Taming Master

Chapter 112

Chapter 112: Ollibus Seashore Village (1)

Ian, who checked the system message, mumbled while wearing a disappointed expression.

“Euh, as expected, there was no way I would be able to take this so easily.”

Harin approached him while he grumbled.

“Jinsung, what are you doing instead of going in?”

At her question, Ian shook his head as he responded.

“Ah, it’s nothing. I was just thinking about something for a bit.”

Ian moved with Harin, and he first compared the military power of the Lotus Domain and Ollibus Village.

He couldn’t take it for free, but he wanted to occupy this bonanza-like village no matter what.

Before any of the other giant guilds discovered it.

‘Hmm… There’s not much of a difference between the military power. It seems because the rank of the village is low, the levels of the soldiers are much lower in comparison to their numbers.’

The fighting power of the soldiers and fighting-type NPCS of the Domain were all digitized and added up to mark the Domain’s military power.

Ollibus Village had over two times more the number of soldiers than the Lotus Domain, but as the soldiers’ levels and rank weren’t high, their fighting power was similar.

‘The military power requirement is a value that we can satisfy in a few days if we put our mind to it…’

Lastly, Ian’s gaze turned towards the message that was written as ‘Requirement 3’.

‘So, ‘Your friendship with the relevant village must be over 70%’, huh…’

There were several ways to raise friendship.

On a Domain level, you could try to trade with them or support them, or you could do the quests of the NPCs in the village.

‘Firstly, I should think about this after I figure out the quest I received now. Since our friendship will go up a little from this quest as well.’

Currently, his friendship with Ollibus Village was a little over 20%.

Because he had never worked on raising his friendship with a village before, he didn’t even have an assumption as to how long it will take.

‘I should find the most effective method after trying this and that.’

While Ian organized his tangled thoughts, the two people arrived at the general merchandise store of Ollibus Village.

“Jinsung, I’ll be organizing a bit of my random items!”

“Okay! Got it.”

Jinsung opened his inventory.

‘Then, while Harin is organizing her items, shall we check the items that I gained earlier?’

Ian first checked the Heroic-rank item with the name ‘Bloody Fenrir’s Necklace’.

‘Ooh, this necklace is perfect for an Assassin. I could probably sell it for quite a high price.’

Ian, who wore a satisfied smile at the options of the magnificent item, checked the information of the item called ‘Bloody Hole’ that he received from ‘Shallos’ this time.

*Bloody Hole

Category – Charm

Rank – Heroic

Equip Limit – Can be equipped onto one ‘Familiar’.

Durability – 55/55

Option – All Combat Stats +35%

Cooldown times of all Inherent Abilities -15%

*If equipped onto a ‘Wolf’ species, their Offensive Power will increase an additional 15%.

*If equipped onto a ‘Wolf’ species, their movements will speed up by 30%.

*This is an item belonging to user ‘Ian’.

This item cannot be transferred to another user or be sold, and even if the character dies, it does not drop.

(Transferrable only once for the first time.)

This is a charm that Bloody Fenrir Shallos had made by taking a part of his soul.

It retains an extremely powerful ability.

Ian, who checked the information of the item, was incredibly surprised.

This was because this was a type of item that he had never once seen before.

‘Are you seriously telling me it’s a Familiar-exclusive item?’

If he was curious, he just needed to confirm it right now.

Ian immediately summoned Ly.

“Ly, Summon!”

This was because, after reading the item’s options, it was indubitably an item for Ly.

Grr- Grrr-!

It seemed while he was Summon Released, Ly felt quite stifled, as he approached Ian and growled happily as he rubbed his head against him.

‘But how do you equip this?’

Firstly, Ian pulled out Bloody Hole for his inventory and lifted it up.

And as if he was using a normal item, he first tried to use it.

As he did so, a message popped up.


• Please select the Familiar that you wish to equip ‘Bloody Hole’ with.

