Taming Master

Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Ly’s Performance (1)


As soon as the message that Ly’s evolution was complete rang out, a large explosion with Ly as the centre of it formed and a pure white surf spread out in all directions.


Ian felt his mind go blank.

‘To have continuously evolved…’

If Ly, who evolved to a Heroic-rank, evolved once more, then he would at least be a Legendary-rank.

Ian wore an excited expression as a couple of system messages continuously popped up.

• The item ‘Bloody Hole’ has been absorbed by Familiar ‘Ly’ and has disappeared.

• The item ‘Dark Hole’ has been absorbed by Familiar ‘Ly’ and has disappeared.

• The item ‘Lunatic Hole’ has been absorbed by Familiar ‘Ly’ and has disappeared.

The three rays of light were sucked into Ly.

And finally, the whole field of vision turned white.


The darkness that completely filled the area cleared, and Ian could see Ly’s form, which was covered by the light and couldn’t be seen properly.

The first thing that caught his eye was his straightened back in comparison to other Fenrir, the long and sharp claws that stuck out of his front feet, and lastly, the fact that his body burned without rest as if he was engulfed by flames.

And the flames weren’t just a normal bright red light, but pure white in colour.

‘He is standing on two feet, but to call him a werewolf… His face is also perfectly of a wolf’s…’

While momentarily admiring Ly’s form, which had evolved that imposingly, a new system message additionally popped up in front of Ian’s eyes.

• You have obtained a ‘Completed Form’ Familiar for the first time.

• You have obtained 100,000 Fame.

‘Huh? What is Completed Form?’

Orvil’s husky voice was heard through the ear of Ian, whose mind was all over the place because so many different events happened all at once.

• Greetings, Lord.

As he was a ghost, the lower half of his body was missing so he couldn’t kneel, but Orvil courteously bowed his head and showed respect towards Ly.

And a message alerting Ian that he completed the quest popped up in front of his eyes.


• You have completed the favour quest of Bloody Fenrir ‘Shallos’.

• Clear Rank – S

• You have obtained 28,978,900 EXP.

• You have obtained 279,000 gold.

At the enormous reward for an S-rank quest, Ian felt as if he won the lottery.

This was because, although he needed to put in a lot of effort, the things that he received was immense in comparison.

Of course, he liked the EXP and the gold reward, but the biggest present to Ian was that Ly had evolved twice at super speed in one stretch.

Ian opened Ly’s stat window with a broad smile.

*Ly (Sovereign Fenrir)

Level: 120

Classification: Predatory Animal

Rank: Legendary

Personality: Valiant

Completed Form

Offensive Power: 3660

Defensive Power: 1458

Agility: 2154

Intellect: 1214

Vitality: 51,022/51,022

Inherent Ability

*Health Absorption

25% of the damage dealt on the opponent will be absorbed as his own health and if critical damage is dealt, 70% of that damage will be absorbed as his own health.

*Rage of the Fenrir (Cooldown time 10 minutes)

Will go into an ‘Enraged’ state for 3 minutes, and all combat abilities will increase by 50% and critical attack chance will increase by 20%.

Whenever critical damage is dealt on an opponent by an attack, the cooldown time of the ‘Rage of the Fenrir’ goes down by 5 seconds.

*Darkness Encroachment (Cooldown time 30 minutes)

Will go into a ‘Darkness Encroachment’ state for 3 minutes.

When in Darkness Encroachment state, all attacks will be applied as critical attacks, and 70% of all damage will be neutralized.

While Darkness Encroachment is maintained, all movement speed will increase by 50%. (Can only be invoked in darkness.)

*Heir of the Moon (Passive)

If moonlight is received, all movement speed will increase by 30%, and 3% of maximum Vitality will be continuously recovered per second.

The Sovereign Fenrir is the ruler of all wolves and is the only Fenrir in the world.


The outrageous abilities made him speechless, and of all the magnificent Inherent Abilities, none were wasteful.

‘Now I wonder if I should sleep during the day now and game at night.’

The Darkness Encroachment skill could only be used in darkness as well as the passive, Heir of the Moon, which was only invoked during the night.

Because these two Inherent Abilities were too great, Ian was seriously contemplating whether he should change the time he games.

‘Besides Health Absorption, all of the Inherent Abilities he had before evolving have disappeared. Still, well, since the most important one remained…’

The Health Absorption skill that revived part of the damage dealt as Vitality was an important skill that reinforced Ly’s biggest flaw, his weak Vitality.

His Vitality was now at 50 thousand, but it was hard to say it was enough if the fact that he was a Legendary-rank and lv 120 were considered, so the Health Absorption skill would cover this part enough.

And in order to figure out the meaning of the ‘Completed Form’, which he had been curious about, he opened the help tab.

‘What could Completed Form be? It probably isn’t a bad thing, though.’

And ‘Completed Form’ was newly formed in the evolution-related help tab.

*Completed Form Familiar

All monsters have a final form.

When a monster is captured, the phrases ‘Evolution Possible’ or ‘Evolution Impossible’ are written in the information window, but if one of these two phrases are written, it means that there is a higher-ranking species that exists within same kind of species as the relevant monster.

