Taming Master

Chapter 108

Chapter 108: The Secret of Forlas Plateau (3)

Because there was not much content even when he checked the item information, he had absolutely no idea where it was used just from looking at the name.

However, Ian put aside his curiosity for now and focused on cleaning up all of the wolves in the hall first.

And he was able to wipe all of the seven wolves without much difficulty.

“Alright! The EXP is savoury.”

However, on the other hand, he also felt even more alert.

This was because, compared to the Common-rank monsters that he had fought against up until now, he could definitely feel that the Offensive Power and Agility of the Blood-Red Maned Wolves were far superior.

The fact that his Familiars’ Vitalities had dropped to quite a dangerous level was proof of that.

“Harin, please heal my Familiars.”


Ian smacked his lips inwardly.

‘I should have brought my retainers. Even if I had Celia, she would have been a big help in recovering my Familiars…’

Celia’s Familiar recovery skill and cloning skill was a big help in hunting.

However, there was a reason why he also left them behind.

This was because they needed to lead the Domain police and hunt the nearby monsters in order for the hunting effectiveness of the police to be good.

‘Next time, I should just bring even Celia. Since even with the other retainers, they should be enough to lead the police.’

While Ian was thinking of this and that, he didn’t forget to continuously use his First-Aid skill.

This was because, compared to Harin’s recovery skill, its effect could be considered a drop in the ocean, but for when he hunted alone, he needed to consistently raise its Proficiency.

As maintenance was completed, Ian stood up from his spot.

“Alright, shall we go deeper inside now?”

“Yeah, sounds good!”

As Harin responded with a beaming expression, which was completely different from her expressions up until now, Ian asked her with a quizzical voice.

“Hm? Did you get something good, Harin?”

Harin shook her head as she responded.

“No, nothing like that, but I did already level-up 2 levels since entering this dungeon. Although, I was already over 90% EXP before we entered…”

Because Ian had only now barely gained about 15% EXP, his stomach hurt a little.

However, it was obvious that there would be a difference in the leveling-up speed of Harin, who was now at lv 93, versus Ian, who was at lv 116.

‘Well, since it’s good on the guild’s part if Harin levels up…’

He was a little disappointed that he had to share the EXP with Harin, but because he was able to hunt even a little faster thanks to her heals and buffs, he couldn’t really say it was a big loss.

The two people moved their feet and began to go deeper into the dungeon.

* * *

“Huh? What’s this?”

As Ian stopped walking and raised his hand to keep everybody back, Harin, who was following from behind, asked with a quizzical expression.

“Why, is there a problem?”

“There isn’t a problem, but the path is blocked.”

At Ian’s words, she came forward, and after seeing the inside of the passageway that was curved, both of Harin’s eyes grew.

And she scolded Ian.

“The path being blocked is a problem, you idiot.”

“Is, is it?”

Ian scratched the back of his head as he approached and stood in front of the blocked passageway.

“But I think that this wasn’t always blocked off.”


“Yeah. If the passageway was just always blocked off, then the walls would have naturally narrowed down, but here, if you look at the ceilings and the walls, they’re completely perpendicular to the wall blocking the path.”

“You’re right.”

At Ian’s explanation, Harin also approached the wall and checked the blocked-off section.

On top of being dark, the wall was black, so it wasn’t clearly visible, but looking at it from a closer perspective, the wall was not just flat.

It was symmetrically made up with a rough shape that had an artificial feeling.

“Oh, this is completely covered in dust.”

As Harin placed her hand on the wall that blocked the path, black dust completely covered her hand as she pulled it away.

And from the spot where the dust was cleared, a stone wall made up of worn-out marble was revealed.

It was a little unusual, but at the giant stone gate-like image, Ian nodded his head and mumbled.

“As expected… There was no way that a dungeon would end in vain like this. There wasn’t even some sort of Boss.”

At Ian’s words, Harin also nodded her head.

“That’s right. But, first, I feel like we need to clear some of the dust in order for us to see something.”

