Taming Master

Chapter 234

Chapter 234: Bbookbbook and Kaka (2)


Wind that sounded dreary brushed by.

Bbook- Bbook-.

And between that, one turtle cut through the wind of the cold Devildom as he walked slowly one step at a time.

Bbook- Bboo-bbook-.

Bbookbbook, the turtle of the lonely Devildom, was staring at something with the gaze of a savage beast that was staring at its prey.

‘There, there’s definitely a delicious devil spirit grass over there bbook!’

Pak Pa-pak-!

Bbookbbook’s front feet quickly tore through the grass thicket as he dug up the cold ground of the Devildom.


As he did so, he could hear a low resonance from within there.

‘As expected! I’ve found it bbook!’

Bbookbbook, who became excited, used his front feet quickly and dug out the devil spirit grass with skilled abilities.

The leaves of the devil spirit grass were delicious, but because the thick roots were more appetizing, he needed to dig it out carefully.

Chomp- Chomp-.

Bbookbbook, who finished everything deliciously starting from the purple leaves, began to carefully eat up the roots of the devil spirit grass.

‘Bbook… This smell…!’

The sweet roots of the devil spirit grass melted in his mouth.

Based on the thickness and scent, the devil spirit grass that had gone into Bbookbbook’s mouth right now was for sure top-grade stuff that had survived over 100 years.

And as if it had been waiting, a system message popped up in front of Bbookbbook’s eyes.


• You have ingested a High-ranking Grass of the Devil Spirit.

• The Training Value of the ‘Turtle Spirit’ has increased by 2.58%.

• The current level of the Turtle Spirit: 99 / Proficiency: 81.94%

Sure enough, the devil spirit grass that Bbookbbook consumed was a high-ranking devil spirit grass.

‘Bbook, I still can see the legendary-rank devil spirit grass that I had eaten a couple of days ago bbook. If I just eat a couple more of those, I feel like I’ll be able to fill up my Turtle Spirit Training Value bbook…!’

The legendary-rank devil spirit grass raised up Bbookbbook’s Turtle Spirit Level up a whopping 17.5% at once.

Bbookbbook could not forget about that sweetness.

‘Now, if I just consume some more sacred herbs for a couple more days, I should be able to hit the maximum level with my turtle spirit bbook…!’

The higher his turtle spirit level, the more Bbookbbook felt the energy that was inside of him grow stronger.

‘I will for sure evolve into a turtle that’s cooler than Bbakbbak bbook!’

To be honest, in the beginning, it wasn’t like the system messages popped up in front of Bbookbbook’s eyes or anything like that just because he ate the sacred herbs.

However, as Bbookbbook’s turtle spirit grew stronger, Bbookbbook had continuously changed.

The change that came to Bbookbbook first was the fact that he was able to speak, and the change that came to him second was that he was able to check the system messages and information window related to his turtle spirit.

And Bbookbbook, who checked the information window related to his turtle spirit, was able to discover an incredible truth.

• The level of the turtle spirit can be grown if sacred herbs, mystical creatures, spiritual powder, etc. is consumed.

• The more the turtle spirit grows, the turtle dragon will obtain an even stronger potential, and if the turtle spirit’s level is over 50, evolution is possible once a particular condition is met.

‘Evolution…! I’m going to evolve bbook!’

Bbookbbook was a very intelligent animal, but there was no way for him to even know about the information that hadn’t appeared in these system messages.

As that was the case, the task that Bbookbbook could do for now was just to continuously raise the proficiency and level of his turtle spirit.

‘I will become a handsome turtle and crop Bbakbbak’s feathers bbook!’

Bbookbbook momentarily remembered Karceus, who was one of his teammates.

From Bbookbbook’s perspective, the Familiar with the most handsome outer appearance was God Dragon Karceus.

‘Bboo-ook! I want to become as handsome as Karceus bbook!’

And as he remembered the Familiars that were his teammates, he suddenly missed Ian’s embrace.

‘My wicked owner is probably doing well, right bbook…? He does make me do a lot, but… Still, especially today, I miss the owner guy bbook.’

Could he have thrown away his hatred towards Ian?

Lately, Bbookbbook missed the fierce battles that he faced with Ian.