Ian, who saw that system message, nodded his head at last.

‘Ah, I just need to do it like this.’

After Ian placed his hand on top of Ly’s head, he used the item again.

As he did so, a system message popped up again.

• Item ‘Bloody Hole’ will be equipped onto Familiar ‘Ly’. (To Equip Release, you just need to recall the command ‘Equip Release’ after selecting the Familiar.)

And the Bloody Hole that was held in Ian’s hand turned into a bright-red light and floated into the air before it was sucked into Ly’s forehead.

“Oh-ho. It’s equipped with this kind of method.”

The Bloody Hole was originally an item that had a small, marble-like form, but as it was sucked into Ly’s forehead, it was engraved onto his forehead like a tattoo with an interesting design.

Ian opened Ly’s information window.

And after checking the changed stats of Ly, Ian wore a pleased expression.

‘This is really good! But is there no other way to find Familiar-exclusive items? If I go to the auction house, will it be up there?’

While Ian was thinking of this and that, Harin approached him.

It seemed she had disposed of items at the general merchandise store and finished organizing, as she wore a much lighter expression.

“Jinsung. I have to go now, so I’ll be heading out first.”

At her words, Jinsung nodded his head.

“Thanks for your hard work today, Harin.”

Harin smiled brightly as she responded.

“Pfft, what do you mean hard work? You’re the one that seriously suffered.”

And shortly after.

Jinsung, who sent off Harin, stood up from his spot.

There was a lot of work that had to be done, but firstly, he planned on finding the NPC named ‘Ikael’, whom Shallos talked about.

“If Harin didn’t leave, I would have felt a little bad about proceeding through the quest alone, but it worked out well.”

Harin was there with him when he took the quest from Shallos, but because Harin’s level was too low, she couldn’t receive the quest, so it was something he was just saying.

Ian returned to the entrance of the village, and starting from the NPCs he saw first, he spoke to them one by one and began to collect information.

“Over there, handsome mister!”

“Hu-hu, you’re a youngster I haven’t seen before, but you have an sharp eye for people. What’s wrong?”

“By any chance, do you know a person named ‘Ikael’?”

“Ikael? Ikael, huh… I’m not sure. It does seem like a name that I’ve heard somewhere, but I don’t really know.”

Ian was a ranking aristocrat with a baron title, but it seemed because they were NPCs of a village that didn’t have an affiliated nation, they weren’t able to see that Ian was an aristocrat.

Because of that, it was instead easier to gather information without constraint.

‘Hmm… He is in this village, though, right?’

He went around for some time now, but as the information he wanted didn’t appear, Ian slowly began to get irritated.

‘Ah, seriously, he should have told me the exact location. I had no idea that the village was this big!’

Had he wandered around for about 40 minutes like that?

Ian eventually obtained information about Ikael from an elder that was in the corner of the village.

“Ikael? If it’s that person, then he lives in a small cabin in the west of the village.”

Ian’s expression immediately brightened.

“There seemed to be several cabins in the west of the village, so by any chance, could you tell me which house it is?”

“That’s nothing difficult. The cabin that Ikael lives in is the northernmost house.”

“Ah, thank you!”

Following the information he received from the elder, Ian headed towards the west of the village.

‘It looks like it’s that house.’

Ian, who found the cabin without difficulty, carefully opened the house and entered.


“Anyone here?”

As he opened the door and entered, the backside of a grey-haired elder caught Ian’s eyes.

He sat at his desk and was diligently doing something.

‘What’s this? Did he not hear me?’

Ian called the elder once again.

“Excuse me, by any chance, are you Ikael?”

He seemed to have only then heard Ian’s voice, as the elder slowly turned around.

“Keu-heum, it looks like a visitor has come in.”

And Ian, who met eyes with the elder, couldn’t help but be taken aback for a moment.

‘What the hell? He looks exactly the same as Gripper!’

