Taming Master

Chapter 236

Chapter 236: The Night Before the Storm (1)

• You have succeeded in class-changing to a ‘Devil Chief – Magician of the Devil’.

• You have succeeded in being the first to class-change to a ‘Devil Chief’.

• Your Fame has increased by 100 thousand.

• As you have succeeded in class-changing to a ‘Devil Chief’, a dual class has been created.

• The information related to the ‘Devil Chief’ class has been additionally created in the class information window.

• You have learned the skill ‘Maelstrom of Magic’, which is a basic skill of the ‘Devil Chief’ class.

• You have learned the skill ‘Devil Energy Reversion’, which is a basic skill of the ‘Devil Chief’ class.

While looking at the system messages that popped up, Remir wore a pleased expression.

“Although with my previous class as the standard, I did lose the title of being first, but by the looks of it, it seems as though I am the first to obtain a dual class amongst the Magicians.”

While staring at Remir, who spoke as if she was mumbling, Cassandra giggled.

• Could be. However, is that something that’s new at this point? You were always the most exceptional Magician. Rather, weren’t you cranky because you kept on losing the title of being first to the dude named Ian when you were the one that grew the fastest out of all the humans?

At Cassandra’s words, which struck home, Remir slightly scowled.

“I will be ahead again soon. I told you not to worry.”

Remir diligently read through the information of the new skills and stats she obtained from obtaining a dual class.

She was drawing out a plan in her head as to how she needed to combine her dual class and her pre-existing class to create the greatest efficiency.

Since, even if she had obtained a new power, the fighting power that could be displayed varied heavily depending on how it was used.

Cassandra just blankly stared at Remir during this time.

• Still, you definitely have a talent that makes me surprised, Remir.

“What do you mean?”

• I didn’t know that you would succeed in becoming a ‘Devil Chief’ this quickly. On top of that, for it to be a Magician of the Devil.

Remir shook her head as she opened her mouth.

“I don’t need such consolation or the like when it’s too late now, so just tell me the location where the Gem of the Sun is resting instead, Cassandra.”

• Ho-ho, so impatient…

“If you don’t tell me quickly, I’m going to consider it as though there was no contract or anything!”

At Remir’s defiance, Cassandra waved her hands as she wore a obsequious expression.

• Ehh, isn’t this too much when I was just joking around a little?

“Tsk, I should just…”

• Whoa, whoa, okay. I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you.

Cassandra paused for a moment to take a breath before she slowly opened her mouth.

• Firstly, you know why I told you to obtain a dual class quickly, right?

Remir nodded her head.

“You told me last time. You said that I absolutely needed a dual class in order to enter the Fortress of the Devil that’s in Zone 80 or something like that.”

• That’s right, then, why would I have said that?

Remir, who thought about it for a moment, asked Cassandra back.

“Is the Gem of the Sun sleeping within the Fortress of the Devil?”

Cassandra grinned as she replied.

• Bingo. That’s exactly it. To be a little more specific, should I say that the person that knows the location of the Gem of the Sun is locked up inside the Fortress of the Devil…?

With a quizzical expression, Remir asked Cassandra.

“Huh? Who is that then?”

• If I say the name, you might know him. Since he was a hero of the human world.


• His name is Solare. From what I know, he was a hero of the human world that was taken as a prisoner during the battle between the Devildom and the mortal world a thousand years ago.


Like Cassandra’s words, Remir certainly knew about the name Solare.

‘What the hell, if it’s the Solare that played an active part in the battle against the Devildom a thousand years ago, then I think it’s that Great Magician Solare…’

Unrelated to Remir’s reaction, Cassandra’s words continued.

• Anyhow, if you know of him, then you should for sure be able to at least guess that he would know some information related to the Gem of the Sun, right?

The name the ‘Great Magician Solare’ was a name that appeared very often while doing Magician class quests.

He was a legendary Magician that was the first amongst humans to have command over the Magic of 8 Circles. He was one of the human heroes that had played the biggest part in the war against the Devildom a thousand years ago.