At those words, Ian turned his head towards Bbookbbook, who was on his back.

“Bbookbbook, can you not shoot out something like a water cannon?”

He seemed to have heard Ian’s words, as Bbookbbook, who was inside of his shell, poked his head out and wore a puzzled expression.


While looking at Bbookbbook, who wore a naïve expression while tilting his head, Ian shook his head.

“It will be faster to ask Pin.”

And Ian made all of his Familiars and Harin stand far back.

“Pin, try using your Crush skill on there.”

Kku-ruk- Kku-ruk-!

At Ian’s command, Pin, who slightly flew up into the air, began to flap his wings towards the stone wall covered in dust.


And the giant vortex of wind that appeared in front of Pin swept past the stone wall.

Harin took a couple more steps backwards as she squinted her eyes.

“Whew, look at the dust.”

This was because, just like she said, a thick cloud of dust formed in the inner side of the passageway.

The party turned their back towards the dust wind and escaped out of the passageway.

This was because it was obvious that if they were to just get directly hit by it, their whole body would be covered with dust just like black coal.

And shortly after, once the dust had calmed down, Ian and Harin approached the stone wall.

“Wow, this is cool.”

Harin let out an exclamation.

This was because the violent wind that gushed out from Pin’s wings had removed the dust that was piled on the stone wall very cleanly, and the form of the wall that was previously unknown was revealed intact.

And the thing that had caught the two people’s eyes first was the large sphere, which was about 4-metres in length and width, that was lodged in the centre of the stone wall.

To be more specific, it was a clear, glass marble that was in the wide-opened mouth of a wolf that was carved right in the middle of the stone wall.

“What could this be?”

Harin asked, but there was no way that Ian would know about it.

“I’m not sure. It also seems like some sort of entrance to a religious altar…’

While speaking, Ian let down Bbookbbook, who he was carrying on his back, and beat his waist.

“Ow, my waist. First, let’s think about this while resting a little.”

Harin, who saw him, grinned.

“Is he really heavy?”

“Well, not that much…”

As soon as Bbookbbook was on the ground, he poked his head out, and indubitably started to run around.

Harin laughed as she called Ian.



“By any chance, the reason why Bbookbbook is gaining weight…”

Bbookbbook, who had heard up to this point, stopped walking and suddenly turned his head as he glared at Harin.


Even if it was Harin, the meatball angel, he couldn’t forgive her if she was going to give him stress about dieting.

Harin’s words continued.

“Could it be that it’s not because he eats a lot, but maybe because lack of exercise?”

“Hm? Lack of exercise?”

Harin nodded her head as she continued.

“Yeah. Since he’s just always on your back, he never gets the chance to move around. Even if he eats a lot, if you make him exercise, I feel like he won’t gain weight…”

“Hmm. That could also be right.”

Ian turned his attention towards Bbookbbook.

“Bbookbbook, what do you think? Do you want to just eat as much as you want and exercise a little?”

Bbookbbook, who met eyes with Ian, closed his eyes and wore a distressed expression.


Truthfully, Bbookbbook wasn’t just a gluttonous turtle, he was also incredibly lazy.

To the point he was enjoying getting piggybacked by Ian quite a bit.

He was happy when he occasionally came down from his back and ran around, but for some reason, if it was his evil owner Ian, Bbookbbook felt Ian would exercise intensely.

Bbookbbook, who was contemplating it, ended up postponing his decision.


While watching Bbookbbook, who crawled off towards somewhere, Ian shook his head.

“See. He doesn’t even want to exercise either right now. I’m positive.”

At the cutting remark of Ian, who had perfectly grasped his mental condition, Bbookbbook momentarily flinched.

However, he acted as if he hadn’t heard anything, and began to crawl again.

Harin wore a bitter expression as she mumbled.

“No kidding…”

The two people rested for a moment as they inspected their equipment.

Even during then, Ian’s attention continuously lingered on the clear, glass marble.

‘What could that be? If I figure out the secret of that glass marble, I feel like the stone wall will open up…’

Ian slowly stood up and approached the stone wall.

