Taming Master

Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Beginner Diviner (2)

“What? Dungeon Attack King?”

“Yeah. That’s what I’m telling you! From what I see, this is an event perfectly made for you. This is Park Jinsung’s type.”

At Yoohyun’s words, Harin, who was next to him, also nodded her head in agreement.

“That’s right. I’m thinking exactly the same as Yoohyun! Jinsung, you’re the possessor of Forlan dungeon’s best record. Since Forlan dungeon is one of the most popular dungeons, I think if you wrote the attack, then we’ll be first place no doubt.”

Truthfully, there was no need for the two people to persuade him so diligently.

Since Jinsung’s two eyes were already fixed on the homepage where the event content was explained.

While looking at Jinsung, who read down the notification with enough spirit to be sucked into the monitor, Yoohyun grinned.

“What do you think? It’s definitely tempting, right?”

Jinsung nodded his head as he asked back.

“But, the deadline for this… Is there about ten days left now? Right?”

At Jinsung’s words, Yoohyun replied.

“Yeah, that’s right.”


While looking at Jinsung, who was suddenly submerged in his thoughts, Yoohyun carefully asked.

“Jinsung, by any chance, do you have some sort of important quest that you were doing?”

Jinsung nodded his head.

As it was a quest where he could possibly gain a clue related to Ly’s evolution, it couldn’t help but be important.

On the other hand, as Jinsung nodded his head, Yoohyun wore an even more nervous expression.

“Is it a quest that will take long? If we plan on making a proper attack, we need to consider at least 3 days…”

Whether Yoohyun was nervous or not, Jinsung was internally calculating the amount of time that it would take to do the quest.

‘If I just need to catch Orvil, then it shouldn’t take that long. However, if there’s even some sort of connected quest as well, that’s a pain…’

However, he couldn’t just give the new capsule model up.

Rather than the various convenient functions of the new capsule model, the thing that Ian wanted most was the additional 2% synchronization.

Since that would raise the efficiency of Ian’s hunting even more.

Ian decided to participate in the Attack King event even if he needed to halt the quest momentarily halfway through.

“Alright, since I also wanted the new capsule model, I need to do this no matter what.”

At the positive response, Yoohyun’s face glowed.

“Fiolan said let’s try for a S-class clear while we’re participating in the Attack event anyways once you returned after finishing your quest. What do you think, is it possible?”

“Hmm… For sure, if we were to attach a video of a S-class clear in Forlan dungeon, I think our chance of winning will increase significantly.”

Ian and Fiolan’s best record was about 26~7 minutes.

The S-rank cut of Forlan dungeon was 25 minutes.

It was just a minor difference of not even 2 minutes, but right now, where they had already reached the limit of their clear speed, trying to cut down 2 more minutes was definitely not an easy task.

‘I should catch Orvil as fast as possible and obtain a clue related to Ly’s evolution. If I could evolve Ly, the 25-minute cut will not be impossible.’

He was originally greatly motivated, but as a slight motivation was created even more, Jinsung’s will burned brightly.

* * *

“Celia, have you raised the level of the Blue Wyvern quite a bit?”

“Hmm… It’s at lv 90 now. I raised it quite quickly, right? Hehe.”

“You’re right. You’re equipping all of the items I gave you last time well, right?”

“Of course! I also recently obtained a Heroic-rank ring that raises my Leadership a ton.”

Celia proudly showed the ring she obtained.

‘Huh? What’s this? It’s incredibly good!’

Ian needed to make an effort in order to maintain his expression.

“Ye, yeah it’s really good. For your Leadership to go up 15%…”

Of course, the wedding ring that Ian wore was a better item, but because you could equip a ring on each hand, he also wanted Celia’s ring.

‘Must resist…’

He couldn’t just become a Lord and take the items of his retainers.

Innocent Celia, who didn’t even catch onto Ian’s internal thoughts, smiled brightly and continued to talk.

“Right, right! As expected, I told you that it was a good item!”

And as Ian’s ring caught her eyes, Celia’s round eyes opened wide as she asked.

“Oh, but what’s the ring that you’re using, Lord? It’s incredibly beautiful! What’s the name of the item?”

Ian awkwardly smiled as he answered.

“Ah, this, uh what was it, was it the Forest’s Wedding Ring…”

At the words wedding ring, Celia’s two eyes became bleary.

“Wedding ring? Lord, from what I knew, you hadn’t married yet.”

Celia stared at Ian with tearful eyes!

Ian didn’t know what the reason was, but a stream of cold sweat dripped down his back.

“Oh… That… Could you say that it’s just a good item, so I’m wearing it?”

