreasonable of a demand to you when you just make the High-ranking Devil standard…”

Hearing what Ricardo said to himself, Ian gritted his teeth.

‘Euh, if you know that, then you shouldn’t have ditched me!’

It didn’t matter how Ian sincerely felt, as the quest continued to proceed separate from that.

The quest moved urgently without even a moment of rest.

“Alright, then you will now move in that direction with me. It looks like it would be best to destroy that Devil Summoning Stone in the southern area over there first.”

As soon as Ricardo finished speaking, he began to walk in the direction that he had pointed to, however, Ian momentarily called him and stopped him.

“Wait, Ricardo.”

“What’s wrong, Ian?”

The reason why Ian had called over and stopped Ricardo was not just because he wanted to rest a moment, but to be honest, it was because of another reason.

“By any chance, is there a way of finding out where the six different Devil Summoning Stones will summon a dimensional door in the human world?”


The reason why Ian had asked this was because of the announcement matter, which he had checked on the official homepage.

‘St. Ville Plateau! I need to stop the dimensional door that opens there no matter what.’

Ian, who had encountered the most magical beasts and devils in the Devildom, knew just well how powerful the monster waves that had a difficulty level of at least 5 phases or higher could be.

‘Although it may be possible that we can make something work for up to about phase 6, once High-ranking Devils start to appear, no matter how sturdy the Pyro Domain is, it will become completely devastated.’

As two more dimensional doors would additionally open up in areas of the central continent anyways, the Pyro Domain, which was located in the middle of it couldn’t help but face the Devildom troops no matter what.

However, there was just a need to stop from becoming the first target.

‘And if I do have a little bit more flexibility, it would be nice if I could even stop about one more dimensional door that was to open in the northern continent…’

This was a choice made not just for the Lotus Guild, but also for all of the guilds that had a domain in the northern continent.

In the central continent, the users themselves were powerful, and due to the war between the empires, which had proceeded for quite a long time, the Defensive Power of the domains were solid.

Meanwhile, this was because it was certain that the central continent, which had been left alone peacefully for a long time, was currently in a completely defenseless state.

And Ricardo, who heard Ian’s question, thought about it for a moment before he slowly responded.

“Hmm… There’s no way that I know the name of the places in the human world, but if you were to show me a map, I feel like I will be able to point out the approximate location. Since it should be the same locations as a thousand years ago, that is.”

At Ricardo’s words, Ian’s expression slightly brightened.

[1] 12,000 Won = ~$10-11 USD

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