Taming Master

Chapter 109

Chapter 109: Liberated Fenrir (1)

YouCast, the world’s largest video-sharing site.

In the upper left corner on the main page of YouCast, there was a ranking chart called ‘The Ranking of the Rapidly Rising in Popularity’.

Hanjoon, a company employee in his 30s, always watched YouCast before he went to bed as his last daily task everyday.

This was because even by just making sure to watch YouCast everyday, he could find interesting incidents and videos in all sorts of categories from the entertainment world, sports, games, etc.

At first, Hanjoon mainly watched videos on the bulletin board of the Best, which were of videos with a high number of total views, but for some time now, he always checked the top-ranking bulletin board of videos rapidly rising in popularity first in order to mainly see the latest videos.

“Ha, so tired.”

Hanjoon, who suffered all day from hard work, changed into his PJs and turned off his lights before he lied down on his bed and opened his smartphone.

Drowsiness overcame him, but he had no plans of skipping his time to watch YouCast before he went to bed.

“Let’s see here, I wonder what kind of fun video there will be today.”

Hanjoon, who had gone into YouCast’s bulletin board of videos rapidly rising in popularity with just a couple taps, scrolled down.

“Hm, most of them are videos I watched yesterday… Are there no new ones?”

He mumbled when suddenly, both his eyes shone.

“Huh? The increase quotient is 940%? Isn’t this a mistake?”

A video with an increase quotient so high that it was incomparable to the other videos had caught his eyes.

The title of the video was incredibly long, and it seemed because it was a global version, as it was written in English.

However, because it was translated in Korean after it, he had no problem in reading it.

• Kailan[1]

Diamond Class Dominion Battle (Lotus Vs Polaris)

Summoner User Ian’s Mad Movie (1 VS 30)

Server – Korea

Hanjoon, who read the title, wore a surprised expression.

“Huh? It seems to be a Kailan video, but it’s a Summoner user’s mad movie?”

Hanjoon was even more interested.

Because of his work life, he didn’t have time during the weekdays, but during the weekends, he was user that always played Kailan.

On top of that, he was a Summoner-class.

Because he had never seen a video uploaded that was a mad movie of a Summoner user up until now, Hanjoon tapped the video without hesitation.

And a video that was edited with an incredibly luxurious design began to be played.

“Oh, this is a video that Sojin has edited.”

Hanjoon, who had discovered the words ‘Made by Sojin’ on the bottom of the video began to be immersed with an even more excited expression.

This was because he also knew of the uploader with the ID Sojin, as they were quite famous.

“Keu, are they really fighting 30 to 1?”

As the video started, Hanjoon began to focus.

And shortly after, as if he had been sucked into his smartphone, he wasn’t able to take his eyes away from it for even a moment.

The video was not inferior to any videos that he had seen up until now in terms of extravagance.

“Wo, wow…”

He kept on blurting out exclamations no matter what part he was watching.

Hanjoon, who had watched the 30-minute video until the end without skipping over even one part in his dark room, pressed the ‘replay’ button before he even realized it.

Hanjoon mumbled with a dazed voice.

“Does… This even make sense?”

To him, a Summoner that was currently around lv 50, Ian’s territory war battle video was the definition of shocking.

From what he saw, this video had completely flipped over the established theory that ‘Summoners were the worst for PVP’.

Even just last weekend, he was feeling doubtful of the ‘Summoner’-class and was contemplating resetting his character, but his mind was now filled with an incredible sensation.

‘Exactly how many Familiars does he have? One, two… You’re telling me that it’s possible to control five Familiars so elaborately like that?’

Bbookbbook, that hung on Ian’s back, was not classified as a Familiar in Hanjoon’s eyes.

Because of that, he had counted a total of five.

‘No, and that Familiar that looks similar to an eagle has an image similar to a Griffin that appears in myths… There’s no way that’s a real Griffin, right?’

When he first played the video, he was distracted by the extravagant battle and had no chance to even develop a curiosity towards the Familiars that Ian operated, but as he replayed the video, his eyes started to focus on each and every Familiar.

‘For the Blood-Red Maned Wolf, there are quite a bit of users that had evolved to one, so that’s doesn’t really matter, but the other Familiars are ones that I’m completely seeing for the first time. By any chance, is that white tiger a Hallikan?’

Hanjoon was incredibly confused.

He had seen the specs of the Summoner rankers that popped up in the community every now and then, but he had definitely never seen such nonsense specs.

‘An edit or a fabrication… This isn’t one, right? Or by any chance, a system administrator?’

While Hanjoon was deeply thinking about it, the video had ended, and he was about to press the replay button without thinking again when he stopped.

‘Shall we take a look at the comments instead?’

He scrolled down and began to read through the comments.

Comments in various languages of different countries were attached, but as they were all translated into Korean, there was no problem reading them.

• Kpi0900 – This crazy! You’re telling me this is a Summoner? Are you expecting me to believe this right now?

• Holyaai – What is the identity of that blue golem? Is there by chance anybody that knows that channeling skill that sucks in with that opponents with that whirlwind?

• CoCo1123 – For crying out loud! I’m positive that’s a Griffin. I’m telling you, I’ve definitely seen it drawn on the walls of the Luspel Empire’s main castle!

• KailanHolic – Summoner God. Where are all the dudes that dissed Summoners? I want to bring them over and show them. Speaking of which, what exactly is that dude’s level? Even if it was the Korean server that opened up first, how does it make sense that he can easily take down thirty people in the lv 90 range? Has he hit lv 130 or something?