Before entering the dungeon.

While looking at Celia who stuck to Ian’s side while she continuously chatted, the other retainers wore a dazed expression.

“Did Celia always have that kind of side to her?”

“I don’t know, this is also my first time since after the territory war where the Lord is also hunting with us…”

There was a momentary tussle before the real hunting began, but as they entered the dungeon, Ian’s gaze was the first to change.

And the hunting in the dungeon proceeded incredibly rapidly.

This was because it wasn’t that high-level of a dungeon.

It seemed it was because the area where the dungeon was discovered was a place that wasn’t too deep into the northern continent and was in the vicinity of the Lotus Domain.

The monsters that appeared were Snow Gargoyles that were in the lv 110 range, which Ian wouldn’t have had any trouble hunting them even alone.

On top of that, since he had his retainers, in other words, it couldn’t help but be a piece of cake.

“Celia! You can’t kill anything that’s a Rare-rank or above!”


Amongst the tons of Snow Gargoyles, a gargoyle with bluish-white skin occasionally appeared.

That was a monster with the name ‘Frozen Gargoyle’ and because the Frozen Gargoyle was a Rare-rank monster, it was a good ingredient in order for Ian to make higher-rank Spirit Marbles.


“Yes, Lord!”

“Just stand in the front and find the locations where the Frozen Gargoyles are beforehand while we move.”


As the hunting proceeded onwards, Ian’s party began to go around the dungeon even more systematically and quickly.

Like that, the hunting in the dungeon continued for over two days.

* * *

“Whew… Let’s see here. How many Spirit Marbles have I gathered?”

As Ian opened his inventory, the remnants of his grinding for two days filled the space.

“Hmm, 58 white Spirit Marbles, 16 blue Spirit Marbles. There’s 3 green Spirit Marbles.”

If it wasn’t for Ian’s horrible one-brushstroke drawing skill, it was an amount of Spirit Marbles where he could definitely make the items of the remaining Familiars!

However, different from several days ago, Ian was full of confidence.

Ian had something he was counting on.

‘Hu-hu, as expected, people need to use their heads.’

Ian snickered as he remembered yesterday’s incidents.

• Ian: By any chance, is there anyone in the guild that has majored in Design?

• Fiolan: Huh? Why a Design major?

• Herz: What is it. Why are you looking for a Design major now?

• Ian: Ah, it’s nothing else, but our guild has gotten quite high in the rankings as well now and I thought that we should have a guild mark. If there’s a guild member that’s majored in Design, I was planning on requesting a guild mark.

• Carwin: Ooh, Ian hyung! That’s a really good idea. As a matter of fact, it also bothered me to wear the guild mark that Kailan offered by default.

• Fiolan: No kidding. Come to think of it, our guild mark was still the diamond-shaped mark that they provided by default.

• Mishyal: Uh, Ian. I do happen to be a Design major…

• Ian: Ooh! Mishyal, really?

• Herz: Ooh! You were a Design major, Mishyal?

• Carwin: Mishyal, talent donation go-go!

• Ian: Since a donation is still a bit iffy no matter if you’re a guild member, if you make a cool design, I will give you a Heroic-rank Magician-exclusive robe that I obtained recently.

• Mishyal: Oh! Really?

• Ian: Of course. So, would it be alright for me to request a cool design?

• Mishyal: Just leave it to me!

Like that, Ian decided to use the guild mark that he obtained from Mishyal on his Talismans and Incantation Patterns from now on.

‘It pricks my conscience… But, since I did give him quite a good robe as a gift.’

Ian, who finished his self-justification like that, opened the guild window and displayed the guild mark in the top where he could see.

‘Keu, as expected, a Design major is different.’

The golden eagle pattern drawn with Ian’s Familiar, Pin, as the motif was a cool shape that all of the guild members really liked.

Luspel Empire’s emblem was also a Griffin, but because the pattern of Luspel was a pattern where the whole body of a Griffin was drawn, while the pattern of the Lotus guild was a design drawn with a raised Pin’s head magnified and changed to a more simplified version, so they didn’t look similar.

Above all, Ian liked the simplicity of the pattern.

‘If it was complicated, then I wouldn’t have been able to copy it…’

With a determined expression, Ian pulled out a piece of Hanji[1] and firstly began to practice looking and copying the pattern.


After practicing for about thirty minutes like that, Ian, who was able to draw it quite decently, wore a satisfied expression as he plopped down on the spot.

“Ah… The path of a production class is long and difficult.”

Ian suddenly felt the greatness of Harin, who raised her cooking Proficiency to High-class lv 5.

