Taming Master

Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Ruler of Darkness (3)


• Familiar ‘Ly’ has received critical damage.

• ‘Ly’s Vitality has been reduced by 26,794.

Of course, it wasn’t like Orvil hadn’t received any damage.

Since Ly also bit him that desperately.

However, Orvil definitely hadn’t received enough damage to lose himself to death, while Ly collapsed onto the floor just like that and turned into a grey light.

“Hoo, Ly, why did you do that… You couldn’t have won anyways.”

Ian felt that he was tearing up a little in vain.

In the end, it was just a game, but still, it was because Ly’s loyalty was quite touching.

Futility rapidly rushed in.

‘Hmm, but why is a message saying he died not popping up?’

Ly’s remaining Vitality was definitely 0.

His red mane was also turning into a grey light, and he was sure that he had died, but a message didn’t pop up.

However, just when Ian felt something was strange.

Rather than a message alerting of his death, a different system message popped up.

• The hidden energy of the ‘Bloody Hole’ has been opened.

Ian wore a puzzled expression.

‘What is this? The Bloody Hole they’re talking about… I think it was the charm that I received from Bloody Fenrir Shallos.’

It was that item that Shallos said was the emblem of the blood-red kin.

At the unexpected situation, Ian wore an expression full of anticipation.

• Familiar ‘Ly’s Vitality has been fully recovered through the strength of the Bloody Hole.


And when he thought he had died, Ly’s body began to slowly rise into the air.


And Ly’s body, which was dyed a grey light, slowly began to be filled with a white light.

This was a scene that Ian had seen many times before as well.

‘No way…!’

Ian hurriedly checked Ly’s condition.

And after seeing the one-line long phrase that popped up in a golden light, he let out a shout of delight.

• Evolving.

Ian stared at Orvil, who gazed at Ly from a distance, with nervous eyes.

‘But what will happen if he’s attacked while evolving and dies?’

It was a thoroughly worrisome situation.

However, for some reason, Orvil didn’t move and watched Ly’s evolving form with blank eyes.

Like that, for a moment, the nerve-wracking situation continued, and shortly after, Ly’s risen body shone brightly and the light exploded out in every direction.

• Blood-Red Maned Wolf ‘Ly’ has evolved into a Bloody Fenrir.


Ly, whose body was completely wrapped in a red light, howled towards the air and glared at Orvil.

Ly’s name was shining in a purple light.

‘To have evolved straight into a Heroic-rank without passing through Unique-Rank…!’

Ian was deeply moved.

Because the situation was like this, he didn’t have time to open up the information window and thoroughly rip through everything one by one, but just by looking at the force that could be felt from Ly, he could truly feel its strength.


After discovering Ly, who was approaching him, Orvil’s eyes returned to focus.

And he began to emit an even more ferocious spirit.

• Shallos… Shallos, is that you…

As Orvil opened his mouth for the first time, a raspy voice that made a low, scratching noise flowed out.

However, the surprising part was that a voice not of a wolf’s cry but of a voice that Ian could understood flowed out of Ly’s mouth.

• I am not Shallos, brother.


And at Ly’s words, the brightness of Orvil’s eyes burst a bright blue.

• In that case, die here!


Orvil closed the gap between Ly and him in an instant.

However, Ly, instead of dodging him, also growled and began to face Orvil.

Bang- Ba-bang-!

The two front feet of the wolves made a sound similar to that of an explosion, and Ian’s two eyes rounded in disbelief.

‘No, even if Ly had evolved, he’s just a Heroic-rank, so how is he that strong?’

The dealt damage that was seen in the system messages that popped up as well as his combat abilities far exceeded Pin or Halli.

However, Ian was able to figure out soon enough after seeing the buff icon that popped up in Ly’s condition window.

• Buff/Altar of the Fenrir: All combat abilities +150%

Only then did it also explain Orvil’s nonsensically strong abilities.

‘It must be a buff restricted to Fenrir that is only activated in this area.’

Ian, who understood the situation, quickly let out a command to Pin and Halli.

“Pin, Halli, help Ly!”

It was a situation where the buff was equally received, and Ly and Orvil were both Fenrir. On top of that, their levels were the same, but either way, because Orvil was a Legendary-rank, which was one rank higher compared to Ly’s, he decided that it would be hard for Ly to win.

And as Halli and Pin also joined in, even Orvil, who overflowed with confidence, began to be pushed back little by little.

• Keu, I can’t believe it…

In no time, Orvil’s Vitality was almost completely cut down, and evidence of that, Orvil’s name was flickering quickly.

• For the Kin’s Absolute to be a pathetic guy blinded by madness, I cannot acknowledge it!

Ly’s two eyes began to shine a bright red.

And a system message rang out in front of Ian’s eyes.

• Familiar ‘Ly’ has used Inherent Ability ‘Judgment of Blood’.

• The lower Ly’s Vitality goes, the stronger all of his abilities become, and if his Vitality drops below 50%, 50% of all damage dealt on the opponent will be recovered.

• ‘Judgement of Blood’ will last for 5 minutes.

Bang- Ba-bang-!

It was a new Inherent Ability of Ly’s that even Ian didn’t know of.

And at the combined attack of the three Familiars, Orvil eventually collapsed.


• You have killed ‘Dark Fenrir Orvil’. You have obtained 1,127,423 EXP.

As the system message popped up, only then was Ian able to let out a sigh of relief for the first time.

“Whew, that was seriously no joke. I thought this time I was really going to die helplessly…”

Ian seemed to be drained of energy, as he approached Orvil’s corpse with slow footsteps.

And he put his hand on top there.

• You have obtained 87,886 gold from ‘Dark Fenrir Orvil’.

