Taming Master

Chapter 19

Chapter 19: (5). Ly’s Improvement -5

[Mother Nature’s Staff]

Category: staff

Rank: Hero

Usage Limit: level 20 or higher, Strength 40 or higher

Attack Force: 150~165

Durability: 201/201

Option: Intelligence +21

Option: Leadership +35

Option: Friendship +20

– Attack Force of all summoned pets increases by 35%

– Pet’s fatal blow probability increases by 15%

‘Uh… this is a hard decision to make…’

The staff is a weapon where the moment he chose it, his archery skill would become useless.

However, he decided to buy it and think later.


Its level limit was lower than the hairband’s, therefore, he could buy it for 100,000 Gold.

The staff was added to his inventory while Ian deeply thought about it.

‘Right now, the bow is far more useful…’

Of course, if he used the staff, all his archery-related passive skills would become useless and he

would not be able to use his battle ability as an archer.

However, it was also an important fact that he couldn’t continue to use the bow forever.

‘It’s a little early, but it would not be bad to change my fighting style and get used to it.’

He found some comfort in the fact that the Aiming Weak Skill was a passive skill that could be used

by all classes. After all, he had raised its proficiency by a lot.

Additionally, the staff had a great advantage as well: it decreased the cooldown time and the MP

consumption of all skills by 10%.

‘I need to make Ly even stronger and I must get another pet.’

Ian decided to use the Staff and put his bow on auction right away. This great determination was one

of Ian’s virtues.

“It does feel strange to hold a staff. Huh…”

He had used the bow since he started to play Kailan months ago, therefore, using a staff felt strange.

Ian then searched for a few more minutes, however, he couldn’t find any more ‘Mother Nature’ items.

So, he left the auction house.

Then an alarm rang in his bag.


Ian immediately summoned Ly.

“Ly, summon!”

Ly was summoned. It tried to howl as usual but then it flinched.

It felt strange to be summoned in a big city. After all, he had always been summoned in a forest.

Ian used the Intermediate Training skill.

– You used the [Intermediate Training] skill (cooldown time: 25 minutes).

– Your pet Ly understands your commands better and learns from them for 15 minutes.

– The pet’s potential is increased through repeated training.

– Your pet Ly’s current potential: 98

Ian had set an alarm informing him of the Intermediate Training skill’s cooldown time.

‘Hu, it’s good that I set that alarm. Otherwise, I would have forgotten about it.’

Ian wasn’t going to waste his time even when he wasn’t fighting. The skill could affect the potential

greatly. He would not be able to sleep if he wasted 10 minutes by not realizing that the cooldown time

had ended.

“Ly, this isn’t a hunting ground, so be careful and follow me.”

Growl-. Growl-.

Ly nodded and pressed his body against Ian. It was a little nervous because of the unfamiliar


“Wow, look. He’s a Summoner!”

People looked with curiosity since there weren’t many Summoners yet.

“He has a Wolf as his pet, his level must be low.”

“Summoner’s level-up is extremely hard. I haven’t seen anyone who has reached Lv.20.”

“Oh, really?”

Ian didn’t want this kind of attention, therefore, he normally didn’t summon Ly in public. However, he

was ready to tolerate it for training.

‘Let’s go get a quest now!’

Ian knew of a quest that would raise his level from 20 to mid-30 very quickly. Of course, ordinary

users would not try it before reaching Lv.40.

‘Where was the starting point of the Destroying Goblins’ Campsite quest?’

It was a very controversial quest. It was much harder than other quests of similar rank and its money

reward was not good.

However, Ian was thinking of another part of the quest.

‘If my memory is correct, double EP was given when killing a goblin during the quest.’

It was a great amount of EP.

‘Before resetting my character, I had to hunt in a party because I couldn’t handle it on my own… but

this time I will do it alone.’

Ordinary Goblins in the Goblin Campsite were about Lv. 39. Goblin Warriors’ level was in the early

40s, and the Goblin Chief, the boss monster, was a Lv. 45 shaman type monster.

Goblins lived in packs of dozens and Ian was going to get EP from this.

He had gotten another reason to raise his level fast, so hesitation was luxury.


Ian spotted a middle-aged man wandering near the castle walls and went to him. He was Laper, the

leader of vigilantes who would give Ian the Destroying Goblins’ Campsite quest.

“It’s been a long time, Laper.”

Ian spoke to him first.

‘I hope the NPC has not forgotten me because of the resetting.’

Fortunately, Laper seemed to remember him.

“Oh, Ian!”

“How have you been?”

Laper was an important NPC who would give Ian many quests.

‘Friendships with NPCs have not been reset. Thank God.’

Ian was relieved.

“Of course. Philip thanked me for having you kill the Ogre Warrior, haha.”

Philip was the leader of vigilantes of another region. Ian had completed a quest for him before he

reset his character.

Ian didn’t spend much time speaking with the NPC.

“I see. Sir, have the goblins been quiet recently?”

Laper’s face immediately brightened at this.

“Oh, I have been worrying because of the Goblins’ Campsite… the punitive forces we sent aren’t

enough. Do you happen to know any good mercenary?”

“I want to do it myself.”

“Yourself? Oh… It would be great! But I need more people…”

A quest alarm rang. Ian had been waiting for it.


[Destroying Goblins’ Campsite at Somur Canyon]

Laper, leader of vigilantes in Lucain Village, is looking for people to join a punitive force to destroy the

Goblins’ Campsite. Join the punitive force and destroy the campsite.

Quest Difficulty Level: E

Quest Condition: party of 2 or more people

Reward: You gain Gold according to your level of contribution. You will receive double EP when killing

goblins during the quest.

– Would you like to accept the quest?

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