Taming Master

Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Bbookbbook and Kaka (3)

• Devil King Ricardo’s Seal has been lifted.

• Evil Dragon Khalifa, who was sealed in a dark abyss, has been awoken from a deep sleep.

• The invasion of the Devildom will begin soon. (Time remaining until the invasion: 29 days/23:59:59)

• Once the invasion of the Devildom begins, three portals will appear in the central continent and the northern continent each, and through the portal, a large-scale monster wave will start.

• The monsters of the Devildom are powerful. In order to stop them, full preparation will be needed.

Immediately after Ilahan had cleared the seal of the dark abyss.

In front of the eyes of all of the users that were in the middle of playing Kailan at the moment, the message shown above popped up.

The time that the message popped up was at dawn, and because of that, many users weren’t able to see that message firsthand, but this message couldn’t help but immediately become an issue.

This was because the users that were playing during the dawn immediately uploaded it onto the community along with a screenshot.

On top of that, because the content that was within this message was not light by a long shot, conversations about the monster wave began to spread around significantly between the users.

The stances of the users on the monster wave were divided.

“A monster wave from the Devildom is going to begin?”

“That’s what I’m telling you! Apparently 30 days from now, three portals will open up in the central continent and the northern continent each.”

“Euh… Isn’t that dangerous? I heard that even for the lowest-ranking monster of the Devildom, the monsters’ levels are over lv 150…!”

“For the central continent, as there isn’t a huge level difference, it’s possible that it will be alright, but… It looks like the users that are hunting in the northern continent will receive some damage.”

“I know. The users that are currently hunting in the northern continent are mostly going to be beginners who haven’t even hit lv 100 yet…”

While there were users that were worrying over the monster wave like this, on the other hand…

“Wow, then, doesn’t this mean we’ll be able to hunt Devildom monsters even if we didn’t receive the quest to be able to enter the Devildom?”

“That’s what I’m saying! It was a little bothersome for me to go up to the Devildom as I liked the hunting grounds of the central continent, but… I think this has turned out for the better!”

“Keu, it’s supposed to be happening in 30 days from now, right? I should get over lv 150 before then. So that I can see some profit once the monster wave starts.”

“Huhu, I’m already over lv 150, but… Still, I should raise up my level a little more. Since there are apparently also a lot of monsters that are over lv 200, with my current fighting power, it’s still very dangerous.”

“We should set up a party beforehand. I want to hunt evil spirits and quickly fortify my weapons as well.”

There were also users that were delighted at the thought that they would be able to enjoy the Devildom content even without entering the Devildom instead.

However, no matter what side the users positioned themselves on, they all thought alike that a thorough countermeasure must be planned for the Devildom monster wave.

A meeting on a countermeasure for the monster wave began to proceed in each guild, and the meetings proceeded in an even more serious manner for guilds that had domains.

The Lotus Guild was not an exception either.

“So, you’re saying that the portals where the monsters of the Devildom will be summoned from will open up in 30 days from now, right?”

At Kroban’s words, Carwin nodded his head as he responded.

“That’s right. I don’t know what kind of monsters will be summoned, but even with just the lowest-ranking evil spirits, they’re stronger than most decent field monsters in the central continent.”

This time, Fiolan opened her mouth.

“To be honest, I’m not too worried about the Pyro Domain, but I’m concerned about the domains that are in the northern continent. If evil spirits attack those domains, won’t they lack the power to stop them?”

Kroban, the Lord of the Ollibus Domain of the northern continent, slowly nodded his head.

“That’s right, the Lotus Guild is still a little better, but in the case of our Ollibus Domain, there are almost no defensive facilities. Since there are no other guild domains at all that would be a threat around us.”


Carwin grumbled.

“Speaking of which, this Ian hyung, has he smeared honey all over the Devildom…? Lately, he hasn’t come out of there at all. Fiolan, have you contacted Ian hyung recently?”

Fiolan shook her head.

“No, it’s been quite a long time since I’ve seen Ian as well.”

Kroban rubbed his chin as he mumbled.

“Hmm… People that know about the Devildom as much as Ian are probably rare, too.”