• You have obtained the ‘Greatsword of the Dark Fenrir’.

• You have obtained the ‘Fenrir’s Revengeful Spirit’.


After checking the list of items he obtained, Ian’s two eyes rounded.

And amongst them, his eyes were fixated on the name of the item called the Greatsword of the Dark Fenrir.

“Its name is in red.”

The colour of the item’s name was decided depending on its rank.

And the red was the same colour as the Legendary-ranked item, the head ornament that Ian was wearing on top of his head.

‘If that’s the case, then…!’

Ian opened the information of the item.

*Greatsword of the Dark Fenrir

Classification – Two-handed sword

Rank – Legendary

Equip Limit – Over 650 Strength

Only ‘Warrior’-class can equip

Offensive Power – 2585-3730

Durability – 175/175

Options – All combat abilities +85%

Agility +5

Inherent Ability

*Darkness Emission

In the event of an attack, there is a 30% chance for darkness to be released within a 5-metre radius all around. The released darkness will deal an equivalent damage of 250% of your Offensive Power to enemies, and will reduce their Defensive Power by 30% for 3 seconds.

*Indelible Wound

It will be impossible to recover 10% of damage received from the Greatsword of the Dark Fenrir for 30 minutes.

*Bound to account

This is an item belonging to user ‘Ian’.

This item cannot be transferred to another user or be sold, and even if the character dies, it does not drop.

A greatsword filled with the revengeful spirit of a legendary Fenrir.

If held in the hands of a tenacious Warrior, they will be able to cut through anything.


Ian wore a dejected expression.

The options of the item were so ridiculous only laughter came out.

But the problem was that it was an item that Ian couldn’t equip.

‘Ha… For it to be an item exclusive to Warrior-class…’

On top of that, because of the bound to account option, it was a situation where he couldn’t even sell it off.

‘Apparently Legendary-rank items mostly drop as account-bound, and it seems that’s correct. Still, well, there’ll probably be a chance for me to use it somehow.’

For now, Ian set aside his disappointment and grabbed the Fenrir’s Revengeful Spirit before lifting it up.

And just like with Shallos, a message began to pop up.

• You have liberated the ‘Fenrir’s Revengeful Spirit’ that was devoured by madness.

The black marble that left Ian’s hand whipped through the air here and there and began to make a dark shadow.

And just like what Shallos said, a ghost that had a translucent shape floated gently.

The only difference was that if Shallos’ revengeful spirit was multicoloured, then Orvil’s revengeful spirit was a light grey colour.

• Thank you, human.

At Orvil’s words, Ian nodded his head and wore a bitter smile.

“I almost died.”

Orvil’s words continued.

• I can’t believe the truth that the one who saved me from the shackles of madness is a human.

And his gaze turned to Ly, who stood by Ian.

• Are you the one that inherited the will of Shallos, kin of the blood?

Ly responded.

• That’s right. I inherited his will.

Orvil stared at Ly with a piercing gaze.

And shortly after, his mouth opened again.

• You are… strong. Perhaps even stronger than the past Shallos.

The gaze of the two Fenrir met halfway in the air.

At Ly’s figure that was full of fighting spirit, Orvil let out a low laughter.

• Ho-ho, good. If you are a kin of blood, you must at least have a fighting spirit like that.

Orvil returned his gaze back to Ian and continued his words.

• Human, what is your name?

Ian, who received shock from the truth that Ly spoke and was wearing a dazed expression, was startled before he replied.

“I am Ian.”

• I see. Ian, thanks to you, my spirit was able to be freed. Thank you.

“It was nothing.”

He spoke like that, but Ian stared at Orvil with an expression filled with anticipation.

‘Since I’ve already evolved Ly, I wonder what I’ll be able to receive from this dude.’

The thing that Orvil handed to him was a sphere that looked similar to the item that Shallos gave to Ian, as well as what allowed Ly to evolve.

• You have obtained the item ‘Dark Hole’.

Ian reflexively mumbled.


Orvil’s mouth opened again.

• This is the item that represents us kin of the dark. So far as my observation goes, it seems that you have already received the item of the kin of the blood from Shallos.

Ian nodded his head.

“Yeah, that’s right.”

Orvil stared at Ly, who just stood there, and grinned.

• Perhaps… It may be possible that, in the true sense of the word, you may become the Kin’s Absolute for the first time in 100 years.


As Ian, who didn’t understand what he was saying, tilted his head, Orvil pointed to somewhere.

And there, a pure white and round object was floating in the air.

“What’s that?”

• You’ll know when you see it, human.

The round item began to go up to the sky little by little, and a bright light shone from between the piles of collapsed stones and began to be sucked into the round sphere.


It wasn’t even 1 o’clock in the afternoon yet, but thanks to Orvil, the sky was still dark, and the white object that floated in the black sky was reminiscent of a bright white full moon.

• For the first time in 100 years, the three powers have gathered in one place.

Ian, who still hadn’t understood what he was saying yet, stared at Orvil with a blank expression, and Orvil just laughed.

‘What the hell? So, what about it?’

However, just then.

A large howling sound that was incomparable to anything from before rang out from beside Ian.


Ian, who was startled, turned his head.

And Ly, who began to emit a white light in all directions, stood there.

• I was nothing more than half, but it looks like this one will become the true one.

Orvil mumbled with a self-mocking voice.

And a strong light from the white sphere that floated in the air began to pour onto Ly.

“Oh, oh…!”

Ian slightly squinted at the blinding light.

However, a system message that he couldn’t believe appeared in front of his slightly opened eyes.

• Bloody Fenrir ‘Ly’ has evolved to ‘Sovereign Fenrir’.

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