“Still, if it’s this much, failures won’t pop up now, right?”

It was a little sloppy, but it was a magnificent quality that was incomparable to the Talismans that Ian drew a couple days ago.

At this point, Ian compromised and began to produce the items.

• Success! / You have produced a Synthetic Talisman (Name change possible)! – Rank: Common

• Great success! / You have produced a Synthetic Talisman (Name change possible)! – Rank: Rare

• Success! / You have succeeded in producing a Synthetic Incantation Pattern (Name change possible)! – Rank: Common

And the conclusion was better than the standard that Ian expected.

“Euh-ha-hat! To have not failed even one…!”

As his Artistic Grade lacked a little, there were a couple of Talismans where the stats dropped a little, but at least there was no situation where he failed and wasted Spirit Marbles.

On top of that, as a ‘Great Success’ message even popped up for a couple of them, Ian was in an incredibly good mood.

‘Shall we take a look at the items that had great success?’

Ian displayed the information of the item.

*Synthetic Talisman (Name change possible)

Classification – Talisman (Charm)

Rank – Rare

Equip Limit – Can be equipped onto one ‘Familiar’.

Durability 55/55

Option – Offensive Power +15% (+5%)

Agility +12% (+3%)

Vitality Regeneration +2% (+0.5%)

*3% of the damage dealt for every attack is recovered as Vitality.

A Talisman produced by beginner Diviner ‘Ian’.

It’s a magnificent Talisman where the spirit of a glorious Griffin can be felt.


Ian was deeply moved.

But then again, the options were so good to the point it was truly incomparable to the Talismans he made several days ago.

On top of that, it seemed because of the effect of ‘Great success’, it was produced into a ‘Rare’-rank item despite having been made with white Spirit Marbles.

‘Mishyal, thank you!’

At the words ‘magnificent Talisman’ that were written on the information window last, his heartstrings were touched.

‘Hmm… A Common-rank item has two options, but a Rare-rank item has 3 options? Additionally, on the bottom, an Inherent Ability has also formed…’

As he heated the fire of passionate production, Ian, who used all of the Common-rank Spirit Marbles, opened his inventory again.

And with shaking hands, he grabbed the Rare-rank marbles, which he didn’t have much of, and raised them up.

‘If I’ve practiced this much, then I could probably use some of the High-class marbles now, right?’


Ian, who took one deep breath, focused all of his mind onto the end of the brush and went to draw the pattern.

Because he only had 16 of the blue Spirit Marbles, different from the white Spirit Marbles, which he had more than 50 of, he was soon able to use all of the marbles and finish production.

Of course, he didn’t fail any of them, and also succeeded in getting a ‘Great success’ once more.

‘This production is a lot more fun than I thought.’

Different from several days ago, as it began to go well, Ian, who was excited, hummed as he checked the performance of the items he made.

The result was huge satisfaction.

“Is this the last now?”

Ian mumbled as he pulled out the green Spirit Marbles, which he could only find 3 of from the dungeon.

‘Great success, let’s go!’

Lifting the brush, Ian’s fingers shook.

Since the greatly successful item made from blue Spirit Marbles was produced into a ‘Unique’-rank, an item made with green Spirit Marbles could be produced into a ‘Heroic’-rank.

It was an incredible tension similar to when the last number of a lottery ticket is checked!

After swallowing dryly once, Ian began to slowly draw out the pattern on top of the white Hanji.

And shortly after…

• Great success! / You have succeeded in producing a Synthetic Incantation Pattern (Name change possible)! – Rank: Heroic

• As you have succeeded in producing an outstanding item in comparison to your Proficiency, your Proficiency in ‘Production’ has drastically increased!

• As you have succeeded in producing a Heroic-rank Incantation Pattern, your ‘Beginner-level Incantation Pattern Production Lv. 1’ Proficiency has drastically increased!

• The level of your Beginner-level Incantation Pattern Production has increased to Lv. 2.

Still holding the brush with his shaking hands, Ian wore a broad smile.

“Euh-ha-hat, a Heroic-rank!”

And shortly after.

A couple lines of system messages additionally popped up.

• As you have continuously perfected the same pattern, the ‘Artisan Mind’ has been invoked.

• You have obtained ‘Spirit Sensitivity’, a special ‘Psychic’-class skill.

• The related pattern has been registered as an ‘Inherent Pattern’. (Pattern Rank: Common)

• You have succeeded in perfecting the ‘Inherent Pattern’. Please set a name for the pattern.

[1] Hanji = Traditional Korean paper handmade from mulberry trees.

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