Taming Master

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: (6). First Evolution -1

To reach Somur Canyon, Ian had to go through Somur Forest.

Somur Forest had lower-level monsters compared to Somur Canyon, however, Ian still had to be


There was a savage beast type of monster that lived there called Corcuns.

The Corcuns’ levels were a little less than 40, not much higher than an Asiatic Black Bears’, however,

they moved in packs, therefore, they were thought to be much more dangerous than Asiatic Black


The Corcuns looked like jaguars with a red-brown fur.

‘It would be cool to capture a Corcun. After all, Ly is not that cool…’

Ian glanced at Ly who was following from behind. It was showing great potential and improvement,

however, his appearance was still shabby. It looked like a Wolf, a monster from a low-level hunting


However, then, Ly suddenly stopped.

Ian felt a little guilty.

‘Can, can he read my thoughts?”

Ian felt sorry and started to stroke Ly.

“Hey, Ly, you know that I like you very much, right?”

Ian was afraid that the Friendship, that he had worked so hard to raise, would fall.

However, Ly stood still.

Ian started to wonder what was wrong with Ly. Then a faint light started to gather around Ly.

“What, what the-?”

Ian was surprised and opened Ly’s statistics window. Soon, he found out what was going on.


‘Evolution possible’ had changed into ‘Evolving’ and it was blinking in red.

‘Finally! Finally, he is evolving!’

Ian had opened Ly’s statics window dozens of times and that ‘Evolution possible’ always drew his

attention. He had been waiting for that, hence, he was excited.

‘But why is Ly evolving so suddenly? What was the qualification for evolving?’

Ian studied Ly’s statistics window carefully and soon he found out the answer.

‘Potential! Potential is at 100 now!’

Ian never wasted time, even when he was traveling, he had been using the Intermediate Training Skill

regularly. Therefore, Ly’s potential quickly reached 100 and the wolf was evolving now.

Ian felt like dancing happily.

‘His appearance would certainly change, right? I hope he gets bigger… So that I would be able to ride

him around…’

Ian grinned widely while Ly continued to evolve.

The light around Ly got brighter and blazed, it shrouded Ly’s entire body. Slowly, Ly’s appearance

started to change.


Ian stared at Ly in a daze.


Ly stopped growing only when he was twice as bigger than before.

A little while later, the light started to slowly fade away and a pleasant system message rang.


– Wolf Ly has evolved into [Blood-Red Maned Wolf].

Blood-Red Maned Wolf. Even its name suited Ian’s taste, he then let out an exclamation.


That wasn’t the end.

– Your pet evolved successfully. Proficiency of [Intermediate Training] skill goes up.

– [Intermediate Training] skill is at Lv. 2 now. (45.7% to the next level).

– You succeeded in evolving your pet for the first time. Your Fame increased by 1,000. Your Taming

Technique and Leadership are increased by 30 each.

– You summoned the [Blood-Red Maned Wolf] for the first time. Your Fame increases by 1,500.

System messages came up one after another!

They were all good, however, the thing that pleased Ian the most was the fact that Ly had evolved into

a unique monster that has never been seen before.

“Hahahahahah!” Ian laughed like a madman.

Lustrous, thick red mane and a size as big as a tiger.

Ian was deeply moved and hugged Ly tightly.

“Ly, I love you.”

Ly also felt good to see Ian rejoice. It licked his cheek and rubbed his body at him.

Ian then calmed down and opened Ly’s statistics window.


Level: 20

Type: wild beast

Rank: Rare

Character: brave

Evolution possible

Attack Force: 235

Defense Force: 97

Speed: 215

Intelligence: 135

Health: 790/790

Unique Ability

– Absorbs 15% of the damage it inflicts on the enemy as its Health. Absorbs 50% of damage when

making fatal damage.

– Set enemy on Bleeding mode when making fatal damage. When the enemy is on Bleeding mode, a

fixed damage of 20% of its Attack Force per second is inflicted to the enemy for 10 seconds.

A ferocious wolf with a mysterious red mane. It has a very hostile behavior.

Ly’s statistics window was full of surprises. Ly’s Attack Force and Speed were higher than a fully-

geared Ian, additionally, he had gotten unique abilities like absorbing Health and Bleeding mode.

Its Defense Force and Health were relatively low, however, they could be supplemented by his high

Attack Force and absorbing Health ability.

‘His rank has changed from Regular to Rare as well…’

Ly’s rank had gone up, therefore, it required more Leadership now. However, with stats that great, this

wasn’t a problem. Ian’s Leadership had increased by 30 as it was the first evolution reward, hence,

his Leadership would not be insufficient.

Additionally, if a high-level monster with some skill were to be considered Regular items, then Ly

would have been considered as a Unique rank item.


‘He can still evolve!’

Ly could get even stronger.

‘One more evolution means he will reach Unique rank!’

Just to think about it was thrilling!

Ly’s stats were great enough to beat a Rare rank field monster when it was at Regular rank, therefore,

if it evolved to become a Unique rank, it might be as strong as a Hero rank field monster.

‘Summoner is truly a great class!’

To be specific more specific, the Taming Master, Ian’s hidden class, was a great class, not the


Of course, Ian’s great abilities had enabled him to find Ly among countless Wolves… however, if it

had not been for Intermediate Training, a unique skill of the Taming Master, Ly’s evolution would still

be far away.

Anyway, Ian’s steps were light as he headed toward Somur Canyon.

Ian chided himself for wanting Corcun’s appearance as he watched them roaming around in packs.

‘I don’t need Corcuns. My Ly is the best, most certainly’

Ian approached Ly.

“Ly, can you carry me?”


At this, Ly sat down, as if telling him to climb up.

Ian grinned widely as he climbed up to Ly’s back.

“Ooh, Ly, run!”

Ian was excited and yelled ‘run’, however, he soon regretted it immediately. Ly sprung forth and he

was thrown to the ground because of its speed.

Ly licked Ian’s arm while he lay on the ground as if it was sorry.

“Uh… do I need a saddle? But it would not look as cool.”

Ian climbed up to Ly’s back again. Ian wasn’t going to give up because he fell once. He already felt

too narcissistic about his own look on Ly.

“Move, Ly. Slowly.”

Ly started to walk carefully while Ian got used to riding Ly.

“Good, good.”

Ly slowly raised its speed with Ian on its back. Thanks to that, Ian arrived at Somur Canyon faster

than he had expected.

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