‘Ah, still, the one sweet meatball after a 17-hour battle was truly delicious bbook.’

The time he had spent away from his owner was two months.

The evil thing called ‘glamorizing the past’ began to fabricate Bbookbbook’s memories.

‘But, lately, the owner guy doesn’t even send a summoning message bbook. There’s no way that he’s forgotten about me, right bbook…?’

Just then, while Bbookbbook was having such heartrending thoughts, an unexpected message popped up in front of Bbookbbook’s eyes.

• Owner ‘Ian’ is summoning you.

• Will you accept the summoning?

It was Ian’s summoning message that had come for the first time in over a month.


Aside from being extremely happy, Bbookbbook, who almost made the mistake of accepting the summon immediately, calmed himself down.

“Bbook…! If I accept the summon here right away, I will become too easy of a turtle bbook.”

Bbookbbook, who calmed down his excited heart, rejected Ian’s summoning with a coy expression.

“I don’t want to bbook! I’m not going to go bbook!”

• You have rejected Owner ‘Ian’s summoning.

Bbookbbook, who glanced at the message that popped up again, wore a restless expression as he began to stare that the message window.

‘There’s no way that he’s just going to summon me once and give up, right bbook…? The owner will probably want to see me for sure as well bbook!’

However, even as a minute, 2 minutes passed by, Ian’s summoning message did not come again.

Bbookbbook, who became nervous, felt like the devil spirit grass that had gone into his stomach was not digesting properly.

‘Owner guy, summon me quickly again bbook!’

Had about another 5 minutes passed like that?

Just before sorrowful tears dropped from Bbookbbook’s two large eyes, Ian’s message that he had been waiting for came again.

• Owner ‘Ian’ is summoning you.

• Will you accept the summoning?

Bbookbbook couldn’t hold back and nodded his head quickly.

“Bbook! I will go bbook!”

And the moment that Bbookbbook finished what he said, his body began to shine a bright white light as he disappeared into the air.


• You have accepted Owner ‘Ian’s summoning.

• You will be transported to Zone 95 of the Devildom.

* * *

Ian stared at the silhouette of the big-headed turtle that had appeared in front of him along with a ray of white light as he mumbled.

“This punk, acting like you’re all that.”


A big-headed turtle appeared along with a low resonant sound.

Ian crouched down in front of Bbookbbook and stroked his head as he asked.

“Bbookbbook, have you been well?”

And as soon as he saw Ian, Bbookbbook’s two eyes were brimming with tears.

“Bbook! Owner, I missed you bbook!”

It was a touching moment that was reminiscent of a dramatic reunion of a separated family due to war.

Different from Bbookbbook, who was emotional, Ian couldn’t help but be flustered.

“Yo, Bbookbbook. Since when were you able to talk?”

This was because this was the first time Ian was seeing Bbookbbook talk.

“I don’t know about that bbook. However, I was suddenly able to talk bbook!”

Ian momentarily thought to himself.

‘What the hell? By any chance, did Bbookbbook evolve in the meanwhile?’

With sharp eyes, Ian scanned over Bbookbbook.

However, to say that he had evolved, Bbookbbook was in a form where not one thing had changed.


Ian opened Bbookbbook’s information window.

‘Since there’s a chance that something has changed…’

However, no matter how much he looked, there was not one thing that had changed about Bbookbbook to the point it was truly fascinating.

‘What the hell…?’

Either way, as the fact that Bbookbbook was able to talk wasn’t a bad thing, Ian momentarily put aside his thoughts about that.

“This punk, either way, it’s good to see you again after a long time. You’ve rested well in the meantime, right?”

For a moment, Bbookbbook’s body stiffened like ice.

“Bbook…? I wasn’t able to rest much bbook. To be honest, I’m tired now as well bbook. Since I’ve seen your face, owner, it looks like I’ll have to go back bbook.”

With one hand, Ian grasped onto the shell of Bbookbbook, who began to crawl towards somewhere and pulled him straight back.

Bbook- Bbook- Bboobbook-

As if he was being dragged to a slaughterhouse, Bbookbbook sent a pitiful gaze to Ly.

However, even Ly, who was a long-time friend of his, looked away from Bbookbbook’s gaze.