“As he was the first user to ever enter into the Devildom, that would definitely be the case, right?”

Harin, who was quietly listening to their conversation from the corner, intervened.

“Ian probably knows about the news on the monster wave as well. Even if it seems like he’s absorbed with hunting and his quests, whenever he logs off, he does go into the community bulletin board regularly and checks it.”

Herz nodded his head as he added on.

“That’s right. That’s Ian’s habit.”

Harin’s words continued again.

“From what I saw last time, he had packed an excel document with something like the information on the Devildom monsters and organized it… Fiolan, try talking to him and asking him to give that to you.”


At Harin’s words, everybody wore expressions that looked like they were terrified.

Carwin opened his mouth first.

“As expected… They say that people don’t change. I knew ever since he wrote down the stats of his Familiars whenever they leveled up one by one and compared them.”

Fiolan smirked as she spoke.

“Well, thanks to that, we’ve received a lot of help.”

At Fiolan’s words, everybody slowly nodded their heads.

Since, no matter what anybody said, when it came to the making of the current Lotus Guild, Ian’s contributions were the biggest.

“Alright, then, let’s make a plan to effectively get defensive troops to the northern continent for now. As for how we will battle, I believe that is something we can think about after we obtain information on the Devildom from Ian.”

* * *

“What do you mean when you say that he is half-right, half-wrong?”

At Ian’s question, Kaka wore a serious expression.

As he wore a serious expression with a cute, round outer appearance, it was even slightly ridiculous, but for now at least, that image of Kaka wasn’t funny or anything like that.

Since to Ian, Bbookbbook’s hidden secret(?) was an incredibly important issue.

“Owner, about the Legend of the Seven God Dragons, you know that it’s a story related to the God Dragons that played a critical role in stopping the invasion of the Devildom a thousand years ago, right?”

Ian nodded his head immediately.

Since this was content he had even heard from Kaizar and knew about.

“I do know about it. Since Kaizar was one of the human warriors that was present in that scene.”

Kaka, who glanced at Kaizar once at Ian’s words, continued his words again.

“Then, by any chance, do you know the story about the five God Dragons that existed in the beginning?”

Ian wore a puzzled expression as he asked back.

“Five… God Dragons?”

Kaka nodded his head up and down as he continued his words.

“Yeah, the five God Dragons.”

Ian’s mind raced quickly. This was because he felt like he had heard this from somewhere.

However, even this time, while Ian was submerged in his own thoughts, Kaizar’s mouth abruptly opened up first.

“You do know, kiddo. That’s why I’ve always been curious about that. From what I know, there were five God Dragons that existed in the beginning, but how were there seven God Dragons that stopped the invasion of the Devildom?”

At Kaizar’s words, Ian stopped thinking and turned his attention towards Kaka again.

And the other Familiars and retainers that were nearby were also staring at Kaka with an interested expression.

“That’s simple. It’s because amongst the seven God Dragons, there were only five real dragons.”


Everybody wore confused expressions, and amongst them, even Karceus, who was one of the members of the God Dragons, was included.

Ian asked Karceus.

“Yo, how can you know less than him when you’re a God Dragon?”

At that, Karceus flew off the handle.

“I was not the God Dragon that was present at the time! Although our names are the same, I am not ‘him’, I am just his descendant… Wouldn’t it be weird if I did know about it, owner?”

Ian scratched the back of his head as he replied.

“That, that’s true.”

Either way, Kaka’s explanation continued again.

“The five God Dragons that existed in the beginning had never gathered together in one spot before the dimensional door of the Devildom opened up.”

Everybody’s gazes were focused again, and Kaka’s lengthy(?) explanation continued.

“The summoning gates of the Devildom were opened, and tons of magical beasts and devils invaded the human world. At first ,the battle between the human world and the Devildom proceeded looking as if they were on par with each other, but after the Evil Dragon Khalifa appeared, the aspect of the battle completely flipped over.”

The content was incredibly interesting, and in the case of Ian, it felt like the puzzle pieces of what he knew were being pieced together so he began to be immersed even more.

