Taming Master

Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Ollibus Seashore Village (3)

“No, what kind of super-grinding like this exists?”

The good mood that Ian had when he started the production class class-changing quest vanished completely.

Only Ian, who was diligently hunting with sunken eyes, remained before he even realized!

No, rather than hunting, it was a situation where never-ending capturing fit the description better.

‘Still, it’s a relief that I don’t have a capturing limit thanks to my head ornament. If it was a normal Summoner, wouldn’t they have had to go back and forth from the village whenever their Leadership was full?’

The first content of the class-changing quest was a task to gather 100 white spirit marbles.

These white spirit marbles could be gained by capturing Common-rank monsters and taking them to Damcheon for him to make them into spirit marbles, but no matter how bromidic of a Common-rank monster it was, Ian’s back was breaking trying to catch 100 of them.

On top of that, as he said that the higher the level of the captured monster was the better, characteristically of Ian, he didn’t want to capture low-level monsters.

That’s why the monsters that Ian was in the middle of capturing were the northern monsters in their early-lv 120s that inhabited the area around Ollibus Village!

Since he was capturing high-level monsters that weren’t even easy to just simply hunt, this indeed couldn’t be anything other than incredible grinding.


• You have succeeded in capturing the ‘Ice Troll’.

While looking at the Ice Troll that was sucked into his hand, Ian wiped the beads of sweat on his forehead.

“Whew… Is everything approximately done now…?”

Ian opened the list of Familiars and counted the captured monsters one by one.

After doing so, he shook his head as he let out a deep sigh.

This was because this task was so difficult that even Ian, who was confident in grinding, didn’t want to do this ever again.

‘It’s not like you could just catch any monster for this, but I bought his words and now I’m suffering, right…?’

Ian set back the unknown nervousness that swept over him and turned back.

“Alright, shall we go back now?”

Ian used a return stone and returned Ollibus Village.

Still, having finished grinding, he felt satisfied.

‘That’s right, it’s because of this rewarding feeling that grinding is fun.’

After Ian comforted his weary mind and body through self-justification, he went looking for Damcheon.

And after discovering Ian, who had returned, Damcheon asked with a quizzical expression.

“No, why did it take you so long?”

At the unexpected reaction, Ian wore a flustered expression.


‘No, how is he expecting me to do it faster than this? If it took me two days to catch 100, then that’s fast!’

However, that was Ian’s misunderstanding.

Because Damcheon didn’t know that Ian had an artifact that got rid of the capturing restriction, he had thought that he had returned after catching about 5-6 at most.

However, no matter how long he waited, he didn’t return, so he thought that was weird.

“How many have you captured?”

“What do you mean how many, obviously I’ve captured 100.”


Ian firstly Summon Released Ly and Bbookbbook, as well as Pin, who were all summoned, and sent them off to Subspace.

And he began to pull out the monsters of the northern area that he just caught in order.

• You have summoned Familiar ‘Ice Troll’.

• You have summoned Familiar ‘Yeti’.

• You cannot summon anymore Familiars as you lack Leadership.

As he pulled out about 20 of them, a message saying that he lacked Leadership popped up, and Damcheon nodded his head as he spoke.

“Your Leadership is incredibly high. To be able to capture 20 monsters that are over lv 120… No wonder it took you this much time.”

Damcheon, who finished speaking, absorbed the spirits of the monsters that Ian pulled out one by one and began to turn them into white spirit marbles.

And whenever Damcheon removed one, Ian continuously summoned one.


As a new Familiar continued to be summoned from Ian’s hand, Damcheon, who had become wide-eyed, looked as if he was expecting some sort of explanation, but as Ian couldn’t be bothered, he glossed over it roughly.

“I have an artifact, so I have no capturing restriction.”

“I, I see.”

As about 30 minutes passed, all of the monsters that Ian had captured had turned into spirit marbles and were collected in Damcheon’s basket.

As the task was finished, Damcheon wore a pleased expression.

“Excellent. They are incredibly good quality spirits. If this is the case, you will be able to make quite a good talisman.”

Along with Damcheon’s words, a system message popped up in front of Ian’s eyes.


• You have completed the ‘Gather White Spirit Marbles’ quest.

• You have obtained the ‘Spirit Seal’ skill.

*Spirit Seal

Classification – Active Skill

Skill Level – Lv. 0

Proficiency – 0%

Mana Consumption – None

The spirit of a captured Familiar is sealed and turned into a ‘Spirit Marble’.

Depending on the rank of the Familiar that will turn into the material, the colour of the Spirit Marble will be decided, and depending on its abilities, the amount of magic that is inside the marble is decided.

* A Familiar that has been turned into a marble cannot be restored.

* Spirit Marbles are the basic material for all Diviner’s production skill.

* Using the ‘Spirit Reinforcement’ skill, the marble can be reinforced into a higher rank.

Ian, who read through all of the skill information, wore a confused expression.

‘Then, if I seal a Rare-rank or Unique-rank monster, then will a green or blue marble come out? Also, what the hell is the Spirit Reinforcement skill. He’ll probably let me know now, right?’

And sure enough.

As if he had read Ian’s thoughts, Damcheon’s words continued.

“Alright, since you have learned how to Spirit Seal now, I will teach you about Spirit Reinforcement.”


Damcheon’s words continued.

“Watch my hand well. Since I won’t be showing you a second time.”

Once he finished speaking, his hand began to move slowly.

