Taming Master

Chapter 226

Chapter 226: Slave Marketplace (3)


“Hey, kid, you’re doing great! Just a little more!”

“Healers, what are you doing? I’m telling you, focus all heals on the Black Magician!”

Selakuma, the chief gatekeeper that is blocking the way to the 100-range zones, or in other words, the chief gatekeeper that is guarding the portal of Zone 110, was in the middle of facing a full party composed of twenty users.

And outside of that invisible barrier, there were tons of users, and while watching the battle, they were cheering on the challengers passionately as if they were cheering on a sports match.

That, of course, was because of the thought that if the challenging party succeeded in killing Selakuma, the gateway would open up.

And there was a Black Magician that was leading that party, and it was none other than Kanjihoonie.

“Canoel hyung! Cut off the AoE skills!”

“Okay! Orden, Dragon Fear!”


As expected, next to Hoonie, Canoel was with him, and the Black Dragon that had become Canoel’s Familiar had grown in size quite a bit before he realized and had an imposing image.

• Summoner ‘Canoel’s Familiar, ‘Orden’, has used ‘Dragon Fear’.

• For 10 seconds, Chief Gatekeeper ‘Selakuma’ has fallen into ‘Silent’ state, and for 3 seconds, he has fallen into ‘Fear’ state.

• The Vitality of Chief Gatekeeper ‘Selakuma’ has decreased by 17,998.

Without rest, Hoonie let out commands to the party members and his undead.

“Ballam, now!”

• Understood, owner!

‘Ballam’, a Death Knight that always followed Hoonie by his side, raised his sword up high as he began to make his horse run towards Selakuma.

And along with the two Death Knights that followed behind Ballam, they charged forward.

As Hoonie’s level and Proficiency in Black Magic went up, he was able to summon three Death Knights in no time.

‘Whew, as long as I just catch this guy, I’ll be able to level up one level, right?’

A sharp flash passed through Hoonie’s eyes.

This was because Selakuma’s Vitality gauge bar was beginning to blink quickly.

‘If I just go up 1 more level, I’ll be lv 180. Maybe I’ll even obtain a new skill as well.’

Amongst the Black Magicians that were putting their name up in the official ranking list, the highest level user was lv 177.

Originally, Hoonie’s level was on the high side, but with his original level, he wasn’t able to overcome the 1st place user in the Black Magician rankings, but now he was able to.

Hoonie dodged the attacks of Selakuma, which scattered as an AoE, this way and that way as he moved his hand without rest.

Pung- Pu-pu-pung-!

And the dark-looking rays that shot out from Hoonie’s wand pierced through the body of Selakuma.

• Keuaaoh! For the likes of mere humans to…!

Selakuma was filled with insanity, but it seemed that the condition of the battle was already leaning towards a victory for Hoonie’s party.

Hoonie shot out all of the offensive magic he had that could be considered offensive magic as he checked the cooldown times of his active skills quickly.

‘Keu, as expected, the Power of Immortal is really good. Even though I randomly fire skills like this, my Dark Mana is not drying out.’

At the same time as that, he controlled his undead as he showed his incredible multi-tasking abilities.

While looking at such abilities of Hoonie, the audience was in great awe.

“Ooh…! Who is that kid? He’s incredible!”

“No kidding, I don’t think there was a kid like that in the Black Magician’s ranking list!”

“No, there’s no way that’s the case. This dude over here is 20th place in the Black Magician’s ranking, but I think that dude is two times stronger than this one here!”

“Hey now, what do you mean two times? It’s not to that point!”

Had about 10 or so minutes passed by like that?

• Kyaaooh!

Selakuma blocked off the attacks that poured towards him without rest with an AoE shield as he raised one of his hands up high.

And seeing that, Hoonie’s two eyes shone.

‘This is it! If I just bounce back this properly, this battle will be over!’

This was the first time Hoonie was challenging Selakuma, but while staying in Zone 110 for about a week, he had seen the battles of other users that challenged him a countless number of times.

That’s why he already knew all of Selakuma’s attack patterns well.

‘Come! I will time it properly and send you to your end!’

From Hoonie’s right hand, a black energy began to surge as well.

