Taming Master

Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Liberated Fenrir (3)

• Where is this…?


• And who are you? This is quite confusing.

The Fenrir that was killed because of Ian.

Its ghost had risen and began to speak to Ian.

Beside him, Harin also stared at that form with amazement.

“Wow, the wolf is talking.”

At Harin’s words, the Fenrir flew into a rage.

• I am Shallos, the leader that protects the kin of blood. Don’t compare me to a lowly life form.

At the Fenrir’s spirit, Harin flinched.

“Al, alright. Well…”

And Ian, who was watching the two people’s conversation, introduced himself with a bitter expression.

“I’m Ian.”

• Ian? Ian, you say…

Before Ian was even done speaking, the Fenrir, who introduced himself as ‘Shallos’, opened his mouth again.

• So, you are a Summoner.

At his words, Ian nodded his head.

“That’s right, I’m a Summoner.”

Shallos, who took a moment to scan the area, glanced once at his collapsed corpse and turned his head towards Ian again.

Ian slightly tensed up.

Since in any case, he was the one that killed him.

However, different from Ian’s expectation, the Fenrir said something unexpected.

• Hmm, firstly, I want to say thank you.


• I’m expressing my gratitude for saving me as I was snared by the chains of madness.

Shallos’ words to Ian, who wore a dubious expression as he had no idea on how to respond, continued.

• My strength was apparently sealed, but still, to have beaten me… I will express my respect to your strength.

At the words that his strength was sealed, Ian shook his head.

‘No, if those were his sealed stats, exactly how strong is he normally?’

Ian, whose mind was on something else on the inside, nodded his head for now as he responded to his words.

“Thanks wo- no, Shallos.”

Shallos’ gaze turned to the Familiars that were standing behind Ian like posts.

And after scanning them once, he continued speaking again.

• However, it’s disappointing.

Ian reflexively asked back.

“What is?”

• If there was a kin of ours amongst your Familiars, I would have been able to be of big help to you.

“What kind of help?”

• It’s different depending on the qualifications of the kin, but I have the ability to strengthen a child of our kin.

Once he heard those words, there was something that flashed through for an instant.

‘By any chance, could it be possible I gain a clue to evolve Ly through this dude?’

Truthfully, this was a speculation that was closer to assurance than a guess.

Ian opened his mouth urgently.

“My Familiar ‘Ly’ will probably be one of your kin. Blood-Red Maned Wolf, right?”

At Ian’s words, Shallos’ two eyes slightly rounded.

• Hmm? From amongst the Maned Wolves, if it’s a relative of blood, then it is my descendant. However, I don’t see one amongst your Familiars…

Currently, as Ly suffered from Shallos, who was held captive by madness, it was a situation where he was withdrawn to a different space.

Ian spoke.

“Ly’s currently in a Summon Release state. If you just wait about 20 more minutes, I can call him back.”

Shallos nodded his head as if he finally understood.

• I see, that’s why I didn’t see him. As a matter of fact, I felt the presence of a relative of blood, but because I couldn’t see him, I was just wondering.

“That’s right, just wait a little bit longer. I’ll summon him again soon.”

However, different from Ian’s expectations, he shook his head as he continued speaking.

• However, it’s disappointing.

Ian’s two eyes slightly narrowed.

“What is it now? I told you, I can call back Ly in 20 minutes.”

• That’s because I’ll disappear before then. Before I go to the spirit world, the time I can spend here as a substance will not go over 10 minutes. I only have 9 minutes left.

As soon as he heard those words, Ian wore a dumbfounded expression.


At this miserable situation, Ian barely held back the swear words that almost left his mouth.

‘This, damn it! Why exactly did they make this game like this?’

While looking at Ly, who had no intentions of evolving no matter how diligently he leveled him up, Ian was thinking that he needed to fulfill some sort of requirement.

However, as he couldn’t even make use of the situation despite having found the clue in such an unexpected place like this, it was indeed grievous work.