“Grr-! I’m glad that I’ll be able to battle with Bbookbbook again.”

This time he looked at Bbakbbak, but Bbakbbak outsmarted him instead.

“My cool friend has returned. I’m happy that a fellow soldier that can share the pain of working all night has formed.”

In front of the eyes of Bbookbbook, who wore a tearful expression, Ian wagged his finger as he crouched down.

“You may have come whenever you wished, but you won’t be able to go whenever you wish.”

At Ian’s words, Bbookbbook made a small protest.

“Even when I came, I didn’t come whenever I wished bbook! I was only able to come because you summoned me bbook!”

At his ill-mannered Familiar that talked back to him, Ian punished him with a light clout.


“Quiet. Either way, since you’ve come for the first time in a while, let’s work now, Bbookbbook.”


Bbookbbook sat down for a moment with gloomy eyes before he suddenly seemed to have remembered something as he knocked on Ian’s bag.

“Owner, then, before I work, at least give me a meatball bbook. I feel like I need to at least eat that for me to have the strength to work bbook!”

At that, Ian smirked as he opened his inventory.

And for the first time in a while, he pulled out a drug meatball that was saved in one corner of his inventory and handed it to Bbookbbook.

“Sure, I’ll be a little generous. Eat this and cheer up, Bbookbbook.”

At the expenditure of Ian, who gave him a whopping three meatballs, Bbookbbook was touched.

“Bboo-ook-…! As expected from our cool owner bbook…!”

Bbookbbook began to crazily chow down on the meatballs, which he was eating for the first time in a whopping two months.

The stimulating flavour of this meatball that ran along his tongue starting from the tip made Bbookbbook ecstatic.

“Bboo-oo-ook, I’m happy bbook!”

While looking at Bbookbbook, who was a simpleton to no ends, Ian burst out laughing, when just then.

Kaka, who was watching the two from the back, flew over to them and stared at Bbookbbook.

“Owner, is that idiot-like turtle’s name Bbookbbook?”

“Yeah, he’s Bbookbbook.”

For a moment, the gaze of Bbookbbook, who was eating a meatball, sharply turned towards Kaka.


And Kaka, who received that intense(?) gaze, flinched.


At that, Ian wore a flustered expression.

“Yo, Kaka, no way, you’re scared of him? Well… With your stats, you’ll probably kick the bucket in one go even if you were bitten by him.”

Kaka, who momentarily stared at Bbookbbook with a dazed expression, shook his head as he turned his gaze towards Ian.

“That’s not it, owner.”

At Kaka’s serious words, which he had never heard before, Ian reflexively asked again.

“Huh? What is it then?”

Kaka’s words continued.

“That turtle is definitely…!”


As Kaka paused for a moment to take a breath, all gazes that were around him focused on his mouth.

“The last piece to the seven legends!”

At Kaka’s out-of-the-blue words, Ian wore puzzled expression once again as he asked back.

“What? What exactly are the seven legends?”

However the response to Ian’s question came not from Kaka, but a different place.

“That I will tell you.”

Ian’s gaze moved towards the place where the voice came from, and in that place, there was none other than Kaizar sitting.

“Hmm? You know what the seven legends are?”

Kaizar nodded his head.

“That’s right. And to be honest, it’s not just me, but even you, Ian, have heard of it before.”

Ian’s curiosity grew even more.

“Eh? What’s that?”

Kaizar’s gaze slowly turned towards Karceus.

“The seven legends that the wad of cotton is talking about is most likely about the Legend of the Seven God Dragons that Karceus is affiliated with. If that punk’s words are right, it means that Bbookbbook is of the same bloodlines as one of the remaining six God Dragons excluding Karceus.”

All eyes that were in the surrounding rounded.

And Bbakbbak, who was excitedly listening to the conversation right next to them, tilted his head as he mumbled.

“Hmm? That’s a little weird… Bbookbbook is definitely one of our kin.”

The party, who had formed even more curiosity at Kaizar’s words, turned their heads towards Kaka, who was the source of ‘Bbookbbook’s God Dragon Theory’, once again.

At that, Kaka slowly shook his head as he continued his words.

“Kaizar’s words are… Half right, half wrong.”

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