A pale, white light shone at his fingertips.

Ian’s gaze followed Damcheon’s fingertips on either hand and moved accordingly.

‘What is he doing?’

The ray of light that remained after Damcheon’s hand moved drew out a complicated pattern and embroidered the air.

And once the pattern was completed, Spirit Marbles were lodged into the five corners of the pattern as if it was going to be sucked in.

‘There’s no way that I need to draw this out myself right now and do this, right?’

Ever since he was young, Ian had no ties with dexterity.

During art time in high school, whenever he drew, he produced a bizarre creature whose form was unknown, so there was no way that he would be able to draw out such a complicated pattern like this exactly.

While he was dripping in a cold sweat, Damcheon approached him after completing the Spirit Reinforcement before he realized it.

“What do you think. Will you give it a try? Of course, it won’t be easy, though.”

Ian swallowed dryly before he realized it.

‘No, how exactly is he expecting me to re-enact such a complicated thing? I seriously don’t remember a thing…’

While Ian was so flustered as he had no idea what to do and was hesitating. Suddenly, a white light began to shine from his fingertips.

‘Uh… Uh?’

And just like the situation when he received his noble title in front of the king, wasn’t his body moving on its own?!

His hand was re-enacting the exact pattern that Damcheon had just shown him a moment ago.

Only then Ian was able to let out a sigh of relief for the first time.

‘Whew… What a relief. I was about to give up on the quest halfway through.’

Either way, the hand of Ian, who received the help of the system, completed the pattern splendidly, and Damcheon, who was watching that, clapped with a surprised expression.

“Hu-hu… What a surprise, to have completed this right away! It’s truly surprising!”

And a system message popped up in front of Ian’s eyes.


• You have completed the ‘Draw Reinforcement Pattern’ quest.

Ian, who saw the message, mumbled inwardly.

‘I didn’t even do anything this time… Well, still, what’s good is good.’

And a message that alerted him that he learned a skill appeared.

• You have obtained the ‘Spirit Reinforcement’ skill.

*Spirit Reinforcement

Classification – Active Skill

Skill Level – Lv. 0

Proficiency – 0%

Mana Consumption – None

At least two, and a maximum of five Spirit Marbles are combined to reinforce them into a higher-stage Spirit Marble.

The higher the Proficiency, the chance of failing to reinforce is reduced, and the chance for a Spirit Marble with an even higher rank and one with Spirit Magic to appear is increased.

*If reinforcement is failed, all Spirit Marbles that were used will disappear.

And the successfully reinforced Spirit Marble that was made from Ian’s hand just now lied all alone.

Ian stared at it in wonder.

‘Oh… It was a white marble, but after reinforcing it, it changed to a blue marble.’

He had succeeded in raising its rank.

Towards Ian, who stared at the marble here and there in wonder, Damcheon opened his mouth with a satisfied voice.

“Good work, Ian. You were a much more outstanding Summoner than what I expected.”

On the other hand, Ian was thinking it was a relief as the class-changing quest finished much easier than what he was expecting.

‘Of course, the capturing-grind was definitely not easy, though…’

“Thank you, Damcheon. Thanks to you, I feel like I’ve obtained a magnificent ability.”

“Because you think that way, I’m even more thankful.”

“Now what do I need to do next?”

At Ian’s form overflowing with will, Damcheon grinned as he replied.

“If it’s like this, you have fulfilled all basics in order to become a Psychic. Congratulations, Ian. You have received the right to become a Psychic.”

And system messages began to unfold in front of Ian’s eyes.

• You have succeeded in being the first to class-change into the production class ‘Diviner (Psychic)’.

• A new ability, ‘Dexterity’, has been created.

• A new ability, ‘Luck’, has been created.

• Skill window ‘Beginner-level Talisman Production Lv. 1 (Proficiency 0%)’ has been created.

• Skill window ‘Beginner-level Incantation Pattern Production Lv. 1 (Proficiency 0%)’ has been created.

• You have learned basic active skill ‘Produce’.

• As you have discovered hidden class ‘Psychic’, abilities ‘Dexterity’ and ‘Luck’ have increased by 30 each.

As he read down the system messages, Ian had his fill of happiness.

‘Kya, I don’t really know what it is yet… But seeing something being created is putting me in a good mood.’

However, this wasn’t the end.

• From now on, a Class Guild that allows class-changing into ‘Diviner’ will be created in Luspel Empire and Kaimon Empire.

• All Summoners of Colonar Continent are praising you.

• You have obtained 100,000 Fame.

• From now on, whenever you hunt a monster, Familiar-exclusive items ‘Talismans’ and ‘Incantation Patterns’ will drop.


Having completely forgotten the fact that Damcheon was in front of him, Ian let out an exclamation.

It was something he felt whenever a first discoverer message and the reward popped up, but as he felt that he was going down in Kailan’s history, he felt incredibly good.

Towards Ian, who was checking his newly formed skill window and abilities related to the class with a happy expression, Damcheon opened his mouth.

“In order to become an outstanding Psychic, a lot of trials and errors as well as effort is required. You can make Talismans and Incantation Patterns of even higher ranks the better your abilities are, so be patient and devote yourself.”

To Ian, his lengthy words was heard compressed into one word.

‘So, isn’t he telling me to grind diligently?’

Ian nodded his head with an expression overflowing with confidence.

“When it comes to grinding, no, effort and patience, I am confident. Don’t worry.”

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