• Pts1120 – Commenter above, I think you’ve got the wrong idea. Summoner is a class that came out after all servers were opened. No matter if it was the Korean server that opened the quickest, if it’s a Summoner-class, there’s no difference.

There were already over hundreds of comments.

If there was a common feature of all of these comments, they were all plastered with exclamation and question marks.

It showed that most of the reactions weren’t able to believe this.

Hanjoon, who read through the comments, couldn’t help but nod his head automatically as well.

‘This is an obvious reaction. If it’s a user that had played Summoner even a little, then they should be able to know how nonsensical that battle is.’

As a Summoner himself, he had experience losing to a user that was almost 5-10 levels lower than him in PVP from a bad match-up.

Because of that, he couldn’t understand Ian’s fighting power at all.

Hanjoon abruptly got up from his bed and turned on his computer.

‘Ah… I was planning on going to bed early, but that’s too late now.’

If he didn’t search up on the user ‘Ian’, he felt he wouldn’t be able to get any sleep.

Sitting in front of the computer, the sound of the mouse that was clicking in his hands began to ring out constantly.

* * *

“All done!”

From the marble that Ian had his hand on top of, a red light began to ooze.

• 100% of the ‘Blood Vessel Jade’ has been restored.

And the bright red light that oozed from the marble began to flare out from the whole stone gate that was blocking the passageway.

In the end of going around the dungeon and hunting without rest for about an hour, they had succeeded in raising the restoration rate to 100%.

• The ‘Gateway of Blood’s seal has been released.

A system message popped up in front of Ian and Harin’s eyes, and the giant stone gate that looked to be over 4-metres in length and width slowly began to open up.

At that sight, an exclamation flowed out of Harin’s mouth before she even realized.


On the other hand, Ian instinctively grabbed and pulled Harin’s hand as he backed up.

“Harin, let’s take a step back a bit. Since we have no idea what will be inside.”

“Yeah, got it.”

Keu-keung- Keu-keu-keung-!

As the stone gate opened from the left and right, a boom rang out in every direction, and Ian looked into the inner part behind the stone gate attentively.

And Ian, who had checked the inner part, got into fighting stance.

“Harin, stay far back. I think there’s a boss monster inside.”

A strong light oozed out from the inner part.

Because of that, he couldn’t see the monster inside well, but the silhouette from the backlight looked similar to a giant wolf.

A slightly interesting point was that the wolf was standing on two legs.

Shortly after, the light died down, and the shape of the wolf was completely revealed.

“Wow, is that a werewolf? It’s incredibly cool.”

Harin let out an exclamation with a naïve expression, but meanwhile, a cold sweat broke out on Ian’s forehead, who had had immediately checked the information of the monster.

• Bloody Fenrir – Lv 128 (Heroic-rank)

‘Fenrir? Euh, I knew that it would be a Heroic-rank since it is a boss monster, but lv 128, though…’

Fenrir was a legendary monster that appeared in Northern European myths.

There was no chance for a monster created with the name of a legendary creature that appeared in myths to be weak.

Ian grew even more nervous.

‘But, on the topic of wolves, why is that thing so big.’

The wolf, which looked to even be a little bigger than white tiger Halli, had red fur on its back that looked as if it was on fire and with even its two eyes tinged a dark red, it had an incredibly overpowering image.


It seemed that the Fenrir had discovered Ian as well, as both its eyes shone and it began to move its body.

With an expression of complete madness, it started to turn its body.

Ian, who saw that, controlled his Familiars calmly.

“Ddukdae, go forward first!”


Along with the loud sound of Ddukdae’s steps, he began to move.

And the Fenrir also started to run in equally.

The movements of the Fenrir were incredibly agile, and in an instant, the space in between began to shrink.

‘If I slip up, I could end up kicking the bucket.’

Ian got on Halli’s back.

Even at a glance, the opponent had Agility that was far superior to Ian.

In case the Fenrir was to ignore the Familiars and charged towards Ian, there would be no way for him to avoid it.

However, if he was riding Halli, that was a different story.

“You can’t lose its movements!”

Fortunately, the opponent that Fenrir charged into first was Ddukdae.

Ian closely watched how much damage Ddukdae received from the Fenrir’s attack.

And the Fenrir’s front paws, which shone a bright red, directly impacted Ddukdae’s chest.


• Familiar ‘Ddukdae’ has received critical damage from the ‘Bloody Fenrir’.

• Familiar ‘Ddukdae’s Vitality has been reduced by 12740.

Ian, who checked the damage, gulped inwardly.

‘Even if it was a critical hit, for the damage to be over 10 thousand…’

The Vitality of Ddukdae, who was close to lv 120 now, was over 60 thousand.

However, even if his Vitality was that high, if damage being dealt was going to be 12 thousand, he wouldn’t be able to last five hits before he died.

If Ddukdae’s Defensive Power of over 25 hundred was considered, it was truly outrageous Offensive Power.

Ian hurried and invoked Ddukdae’s Abyss Hole.

“Ddukdae, Abyss Hole!”

If he was to have invoked Abyss Hole from the beginning, there was the risk of the incredibly agile Fenrir avoiding the attack, so even if he was to allow one hit, he purposely used it later.


And no matter how agile the Fenrir was, there was no way that it could avoid the AoE Abyss Hole that was in close-range.


The Fenrir that began to be sucked into the range of the Abyss Hole let out a horrible shriek.

Ian, who had confirmed that the Fenrir’s feet were tied down, quickly yelled.

“Charge in now!”

[1] The author had written the game title ‘Kailan’ in English for the first time in this chapter, and as the name has been confirmed, ‘Kailan’ will now be used, and has already been edited for the previous chapters

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