Taming Master

Chapter 119

Chapter 119: Ruler of Darkness (2)

“No, what’s this? Why did it suddenly get dark?”

The largest village in the northern continent as well as the domain that the number 1 guild possessed, the DarkRuna Domain.

As the sky suddenly darkened in broad daylight, even before noon, everybody had become flustered.

“Could it be that some sort of large update quest has been invoked?”

“No, if that was the case, then a system message would have at least popped up, right? There’s nothing of the sort. Did some sort of system error occur?”

“Probably not. My friend is currently hunting in the southern continent, but apparently there’s nothing abnormal there.”

The square, where over hundreds of users were gathered, was suddenly in an uproar, and all sorts of assumptions at this weird phenomenon went rampant.

“It’s almost the second large update. Could it be something that’s related to that?”

“Damn, because it just suddenly got dark, I feel uncomfortable.”

However, the uproar was just for a moment.

As time passed and nothing happened, the users soon returned to their daily routines.

* * *

“No, if this is the case, then there was no reason for me to have come during the day!”

Ian complained towards Ikael, who uselessly gave him the wrong information(?).

‘Truthfully, this, well… Even if I knew about this beforehand, there would be no method.’


While looking at Orvil, who emitted a dark fog while letting out a strange sound, Ian slowly moved step by step.

‘It would be difficult to win currently in this state.’

He felt that he needed to summon Ddukdae and Lake at least in order to be able to fight that monstrous dude.


Orvil, who had slowly approached Ian, growled as he glared at Ian.

However, after checking Orvil’s level, Ian suddenly wore a quizzical expression.

‘Huh? What’s this? He’s only at lv 120?’

His performance was incredibly fancy, but if he was only about lv 120, Ian thought that he could somehow fight him.

However, in the next moment, he couldn’t help but let out a deep sigh.

• Dark Fenrir Orvil – Rank: Legendary


A Legendary-rank monster that had appeared only twice on the field up until now.

As soon as he saw the word ‘Legendary’, it had an effect that made Orvil, who stood in front of him, suddenly look 2 times stronger.

‘No, still, our Pin is also a Legendary-rank!’

Ian collected himself and began to think of ways to face the monster-like dude in front of his eyes.

‘Firstly, I need to last about 20 minutes somehow.’

20 minutes was the time it took until he could summon Lake and Ddukdae again. However, Orvil didn’t give Ian any more time to think.


Orvil, who let out a horrible shriek towards the air, charged towards Ian.


Dodging Orvil, who charged towards him with a fog that glowed a strange black, Ian quickly got on Halli’s back.

“Ly, you stay far back until your Vitality has recovered enough!”

Ly was in a dangerous situation, but because it was a situation where even one couldn’t be spared, he couldn’t Summon Release.

Ian, who was on Halli’s back, shot out Current Proliferation towards Orvil.

Za-zap- Za-za-zap-!

However, because the projectile’s speed of Current Proliferation was slow in comparison, Orvil was able to avoid them easily, and he spread his hand towards Ian.


As Ian’s staff and Orvil’s long claws afflicted each other, a frictional sound that was uncomfortable to hear was made.


And while Ian and Orvil faced each other, Pin, who stood back, didn’t stay still either.


The front claws of Pin, who let out a high-pitched shout and charged, strongly hit Orvil’s back.


Pin’s head was shaped like an eagle, but his body resembled a large lion.

As Pin’s front claws that were like a caldron lid hit, Orvil’s body was thrown far.

• Familiar ‘Pin’ has dealt critical damage to ‘Orvil’.

• ‘Orvil’s Vitality has been reduced by 13,250.

While looking at Orvil, who allowed a blow more easily than he expected, Ian slowly began to find his confidence little by little.

‘Alright. If it’s this much, it’s worth a try.’

Ian picked up his staff again, and shot out Magic Spheres.

If it was Magic Spheres, which was far superior in projectile speed compared to Current Proliferation, he thought that he could hit Orvil.


The spheres of purple magic that shot out from Ian’s staff precisely flooded the movement route of Orvil, who charged towards Ian again.


However, while looking at the spheres that flew towards him, Orvil roared loudly instead of dodging.


And a system message that made Ian fall into despair popped up.

• Dark Fenrir ‘Orvil’ has invoked Inherent Ability ‘Darkness Encroachment’.

• Orvil’s movement speed has increased by 50%.

• From now on, all of Orvil’s attacks will be applied as critical damage.

• From now on, Orvil will neutralize 70% of all damage.

