Taming Master

Chapter 115

Chapter 115: Beginner Diviner (1)

Ian had finally(?) obtained a production class after almost reaching lv 120.

Ian took Ikael’s advice and went looking for Damcheon after safely succeeding in class-changing to the hidden class Psychic, but for now, he momentarily postponed returning to Ikael.

‘I think the quest will proceed even I go back now, but…’

In order to face Orvil, a Fenrir that is apparently even stronger than Shallos, more preparations were needed.

Truthfully, since he had just obtained a production class as of now, his fighting power didn’t increase.

‘If I was to return to Ikael to quickly proceed onwards and a quest time limit was to appear, that would be a pain…’

Ian decided to return to Ikael after he produced the best Familiar items and equipped them onto all of his Familiars.

‘He said that all Familiars can equip a Talisman and an Incantation Pattern each, right?’

Ian opened the new explanation tab that formed after class-changing and thoroughly read through the information related to production.

Ian, who had carefully read the explanation for about ten minutes, opened the skill window.

“Alright, shall we try making it now? Starting with the Talisman first…”

Ian, who was about to use the produce skill, was momentarily taken aback.

‘What the hell? Hanji[1]? Brush? Where am I supposed to find all of this? Is it something they sell at the general merchandise store?’

In order to make a Talisman, he needed a material item called ‘Hanji’.

Ian hurriedly went to the general merchandise store in Ollibus Village and checked the sale catalogue.

And fortunately, he was able to buy the items that he needed.

‘How come I didn’t know that there were such things when it’s not like I’ve only been to the general merchandise store once or twice?’

Items such as ‘Hanji’ or ‘Brush’ appeared in the general merchandise store’s sale catalogue after Ian had class-changed to a Psychic, so the fact that Ian was seeing this for the first time was an obvious.

Anyways, Ian, who had bought all the items that he needed, found a spot in the corner of the village and sat down.

And he used the Produce skill.


• You have used the Produce skill.

• Select the item that you will produce.

• Current items that are able to be produced: Talisman/Incantation Pattern

Ian chose Talisman like his original plan.


As he did so, a system message continued.

• Will you produce a ‘Talisman’ item?

• Items required for production: Hanji(1)/Brush/Ink Stick

Ian seemed to have felt fascination and interest in the production content that he was encountering for the first time, as he was immersed in it in no time.

“I will produce it.”

‘Hmm… If I just stay like this, will it be produced on its own now?’

However, Ian couldn’t help but be flustered in the next moment.

This was because, he thought that if he used the Produce skill, then his hand would move on its own just like before when he used the Spirit Reinforcement skill and would draw a Talisman, but an unexpected message popped up.

• Please draw your desired pattern on top of the Hanji (It must be drawn in one go without the brush being removed).

• Production is possible no matter what kind of pattern is drawn (The artistic grade and sincerity in the drawn pattern will reflect the stats of the Talisman).

Ian despaired.

‘Ah… Can I not refuse this degree of freedom? What exactly am I supposed to draw?’

Ian, who momentarily thought about it, lifted his brush without much thought and began to draw a picture(?) on top of the Hanji.

And the drawing he completed in 5 seconds was the Sauna mark that he saw on the way to school this morning.

As Ian removed his brush, a system message popped up.


• Will the Talisman be completed?

He didn’t really like the design of the pattern, but for now, Ian nodded his head.

‘Since it’s practice, anyways…’

“Yeah. I’m done.”

As Ian’s response ended, a system message continued again.

• Artistic Grade: -10/Sincerity: 1

• Please select three Spirit Marbles that will be used in the Talisman production (The higher the rank of the used Spirit Marbles, the higher the rank of the created Talisman).

‘Hmm… Since all of the Spirit Marbles I have right now are Common-rank, anyways…’

Ian randomly pulled out three marbles from his inventory and lifted them up.

As he did so, the three Spirit Marbles that Ian held in his hand were sucked into the Talisman.


While looking at the three streams of white light that were being absorbed into the Sauna mark that he drew with his own hands, Ian swallowed dryly.


• You have failed in producing a Talisman.

• You must draw with more sincerity.