In the case of ‘Evolution Impossible’, a higher-ranking species exists, but it means that the relevant individual cannot evolve to it, and in the case of ‘Evolution Possible’, it means that it can evolve into the higher-ranking species.

Lastly, in the case of ‘Completed Form’, it means that there is no other higher-ranking species within the relevant species that can be evolved to.

In other words, the meaning of the Completed Form monster is that it is the highest-ranking individual of the relevant species.

‘So, it means that Ly has completely evolved into the highest stage that he can as a wolf!’

As his thoughts finished there, he developed a curiosity towards the ‘Mythological’-rank, which was a rank that was still completely covered in a veil in all aspects.

‘If Ly, a Legendary-rank, is the Completed Form, then within the wolf species, does that mean that there is no individual that can evolve into a Mythological-rank?’

Orvil approached Ian, who was swamped by different thoughts.

• Then, I think my part is over up to here now, human Summoner.

At Orvil’s words, Ian nodded his head and responded.

“Alright, thanks.”

• I’m the one that is thankful for receiving freedom as a gift.

As he spoke, Orvil’s ghost dispersed in the air.

After Orvil disappeared, Ian turned his head towards Ly again.

And Ian, who suddenly thought of something, opened his mouth towards Ly.

“But, Ly, can you talk now?”

Ian stared at Ly with eyes full of curiosity.

Ly satisfied his expectations.

• That’s right, owner.

Ly’s expression and way of talking that somehow felt arrogant.

However, in the eyes of Ian, who had been through a lot with Ly since his younger days(?), he just looked cute.


Ian, who had petted Ly’s head once, hurriedly used his return stone.

The place that he was headed for was Ollibus Village.

‘Since there might be some crumbs that could fall from that elder Ikael, I should at least go and visit him.’

Truthfully, quest progress-wise, there was no reason for him to go and find Ikael again, but Ian’s instinct was telling him to go and visit Ikael once for some odd reason.

* * *

The first thing that Ian, who had arrived at Ollibus Village, did was check the information of the village.

Ian hadn’t forgotten about the operation to make the village Lotus’.

‘Hmm… Our Friendship is over 30% now.’

Since his Friendship when he first discovered it was at around 20%, it had increased by more than 10%.

In order to impute Ollibus Village as Lotus’, he needed to raise it up to about 70% so it could look like it was still pretty far off, but Ian didn’t think that was the case.

‘Since I’ve confirmed that the Friendship goes up quickly with quests, I should reveal the location of the village to the guild members and tell them to do quests over here.’

They probably wouldn’t have as big of an influence on the Friendship as much as Ian, who had succeeded an S-rank quest, but if tons of guild members committed, then he felt they could fill up 70% quickly.

‘The military power requirement is now almost satisfied. The troops that are currently in training just needs to be formed.’

As a rough plan was made, Ian’s mood went up and with light footsteps, he walked towards Ikael’s house.

And Ikael, who met Ian, welcomed him incredibly warmly.

Ikael’s first reaction was exactly this.

“Hu-hu, to handle the ruler of the Fenrir as your Familiar. Congratulations, Ian.”

“Thank you. Thanks to Ly, I was also able to successfully complete the quest. In various ways, luck followed me a lot.”

At Ian’s humble words, Ikael shook his head and heartwarmingly smiled.

“Not at all. All of this was through your abilities. There’s nothing that’s given for free in the world.”

And Ikael, who asked Ian this and that about the fight with Orvil, changed the topic.

“Ah, speaking of which, Ian.”


“From what I heard from Gripper, he said you’re also an aristocrat of Luspel Empire…. Is that right?”

Ian nodded his head and replied.

“That’s right. But what about it…?”

Instead of a reply, Ikael pulled out a scroll made of a red leather that was rolled up from his chest and handed it to Ian.

“This is a letter that I’m sending to His Majesty. By any chance, if you have a reason to go to the imperial palace, will you give this to him?”

Ian barely forced down the grin that formed by his mouth.

‘Huehue! As expected, I knew that there would be something that would appear!’

A letter being sent to the king.

Even at a glance, it gave off the smell of a new Empire Quest.

“Of course. I will go and see His Majesty at the quickest time possible and give him the letter.”

“Thank you, Ian. However, as it is an incredibly important letter, you must be the one that personally gives it to him.”

Ian nodded his head and took the letter.


And just as Ian predicted, an Empire Quest window popped up in front of his eyes.


*Ikael’s Favour

Ikael is appraising you incredibly high after winning against an awoken Orvil.

He has left a very important empire document with you.

Give this document to the king of the Luspel Empire.

Quest Difficulty Level: None

Quest Condition: A user that has received acknowledgement from Ikael

Time Limit: None

Reward: Unknown

‘I like the part that there’s no time limit the most.’

Firstly, because there was something that Ian needed to do, he had no intentions of going to the imperial city right away.

The new capsule model began to waver in front of his eyes.

‘I should contact Fiolan.’

Ian’s footsteps were headed towards Forlan Basin.

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