While looking at Ian, who let out an incredibly deep sigh from his depression, Shallos added on.

• Anyways, since my spirit has been freed from confinement thanks to you, I should give you a reasonable pay.

As he finished speaking, a system message alerting Ian that he obtained a message popped up.

• You have obtained the item ‘Bloody Hole’.

Based on the name that was written in purple, it was a definite that it was a Heroic-rank item.

However, there was no way that Ian’s mood would brighten from just that.

‘Ha, how am I going to evolve Ly now…’

In order to express his gratitude at the reward no matter what kind of mood he was in, Ian slightly dipped his head.

This was an action that had become naturally embedded in Ian’s body after playing Kailan up until now in order to get along in this world.

“Thanks, I’ll use it well.”

• It’s an item that is also the symbol of the kin of blood. I ask that you treat it with care.

He hadn’t checked what kind of item it was yet, but Ian nodded his head.

“Sure, I will do so.”

Ian, who thought that he finished all of his business now, moved his feet towards the opposite passageway.

However, just then, Shallos’ mouth opened again.

• Ah, by any chance, are you going to pass through this passageway and exit out the other side, Ian?


Because he had no idea from the beginning that the passageway even connected to somewhere else, there was no way he would have had such intentions, but Ian nodded his head.

“That’s right. We’re going to go out now through this opposite side.”

As he planned on checking the end of the dungeon anyways, he wasn’t exactly saying a lie.

• As expected, I see. If that’s the case, do you think you could do me a favour?

A NPC’s request would be a quest.

Ian’s eyes slightly shone.

‘If I could gain a clue related to Ly’s evolution through even this quest, that would be nice…’

“What kind of que- no, favour?”

At Ian’s question, Shallos’ words immediately continued.

• I have a brother whose spirit has also been restricted.

And a quest window popped up.


*Bloody Fenrir ‘Shallos’ request

Bloody Fenrir Shallos, the protector of the kin of blood, has been freed from the restraints on his spirit through your help.

He is incredibly grateful towards you.

However, his brother has not been able to be freed from the restraints on his spirit and is suffering.

With the information received from Shallos as the foundation, let’s liberate the restraints of the spirit of ‘Orvil’, Shallos’ brother as well as a Dark Fenrir, a kin of the night.

Quest Difficulty Level: S

Quest Condition: User that has liberated the spirit of Bloody Fenrir ‘Shallos’

Time Limit: None

Reward – Unknown

Ian’s two eyes rounded as soon as the quest window opened.

‘S-rank? This is an S-rank…?’

At the difficulty level that he was seeing for the first time while playing Kailan, Ian was momentarily engulfed by confliction.

‘If it’s an S-rank quest… I think I’ve read somewhere in the community not long ago that a lv 130 ranker failed a quest as well.’

However, to just reject it, his regret for having lost the chance to evolve Ly just a moment ago was too big.

At the end of a moment of hesitation, Ian ended up accepting the quest.

‘That’s right, there’s no time limit either, so might as well give it a try.’

“Alright, I’ll try and help.”

As Ian accepted the quest, Shallos’ expression brightened noticeably.

• Thank you, Ian. I hope that you’ll liberate my poor brother, who has been suffering by restraints for over a century.

“Sure, well… I’ll try.”

‘Although I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it.

And Shallos’ words continued.

• If you walk about 10 more minutes following this passageway, you’ll be able to pass the Forlas Cliff and be able to go outside.

The Forlas Cliff that he was talking about was the endless cliff that unfolded in front of Ian’s eyes before he entered the passageway.

• If you go outside of the passageway, it will probably connect to a waterfront. And if you follow that waterfront and move north, Ollibus Village should appear. 100 years have passed, but the topography shouldn’t have changed much.

Ian listened intently to Shallos’ words.

As there was no significantly complicated content, though, there was no need to write it down.

• Once you arrive at Ollibus Village, find ‘Ikael’ there. Since he will probably know about the whereabouts of my brother.

