Taming Master

Chapter 113

Chapter 113: Ollibus Seashore Village (2)

“So, you’re telling me… that you are the older twin brother of Gripper?”

“That’s right, hul-hul. Why would I lie to you?”

However, Ian couldn’t believe it.

‘No, Gripper looks like he’s around his 50s at most, but this grandpa is basically a mountain wizard. How is this possible?’

To call them twins, the age difference in the two people’s physical appearances looked too severe.

If Gripper had the image of a good-looking middle-aged man, Ikael’s appearance, with grey hair and a white beard that reached his waist, had a similar feeling to a mountain god that would definitely appear in a fairy tale.

Ian wore a bitter expression.

“Compared to Gripper… you are much more elderly.”

At Ian’s words, Ikael roared with laughter as he responded.

“Is that guy not the Dimensional Enchanter? Since he can completely control time as he wishes, he was less affected by time.”


Finally, Ian understood.

‘No wonder… There was some sort of reason.’

Ian and Ikael began to talk about this and that.

And in that process, Ian’s friendship with Gripper was an incredibly big help to him.

‘Thanks to Gripper, it’s incredibly easy to raise my Affinity with Ikael. It’s an unexpected profit.’

The two people’s conversation continued.

“Because I also have the strength to change fate, I am able to live a much longer life compared to others. However, I wasn’t able to prevent myself from aging.”

“I see. But is it not an amazing ability that many people truly desire? The power to change fate, I mean.”

At Ian’s flattery, Ikael grinned.

“That may be so. However, since I have received a heavy mission suitable for such power, it’s not only a good thing.”

Ikael wore a bitter smile as he opened his mouth again.

“Speaking of which, what was the reason you came looking for me?”

At his question, Ian quickly explained the situation where he met Bloody Fenrir Shallos, and the favour he received from him.

As the short explanation ended, Ikael nodded his head and organized everything.

“So, Shallos has been freed.”

“That’s right.”

“And he told you that I would know about Orvil’s whereabouts?”



As if he was thinking about something, he was momentarily silent, but soon opened his mouth again.

“Firstly, I should thank you.”


“I meant for freeing Shallos. He was a saviour of this village, and has been an appreciative friend of mine for a long time.”

As Ikael slightly bowed his head, Ian also equally dipped his head on impulse.

“And as for Orvil’s liberation… Definitely, if it is you, who has won against Shallos that has been blinded by madness, then it’s possible that you could put Orvil to rest as well.”

And Ikael began to release the story related to Shallos and Orvil.

As words related to the quest began to come out, Ian concentrated even more as he listened to his words.

“Truthfully, Shallos and Orvil are heroes that have saved this village from Sorcerers of Darkness a long time ago.”

The story was quite long.

About 100 years ago from now.

There was a time when a questionable ghost ship had docked at Ollibus Village.

On the ghost ship, over a dozen Necromancers and Sorcerers of Darkness were boarded, and they began to destroy the village.

Ikael, who had failed to protect the village with just his own strength, requested the help of the two Guardians of Forlas Plateau, Shallos and Orvil, and the two, who maintained a friendly relationship with Ollibus Village, willingly helped Ikael and protected the village.

However, before the head of the Sorcerers of Darkness died, in pledge of their life, they placed a curse to restrict the spirits of the two Fenrir, and the two were blinded by madness.

As Shallos and Orvil’s consciousness weren’t controlled, they shut themselves up deep inside of Forlas Plateau themselves.

This was because if they didn’t do that, they wouldn’t be able to control their murderous intent.

And time had passed by like that up until now.

“Orvil is stronger than Shallos. If you are not confident in beating him, I cannot tell you where he is.”

Ian let out a low groan.


The reason was because Shallos was also outrageously strong, but since Orvil was supposed to be stronger than him, he was worried.

‘Alright. Well, since I wasn’t expecting an S-rank quest to be easy to clear.’

Ikael wore an incredibly worried expression as he continued talking.

“In the case that Orvil’s seal was released, and you are unable to defeat him and he is released into the world while engulfed with madness, then starting from Ollibus Village, it will most likely become devastated.”

“I see.”

“I definitely know the place where he is confined, but because of those reasons, I cannot readily tell you his location.”

This was because, to Ikael, the liberation of his appreciative friend Orvil was important, but the safety of the people of the village was even more important.

Ian asked.

“If that’s the case, then what must I do in order for you to be able to believe me? No, will I definitely be able to suppress Orvil?”


Ikael closed his eyes and was submerged in his thoughts for a moment.

“Firstly, since I know that you are strong enough to win against Shallos, if there was just something that could make you a little stronger, I’ll be able to relax…”

And suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something, as he abruptly stood up from his spot.

“Ah, you said you were a Summoner, right?”

“Yes, so?”

“Just recently, an elder skilled in Summoning from the eastern continent crossed the sea with a trading ship and came here.”


Once hearing those words, Ian’s head started to rotate quickly.

‘The eastern continent? A trading ship? By any chance, is it related to the new update that they are apparently doing next month?’

Anticipation filled Ian’s expression.