And as Remir’s class right now was a Magician, there was no way for her to have not known about him.

‘They said there was 30 days left until the monster wave of the Devildom, right? Will I be able to obtain the Gem of the Sun within then?’

This was the core quest in order to obtain the power of the Sun God.

Remir’s heart became a little hastier.

* * *

It was complicated in Ian’s mind.

Now that he looked at it, there weren’t just one or two corners that were doubtful in Bbookbbook’s walk of life up until now.

‘It was this guy that first discovered the dungeon where Oakley was resting in the northern continent.’

At the time, he just thought it was a coincidence, but after hearing Kaka’s story, even that was not a coincidence.

The reason that Bbookbbook was guided by Karceus’s spirit was really similar to his instinct.

‘For Bbookbbook to be such an important dude…’

It was the moment where the image of Bbookbbook that was drawn in Ian’s head upgraded from ‘a gluttonous turtle that just freeloads meatballs’ to ‘an important dude’ in one go.

Bbookbbook blinked his two large eyes as if he was stating he didn’t know what kind of situation this was, while he chewed on his meatball diligently.

“What is a cintamani bbook? Will I be able to evolve if I have that bbook?”

It was unknown as to how much content that was just said went into one ear of his and right out the other, and while looking at Bbookbbook, who let out such frustrating sounds, Kaka let out a deep sigh.

“What have you even heard from the explanation up until now?”

Bbookbbook explained right away.

“I wasn’t able to listen because I was too busy savouring the flavour of the meatball bbook. As expected, drug meatballs are delicious bbook.”


For this to be the meeting between Kaka, who was the brain(?) with absolutely no buffs or item compensation effect and purely just had over 7 thousand Intellect, and Bbookbbook, whose Intellect was only a two-digit number despite being over lv 170…

For some odd reason, Ian thought that the two suited each other, while he diligently organized the information that he had heard up until now inside of his head.

‘So, in conclusion… Doesn’t this mean that amongst the seven legends that were the driving force in stopping the invasion of the Devildom a thousand years ago, I have three of them?’

Karceus and Kaizar, as well as Bbookbbook.

Ian began to become incredibly excited.

‘Then that means that even in this monster wave of the Devildom, my stake can’t help but be the biggest!’

If he even gave Bbookbbook a cintamani, it was possible for Karceus to be awoken as well.

It was a situation of killing two birds with one stone as of course, Bbookbbook would finally evolve, but even Karceus would be awoken to a Mythological-rank.

‘On top of that, if the rest of the God Dragons also gathered in one spot, by any chance, who knows if I may even be able to tame those dragons as well…!’

Just then, while Ian was counting his chickens before they had hatched, Kaka put an end to the delusions within Ian’s mind.

“Owner, since you’re smart, differently from Bbookbbook, you understand what you have to do now, right?”

Bbookbbook glared scarily at Kaka, but there was no way that Kaka would be fazed by that.

“Hmm… If it’s something that I’m supposed to do first, then…”

Ian’s gaze turned towards Bbookbbook.

“That I have to evolve him and make him into a Turtle Dragon?”

Kaka nodded his head as he responded.

“That’s right. As expected, owner is smart.”

Ian scratched the back of his head.

‘What the hell? Although it is a game, this feeling of receiving praise from a slave… There’s something very strange about it…’

Kaka’s words continued.

“Firstly, Bbookbbook must evolve into a Turtle Dragon in order to ascend by obtaining a cintamani, so naturally, that must be done first.”

“And once Bbookbbook evolves, I need to obtain a cintamani first?”

Kaka nodded his head.

“That’s right.”

“But then how do I evolve him?”

“That, ask Bbakbbak, owner.”

Before Ian could even open his mouth again, Bbakbbak cut in as if he had been waiting as he answered.

“For Bbookbbook to evolve, he needs a sacred herb that has a powerful energy that has been stored for over hundreds of years.

“Hmm… A sacred herb, you say?”