“The Evil Dragon Khalifa first showed himself to the human world through the dimensional door of the northern continent, and Oakley, the hero of the northern continent, and War Dragon Karceus struggled against him in order to stop him at the time. However, he was an opponent that the two weren’t able to stop alone, and in the end, they suffered from Khalifa.”

As names that weren’t unfamiliar appeared, Ian internally began to search through his memories.

‘Now that I think about it… When Oakley first explained about Karceus, I definitely feel like he explained that he was not one of seven God Dragons, but one of five God Dragons.’

Kaka’s words continued again.

“Solare, who was a man of great wisdom that was leading the battle against the Devildom at the time, felt a sense of crisis, and he thought that in the end, the remaining four God Dragons that were scattered across each continent must be gathered in one spot for Khalifa to be stopped.”

The more that Kaka’s story continued, it seemed as though Kaizar was remembering something as he wore a complicated expression that became more and more defined.

“That’s why, in order to find a solution to that, he went searching for his master, who was also the owner of the Magical Tower of the Abyss.”

Ian asked shortly.

“Who was that?”

“His name I don’t know either. However, that’s not important, as that magical tower owner, what he laid out as the solution to that was exactly…”

Kaka’s head turned towards Bbookbbook, and naturally, everybody’s gaze gathered towards Bbookbbook.

“The Abyss Turtle.”

The two eyes of Ian, who heard those words, rounded.

“Huuuh? You’re saying Bbookbbook was that solution?”

Kaka replied.

“More specifically, it wasn’t Bbookbbook, but rather the ancestor of Bbookbbook, but anyhow, the Abyss Turtle was the key to gathering the scattered four God Dragons.”


“The Abyss Turtle is a race that has the ability to instinctually find ‘energy that is asleep’. Especially if they ascend and become an Abyss Dragon… They can awaken the sleeping God Dragons and gather them in one spot. I don’t know exactly with what strength they are able to do that, but anyways, I just know that is the case.”

This time, Bbakbbak, who was just silently listening, opened his mouth.

“The race of the abyss is the only race amongst our races that can grow their Turtle Spirit on their own. That’s why they are the only race that can become a Turtle Dragon without borrowing the strength of a cintamani.”

Bbakbbak, who paused for a moment to take a breath, continued his words.

“You can only use the cintamani once in your lifetime, so from what I know, if a kin that had evolved into a Turtle Dragon without borrowing the strength of a cintamani was to borrow the strength of one afterwards, at the same time as their ascension, they can become a dragon that has strength equivalent to a god.”

Ian’s mind began to race quickly.

‘That story is content that I’ve already heard from Bbakbbak previously before…’

Bbakbbak’s words continued.

“And if an Abyss Dragon succeeds in ascension like that, the dormant abilities of the sleeping God Dragons will awaken all at the same time.”

Kaka, who had heard up to this point, nodded his head as if he realized something as he added on.

“Ah, so that’s how the God Dragons gather around the Abyss Dragon once their dormant abilities are awakened!”

Ian began to get goosebumps.

This was because the information of Kaka and Bbakbbak, as well as Kaizar, was coming together and completing a perfect picture.


Separate from Ian being astonished, Kaka’s story continued.

“Anyhow, the four God Dragons that gathered like that and the Abyss Dragon, as well as the War Dragon Karceus, who was killed during the war in the northern continent, are the members of seven legends that had protected the human world from the invasion of the Devildom a thousand years ago.”

However, there was a strange part.

“Huh…? Then with the five God Dragons and the Abyss Dragon… Shouldn’t it be a total of six legends then? Why is it seven legends?”

“Hmm… That, amongst those seven legends, the last one was a human hero. I also don’t know his exact name, but I noticed that he was also called a Dragon Knight.”

At that moment, there was someone that Ian remembered.


Kaizar, who was listening to Kaka’s story with a complicated expression, slowly stood up as he opened his mouth with a heavy expression.

“I remember… Everything.”

Kaizar slowly continued his words.

“The name of that Dragon Knight…”

Kaizar and Ian’s gazes met.

“Is Kaizar.”

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