Taming Master

Chapter 228

Chapter 228: The First Dual Class (2)

Ian, who had succeeded in being the first to obtain a dual class, immediately logged off without even checking anything about the class and left to go to bed.

This was because he had not slept properly in order to complete all of Cervian’s assignments as quickly as possible.

However, in the midst of that, there was something that Ian didn’t forget about, and that was the hidden skill that he obtained as his Taming Master class’s tier went up called ‘Communion I’.

The Communion skill was a fearsome skill that allowed Ian to make his Familiars hunt even while he’s logged off.

Because of this, lately Ian’s Familiars seriously wanted to die.

“Keu-huuung, owner, why are you making us hunt when you’re resting!”

“Just hunt for 5 more hours and go rest. I also want to hunt without resting, but there’s nothing I can do as my eyes are closing.”

“Eu-uh! Owner, we’re also sleepy…!”

“Once I return after leaving, I’ll let you rest.”


As if he was chasing out a cheating wife, Ian logged off after chasing all of his Familiars out of the laboratory.

And Ian’s Familiars bit the bullet and began to hunt the magical beasts in the front yard of the laboratory.

“Heu-uung, our owner is mean. I hate him!”

At Bbakbbak’s complaining, Karceus agreed.

“That’s right, it’s definite that our owner jerk is a pervert.”

Kku-ruk- Kku-kkuk-!

Even Pin, who couldn’t speak, also protested strongly, and

Grr- Grrr-!

Halli wore a weeping face as well.

However, there was just one Familiar that was in the midst of silently hunting…

“Grr, I truly think I’ve met the right owner. Keu-keuk.”

It was Ly, the King of the Fenrir, who had fallen into a hunting addiction.

Bbakbbak wore a petrified expression.

“Ly is weird, Karceus.”

At Bbakbbak’s words, Karceus nodded his head.

“I also think that is the case. I also feel like perhaps another ego of the owner jerk is even inside of Ly.”

“Still, as we have Ly, we’re able to play a little, so it is nice.”

“That’s right. We should be thankful towards Ly.”

Thanks to that, Bbakbbak and Pin were able to hunt while helping Ly lightly.

And towards the Low-rank Magical Beasts that Halli diligently gathered over, Karceus spewed out his breath.


There were a lot of complaints, but Ian’s Familiars were hunting systematically in their own way even without Ian.

Ian’s hunting method had become engraved into the Familiars’ bodies in the meantime, so without thinking about it separately, they moved based on each of their roles.

However, different from Ian’s Familiars, there were other people that were excited about them being inputted for work outside of their working hours like this.

“Keu, the Lord guy is truly amazing.”

They were Ian’s retainers including Kaizar.

Because retainers weren’t a concept that were summoned separately or something like that, they had always hunted even when Ian wasn’t there.

They were incredibly happy that they had formed comrades.

“Wow, I was disappointed as we lacked targets for me to use my healing skill when we just hunted on our own, so this turned out for the better.”

From Celia, who liked Ian’s Familiars from the beginning…

“Hmm, if Bbakbbak endures from the front, the battle will certainly be much easier!”

To Paulean, who usually didn’t say much, they were incredibly happy about the Familiars’ joining.

However, there were a pair of eyes that were watching that scene of sad night overtime work.

‘Bbook…! As expected, I shouldn’t go back bbook!’

The protagonist of that gaze was poor turtle Bbookbbook, who had return to nearby Ian and his friends as he missed them.

‘As expected, our owner is scary bbook! Now he forces them to work even when he’s not here bbook!’

Bbookbbook turned his footsteps again.

He did feel a slight scolding from his conscience as it seemed like he was the only one that was relaxing while his friends were all suffering from such hard labour, but he couldn’t go back even if that was the case.

‘Bbook…! I probably won’t even be of any help if I try and stick myself in there bbook. I should quickly eat more medicinal herbs to get stronger, and return after I become a cooler turtle than Bbakbbak bbook!’

Bbookbbook’s shell, which bounced up and down whenever Bbookbbook walked, disappeared into the darkness silently.

* * *

Ian, who had returned after a good night’s rest of over 10 hours for the first time in a while, opened his class information window as soon as he logged on.

Originally, as soon as he logged on, he summoned Karceus so that he had someone to talk to, but he decided to give him a little more time to rest as well.

‘I should let them rest well until we have to go out hunting again.’

It was Ian’s own way of showing consideration towards his Familiars, who worked hard.

To be honest, rather than that, because he couldn’t use the Communion skill if his Affinity with them dropped, he was just being conscience of the Familiars’ feelings.

