Taming Master

Chapter 110

Chapter 110: Liberated Fenrir (2)

At those words, the other Familiars charged towards the Fenrir.

The one that first attacked the Fenrir was none other than Ly.


• Familiar ‘Ly’ has dealt critical damage to the ‘Bloody Fenrir’.

• The ‘Bloody Fenrir’s Vitality has been reduced by 5876.

Ian, who saw that Ly’s critical damage had only dealt about 6 thousand damage, slightly squinted his eyes.

‘Ha… It’s definitely not a Defensive-type monster, it’s level is seriously a gangster.’

Compared to the almost 9 thousand damage that Ly’s attack dealt on a normal Common monster, only about 60% of his damage was applied.

However, just then, an unexpected counterattack from the Fenrir burst out.


The Fenrir had quickly swung both of its front legs towards Ly, who had bit its shoulder joint.

• Familiar ‘Ly’ has been attacked by the ‘Bloody Fenrir’.

• Familiar ‘Ly’s Vitality has been reduced by 9760.

• Familiar ‘Ly’s Vitality has been reduced by 8958.

Ly, who was struck in an instant by the Fenrir’s front legs, was thrown through the air.


Ly’s Vitality was just under 20 thousand.

From that one set of attack, Ly was on the brink of death.

‘If there was even a critical attack, he would have died!’

Ian felt his heart sank as he hurriedly Summon Released Ly.

“Ly, Summon Release!”

And from the spot where Ly disappeared from, Lake and Pin’s AoE skills rained down.



Along with that, the Fenrir’s Vitality also began to drop quickly.

• Familiar ‘Pin’ has used Inherent Ability ‘Crush’.

• The ‘Bloody Fenrir’s Vitality has been reduced by 2439.

• The ‘Bloody Fenrir’s Vitality has been reduced by 2399.

• The ‘Bloody Fenrir’s Vitality has been reduced by 2501.

The Crush skill that dealt 125% of his Offensive Power every 0.5 seconds literally boasted an incredible destructive power.

On top of that, as Lake’s Breath overlapped with it, even if the Fenrir was almost lv 130, it could only receive an enormous amount of damage.

And the name of the Fenrir, who was directly hit by the two Familiars’ powerful skills, began to blink without a doubt.

Ian was also firing off Magic Spheres and Current Proliferation from a further distance away.

Pung- Pu-pung-!

And lastly, Ddukdae’s Abyss Hole exploded with a deafening boom.


The Fenrir’s name began to blink even quicker.

Ian, who saw that, let out a shout of delight.

‘Despite being a boss monster, it’s Vitality isn’t much.’

It was normal for Boss monsters that appeared in dungeons or fields to have several times the amount of Vitality of a Common monster, regardless of their rank.

In the case of a Defensive-type or Health-type boss, with a little bit of exaggeration mixed in, there were ones that you needed to knock out all day.

Of course, the Offensive Power of Crush and Breath were powerful, but even taking that into consideration, he couldn’t help but feel that the Fenrir’s Vitality dropped quickly.

‘I did Summon Release Ly, but we might be able to catch him more easily than I expected.’

The Familiars that used up all of their AoE skills charged towards the Fenrir with ferocious spirits as if they planned on ending this battle.

However, as the slowing effect of Abyss Hole was over now, the Fenrir quickly leaped into the air and avoided all of the attacks.


The Fenrir stood on two feet when it was on the ground, but as it began to run along the walls of the passageway, it used all of its four feet naturally and began to move at an incredible speed.

“Pin! The right-!”

The Fenrir, who had gone around behind Lake before he realized, raised his front paws that shone a bright red.

However, after seeing the front paws of the Fenrir, Ian’s eyes widened.

‘What the hell is that?’

This was because, from the raised paws of the Fenrir, bright-red claws that looked long enough to be 1-metre long had grown out.


And the next moment.

Ian couldn’t help but doubt his two eyes.

• Familiar ‘Lake’ has received critical damage from the ‘Bloody Fenrir’.

• Familiar ‘Lake’s Vitality has been reduced by 29,760.

It was an outrageous attack that was hard to believe even after checking it with both eyes.

Moreover, that wasn’t the end.

• The ‘Bloody Fenrir’ has absorbed ‘Lake’s Vitality and has recovered 44,640 Vitality.

The dying Fenrir had revived through its Health Absorption effect.

As it revived an incredible ratio of almost 150% of the damage it dealt, Ian couldn’t help but be taken aback.

‘What kind of monster like this actually exists?’

Of course, it wasn’t like it completely recovered its Vitality to the maximum just by recovering 44 thousand Vitality.

Based on the fact that its name was still blinking, it meant that less than half its Vitality remained.

However, in a situation where the Familiars had poured at most of their skills, the Fenrir, which had recovered over 30% of its Vitality, was an incredibly dangerous existence.

‘We can’t allow him to attack as much as possible!’

He was positive that the Fenrir’s attack just a moment ago was an Inherent Ability.

Since when they were normally attacked, the Health Absorption effect wasn’t invoked.

If in the case that Health Absorption was applied even for normal attacks, there would be nothing that was as much of a pain in the ass as that.

‘Is that at least a relief?’

Ian withdrew Lake without hesitation as well.

“Lake, Summon Release!”

Lake’s Inherent Abilities were specialized to AoE attacks.

And compared to his powerful Offensive Power, Lake’s reflexes were on the quite low side, so there was no way that Lake would be able to avoid the Fenrir’s attacks.

There was no reason to keep Lake summoned when it was certain that if he allowed one or two more hits, he would die.

Ian slightly turned his head and glanced at Harin.

From a far distance, Harin was recovering Ddukdae’s Vitality.

‘If Harin just keeps healing, Ddukdae should be able to withstand that outrageous Offensive Power.’

