Taming Master

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: (5). Ly’s Improvement -6

While Ian was reading the quest message, his lips curled up when seeing the double EP part.

‘I was right after all.’

However, he soon frowned.

‘Oh, right. This is a party quest…’

He had been with his guild’s members last time, therefore, he hadn’t thought about it.

‘This isn’t good… who am I supposed to recruit?’

The first thing he thought of was his guild.

‘I don’t think there are any beginners at Lv. 40 in the guild anymore…’

Ian then asked Laper to postpone the quest.

“Sir, could you delay sending the punitive force until I get a party and return?”

“Of course, I can help you that much. Then, can you kill scouts at the campsite before that?”

A quest alarm rang again.


[Killing goblin scouts in Somur Canyon]

Laper, leader of vigilantes in Lucain Village, is looking for mercenaries to kill scouts at the Goblins’

Campsite before the punitive force departs.

Kill more than 10 scouts and return safely.

Quest Difficulty Level: E

Reward: Vigilante’s Leather Armor

– Would you like to accept the quest?

Somur Canyon was beyond the borders of the Luspell Empire, the so-called beginners’ zone.

The village Ian was in now was at the edge of the empire, however, Somur Canyon was still far away.

‘It will take half an hour to get there and come back. It’s a little annoying but… I have no choice.’

Ian knew that the Destroying Campsite quest would not be activated unless he helped with this quest,

therefore, he accepted.

“I will do it.”

“Yes, thank you.”

Ian finished talking to Laper and contacted Herss.

Fortunately, he was online.

– Yuhyeon, I need you to let me join the guild.

– Uh? Join the guild? Have you already reached Lv. 20?

Yuhyeon sounded a little confused, however, Ian didn’t mind.

– Yes, I just did.

Yuhyeon was silent for a minute and then sent another message.

– You are crazy. I have given you the permission.

– Thank you.

– Hey, how have you reached Lv. 20 so fast? Dark Sorcerer is an easy class to level-up and I haven’t

seen a Lv. 20 Dark Sorcerer yet.

– You know me, I will soon catch up your level. You should work harder.

Ian said that as a joke, however, it didn’t sound like a joke to Yuhyeon.

He had always thought that Ian would have been in the top 100 of the ranking if he had started to play

Kailan as soon as it opened.

– …okay, raise your level quickly. I could really use your help.

They had an everyday conversation for a while. Then Ian got to the point.

– Hey, is there anyone in our guild whose level is about 40?

– Huh? Lv. 40? No, why?

– I thought so… no, it’s okay.

Ian dismissed the conversation window and turned on to the guild chat. It would be faster to recruit

someone from there.

‘Getting introduced to guild members’ friends would be better than getting a total stranger.’

Ian put up a message.

– Ian: I’m back. How have you all been?

The quiet guild chat was immediately filled with messages.

– Piolan: Wow, Ian, have you already reached Lv. 20?

– Clovan: What? Ian is back and he is already at Lv. 20? I thought leveling-up a Summoner was

extremely hard! Was that all a lie?

Ian then talked with the guild members.

– Ian: Hey, what’s all the fuss about reaching Lv.20? I will get back to my former level very soon.

They all welcomed that.

– Piolan: Please… do level-up quickly. We are hunting too slowly without you.

– Kawin: Oh, it’s Ian!

More and more people joined the chat. They were all happy to see Ian again.

However, Ian was impatient and got to his point.

– Ian: Hey. Does anyone know a player at Lv. 40?

– Clovan: 40? Why are you looking for someone at Lv.40?

Ian hesitated. His level was 20 now, therefore, he would get a lot of questions if he said he was doing

the Destroying Goblins’ Campsite quest.

However, being honest was the only option.

– Ian: Oh, I’m doing the Destroying Goblins’ Campsite quest, however, it’s a party quest. I only need

one person. Someone who can do his part. No, he doesn’t even need to do that. Just someone who

wants to go there. I’ll ‘carry’ him.

As Ian had expected, messages kept coming up.

– Piolan: Ian, aren’t you at Lv. 20? How can a Lv. 20 user do the Campsite quest? And you even want

to ‘carry’ them?

– Kawin: Nonsense… aren’t you trying to be power leveled? I think he reached Lv. 20 by getting help

from friends.

– Clovan: You idiot. Ian does not need someone to power level him! And if he wanted to do so, he

would have asked us. Why would he look for a Lv. 40?

– Kawin: What are you talking about? The Campsite quest isn’t available beyond Lv.60. We cannot

help him.

– Clovan: Oh, was it?

Ian was getting a headache by all of this, therefore, he just came up with an excuse.

– Ian: I am Lv. 20 now, but I have gotten a great pet so I think I can do the quest. It will ‘carry’ us.

It sounded very convincing. Since there wasn’t much information about the Summoner yet, therefore,

the others would believe it.

However, a Summoner would have immediately caught the lie.

Clovan, the ‘simplest’ of the guild, answered first.

– Clovan: Oh, you were lucky.

She didn’t show any doubt, at which Ian smiled.

– Piolan: There was a reason for reaching Lv. 20 so fast after all. But many say that the Summoner is

a bad class. I guess that’s not true?

Ian answered honestly.

– Ian: The Summoner isn’t bad at all. I think it’s a great class, as long as it is used well.

– Piolan: Oh…

Then Kawin spoke what Ian had been waiting for.

– Kawin: Ian, I have a friend who’s at Lv.45…

Ian asked back right away.

– Ian: Oh, really? Can you introduce him to me?

– Kawin: But she has invested mostly in a craftsman class, so her fighting power is probably…

There were many craftsman classes in Kailan, like Blacksmith, Tailor, Artist and Architect. However,

most users didn’t care about them. Doing level-up and battling required a lot of time, therefore, they

were unwilling to spend a lot of time on laboring to raise their crafting proficiency.

For example, to raise the Blacksmith class’s level, you had to keep making weapons at the forge,

which was too boring and exhausting compared to hunting and fighting.

Unlike battle classes, a user could get more than one craftsman classes, however, that was

meaningless because users didn’t invest on even one of them.

Craftsman classes that were slightly popular were the Blacksmith that could actually make items and

the Enchanter that would cast magic on items and make expendable scrolls. The Blacksmith class

could not make a character strong, however, it paid well. Additionally, many chose to be Enchanters

because users with a Sorcerer battle class could raise Enchanting’s proficiency when they raised their

Sorcerer skills’ proficiency.

Of course, there were few users who had intermediate or higher proficiency in Blacksmith or


– Ian: Really? That’s fine. So, what’s her class?

– Kawin: Her battle class is Priest and her craftsman class is probably Cook…

Ian was a little surprised. He had expected the main craftsman class to be a Blacksmith or an

Enchanter. At least, she was a Priest with healing magic.

– Ian: …a Cook?

– Kawin: Um… yes… she is a Priest, but she won’t be of much help in battles and she is not good at

playing games…. are you okay with that?

However, Ian just wanted to make up the number, hence, he didn’t care about his party member’s

fighting ability.

– Ian: That’s fine. Please tell her about this when she logs in.

Kawin was a little confused at the unexpected answer.

– Kawin: Huh? O-okay… are you really fine with this?

– Ian: Yep.

Clovan cut in.

– Clovan: Hey, Ian, how great is your pet that you are so confident? I am suddenly tempted to watch

him fight!

Piolan interfered.

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