Taming Master

Chapter 227

Chapter 227: The First Dual Class (1)

Cervian, who was expecting a couple months until Ian returned, couldn’t help but wear a shocked expression as soon as he discovered Ian.

“This… Monster-like guy!”

This was because as soon as Cervian saw Ian, he was able to find out that he had succeeded in becoming Half-Human, Half-Devil, and even reached the level of a High-rank Devil in one go.

Ian grinned as he replied.

“Isn’t your greeting too extreme when it’s been a while since you’ve seen me?”

However, to be honest, Cervian’s response could be considered refreshing instead.

Since he was just blinking both eyes as he was so surprised.

He wasn’t able to believe the result that Ian had achieved within the short duration of not even ten days even though he was seeing it with his own two eyes.

“Excuse me, Cervian? Why aren’t you saying anything? You’re supposed to let me class-change now.”

“Huh? Ri, right.”

Cervian, who barely got to his senses at Ian’s demand, continued his words again.

“But what am I supposed to do when I feel so sorry…”


At the words that he didn’t know what to do as he felt so sorry, Ian momentarily had an ominous feeling, but he was able to let out a sigh of relief shortly afterwards.

“As I had no idea that you would return this quickly, my laboratory is not ready yet.”

“Oh, well, then, if it’s something like that. But how long do I have to wait?”

Cervian wore a bitter smile as he continued his words.

“I’m not sure… I think it will take at least about another week.”

Ian’s expression slightly crinkled.

‘A week? You’re telling me to wait a week? I can’t let that be. By then, I might even lose the title of being the first to obtain a dual class.’

Ian, whose became impatient, spoke again.

“By any chance, if I help you, Cervian, would it be possible to finish this a little sooner?”

At Ian’s words, Cervian rejoiced as he responded.

“Oh, I would be grateful if you would help.”

And before Ian could say anything, a quest window suddenly popped up in the air.


• The Beginning of Magical Beast Alchemy III (Hidden) (Connected)

Devil Summoner Cervian, the first Elf to become a Half-Devil, is in complete awe at your abilities and talent.

Because that is the case, he wants to take you in as his apprentice as soon as possible.

However, at the fault of you having accomplished his assignment too quickly, preparations are not yet complete.

Provide your strength in restoring Cervian’s Laboratory and complete the restoration as quickly as possible.

Quest Difficulty Level: S

Quest Condition: A user that has completed Cervian’s second test.

A user that is ‘Half-Human, Half-Devil’ as well as a Summoner.

Time Limit: None

Reward: Chaos Stone x20, Low-ranking Magic Alchemy Stones x20

*Once the quest is completed, you will obtain the chance to class-change into a Devil Summoner – Magical Beast Transmuter.

Will you accept the quest?

Of course, Ian immediately accepted the quest, and as if every minute and every second passing was time wasted, he quickly asked Cervian.

“Then what am I to do?”

“No, why are you rushing so much?”

“Oh, forget it and just tell me quickly, please.”

“Hmm… Then, firstly, do you think you’ll be able to get me 70 feathers from Low-Rank Magical Beasts called Shyupulee?”

As soon as Cervian’s words were over, a quest message popped up.


• Quest – Collection of Shyupulee feathers: 0/70

Ian, who turned around and was about to leave as soon as he saw the message, turned his head around again and spoke to Cervian.

“Tell me everything that you need all at once. So that I can get everything in one go without having to go back and forth.”

Cervian seemed to be taken aback a little, as he broke out into a sweat on his forehead as he slowly began to recite.

“Is, is that so? Then…”

And quest messages began to pop up one after another in front of Ian’s eyes.

• Quest – Collection of Beager molars: 0/35

• Quest – Collection of Katro claws: 0/95

Ian, who checked all of the messages, left the laboratory again without even glancing behind him.

While watching him do that, Cervian couldn’t help but shake his head.

“He’s unpredictable.”

And the corners of his mouth slightly rolled upwards.

“However, I like him, that is.”

Cervian also turned his footsteps around and entered his workshop.

As it was certain that the monster-like fellow would return after accomplishing the assignment in an instant again, he needed to finish up the other tasks as quickly as possible.

* * *


“Yes, Master.”

“Is this something that is utterly impossible?”

“If you mean that…”

The party of the Titan Guild, who had failed the Devil King’s test three times in a row, had a gloomy atmosphere.

They had gathered just the most exceptional users of each class within their guild and had proceeded with the quest; however, they had failed mercilessly without getting anywhere near accomplishment.

“Argh, seriously! I feel like this will work somehow, though!”

Shyakran looked around at the new class users before he let out a deep sigh.

This was because, even excluding the Summoner, which he worried about in the beginning, the Black Magician user and the Assassin user were also giant holes.

‘As I had only recruited high-level users with high fighting power, I feel like I’ve neglected recruiting new class fighting power in comparison.’

The fact that the levels of the new class users being low was not the only problem.

They were all users with high levels within their respective classes, but their abilities were absolutely terrible.

In Kailan, although they may be the same level, because there was a huge difference in their fighting power depending on their controlling abilities, the situation was even more serious.

‘Whew, what should I do…”

To be honest, he already knew the answer.

Instead of just making the quest members out of users of the Titan Guild, if he accepted users from other guilds into the party and tried with the highest fighting power of each class, it would work.