The thing that Selakuma was trying to use right now was a skill that had the strongest destructive power amongst all of his skills, and Hoonie was planning on inversely defeating Selakuma with ‘Revenge of the Dead’, which was a skill that returns the damage back.

This was also the method that he used with Ian when facing Immortal.

Hoonie and Canoel’s eyes met for a moment.

“Hyung, you know!”


Because the two were in a state where they had already coordinated enough before they came into battle, even just by exchanging glances, they were able to understand each other’s roles.

“Yongyong, now!”


At the same time as Canoel’s command, Yongyong, a Red Drake that was his Familiar, spread its wings out as it charged towards Selakuma.

• Keuaaaah!

A bright red ray shot out from the hand of Selakuma, who discovered Yongyong.


And at that moment, the current of darkness that shot out from Hoonie’s hand wrapped around Yongyong.

“Revenge of the Dead!”

Bang- Ba-ba-bang-!

The timing was so incredibly precise to the point that it created an illusion as if the red ray and the current of darkness met mid-air.

It may be obvious, but the red ray returned back from the path that it came and pierced through Selakuma’s heart.

• Keu-ack- Keu-aack!

And Selakuma, who was directly hit by the ray that was shot out of his hand, had exhausted all of his Vitality like that.

Thud- Boom-!

Selakuma’s large body collapsed onto the ground.


“Whoo! Kid, you’re so cool!”

“You’re so handsome!”

At the same time, the cheers of the audience burst out.


Hoonie clenched both of his fists as he grinned, and Canoel ran over and hugged him tightly.

“Wow, Hoonie, you were seriously amazing!”

Hoonie bumped fists with Canoel as he grinned with an arrogant expression.

“Since I’m the strongest Black Magician of the universe.”

After Hoonie and his party members exchanged a couple words, saying great work to each other, they headed towards the portal that led to Zone 109.

And as they disappeared, the invisible barrier disappeared while the way to Zone 109 opened up, and as if they had been waiting for it, tons of users poured through into the space like flowing water.

While riding the portal, Hoonie thought to himself.

‘From what I know, several rankers have already gone into Zone 100, including Ian hyung… So then why was the chief gatekeeper of Zone 110 still there? Did they disappear once like Zone 120 and appeared again?’

Hoonie wouldn’t know, but if it wasn’t for the Revenge of the Dead that Hoonie casted at the end, Hoonie’s party would have also been able to go to Zone 109 without having killed Selakuma.

However, as such a large amount of damage went through at once, Selakuma had died without having any time to spare to stop the battle.

Thanks to that, tons of users were able to profit.

‘Well, whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. I guess I should go find Ian hyung for now instead.’

The competitive spirit of Hoonie, who remembered Ian, began to burn up again.

* * *

“Owner, where are we going now?”

“We’re going to Zone 107 now.”

“Why are we going there?”

“None of your business!”

Ian was in a state where he was incredibly upset.

‘Goddammit! I shouldn’t have been so stubborn and should have listened to Karceus…!’

And the reason for that was because of the new family member ‘Kaka’, who was floating behind Ian right now.

Kaka was the name of the Karga Phantom that Ian had newly obtained as a slave.

‘All possible additional options were attached, but if the main option is in this state, what am I supposed to do…!’

As soon as Ian contracted with Kaka, he immediately checked the inherent abilities that were blurred out, and he couldn’t help but immediately become disappointed.

Kaka’s inherent abilities were as followed.

• Descendant of Darkness (Racially Inherent) (Racially Specialized) (Fortified Ability)

The Karga Phantom, a descendant of darkness, has an immunity to all attacks excluding Light-type attacks. However, with Light-type attacks, it receives 50 times the damage.

• Greedy Night Hag (Rare Ability)

The night hag is a devil that can make incidences that happened in a dream into reality.

Kaka, a night hag with a lot of greed, will appear with a rare item from its dreams whenever it has one.

• Sealed Ability (Racially Inherent) (Racially Specialized) (Evolving Ability) (Fortified Ability)


(It is an ability that cannot be used unless awoken.)

‘Ha, how can it not even have one ability that can be used somehow.’

The ‘Descendant of Darkness’, which was its first inherent ability, was similar to the ability that Dark Phantoms had.