Along with the message that pupped up, the Spirit Marbles became powder and scattered in the air.


Ian was enraged at Kailan’s system as it didn’t recognize his aesthetic sense.

“No, what, you said to draw with sincerity…”

Like that, Ian’s painful drawing study began.

* * *

“Mallaim! Please take care of that side!”

“Yes, Celia.”

“Cerius and I will support you from the back together.”

A flag with the words ‘Lotus’ written on it.

And below that, Ian’s five retainers led about what looked like a dozen soldiers and were making an effort(?) for the public safety of the Domain.

And the retainer that was leading all of them was Celia, the one that Ian had appointed as his retainer first.

If a user with a ‘Baron’ title appointed a retainer, they needed to nominate at least one and up to a maximum of five retainers as ‘Knights’, and Ian had nominated Celia, whose stats were the most outstanding, for now.

He could have nominated all five of them as Knights, but to give Common-rank or Rare-rank retainers such a title felt wasteful.

Thanks to that, the hierarchy amongst Ian’s retainers was in good control, so the regulation of the police was being well maintained.

Of course, this part wasn’t also part of Ian’s intentions.

The fortunate part was that the other retainers followed Celia, who was the only woman as well as being on the younger side.

The primary reason was because Celia’s stats were overwhelmingly higher in comparison to the other retainers.

And a characteristic of the Summoner-class, it seemed as her Leadership stat was high, she was quite steadfast in purpose.

“Tenpus, what areas now remain that haven’t been suppressed in this vicinity?”

Tenpus was a blonde-haired young man that was a Priest-class.

At Celia’s question, Tenpus slightly bowed his head as he answered.

“If we just suppress Tullan Canyon now then this zone is complete.”

“I see. Has Loreuten returned from patrolling Tullan Canyon earlier?”

Instead of Tenpus, a voice from behind them was heard.

It was Loreuten.

“Yes, I just returned. Celia.”

“How is it? Would we be able to fight in that area with our current fighting power as well?”

At her question, Loreuten nodded his head.

“Yes. It’s not much different from this side.”

“I see. Then let’s move over there right away.”

However, Loreuten opened his mouth towards her as she was about to turn her footsteps.

“Uh, but Celia. There’s something that I have to report.”


“I have discovered a dungeon in Tullan Canyon.”

At those words, Celia’s large eyes shone.

“A dungeon?”

“Yes. You told us that if we discovered a dungeon to not go in and report it first instead…”

Truthfully, that command was not Celia’s command.

It was just a command that Ian had given through Celia.

However, Celia showed the same expression of happiness as Ian would.

‘The Lord will probably be incredibly happy!’

This was because she remembered the expression of a very happy Ian after discovering a hidden dungeon while hunting with him last time.

“Then, today we will just secure the location of the dungeon, and return back. I will give the report to the Lord.”

At Celia’s words, the rest of the retainers simultaneously bowed their heads and responded.

“Your command will be honoured.”

* * *


Ian wiped the sweat that dripped down his forehead and plopped down onto the ground.

Around him, there were a ton of failures that had been created from his hands sprawled around him in disorder.

“Ha… The pain of creating…”

It had been two hours since he had started the Talisman production.

Ian had succeeded in using all hundred of the Spirit Marbles that he made with Damcheon.

“Still, to have succeeded with five sheets, I’m quite pleased.”

He had tried a dozen times and had barely saved five Talisman sheets, but somehow, he was in a good mood.

Ian laid out the Talismans in order.

The logos of famous companies were drawn on two of the Talisman sheets, while on the remaining three sheets, the three letters of Jinsung’s name[2]was written in Chinese characters.

That was the limit of Jinsung’s creativity.

“Do I at least need to go to an art academy…”

In any case, Ian began to check the stats of the successful Talismans one by one.

*Synthetic Talisman (Name change possible)

Classification – Talisman (Charm)

Rank – Common

Equip Limit – Can be equipped onto one ‘Familiar’.

Durability – 55/55

Option – Offensive Power +10% (-3%)

Vitality +3% (-1%)

A Talisman produced by beginner Diviner ‘Ian’.