However, despite that, Shyakran couldn’t give up yet.

‘How could I when this is a guild quest I worked so hard for…! There’s no way that I can share this with other guilds!’

Shyakran clenched his fist, as he abruptly stood up.

“Ceilron, let’s try a little bit more.”

Ceilron sighed as he responded.

“I’m saying this as it’s too hard, but…”

“Still, we absolutely cannot stick other guilds in!”

“I also wish that we could do that.”

“If it seriously isn’t working out even afterwards, we’ll try recruiting users without guilds amongst the ranking users of the new classes at least and then proceed.”

However, the moment he heard Shyakran’s last words, Ceilron suddenly stood up from his spot.

“Oh, Master, there’s something I suddenly remembered!”

“What is it?”

“Was it yesterday? I had heard interesting news through a guild source.”


Ceilron grinned as he continued his words.

“The Devildom Chief Gatekeeper of Zone 110 was killed, but there’s word that the driving force of that party that succeeded in that killing was a Black Magician user. On top of that, apparently he’s not affiliated with any guild.”

“Is that so?”

Ceilron nodded his head, and a broad grin formed on Shyakran’s face.

“Push forward a recruitment right away!”

* * *

Within a whopping day, Ian completely carried out the assignments that Cervian gave him and returned.

And of course, Cervian’s jaw dropped.

“Just when I thought that there was no longer anything that would surprise me anymore…”

Ian, who endlessly hunted magical beasts without even sleeping properly in order to accomplish the quest, had sunken eyes.

‘Damn It, I feel dead tired. Still, until I check the message that I succeeded in class-changing to a dual-class, I cannot close my eyes comfortably!’

Nothing could stop Ian’s will towards a dual class.

“Whew, anyways, everything’s actually complete now, right?”

Cervian, who flinched after seeing Ian’s gaze, hurriedly nodded his head.

He thought that if he gave him some sort of other quest here, it was possible that he would mutilate his body with the spear that he was holding.

“That, that’s right. Great work, Ian! You’re truly amazing!”

And the message that Ian had waited for so much spread out in front of his eyes.


• You have successfully cleared The Beginning of Magical Beast Alchemy III (Hidden) (Connected) Quest!

• Clear Rank: SSS

• You have obtained 85,000 Fame.

• You have obtained 20 of the ‘Chaos Stone’ item.

• You have obtained 20 of the ‘Low-Ranking Magic Alchemy Stone’ item.

• Half-Devil ‘Cervian’ proposes a class-change into the ‘Devil Summoner – Magical Beast Transmuter’ class to you.

• The ‘Devil Summoner – Magical Beast Transmuter’ class is a dual class that can only be obtained in the Devildom.

• Because with dual classes, you can class-change while maintaining the original class you had at the same time, there is no impact to the original class.

• Will you class-change to the ‘Devil Summoner – Magical Beast Transmuter’ class?

Cervian and Ian’s eyes met.

“Will you try learning magical beast alchemy?”

A broad grin appeared on Ian’s face.

“Okay, of course! I will class-change right away!”

“Good thinking. You will for sure be able to become an excellent Transmuter.”

The messages that Ian worked so hard to see appeared in front of Ian’s eyes.

• You have succeeded in class-changing to a ‘Devil Summoner – Magical Beast Transmuter’.

• You have succeeded in being the first to obtain a dual class!

• For a week from now, the Proficiencies of all of the skills of the dual class will increase by 1.5 times the original speed.

• You have obtained 200 thousand Fame.

• You have obtained the ‘Egg of an Unknown Magical Beast’ item.

* * *

“Whew, the difficulty level is not greater than I had expected. It was easier to clear up to the last phase than I thought.”

Remir mumbled as she looked at the red spheres that were absorbed into either of her hands.

And Cassandra, who floated in front of her while she was like that, nodded her head as she spoke to Remir.

• Your abilities are certainly outstanding, Remir. I didn’t know you would clear the Devil’s test this easily even up to the last phase. Although the Pure Blood of the Devil itself was that of a Common Devil, that is.

While looking at the glowing red energy underneath her feet, Remir nodded her head.

“However, I’m disappointed. According to your words, if the Pure Blood of the Devil was that of a High-ranking Devil, I would have been able to obtain the rank of a High-ranking Devil in one go, right?”

Cassandra nodded her head.

• That’s true. However, where would you have gotten the Pure Blood of a High-ranking Devil? What you’ve accomplished now will almost probably be the best you could do. On top of that, because you defeated up to the last test opponent with an overwhelming difference, you received an incredibly high evaluation even within the Common Devil rank.

“Is that so?”

• Yeah. Since you have 10 thousand Devil Energy from the moment you became Half-Devil… If you just gather 5 thousand more, you’ll be able to become a High-ranking Devil.

It was only then that Remir was able to wear a pleased expression.

“I see. If that’s the case, then I should quickly become a High-rank Devil.”

• Before that, wouldn’t it be better to obtain a dual class first? If you were to obtain a dual class, then your hunting speed will probably grow 1.5 times faster than now, too.

A slight smile spread across Remir’s red lips.

“I should probably do that then, right?”

However, her smile couldn’t help but disappear instantly.

Of course, the reason for that was because of the world message that popped up across the whole Devildom.

• User ‘Ian’ has succeeded in being the first to obtain a dual class!

Remir’s beautiful face suddenly contorted.

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