While the Dark Phantom was immune to all attacks excluding Holiness and Devil Energy, it meant that this one only received damage from Holiness, so up to just this point, it was a standard that was instead better.

However, the problem was the part that was attached at the end that said, ‘With Light-type attacks, it receives 50 times the damage.’

‘Goddammit! It will probably die even if I just turn on a baby lightbulb in front of its face!’

In Kailan, Light-type attacks were not able to deal much damage unless they were undead.

To be honest, as that was the case, the Dark Phantom’s passive had a purpose.

‘Since the activation rate of Devil Energy itself is incredibly low anyways, and if wasn’t the Devildom, there wouldn’t be any opponents that had it. Also, Dark Phantoms are not undead, so that means that they wouldn’t receive that much damage from Light-type attacks.’

Even the ‘Territory of Light’, which was the highest AoE attack of Priests, if you considered that it was difficult to deal even 2 thousand damage with that to ones that aren’t undead, Light-type attacks were in reality to the point they could be ignored.

However, if it was multiplied by 50, it was a different story.

‘From what I know, the basic damage of the Holy Light skill that Priests learn as soon as they class-change is 50… But if this one gets hit by that, it will die in one hit, right?’

‘Kaka’s maximum Vitality was currently about 2300.

The 50-damage Holy Light would go through after jumping up to 50 times the damage, and Kaka, who would have received 2500 damage, would die just like that.

A long sigh slipped past Ian’s lips.


On top of that, the second inherent ability was a bigger problem.

At first, Ian was somewhat anticipating the second inherent ability, but with just one conversation, that anticipation was mercilessly trampled over.


“Why are you calling me, owner?”

“When do you sleep?”


“Amongst your inherent abilities, there’s an ability called ‘Greedy Night Hag’. I’m asking because you need to sleep in order to use that. Isn’t an item formed when you wake up after sleeping?”

“Hmm… Excuse me, owner.”


“I don’t know how to sleep.”


“Us kin of the darkness do not sleep. I have not slept once in 3 thousand years.”


“I also want to try what is called sleeping. I heard that it’s really nice.”


As this is the case, how could Ian not get super angry?

He had indeed brought along a wad of cotton only for seeing that didn’t have even one part that could be used right now.

“Yo, Kaka.”

“Why do you call, owner?”

“Why exactly do you even have that night hag skill?”

“I don’t know, owner. I also want to know.”


However, Kaka was just an existence that received ostracism from Ian, as it was so popular within Ian’s party besides Ian himself.

The two eyes of Celia, who looked at Kaka, were especially to the point that it gave off the illusion that they were filled with hearts.

“Oh my, take a look at how its wings move! It’s so cute! How its stomach sticks out, it’s totally my style!”

Even Kaizar was infatuated with Kaka’s cute charms.

“Hm-hm, I see. Looking more closely, whenever it flaps its wings its stomach moves up and down, too.”

They were all absorbed in observing Kaka, who floated behind Ian.

“But how exactly is it flying around? It moves such small wings so slowly… So how is it floating in the air?”

Kaka, who heard Karceus’s question, snapped his head back for a moment as it completely stopped flapping before responding.

“I originally can just fly.”

“… So the wings were just for show.”

Celia shot out hearts with her two eyes as she let out a exclamation again.

“Oh my, what do I do? It’s so cute!”

Kaka glared at Celia as it warned her.

“I hate hearing the word cute the most. I would appreciate it if you were more careful from now on!”

However, there was no way that such methods would go through.

Imagine if a five-year-old child said something like that! How cute would that have been?

Kaka scowled heavily towards Celia.


And only Ian, who slightly looked back at that scene, shook his head as he trudged forward.

“Whew… I suddenly feel cancer cells are growing.”

Either way, Ian’s party, who had obtained a new energizer(?), quickly headed towards Zone 107.

It seemed that because of their fighting power that had gotten one level stronger, they were able to arrive in Zone 107 before less than a quarter of a day passed.

And the corners of the mouth of Ian, who found Cervian’s Laboratory without much difficulty inside Zone 107, curled upwards.

‘Either way, it looks like I’ll be able to obtain a dual class faster than anybody else at least.’

Ian, who walked towards the laboratory with heavy footsteps, opened the doors of the laboratory energetically.

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