And before he realized it, he placed his hand on top of the glass marble.

However, just then, a completely unexpected system message popped up in front of Ian’s eyes.


• You are able to use the ‘Blood’ item. Will you use it?

At the unexpected situation, Ian momentarily flinched, but without hesitating, he used the blood.

This was because there was quite a lot of blood that he had gained from catching Blood-Red Maned Wolves up until now.

“I’ll use it.”

As soon as Ian was done speaking, one blood that was within Ian’s chest jumped out and was absorbed into the clear marble.

• You have used the ‘Blood’ item.

• 2% of the ‘Blood Vessel Jade’ has been restored.

• The current restoration rate of the ‘Blood Vessel Jade’: 2/100

Ian, who saw that, was immediately able to get an idea.

‘This place must open once this is filled.’

First of all, Ian used up all of the bloods that he had without exception.

• 1.2% of the ‘Blood Vessel Jade’ has been restored.

• 2.3% of the ‘Blood Vessel Jade’ has been restored.

As the restoration rate was different depending on the size of the bloods, despite having used a little more than twenty of them, it only amounted to a restoration rate of 30%.

Harin, who was watching a red light from Ian’s hand endlessly being sucked in, seemed to have grown curious as she approached him.

“Jinsung, what are you doing?”

“Ah, I think I’ve found the answer to this. Harin, there were bloods that you gained while hunting, right?”

Jinsung assumed that Harin would also have a similar amount of bloods, and he thought if he used all of those as well, he would be able to almost fill the restoration rate.

However, Harin wasn’t able to respond right away and hesitated.

“Uh… That… Jinsung.”


“I didn’t have enough space for my cooking ingredients, so I threw out all those bloods or whatever…”


Jinsung was a little flustered, but he decided to think positively of it.

‘Well, that’s okay, since we have the first discoverer’s buff as well… It’s good if we hunt a lot, I guess.’

If they went back a little from where they came from, the Blood-Red Maned Wolves that they had hunted before would have all regenerated.

Ian called over Bbookbbook, who had crawled into a corner of the passageway and was wriggling.

“Bbookbbook, let’s go hunt.”

However, Bbookbbook acted as if he hadn’t even heard him.

Ian, who saw that, grumbled as he approached Bbookbbook.

“Hey, what have you picked up and are eating now?”

As it wasn’t an everyday occurrence for Bbookbbook to be eating moss-like stuff that grew in fields here and there, Ian approached Bbookbbook without much thought.

However, Harin, who had approached Bbookbbook before Ian, shouted with a surprised voice.

“Jinsung, this is Bloody Salty Grass!”

“Huh? What’s that?”

“It’s a cooking ingredient, but, how do I explain this…”

Harin, who thought about it for a moment, seemed to have thought of something, as her words continued.

“Uh, you know capsaicin, right? You should be able to understand what it is if you think of it like a cooking ingredient that’s used similarly to capsaicin?”

And Jinsung’s two eyes rounded.

“What? Capsaicin?”

Jinsung was well aware of the terror(?) of capsaicin.

When he first began living alone, while cooking Ddukbokki[1], he had put a good amount of capsaicin in it without thinking.

He still hadn’t forgotten hellishly spicy flavour that he had tasted then.

As his butt was on fire for almost two days, it was something he couldn’t forget even if he wanted to.

“Harin, then, is it okay for him to take a proper bite out of that?”

Ian wasn’t able to continue what he was going to say next.

This was because Bbookbbook, who had eaten the capsaicin(?), began to jump around here and there.

While watching him, Harin let out a deep sigh.

“Whew, his stomachs probably going to flip inside out even from just eating one leaf…’

Ian watched Bbookbbook with a pitiful expression as he sympathized.

“That’s why hyung told you not to just go around eating anything, Bbookbbook…”

A horrible shriek(?) that they had never heard of from Bbookbbook up until now came out from his mouth.


[1] Ddukbokki = Spicy Korean rice cakes

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