Ian, who felt doubtful, asked.

“Ikael? Is he human?”

Shallos responded.

• That’s right. He is Orvil and my sole human friend.

“I see. But didn’t you say that you guys have been locked up for over 100 years? Will a human still be alive?”

At Ian’s question, Shallos slowly nodded his head.

• He will probably be alive. That’s because…

After taking a moment to catch his breath, he slowly opened his mouth.

• He is the ‘One that has changed his fate’.

* * *

Ian and Harin left Shallos and walked to the end following the passageway.

“But Jinsung, wouldn’t it be better to just keep hunting here for now until our first discoverer’s buff is over?”

At Harin’s extremely justifiable question, Ian nodded his head as he responded.

“That’s right. That’s also what I was planning on doing. He said that there’s a place called Ollibus Village once we get out of this passageway. I’m going to go there and buy a Return Stone as well as do maintenance before coming back to hunt again.”

“I see.”

About ten minutes later, at the end of quickly hunting the monsters that appeared in the latter half of the passageway and moving accordingly, the two people were able to exit out of the place.

“Wow! It actually was a coast!”

As they came out of the passageway, the endless sea and horizon caught the two people’s eyes.

Ian was no different in admiration.

“Wow… Is even the sea actually materialized?”

Because Colonar Continent, the land that you first step on when you first start Kailan, was closed off on three sides as it was surrounded by maps, there was not one user in Kailan that had seen the ‘sea’ yet.

Before the northern continent was open, all four sides were cut off from the beginning, but from the last patch, the map opened up and the north had become accessible.

On top of that, even the fact that the northern continent was connected to the sea was first discovered through Ian.

And sure enough, the first discoverer’s reward popped up in front of Ian and Harin’s eyes.


• You are the first discoverer of the ‘sea’.

• Your Fame has increased by 50,000.

• Your Affinity with ‘water’-types has increased by 5%.

Instead of her type Affinity increasing, Harin’s understanding on seafood cooking ingredients increased by 5%.

The two people, who had gained Fame and stats for free, followed the waterfront and moved north while in a good mood.

And just like Shallos said, they were soon able to discover ‘Ollibus Seashore Village’.

“Whoa, there’s actually a village here in such a secluded area.”

At Ian’s words that he said to himself out loud, Harin agreed.

“No kidding. On top of that, the village’s size is also on the quite large side.”

At her words, there was something that suddenly flashed through Ian’s mind all of a sudden.

‘By any chance, if it’s a village that hasn’t been discovered yet, could it be that it doesn’t have an affiliated nation or guild?’

If it was a village that was in an independent state, it basically meant that it corresponded with the words that he could immediately register this place as the Lotus Guild’s new base.

Ian immediately checked the information of Ollibus Village.


Category: Seashore Village (Independent)

Rank: Village

Area: 5582 m2

Population: 1995 people

Ollibus is a village at the north end of the seashore.

Shipbuilding and fishery is well-developed here.

Value of Territory: 2758

Detailed Information (Expand)

‘Independent! It’s actually independent!’

Ian’s expression was full of complete excitement.

This was because, amongst the independent bases that had been discovered in the northern continent up until now, there was no place that was as big in size and as developed as this one.

On top of that, as it’s rank was also at the ‘Village’-rank, if they could just take it in, it would become a big help to the guild.

Ian hurriedly pulled out the Seal of the Lord from his inventory.

“Base occupation!”

However, unexpected system messages popped up in order in front of Ian’s eyes, who was grinning from ear to ear as he spread out his seal.

• You cannot occupy the ‘Ollibus’ Seashore Village.

• In order to occupy ‘Ollibus’ Seashore Village, the requirements must be satisfied.

• Requirement 1. You must possess a Domain higher than the ‘Village’-rank. (Satisfied)

• Requirement 2. You must have military power stronger than the relevant village. (Unsatisfied)

• Requirement 3. Your friendship with the relevant village must be over 70%. (Unsatisfied)

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