• ‘Darkness Encroachment’ will last for 3 minutes.

Ian was so dumbfounded that words didn’t even come out.

He had never seen such an outrageous buff like this before.

‘No, how do they expect me to face something like this?’

And Ian’s Magic Spheres were absorbed by the black fog that wrapped around Orvil as if it was being sucked in.

• Through Orvil’s ‘Darkness Encroachment’, ‘Magic Spheres’ have become neutralized.

The somewhat fortunate thing was that because Halli and Pin’s reflexes were so fast, they didn’t fall too far behind from Orvil when it came to speed.

And it looked like Ly, who was far off, was outside of Orvil’s interest.

It seemed because he was devoured by madness, Orvil only attacked the target right in front of him that he considered an opponent.

Bang- Ba-bang-!

• Familiar ‘Bbookbbook’ has received critical damage.

• ‘Bbookbbook’s Vitality has been reduced by 527.

It was a huge Offensive Power that dealt damage with a value that was 3-figures to even Bbookbbook, who boasted an outrageous Defensive Power.

‘Even if I just receive one proper blow, it’s death!’

Fortunately, he could face him while enduring this much because Orvil charged in haphazardly, if by chance he had to fight him while he was in a state with a proper AI, it may have been game over for Ian.

“Halli, Guardian of the Wind!”

In order to last until the duration of the Darkness Encroachment skill was over no matter what, Ian grasped onto Halli’s back tightly.


As Halli’s reflexes were maximized, although it was only for a moment, Halli began to overpower Orvil when it came to reflexes.

“Halli, try and buy some distance!”


Because Orvil stuck like glue to them, he wasn’t even able to use Pin’s Crush skill.

This was because even allies that were within the range of the Crush skill also received damage.

He had no idea that he would use this skill of Halli’s to make a getaway, but for now, Ian quickly bought space between Orvil and him.

And as he gained enough distance, Ian let out a command to Pin.

“Pin, Crush!”

And Pin’s flapping began.


As Crush, the strongest AoE attack of Pin’s, was invoked, a giant wind storm raided Orvil, who ran squarely into it.

• Through ‘Darkness Encroachment’, the damage has become neutralized.

• ‘Orvil’s Vitality has been reduced by 1745.

• ‘Orvil’s Vitality has been reduced by 2301.

• Through ‘Darkness Encroachment’, the damage has become neutralized.

• Through ‘Darkness Encroachment’, the damage has become neutralized.

There was a lot of damage that was neutralized because of Darkness Encroachment, but because it was an attack that went through continuously without rest like a DoT, Orvil couldn’t help but receive quite a lot of damage.

And there was an effect that Ian hadn’t even thought of, but the fierce wind that raged along with the Crush skill had an effect on the broken piles of stones here and there.

The tons of stones that had broken into sharp pieces had flown towards Orvil and dealt quite a bit of additional damage.


Ian invoked all of the skills that he could use, and nibbled away at Orvil’s Vitality.

Fortunately, it seemed like he didn’t have any skills like the Bloody Fenrir where he could absorb Vitality or regenerate, as there was no incident where he recovered.

‘A little bit more now…!’

If he lasted a little bit longer, he would be able to summon Lake and Ddukdae again, and Ly would have recovered a decent amount of his Vitality as well.

Ian gritted his teeth.

* * *


While looking at the strange sky that was dyed black even though the sun was up, Ikael let out a noise.

“I can’t believe it… While a hundred years have passed, has Orvil become a Legendary-rank?”

This phenomenon was an incredibly fascinating and strange phenomenon to most of them, but to Ikael, it wasn’t so.

He knew about this phenomenon.

‘Darkness Emission. It’s probably that.’

There were tribes of Fenrir that succeeded the three powers, the Blood clan, the Dark clan, and the Moon clan.

And amongst the leaders of the three clans, the Fenrir that received the most powerful strength would absorb the strength of the remaining two clans and would be re-awakened in their completed form, and this Darkness Emission was an Inherent Ability that could only be obtained if a trinity is successfully formed.

‘However, ever since the Moon clan fell a hundred years ago, there has never been a time that a completed form was born.

Even if they lacked one of the three different strengths, it was impossible to reach the completed form, so in a sense, it was obvious why a completed form wasn’t born in the meantime.

“Either way, if Orvil has reached his completed form, Ian, he won’t be able to face him with his strength…”

Ikael slowly closed his eyes.

