Taming Master

Chapter 229

Chapter 229: The First Dual Class (3)

The thing that Ian heard an explanation for from Cervian next was content related to ‘Magical Beast Disassembly’.

“Magical Beast Disassembly is also a skill no less important than Alchemy. This is because your Disassembly must be high in order to obtain magnificent ingredients from the disassembled magical beast.”

Cervian first opened up the skill window of Magical Beast Disassembly.

• Magical Beast Disassembly

Classification: Active Skill

Skill Level: Lv 0

Proficiency: 0%

Cooldown Time: None

Duration: None

Conditions for Use: Depending on the skill level, the ranks of the magical beasts possible for disassembly is decided. (The current magical beast rank possible for disassembly: Intermediate-rank and below.)

Magical Beast Disassembly is a skill that disassembles magical beasts and is required in order to obtain the ingredients for alchemy.

Fundamentally, it is possible to proceed with Magical Beast Alchemy just as long as there are two or more magical beasts, but because the ingredients for alchemy obtained through Magical Beast Disassembly must also be added in together to obtain a stronger magical beast, Disassembly could also be considered an essential ability.

Depending on the rank and level of the disassembled magical beast, as well as the inherent abilities it possessed, the kinds of ingredients that could be obtained will completely change, and the stronger the disassembled magical beast, the more magnificent the ingredients obtained.

*Ingredients that are at most two levels higher than the rank of the disassembled magical beast can be obtained, and the higher the level and proficiency of Disassembly, the higher the chance of obtaining ingredients of a higher rank.

*In case of failure of Magical Beast Disassembly, the magical beast will, of course, disappear, but not one ingredient will be obtainable as well.

*The skill level of Magical Beast can be grown to a maximum of 10, and depending on the skill level, the rank of the magical beasts that can be handled varies.

• Skill Level 0-1: Magical Beast Disassembly possible up to maximum ‘Intermediate-rank’

• Skill Level 2-3: Magical Beast Disassembly possible up to maximum ‘High-rank’

• Skill Level 4-5: Magical Beast Disassembly possible up to maximum ‘Heroic’-rank

• Skill Level 6-8: Magical Beast Disassembly possible up to maximum ‘Legendary’-rank

• Skill Level 9-10: All ranks possible for Magical Beast Disassembly


Different from Alchemy, just from reading the information of the Disassembly skill, he couldn’t get a proper sense of it.

As Ian repeatedly read the information window of Disassembly multiple times, Cervian slowly began to explain.

“There is an incredibly large variety of items that you could obtain through Disassembly.”

“How many kinds are there?”

“You cannot count all of them. Since even I don’t know all of the varieties. EXP Marbles, Magic Stones, etc., all sorts of items appear. However, I will explain a couple of the most representative ingredients that will be used in Alchemy.”

Both of Ian’s eyes shone as he waited for Cervian’s next words.

And at that image, Cervian wore a slightly terrified expression.

‘I thought that he was a fellow that just simply liked to battle, but what is that greasy expression?’

Cervian, who just perceived Ian as a hunting addict, was instead worried that Ian would be bored of such a theoretical explanation.

However, as Ian’s attitude was completely opposite to what he was thinking, he became flustered.

“Ahem, good attitude. Anyways, I will start the explanation.”

Cervian introduced a couple of the most representative ingredients that could be obtained through the Disassembly skill.

“Firstly, there is an item called ‘Devil Spirit Stone’. This item is an item where, in most cases, at least one will undoubtedly appear in the case that Disassembly succeeds.”

“As its name is similar to Magic Stone, it’s confusing.”

Cervian nodded his head.

“That’s right. However, their roles are completely different. Since, simply put, the Devil Spirit Stone is an item that increases the chance of succeeding in Magical Beast Alchemy.”


The two eyes of Ian, who was listening without much enthusiasm as he stated that it was an item that was easily obtainable, shone again after hearing the role of the Devil Spirit Stone.