Now, the remaining Familiars on the battleground were Pin and Halli, as well as Ddukdae and Bbookbbook.

‘We’ll go for the speediest battle possible. We need to catch it before it recovers its Vitality.’

If they were slow and dragged out the time, and the Health Absorption effect was invoked one or two more times, then there would be no chance.

The Familiars began to move quickly and accurately according to Ian’s commands.

Fortunately, because Pin and Halli’s Agility didn’t fall back at all compared to the Fenrir, they were able to prevent it from easily attacking them.

The Fenrir chased after Ian, who was continuously on top of Halli, but eventually changed its target.

It had its eye on Ddukdae, whose movements were slow, first.


The Fenrir’s claws raked through Ddukdae’s sturdy exterior and a bang reminiscent of the sound of metal scraping against each other rang out.

• Familiar ‘Ddukdae’s Vitality has been reduced by 6760.

• Familiar ‘Ddukdae’s Vitality has been reduced by 7312.

Two attacks lodged in one after another, but fortunately, it wasn’t a critical attack, and Harin quickly recovered Ddukdae’s Vitality.

And Ian didn’t let that chance go.

‘The moment that dude focuses on Harin, Harin will immediately be kicked out of the game.’

As Harin was hiding her body behind Ddukdae, it was a situation where the Fenrir could definitely discover her.

He couldn’t leave the situation to happen like that.

Halli, who had Ian on his back, and Pin violently rushed towards the Fenrir.

Puck- Pu-puck-!

Pin’s front feet, that reached the Fenrir first, raked through the back of the Fenrir’s head.

And continued, Halli lodged his front feet strongly into the chest of Fenrir that turned around.

Along with that, Ian yelled.

“Halli, Guardian of the Wind!”

As Ian let out the command, Halli’s Inherent Ability, Guardian of the Wind, was invoked, and Halli, whose Agility had increased in an instant, hit the Fenrir continuously.

Bang- Ba-bang!

And the system message that Ian was waiting for popped up.

• Familiar ‘Halli’s Inherent Ability, ‘Smash’, has been invoked.

• For 1 second, the ‘Bloody Fenrir’ will go into a ‘stunned’ state.


Halli and Pin mercilessly attacked the Fenrir, which flinched backwards in its stunned state.

• 7192 damage has been dealt to the ‘Bloody Fenrir’.

• 4823 damage has been dealt to the ‘Bloody Fenrir’.

• 6859 damage has been dealt to the ‘Bloody Fenrir’.

And as soon as the Fenrir was about to recover from its stunned state, Halli’s Smash had miraculously invoked again.


Ian poured the rest of his remaining Spirit Magic towards the Fenrir.

As the purple Magic Spheres and Pin’s wind attacks, as well as Halli’s attacks were focused, the Fenrir’s large body slowly began to crumble.


Ddukdae approached the Fenrir, who let out a horrible shriek as it collapsed, and brought down his large fist.


Normally, the Fenrir wouldn’t have been struck by the attack of Ddukdae, whose Agility practically hit the floor, but as it had been surrounded from all directions and also had a stunned effect, it couldn’t help but be struck.


And shortly after, the Fenrir’s body turned into a grey light and completely collapsed.


Ian clenched his fist tightly.

He hadn’t withdrawn his Familiars even once recently, but after having fought a powerful opponent to the point he had to Summon Release two Familiars, he felt completely drained of energy.

• You have killed the ‘Bloody Fenrir’. You have obtained 997,710 EXP.

It was an enormous amount of EXP that was close to 1 million. However, Ian didn’t think that it was a lot of EXP by a long shot.

“Whew, that was seriously close.”

If he had given the Fenrir even a little bit more time, Ian would have suffered instead.

Harin, who diligently filled up Ddukdae’s Vitality while hiding in the corner, seemed to also have been quite tense, as she let out a sigh of relief and approached Ian.

Harin carefully opened her mouth towards Ian, who had caught his breath.

“Whew, Jinsung, shall we go back now?”

Harin felt that Jinsung was just suffering more for nothing because of her, so she was apologetic.

However, having even caught a boss monster, there was no way that Jinsung would think of going back without seeing the end of the dungeon.

“No. There’s still a continuing path that way. We need to reach the end of the dungeon before going back.”

With a bitter voice, Harin opened her mouth.

“You also Summon Released Lake and Ly. You can’t summon them right away again, can you?”

“Yeah. I can only summon them after 30 minutes, but with the current fighting power, we can move forward while catching Common monsters, don’t worry.”

Eventually, at Ian’s stubbornness, Harin couldn’t help but nod her head.

“Alright, well… If you say so.”

Ian got down from Halli’s back and approached the corpse of the Fenrir.

And he placed his hand on top of it.

Just as difficult as it was to hunt it, Ian was anticipating the reward as well.

• You have obtained 32,145 gold from the ‘Bloody Fenrir’.

• You have obtained the ‘Bloody Fenrir’s Necklace’.

• You have obtained the ‘Fenrir’s Revengeful Spirit’.

After checking the necklace, which the name for was written in a purple light, Ian’s mouth turned into a broad smile.

This was because it had been a while since he had received a Heroic-rank item.

However, just when Ian was about to open his inventory and check the items he obtained.

The blood-red marble that Ian was holding in his hand floated into the air and began to shine a strange light.

And a system message popped up in front of his eyes.

• You have liberated the ‘Fenrir’s Revengeful Spirit’ that was devoured by madness.

“Huh, huh…?”

The blood-red marble that left Ian’s hand whisked around here and there and began to take some sort of form.

The two people watched that with a dazed expression.

Continuing, a ghost with a colourful, translucent shape floated in front of Harin and Ian.

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