‘Alright, shall I open the information window of the dual class instead?’

While looking at the new ‘Magical Beast Transmuter’ window that had formed right below the part that said ‘Taming Master’ in his class information window, Ian wore a satisfied smile.

– Devil Summoner – Magical Beast Transmuter –

Class Classification: Dual Class of the Devildom

Class Rank: Hidden Class

Class Proficiency: Beginner Level (0%)

List of Stats Related to the Class

  1. Devil Energy – Required in order to control magical beasts. In order to summon many high-ranked magical beasts, an enormous amount of Devil Energy is required.
  2. Magical Beast Affinity – Required in order to capture high-ranked magical beasts.
  3. Dexterity – Related to the chance of succeeding in magical beast alchemy.

List of Skills Related to the Class that is Being Possessed

  1. Magical Beast Summoning (Open Detailed Information)
  2. Mind Concentration (Open Detailed Information)
  3. Magical Beast Alchemy (Open Detailed Information)
  4. Magical Beast Disassembly (Open Detailed Information)

A hidden class that Devil Summoner Cervian, who is also the first Elf to become a Half-Devil, created at the end of hundreds of years of efforts.

Cervian created the forbidden secret art called ‘Magical Beast Alchemy’, and through that he made incredibly powerful magical beasts.

If you master Magical Beast Alchemy, you’ll be able to create magical beasts that are so powerful they are even hard to imagine.

The part that caught Ian’s eyes first in the information window was, as expected, ‘Stats Related to the Class’.

‘In Devil Summoner classes, it looks like Devil Energy is used instead of Leadership.’

In order for a Summoner to summon many high-ranked Familiars, they needed the ‘Leadership’ stat.

And the thing that intended to have the same role as Leadership for Devil Summoners, a dual class, was Devil Energy.

However, because Devil Energy was not a stat that was consumed like mana, it wasn’t like the fixed damage of Devil Energy was reduced because a magical beast was summoned.

‘It looks like I can just think of Magical Beast Affinity as the Devildom version of the Affinity stat I originally had…’

After checking the Dexterity ability that was listed just below the Magical Beast Affinity, Ian let out a deep sigh.

‘Euh… My Dexterity is hopeless, but the Dexterity stat is needed even in Magical Beast Alchemy?’

Currently, Ian’s Dexterity stat was a little over 500.

Even this he had increased quite a bit while consistently producing Familiar-exclusive items, but it was still a figure that was significantly lower than his other stats.

‘Whew, there isn’t another way. It can only be overcome through grinding.’

Ian promises to himself that he would grind more diligently in his spare time as he looked at the skill list this time.

“Hmm? With Magical Beast Summoning, I can tell what it is just by looking at it, but what is Mind Concentration?”

Magical Beast Summoning was most likely a skill that had the same role as Summoning that existed for the Summoner class.

As that was the case, Ian skipped over Magical Beast Summoning and immediately opened the detailed information of Mind Concentration, which was right below it.

– Mind Concentration

Classification: Active Skill

Skill Level: Lv 0

Proficiency: 0%

Cooldown Time: 60 minutes

Duration: None

Conditions for Use: All skills that have less than half their maximum cooldown time left.

The Devil Summoner will concentrate their mind and reset all of the cooldown times of all of their skills, excluding the ‘Mind Concentration’ skill, and all of the inherent abilities of the Familiars in battle.

The moment that Mind Concentration is used, all skills that have less than half their cooldown times left will go into a revitalized state.

This is a support skill that will be a big help in battle if the remaining cooldown times of all the possessed skills are considered well.

*If the Proficiency of the skill goes up, the cooldown time of Mind Concentration will decrease little by little.

*If Mind Concentration is used, the Devil Summoner themselves won’t be able to perform any actions for 30 seconds. (The higher the Proficiency of Mind Concentration goes up, the shorter the duration that the Devil Summoner can’t move for.)

‘Hmm, it seems like this skill isn’t just a skill that exists for the hidden class, the Magical Beast Transmuter, but is a skill that all Summoners who obtain a Devil Summoner class as a dual class get.’

Ian, who intensively read the Mind Concentration skill, quickly went through his skill build in his head once.

‘It certainly is a useful skill. The fact that I can’t move at all for 30 seconds is a big risk factor, but… After I raise my Proficiency a lot, it will truly be a big help in battle.’

To Ian, who opened up the truth to rotating all skills most effectively, the Mind Concentration skill was a skill that had an incredible merit.

Ian, who roughly finished understanding Mind Concentration, now opened the detailed information of the ‘Magical Beast Alchemy’ skill that was below that.