This was because raising the success rate of Alchemy was a part more important than anything else.

“And ranks also exist for Devil Spirit Stone, and naturally, the higher the rank, the success rate value that increases will rise greatly.”

Ian asked.

“Then, well, if I put an ingredient like a Legendary-rank Devil Spirit Stone, is it like succeeding in transmutation with almost a 100% chance or something like that?”

At Ian’s sudden question, Cervian, who thought about it for a moment, responded.

“Hmm… It’s not exactly like that. This is because the amount that the success rate goes up changes relative to the rank of the magical beasts that will go into the Alchemy.”


“For example, if you use a Heroic-rank Devil Spirit Stone, you will probably succeed with almost a 100% rate in Magical Beast Alchemy using ingredients with a magical beast that’s Intermediate-rank or lower. However, if you transmute magical beasts that are a high rank of a Heroic-rank or higher, at the most, the success rate will only go up to about 10-20%.”

It was a little complicated, but Ian was immediately able to understand those words.

‘As expected… That’s necessary in order for the skill to be properly balanced. Since if the chance went up as an absolute value, the balance will break and the fun in experimenting would decrease as well.’

Ian was having thoughts that fit his commonly acknowledged name of ‘Game Researcher’ as he nodded his head, and Cervian, who saw him do so, smiled as he began his explanation again.

“And the next item I will explain is an item called ‘Magical Beast Ability Stone’, and different from the Devil Spirit Stone, this one is an item that has an incredibly low chance of appearing.”

“Magical Beast Ability Stone, huh…”

As expected, Ian was unable to figure out the item’s use just from hearing its name.

Ian began to focus on Cervian’s words again, and his words continued.

“The Magical Beast Ability Stone drops at a low chance of not even fully 1% when you disassemble a magical beast, and it contains one of the inherent abilities of the related magical beast at random.”

“What do you mean when it says that it contains an inherent ability?”

“So… For example, do you remember the Rakyel that you beat the crap out of and captured last time?”

Ian nodded his head.

How could he forget the one that he narrowly caught at the end of a bloody battle that lasted a whole day?

Cervian opened his mouth again.

“Rakyels are usually born with about three inherent abilities, but the most representative one amongst them is an inherent ability called ‘Gust of Magic’.”

“Hmm, I think I’ve seen it. I believe it was an AoE damage-dealing skill.”

Cervian nodded his head as he spoke.

“That’s right. It’s an AoE attack magic skill. Anyways, that’s not what’s important, but it means that if you were to disassemble the Rakyel with Magical Beast Disassembly, you could obtain an ability stone that contains the ‘Gust of Magic’ skill if you were lucky.”

The two eyes of Ian, who had heard up to this point, slightly grew.

‘By any chance, this thing called an ability stone, is it an item where if I was to use it on a Familiar, it would add another inherent ability or change up with one of the pre-existing ability?’

If that happened to be the case, it would be an incredible cheat item, but unfortunately it wasn’t anything like that.

“Let’s say that you have an ability stone that contains Gust of Magic, and if in the case that you use this ability stone in the process of Magical Beast Alchemy, the magical beast that is to be born will be born with an incredibly high chance of having the skill contained in the ability stone.”


He was a little disappointed that it wasn’t an item that he could use on his pre-existing Familiars, however, even if it was just this much, it was certain that it was an item that would be an incredible help.

Ian asked Cervian.

“If that’s the case, it would be the best to perform Magical Beast Alchemy using a magical beast with fundamentally exceptional stats as the base, and transmute it by putting in a Magical Beast Ability Stone containing a good inherent ability, right?”

Cervian nodded his head with a pleased expression.

“That’s exactly it. On top of that, the greatest advantage of Magical Beast Ability Stones is that even if you put in an ability stone, the ability doesn’t just blindly appear.”

Ian asked with a questioning expression.

“How is that a good thing?”

Cervian smiled as he replied.