As it was produced with a bizarre pattern, its full capacity cannot be demonstrated.


Ian, who checked the option, licked his lips.

“Tsk, is the minus part behind that because the artistic grade is low?’

Still, it seemed because the Spirit Marbles used in the production held the spirits of quite high-level monsters, the options were more handsome than he expected.

“It will probably still be better than having nothing…”

Ian evenly divided the Talismans that he produced with his own hands to his Familiars.

Of course, there was backlash.


Kku-ru-ruk- Kkuk-kkuk!

Bbookbbook and Pin didn’t like the designs and momentarily rebelled.

However, there was no way that would get through to Ian.

Ian, who ignored the resistance of the two easily, let out a sigh and mumbled.

“Euh… I need to make Incantation Patterns, too, but I’ve used up all of the Spirit Marbles!”

Ian had no choice but to make preparations to go hunting.

It was an effect that increased the stats by about 5-10%, but still, if it could be equipped onto all of the Familiars, hopefully it would be a little better.

It was Ian’s plan to equip a Talisman and Incantation Pattern each on all of his Familiars.

“Do I need to go catch Ice Trolls again? Or, since I’m producing anyways, should I look for Rare-rank monsters and try producing?”

However, Ian, who finished his hunting preparations and was leaving Ollibus Village, was taken aback after seeing a message window that he was seeing the first of its type of pop up.

This was because a message with the name ‘<Retainer> Celia’ written in green had caught his eyes.

‘Huh? Retainers could also send messages?’

Ian opened the message window in fascination.

• Celia: Lord, apologies for contacting you first so rudely. You weren’t at the Domain Manor.

At the message where her careful tone could be felt, Ian grinned and mumbled.

“No, why is she so courteous?”

And he sent a responding message.

• Ian: Ah, I’m currently outside. If I knew that such a good method existed, there was no need for me to have told you to come all the way to the Domain Manor in order to report. From now on, send the regular reports through message, Celia.

• Celia: Ah, no, Lord! I will personally give you the regular reports!

• Ian: But, what’s going on?

• Celia: Ah… During the police assignment today, we discovered a dungeon in Tullan Canyon. I remembered that you said that if we discovered a dungeon to not go in and report it first.

A broad smile formed on Ian’s face after he saw that message.

Because, as a matter of fact, he was just getting the feeling that the first discoverer’s reward for the dungeon in Forlas Plateau was wasted, so his delight was even bigger.

‘I wasn’t expecting much…’

And he put his brain to work and quickly made a hunting plan.

‘Since it’s ended up like this, I should hunt all the Common-rank monsters and just capture the Rare-rank monsters that are inside the dungeon.’

Even if he captured a monster, an EXP amount equivalent to if he was to hunt it came in.

However, because it would take too long if he tried to just capture all of them, he had no intentions of hunting so inefficiently with the first discoverer’s buff on his back.

Ian quickly sent a response message.

• Ian: Oh, really? Great work, Celia!

• Celia: No. There’s nothing I’ve really done, anyways. Loreuten was the one that found the dungeon.

• Ian: Really? Anyways! I’ll head over there right now.

• Celia: Right now?

• Ian: Yeah, Immediately, right now! Could you give me the coordinates?

• Celia: Yes, here is… Tullan Canyon, East 156, South 879!

Ian, who received the coordinates of the dungeon from Celia, pulled out his return stone without hesitation.

‘Since I’m hunting anyways, it’s better to get twice the dungeon EXP, right?’

Lv 120 was just around the corner.

Because the EXP required to get to lv 120 from lv 119 was enormous compared to before, it took quite a bit of time, but if he received the dungeon first discoverer’s buff and hunted for about two days, he felt it would be possible to level up.

‘I’ll hit lv 120, and complete all of the Talismans and Incantation Patterns as Rare-ranks.’



As Ian used the return stone, a blue light wrapped around Ian’s body, and shortly after, Ian’s body was sucked into the air.

[1] Hanji = Traditional Korean paper handmade from mulberry trees

[2] Each syllable of Jinsung’s name counts a letter in Korean. Park(1) Jin(2) Sung(3).

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