Taming Master

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: (5). Ly’s Improvement -4

Jinsung logged in again with heavy heart.

He had logged out without dismissing Ly, so Ly was summoned the moment he logged in.

Jinsung looked at Ly with tear in his eyes.



“We have to work even harder.”

Ly tilted its head at this, and Ian stroke its head. He felt good to have Ly to share his mental damage


‘Uh….. I didn’t see that coming…. The professor knows me….’

Ian quarreled with professor Lee Jinuk for a while. After ten minutes, they both agreed to make a bet.

In turned out that the professor was also a Kailan user.

If Ian succeeded on reaching Lv.93, his former level before resetting his character, before fall

semester starts, he would win. If he failed, the professor would win.

‘My goal was to get back to my former level before summer vacation ends, but…..’

It felt different from when it was just a goal.

‘But at least I avoided academic probation on first semester.’

At Ian’s courage to propose a bet, the professor let him get away this time.

But if Ian lost the bet, he would send his report cards of this semester and next semester to his


And Ian also had promised to participate in all events of the department.

‘I…. must….. succeed!’

Ian had to win the bet at any cost. Losing would be the end of his gaming life.

But there were great rewards of winning, too. Professor Lee had promised to give him A+ on all

classes, whether he attended them or not.

He must have promised that because he thought it was impossible, but Ian thought differently.

‘I can do it. I can.’

It was his original goal.

Ian tried to collect his thoughts.

He wanted to take some medication to calm down, but even realistic Kailan had nothing like that.

‘I must go back to the village.’

Mental damage had been given, but he had to carry out his plan.

He had to move even faster.

“Ly, dismiss!”

Using a Return Stone to go to the village would not transport Ly with him, so he dismissed it for now.

Ian returned to the village.

The first thing he did was to find the guild manager.

‘I must join guild first.’

The Lotus Guild he used to be in was a great guild, top 5%. He had no reason to look for another

guild, and he didn’t want to do that.

Ian was applying to join the guild first because joining a guild would raise NPCs’ trust. It would let him

get good quests and protect him from getting involved in troublesome things.

Help from guild members was a plus.

“What business brought you here?”

“I’d like to join a guild.”

The manager NPC nodded.

“You must have reached Lv.20.”


With that, the list of guilds appeared in front of Ian’s eyes.

“Have you decided on a guild?”

Ian answered right away.

“Lotus Guild.”

NPC looked at the list and tilted his head as he spoke.

“Lotus Guild’s preferred level of new members is 60. I can let you apply for it, but you will be

rejected… Would it be fine with you?”

Ian nodded.

The guild’s mater was his best friend and he was close to all important guild members, so it wasn’t a

problem for him.

“It is done. You will be automatically joined to the guild when the guild’s master permits it.”

“Thank you.”

Ian tried to send a DM to Herss to ask him to let him join the guild, but he couldn’t. Herss was offline.

‘It’s not like I’m in a hurry. Well, he will permit it when he sees it.’

Ian next went to the auction house.

‘I will change all of my gears, huhu.’

Privilege of wealthy beginner!

Ian was going to get the best items he could get with his current stats, starting from weapon to

defense gears.

‘My character’s battle power will soon begin to fall…..’

Classes that characters directly fought like Warrior, Archer, and Sorcerer had ‘class bonus stats’.

Apart from 5.5 stats that were given with level-up, class-related stats rose additionally.

And there were passive skills like weapon proficiency. So although Ian started with 77 additional stat

points, his character’s battle power itself would not be that different from other classes when he

reaches Lv.30.

Of course, Ian didn’t complain about it, because class bonus stat points were added to stats needed

by Summoner like leadership and taming skill, instead of to major battle stats.

He would get to depend more on his pet more and more.

‘Isn’t there an item that boosts pet’s stats…? Like enchanted with enhancing magic….’

Ian searched the auction for a long time and found an item. He had never seen anything like it.

Hairband of Mother Nature

Category: hair accessory

Rank: hero

Use limit: Lv.25 or higher

Defense Power: 24

Durability: 224/224

Option: Health +25%

All summoned pet’s Health is increased 20%. Attack Force is increased 15%. The pets’ target

avoiding rate is increased 5%.


Ian pushed the ‘buy’ button without thinking twice.

‘I should buy it first!’

Its level limit was 25, but he was sure he could reach that in no time.

He bought it without checking the price, but fortunately(?) it wasn’t that expensive.

150,000 Gold.

It cost as much as any other ordinary Lv.25 hero class hair accessory, so Ian was satisfied.

‘Now there are items for Summoners on auction!’

Ian was very excited.

Seeing a good item almost made him forget his worries.

‘Nice timing.’

Now Ly’s battle power was about to get bigger than his.

Its stats weren’t enough yet, but Ian was a human character with almost no battle skills and Ly was a

wild beast monster born for battle. Their actual battle powers were almost equal now.

At this point, an item that increased pet’s stats was what Ian really needed.

‘Hairband of Mother Nature…. Maybe the other items with ‘of Mother Nature’ are also items for


Ian searched for them. And about 10 minutes later, he found another one.

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