“If in the case that the original inherent abilities that the magical beast is to have is better than the inherent ability that you put in with an ability stone, the ability of the ability stone will automatically be dissipated. Do you understand?”

Of course, Ian immediately understood.

“Ooh, it’s really good. So the risk is reduced.”

“That’s right. On top of that, as the weakest inherent ability amongst the inherent abilities that the magical beast was to get would disappear and the ability contained in the ability stone would go in its place, this also can’t help but be an incredible merit.”

Ian and Cervian’s were in perfect sync.

With just the keyword ‘Experiments about Magical Beasts’, the two continuously discussed for over two hours.

“Keu, Cervian, I see that the world of magical beasts is incredibly profound.”

Cervian nodded his head with a serious expression.

“That’s right. Huhu, I thought that there wouldn’t be many people that could understand this world, but it looks like I’ve truly met a good disciple.”

Ian also replied with a sparkling gaze.

“Same goes for me. Thanks to you, master, I’m learning many good things.”

Cervian grinned as he continued his words.

“However, it is difficult if you think that the things that you learned today are the end of Magical Beast Alchemy. If your class Proficiency goes up even more, there are many new skills that will be waiting for you again. For example, ones like ‘Devil Spirit Weapon Producing’…”

At the appearance of a new skill name that stimulated his interest, Ian’s tone went slightly higher.

“Ooh, what’s that now?”

However, Cervian smirked as he wagged his finger.

“That I will tell you later. After you’ve achieved all of the things that you’ve learned from me right now and become a higher level Magical Beast Transmuter, that is.”

Ian was a little disappointed, but he burned his fighting spirit even more.

“Keu, understood. Then, I will diligently raise the Proficiencies of the skills that I’ve learned for now.”

Cervian nodded his head with a pleased expression.

“Alright, That kind of attitude, it’s very good.”

Ian abruptly stood up from his spot as he added on.

“This disciple will devote themselves even more and show you the end of Magical Beast Alchemy. I will prove and show you what a pupil excelling his master is.”

* * *

Zone 107 of the Devildom was a place where quite powerful magical beasts still appeared amongst the outskirt areas.

This was because, although it wasn’t to the level where high-rank magical beasts appeared on the field, still, about 30% of the field monsters were comprised of intermediate-rank magical beasts.

“Ly, fall back! It looks like it will die if you hit it once more!”

“Understood, owner.”

“Bbakbbak, go be a bit of a meat shield at the front, while Halli and Pin, grab the attention of the other magical beasts so that they can’t approach us!”

Grr- Grr-!

Ian slowly moved forward as he captured all of the magical beasts that he could see.


• You have succeeded in capturing Low-Rank Magical Beast ‘Beager’.

• The Class Proficiency of dual class ‘Devil Summoner – Magical Beast Transmuter’ has increased by 0.15%.

Ian, who had additionally captured a magical beast, opened up the magical beast information window as he looked through the magical beasts he currently possessed.

Because the magical beast information window was made separately from the Familiar information window, it was convenient to manage.

‘Will I be able to catch about one or two more now?’

The amount of Devil Energy required in order to capture one magical beast was approximately between 500-1000.

Because the current amount of Devil Energy that Ian possessed was about 17 thousand, he was able to capture about 20-25 low-rank magical beasts at once.

After Ian captured the maximum amount of magical beasts that he could with the Devil Energy he possessed, he settled down near the portal that led to Zone 106 and began Magical Beast Alchemy.

“Alright, shall we raise the Proficiency of Magical Beast Alchemy now?”

There was no way the magical beast that would be created from transmuting low-rank magical beasts would be an exceptional one to the point that it satisfies Ian anyways.

This was because Ian felt like it needed to be at least like the Rakyel, a high-rank magical beast that he captured the other day, in order for it to be helpful to Ian’s current fighting power, but with his current transmuting abilities, making a magical beast of that level was definitely impossible.

As that was the case, Ian was literally grinding.

‘I need to raise my inherent ability to over level 3 quickly.’