This was because he felt that he could gain some sort of special skill or opportunity for Summoners that hasn’t been released yet.

“If you go find that person and learn a little bit of that mysterious ability, then I think I’ll be able to believe in you and tell you the place where Orvil is sealed.”

Ikael stroked his long beard once and stared at Ian.

“What do you think? That person is most likely entrusting himself at the chief’s place. Will you try to go and see him?”

Of course, without an inch of hesitation, Ian nodded his head.

On top of intending to do the quest no matter what anyways, there was a chance that he would be able to obtain a new Summoner skill, so it was an obvious choice.

“Yes. I will try and go see him.”

At his response, Ikael also wore a satisfied expression.

“Good, good. Thank you. That person’s name is ‘Damcheon’. Go to him and tell him that I’ve sent you, and if you tell him the whole story, he will probably help you.”

* * *

Because the house of Ollibus Village’s chief was located right in the heart of the village, he was able to find it without much difficulty.

And inside of the chief’s house, there were quite a lot of NPCs, but Ian was able to immediately figure out at a glance who the Damcheon that Ikael was talking about was.

‘He did say he crossed over here from the eastern continent, and he’s wearing something like a modernized hanbok[1].’

It seemed that the eastern continent in the world of Kailan made the actual East their motif.

On top of that, it seemed as LB Sports, the developers of Kailan, was a Korean company, he was an NPC that dressed strongly exuding a Korean vibe.

For some reason, Ian felt some sort of kinship(?) and approached him.

“Are you… Damcheon?”

Sitting by the window and fanning himself while he stared outside the window, he slowly turned his head at Ian’s calling.

“That’s right. Who are you?”

Ian slightly bowed his head and continued speaking.

“Ah, I am a Summoner named ‘Ian’.”

At the word Summoner, it seemed that perked Damcheon’s interest, as he changed into a more assertive posture.

“I see, so you are a Summoner. But what business do you have to see me for?”

Ian began to explain the whole story to him.

‘Euh, since I have to say the same words multiple times, it’s a little bothersome.’

However, because it was a quest where he could possibly gain a clue related to Ly’s evolution, and he could also gain an ability that hasn’t been revealed to Summoners, so he told the story with sincerity.

And fortunately, Damcheon listened to Ian’s story with incredible interest.

“They are truly pitiful souls. To have received that much pain for over 100 years, I mean.”

“That’s why I need your help, Damcheon.”

Ian, who spoke, focused even more on his words now as he thought that a story related to the quest would come out.

However, different from his expectations, as soon as he heard his next words, he couldn’t help but become a little dejected.

“Hm, if that’s the case, could you tell me about the abilities of this continent’s Summoners? I need to know the abilities you have in order to figure out what part I can be of help to you.”

‘Ah, what the hell, I have to explain again?’

Ian was a little annoyed, but because it was a quest worth the labour, he nodded his head without unnecessary remark.

On top of that, there was some truth to his words.

“Of, of course. That much, well…”

Ian began to briefly explain the abilities that he had.

However, different from what he first thought, quite a lot of time had passed by from talking about this and that.

‘Aho, how tiring. It would have been better if he made me fight instead.’

Still, fortunately, Damcheon was incredibly satisfied with Ian’s explanation.

Damcheon, who heard all of his explanation, slowly opened his mouth.

“I can definitely be of help to you.”

As he heard the positive response, Ian’s expression immediately brightened.

“Oh, is that so?”

Damcheon nodded his head.

“That’s right.”

And he added on.

“Truthfully, amongst the fighting abilities I have, there’s nothing that would be of big help to you.”

Ian, who had heard up to this point, felt the spirit of disappointment fall.

However, after hearing the next words of his, he was able to grab a string of hope.

“However, I have an ability that will truly be of big help to you in a different part.”


Ian was going to ask about that ability, but suddenly, a large system window popped up.


*Pass down the ability of Summoner ‘Damcheon’-

*Production Class (Hidden) Class-changing Quest.

Damcheon, a Summoner that came from the eastern continent, has a special ability.

The special ability that he has is exactly the ability to produce ‘Talismans’ and ‘Incantation Patterns’.

If you are to learn the ability from him, you will be able to produce Talismans and Incantation Patterns.

Also, Talismans and Incantation Patterns will sharply increase the abilities of your Familiars.

Once you receive acknowledgement on your qualification, then you will class-change to ‘Diviner (Psychic)’.

Quest Difficulty Level – Unknown

Reward – Class-change to Diviner (Psychic)

Will you accept this quest?


Ian let out an exclamation with his voice before he could even realize it.

This was because he was that surprised.

He had obtained a class-changing quest for his production class in a truly unexpected location at such an unexpected time. And even to a hidden class.

Ian grinned broadly.

“If you will just teach me, I will learn diligently.”

And a message popped up.

• You have accepted the Production Class Class-changing Quest.

Damcheon nodded his head as he opened his mouth.

“Alright. Of course, it’s not going to be an easy path, but if it’s a Summoner as outstanding as yourself, I think you will definitely be able to learn.”

[1] hanbok = Traditional Korean clothing

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