Ian’s gaze turned to Bbookbbook again.

“If it’s something like that, he already finds them and eats them on his own, though.”

Bbakbbak responded with a slightly flustered expression.

“That, that’s right.”

“Then, if I just leave him alone, will he evolve on his own?”

As Bbakbbak hesitated, Bbookbbook, who was next to him, responded energetically.

“That’s right bbook. I’m going to evolve soon now bbook. My Turtle Spirit level is already at lv 99 bbook.”


Ian, who would have had no idea as to what Bbookbbook’s words meant, momentarily set aside his thoughts related to this, and asked Kaka about other parts he was curious about.

“Momentarily setting aside Bbookbbook’s evolution for now… I have something that I’m curious about, Kaka.”

“Sure, tell me, owner.”

“Then, just like in the past, if Bbookbbook ascends and becomes an Abyss Dragon, will the God Dragons that have retired to different areas gather around Bbookbbook? To stop the invasion of the Devildom?”

Ian had asked thinking that it would definitely be that case, but Kaka shook his head.

“No, owner.”

“Huh? Why’s that?”

“That’s because the current situation is different from back then.”


Kaka’s explanation followed through, and if that was briefly summed up, it was like this.

  1. If a Turtle Dragon ascends and becomes an Abyss Dragon, the God Dragons that haven’t been awoken yet will gather around the Abyss Dragon in order to awaken.
  2. The dragons that have gathered around the Abyss Dragon will receive a share of the power of the cintamani, and reform into a true God Dragon.
  3. Because the four God Dragons aside from the God Dragon of War were in a phase before they were awoken a thousand years ago, they had felt the strength of the cintamani and had appeared.
  4. However, right now, because excluding Karceus, the remaining four God Dragons were already in a state where they had been awoken, even if Bbookbbook was to become an Abyss Dragon, they would not appear.

Ian, who heard the whole story, licked his lips.

“Tsk… What the hell, how disappointing.”

While looking at Ian, who was disappointed, Kaka snickered.

“Owner, aren’t you being too greedy?”

“What, what are you talking about?”

“You wanted to tame all of the five God Dragons, no?”


Ian, who was stabbed right on the mark, momentarily couldn’t control his facial expressions and cleared his throat.

“Ahem, hem. It wasn’t anything like that. I just formed a question, that’s it.”

Kaka wore a puzzled expression as he asked back.

“A question? What is it? I feel like I’ve explained it well, though.”

Ian waved his hands as he replied.

“No, it’s not a question related to the things you just said.”


“In the past, they stopped the invasion of the Devils as the strength of the God Dragons gathered together, so then, this time we must stop them without their strength. And if that is the case, I’m curious as to whether we would be able to stop them even without the strength of the God Dragons.”

As Kaka had such extensive knowledge, Ian asked everything that he was curious about without thought.

And Kaka’s expression became quite serious.

“Hmm… There’s no way for me to know that either. Since I just have knowledge on the past, and not an ability to foretell how the future will change.”

Ian scratched the back of his head.

“Hmm, that is true.”

“However, I do know that.”


“That the power of the remaining four God Dragons will appear in order to stop the attack of the Devildom with whatever means possible.”


For Ian, who wore an expression showing that he didn’t understand, Kaka added on a couple more words.

“I meant that they have always made an effort to protect the human world from any sort of invasion from a different world, and if they were to know about the fact that the Devildom had invaded the human world, they will provide more power with whatever means.”

Ian wore a dumbfounded expression.

“What the hell, then, in the end, you’re saying that they will also appear.”

Kaka shook his head.

“That there’s no way of knowing. Whether they will give their power to someone else.”

“Hmm…? The power of a God Dragon…?”

Kaizar, who was just silently listening next to him, smirked as he told off Ian.

“Do you think that you were the only distinguished person amongst humans?”


Kaizar’s words continued.

“They are probably each helping an exceptional human that they believe is fitting of their standards so that they can give their power to them to protect the human world.”

Kaka also nodded his head as if he agreed.

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