Level 3 was what Ian was thinking of as the minimum, while, to be honest, his goal was level 5.

This was because he needed to reach level 5 in order to properly transmute Heroic-rank magical beasts and higher.

Of course, because it was possible to handle high-rank magical beasts as ingredients even if he just became a level 3, he could transmute Heroic-rank magical beasts as well.

However, it was just that the chance would be hellishly bad.

‘Since Cervian said that it would be best to see it as almost impossible if I borrowed his words…’

Either way, Ian, who had sat down, used his alchemy skill and after the window popped up, he put in two low-rank magical beasts as the ingredients.

• ‘Magical Beast Alchemy’ will start now.

• Will you set Low-rank Magical Beast ‘Shyupulee’ as the main body?


• Will you set Low-rank Magical Beast ‘Beager’ as Ingredient 1?


After setting up the magical beasts that were to become the ingredients of the transmutation, a message popped up again.

• You may additionally set up items that are needed in the transmutation.

Along with the message, Ian’s inventory window popped up.

Ian thought about it for a moment before pulling out one of the Low-rank Devil Spirit Stones that he received from Cervian.

‘Sure, well, since it’s important to see how the system works first.’

And as he added the Low-rank Devil Spirit Stone as a transmutation ingredient, a message popped up again.

• You have added a ‘Low-rank Devil Spirit Stone’ as a transmutation ingredient.

• Your alchemy success rate has increased by 20%.

Ian’s eyes slightly rounded.

‘Ooh, still, it seems that because it’s the lowest-ranking Magical Beast Alchemy or whatever, even with a Low-rank Devil Spirit Stone, the rate goes up quite a bit.’

And as all of the steps were completed, Ian’s first Magical Beast Alchemy began.

• If you have set up all of the ingredients needed in the transmutation, the Magical Beast Alchemy will begin.

The two magical beasts that Ian selected floated up into the air, and the Devil Spirit Stone that was in his hand shone a white light as it floated up into the air as well.


And Ian’s retainers watched that scene with excited expressions.

“What are you doing here, Lord guy?”

Kaizar asked with an expression that looked as if he was interested, but Ian, who was focused on the transmutation, didn’t give any response with his eyes closed.

Instead, both of Ian’s hands slowly lifted into the air, and the Devil Energy that came out his hands wrapped around the two magical beasts as the two began to combine together into one.


A mysterious scene was created as the red current and white light combined together.

And shortly after, the white light burst out in the air as a new magical beast was born in that spot.


• You have successfully completed ‘Magical Beast Alchemy’!

• The Proficiency of ‘Magical Beast Alchemy’ has increased by 1.5%.

• Alchemy Rank: B+

• As the Alchemy Rank is over a B-rank, the rank of the magical devil has increased by one level.

• Intermediate-rank Magical Beast ‘Kairoph’ has been born.

• You are the first to succeed in Magical Beast Alchemy.

• You have obtained 100 thousand Fame.

• The Proficiency of ‘Magical Beast Alchemy’ has additionally increased by 10%.

• Kairoph

Level: 1

Classification: Magical Beast

Rank: Intermediate-rank

Personality: Timid

Evolution impossible

Offensive Power: 17

Defensive Power: 15

Agility: 8

Intellect: 10

Vitality: 225/225

Inherent Ability

*Frenzy (Passive)

When a normal attack is successful, there is a 5% chance of going into Frenzy state for 10 seconds.

If in Frenzy state, Defensive Power will decrease by 30%, while Offensive Power will increase by 50%.

*Continuous Onrush (Cooldown Time 2 minutes)

Magical Beast Kairoph will violently charge through about 30 metres towards their opponent and deal 170% damage.

If successful in dealing damage to the opponent with Onrush, the skill has a 30% chance of being invoked once more.

A magical beast born due to user ‘Ian’, a Magical Beast Transmuter.

A magical beast with the form of a savage beast that has powerful teeth and large claws, and different from its nimble-looking appearance, its Agility is a little poor.

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