‘This skill, that is, will be the reason itself for the existence of my hidden class.’

The skill information of Magical Beast Alchemy popped up in front of Ian’s eyes.

• Magical Beast Alchemy

Classification: Active Skill

Skill Level: Lv 0

Proficiency: 0%

Cooldown Time: None

Duration: None

Conditions for Use: Two or more magical beasts with over 50 Affinity must be possessed.

Magical Beast Alchemy is a forbidden secret art that transmutes two or more magical beasts and can create a stronger magical beast.

The higher the Dexterity of the caster, the higher the chance of the transmuted magical beast to be born as a higher rank, and the success rate of Magical Beast Alchemy will also increase.

Fundamentally, for Magical Beast Alchemy, a main magical beast that will become the main body of the magical beast born from alchemy is required, as well as one or more magical beasts that will be the additional ingredients is also needed.

If successful in Magical Beast Alchemy, a magical beast that has been strengthened up one level from the base, which is the main magical beast, can be obtained.

*The magical beast that is to become the main body must always be a higher rank, or even the same rank, as the magical beast that will become the ingredients.

*If Magical Beast Alchemy fails, the magical beasts that are to become the ingredients will disappear. However, the magical beast that is to be the main body will not disappear.

*The skill level of Magical Beast Alchemy can be grown to a maximum of 10, and depending on the skill level, the rank of the magical beasts that can be handled varies.

• Skill Level 0-1: Magical Beast Alchemy possible up to maximum ‘Intermediate-rank’

• Skill Level 2-3: Magical Beast Alchemy possible up to maximum ‘High-rank’

• Skill Level 4-5: Magical Beast Alchemy possible up to maximum ‘Heroic’-rank

• Skill Level 6-8: Magical Beast Alchemy possible up to maximum ‘Legendary’-rank

• Skill Level 9-10: All ranks possible for Magical Beast Alchemy

Just when Ian was diligently reading the information of Magical Beast Alchemy, Cervian suddenly opened up the door from within the workroom and came out.

“Have you rested well and come back, Ian?”

Ian nodded his head.

“That’s the case.”

“It seems like you are studying about Magical Beast Alchemy.”

As Ian nodded his head once again without a word, Cervian continued his words.

“You’ll need to raise your Proficiency in Alchemy immediately. While your Proficiency is in a low state, you won’t be able to properly transmute even low-rank magical beasts.”

The ranks of the magical beasts were not greatly different from Familiars.

It was easiest to understand if one just thought that the titles of the ranks of regular Familiars called Common, Rare and Unique were changed to Low-rank, Intermediate-rank, High-rank.

Ian asked Cervian.

“When I check the information, it says that it is possible to transmute up to intermediate-rank magical beasts even at a skill level of 0-2, so what do you mean when you say that it’s even hard to transmute Low-rank Magical Beasts?”

Cervian smirked as he replied.

“Of course, even now, you’ll be able to ‘attempt’ to transmute an Intermediate-rank Magical Beast. However, if it’s a hundred tries, you’ll just fail all hundred of them.”

Ian’s question followed through immediately.

“Even if I fail, shouldn’t you continuously transmute higher-ranked magical beasts for your Proficiency to go up faster?”

Cervian shook his head.

“That’s not the case. If you fail at transmuting, your Alchemy Proficiency will not go up even a little. However, of course, the more you succeed in transmuting a higher-rank magical beast, the more your Proficiency will go up… If you want to raise your Proficiency quickly, it will be more advantageous to continuously transmute low-rank magical beasts in the beginning.”

Ian’s head grew busy again.

‘Then it looks like there won’t be any case of me using the High-rank Magical Beast Rakyel that I captured and left last time.’

And while looking at such an Ian, Cervian continued his words with a serious expression.

“The path of a Magical Beast Transmuter will not be easy by a long shot. You must have endless patience and effort in order to become an exceptional Transmuter. On top of that, you also need a research spirit that is no less than a Magician’s. This is because, in order for Magical Beast Alchemy to succeed, the Proficiency of the skill or your Dexterity are also acting as important elements, but what kind of magical beasts you put in as your main body and ingredients also act as incredibly large element. You will most likely have to find researching magical beasts amusing.”

Cervian said this in order to instill fear into Ian, but the expression of Ian, who heard those words, completely didn’t show any fear at all.

Rather, Ian’s expression turned into a broad grin.

‘Researching and studying, as well as grinding…! It’s completely my style!’

The two eyes of Ian, who perfectly drew shots on his style, began to shine even more.

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