* * *

“So… In other words, it could be considered a Dungeon Attack King Event?”

At Fiolan’s words, Herz nodded his head.

“That’s right. You know the attack bulletin board in the official community, right?”

“Yes. Of course, I know.”

“In the low-rank group of the attack bulletin board, they said that they were going to make a new bulletin board that was event-exclusive. On there, once they put up the attack posting, they’re going to evaluate after a week and based on the order that was most recommended, they’re going to give prizes.”

“What is the prize?”

“You’re probably going to be surprised once I tell you.”


Herz took a breath before he opened his mouth.

“You know the newly released capsule model from LB Sports, right?”

“That of course I know of. Lately, whenever I turn on the TV, its ad always comes up.”

After responding, Fiolan’s two eyes rounded.

“Ah… So, by any chance, is the prize…?”

Herz laughed as he nodded his head.

“That by any chance is right. This event’s prize is exactly that new capsule model. They’re going to select up to 10th place and give it apparently.”

According to the comments of the early adapters, the new capsule model truly allowed for a new-worldly experience.

Despite the price being close to 30 million Won[1], there was no word that it was a waste, and at the word that the capsule of all Kailan users’ dreams was going to be a handed out as a prize, both of Fiolan’s eyes shone.

“Keu… I really wanted that.”

“I did as well.”

“But you said that this is an event that you need to participate with your Guild name, not individually. There’s no way that they’re going to give all the members of the guild a capsule…”

Herz nodded his head as he added his explanation.

“That’s right. Of course, there’s no way that they would do that. For the 1stplace guild, they’ll get 3 new capsule models, and for all guild members, they’ll be giving out ‘Mystery Item Boxes’. And for the guilds that have ranked, they will automatically get publicized.”

“Wow, 3? And by the Mystery Boxes, do you mean the ones from the last event, where some user pulled out a Legendary item?”

“That’s right. It’s exactly that!”

However, Fiolan, who was elated, immediately wore a tearful expression.

This was because, if such a generous prize was on the line, she felt that everybody would run in and participate in the event.

“But I’m not sure if I’ll be able to write an attack or something of the sort well. Are you confident, Herz?”

As expected, Herz shook his head.

“I’m also quite distant with that kind of meticulousness and scrupulousness…”

“Then what should we do?”

At Fiolan’s question, Herz grinned as he opened his mouth.

“We have the Lord.”

And once she remembered Ian, Fiolan’s expression immediately brightened.

“Ah, definitely, if it is Ian…!”

“You saw last time, right?”


“The notebook where he had written and organized all of the internal building’s cooldown times, saying that he’s taking care of internal affairs.”

“Ah… That!”

The two people remembered seeing Ian’s notebooks full of his notes not coincidentally and being shocked.

Starting from the time that it took for soldiers that went into training to turn out to the time it took to complete construction for each building, Ian’s note was jam-packed with writing.

It was a note that was filled with a level of obsession that could only be thought of a job that no human should be doing.

Herz’s words continued.

“What do you think, Fiolan? We also have a chance of winning, no?”

Fiolan energetically nodded her head.

“Of course!”

And with a highly enthusiastic voice, she added on.

“This time, when Ian returns, we decided to challenge for a S-clear rank in Forlan Dungeon. I think we should be able to experiment then and write it.”

“Good. Nice.”

Herz and Fiolan firmly shook hands.

“One of the three capsules will definitely be Ian’s, while the remaining two can be returned to the Guild Master and the Sub-Guild Master, right?”

At Herz’s quiet question, Fiolan nodded her head as she agreed.


“Huhu, now we just need to convince Ian well.”

As if she had already accepted 1st place as a fact, Fiolan wore a happy expression.

“Keu! The new capsule model, even just thinking about it makes my heart flutter.”

And Herz added on.

“But that, will it really show icons and stuff inside?”

[1] 30 million Won = ~$ 26742.90 USD

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