If Ian couldn’t block Orvil, then he needed to find a way to block Orvil, who would have released his seal and escaped, no matter what.

* * *

“Huff, huff…”

Ian’s whole body was covered with dirt and wounds.

‘This dude… Is there no way to win against him?’

Orvil’s Vitality gauge bar was blinking a bright red.

His Vitality had dropped below half.

However, compared to Orvil, Ian’s condition was even more critical.

When it came to Vitality itself, Ian still had over half, but Lake, who he was barely able to summon back, was attacked by Orvil and he couldn’t do anything else but Summon Release him, while Ddukdae’s Vitality had completely run out and was recalled before he could even Summon Release.

Halli’s Vitality was also almost gone now, while Pin, who at least could fly through the air, was on the more vigorous side, but it wasn’t a situation that could be thought of so positively.

The most hopeful part was that, surprisingly, Ly, who hadn’t received any attacks of Orvil, was maintaining almost full Vitality,

‘Soon now, the cooldown time for Darkness Encroachment might be over…’

Because Orvil wasn’t in Darkness Encroachment stat right now, they were able to deal at least this much damage to him.

If the dark fog that neutralized 70% of the damage began to wrap around Orvil’s body, then there would seriously be no answer.

‘Let’s get to the end right now no matter what!’

Ian climbed up on top of a pile and continuously fired Magic Spheres towards a roaring Orvil.

As he did so, Ly, Halli and even Pin all charged towards Orvil.

‘Even if it’s game over for my Familiars, there’s nothing I can do. I need to catch that guy first!’

If the battle condition was going to go on like this anyways, until they cut all of Orvil’s Vitality down, Ian’s side would be annihilated.

If that was going to be the case, it could be better to gamble.


Orvil, who let out a horrible shriek, lunged towards Ian face to face.

Once he saw that, Ian’s eyes slightly shone.

‘That means he’s targeted me, right…?’

This was because it was a better situation if he aimed for Ian himself rather than his other Familiars.

Since he still had Bbookbbook as his reliable shield.

Truthfully, because Orvil, who didn’t have proper decision-making abilities, had no thoughts to avoid Bbookbbook and attack Ian, that was the reason why Ian was able to last this long.

However, shortly after.

Ian’s eyes, which was a little relaxed, was tinged with shock.

‘What, what the hell is that?’

This was because two dark masses that looked like large Magic Spheres began to form on Orvil’s two front feet.

Because this was an attack pattern that he was seeing for the first time, he was taken aback, but he could also feel the incredible power within the masses even if he wasn’t hit by them.


A shout flowed out of Ian’s mouth.

This was because it looked like it would be hard to avoid Orvil’s attack now.

No matter how strong that attack was, Bbookbbook’s Vitality probably wouldn’t be completely exhausted, but if it was an attack with a range like that, even if he blocked with Bbookbbook, it was obvious that Ian would receive an immense amount of damage.

In any case, Orvil was only a short distance away from him before Ian could even use his hands, and the giant sphere of darkness slammed into Ian’s back.


• You have received critical damage.

• Your Vitality has been reduced by 17,850.

The immense amount of damage that came through in an instant.

If it wasn’t for Bbookbbook, it was an attack where he could have instantly died.

Ian catapulted through the air and tumbled onto the ground.


Halli and Pin, who saw that, ran towards Ian in order to protect him, but because they were too far away compared to Orvil, they couldn’t block him off.

Ian closed his eyes.

‘Ah… My 24 hours…’

As he thought of death, as expected, the first thing that popped up into his mind was being unable to log on for 24 hours.

And the thing that he thought of next was failing the quest.

‘Damn it. We need to evolve Ly, though…’

However, just then.

An unexpected shadow jumped out from behind Ian and blocked off Orvil.

Ian, who saw that, shouted out of surprise.

“You idiot, get out of the way!”

This was because the identity of the shadow was none other than Ly.

If Ly, who had the weakest Vitality amongst his Familiars, was to directly face Orvil’s attack, then it would be impossible for him to survive.


However, Ly wasn’t even fazed by Ian’s command, and Ian Summon Released Ly as he had no other choice.

No, he tried to do that.

This was because, right now, when Ddukdae also received a death penalty, if Ly also received a penalty, the damage would be too big.

“Ly, Summon Release!”

However, didn’t a system message that even Ian couldn’t understand pop up?!

• You cannot Summon Release Familiar ‘Ly’.

As he was so taken aback, Ian wore a dazed expression.

And like that, the two wolves tangled up in the air.

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