Taming Master

Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Beginner Diviner (3)

Ian’s eyes slightly rounded.

‘Inherent Pattern? What is an Inherent Pattern? Have I already read it, but am not able to remember it?’

Because this was his first time hearing of information related to ‘Inherent Pattern’ now, Ian hurriedly opened the information tab.

And as expected, right next to the information related to ‘Inherent Pattern’, there was a N mark, meaning that it was new.

*Inherent Pattern

‘Inherent Pattern’ is a system that is invoked if a Diviner repeatedly perfects one pattern and exceeds a certain result.

Whenever a Diviner that has obtained ‘Inherent Pattern’ makes an item with the relevant pattern, the name of the relevant Inherent Pattern will be written next to the name of the item, and depending on the rank of the Inherent Pattern, an Inherent Ability will additionally form on the item.

The type of additional Inherent Ability will be decided the moment the Inherent Pattern is first made, and the higher the pattern’s rank, the value will increase.

*The more users there are that use the item with the Inherent Pattern, the higher the rank of the relevant pattern.

If you become an outstanding Diviner and many people use your pattern, the ability of the pattern will grow stronger.

The explanation wasn’t long, but because the content within was quite complex, Ian could only perfectly understand the content after reading it about two times.

‘So basically, they’re saying that the kind of ability that will be granted is decided when an Inherent Pattern is made for the first time.’

In order to check the Inherent Pattern, Ian opened his pattern that had formed in the Diviner-class’s skill window.

• Please decide the name of the pattern.

Ian, who thought about it momentarily, opened his mouth shortly after.

“The name is Lotus, I will go with Lotus.”

• Is ‘Lotus’ correct for the name of the Inherent Pattern?

“Yeah, that’s right.”

After all, the pattern was designed for the Lotus guild, and because of that, he thought that the most fitting name would also be Lotus.

And the information related to the formed ‘Lotus’ pattern popped up.


Classification – Inherent Ability

Rank – Common

Fame Experience – 0%

(When 100% is reached, it is promoted to the next rank.)

Inherent Option – All combat stats +100

This is the first Inherent Pattern of beginner Diviner ‘Ian’.

It embodies a strong Griffin.

Ian, who checked the information of the pattern, checked the items he just made again.

And he was able to see that the Inherent Option, ‘all combat stats +100’, was attached to all of the items.

‘If it’s about +100 on all combat stats, it’s not really an amazing value for me right now…’

Ian thought quickly.

‘Oh, but come to think of it… This is an item that doesn’t have a level restriction.’

If he thought on the basis of the data of the items he made through production up until now, there was no concept of a level restriction on Familiar-exclusive items.

Instead, all stat options increased as a percent value.

This was because a fitting level restriction needed to appear if there was a fixed stat value attached in order for the balance to not collapse.

However, the additional effect of Ian’s current Inherent Pattern, the Lotus Pattern, was added as a fixed value to the stats of a Familiar.

About 100 additional stats could be considered a measly difference to Ian’s Familiars that were around lv 120, but it was different for low-level Familiars.

Especially if it was thought about for Familiars that were about lv 10-20, the lowest level, it was a standard that almost doubled their stats.

Ian felt that it was an item he would really want even if he was a low-level user as well.

‘If I just use this well, I feel like I’ll be able to make a fortune.’

At the thought of gathering the pocket money of beginner users that weren’t at lv 50 yet, Ian became excited.

‘On top of that, if the rank goes up, won’t the stats also go up even more as well?’

At first, this would be greatly popular between users that were below lv 50, and eventually, the users that used Ian’s pattern would naturally exponentially increase.

‘Then the rank will probably shoot up, right?’

As it was a system where the more users there were that used it, the higher the value of the pattern went up and therefore the rank, so rank increase was in fact an obvious sequence.

He didn’t have an idea of how much of a stat increase there would be whenever it went up a rank, but even if the current value of 100 went up to about 500, it would become an incredible option.

If it was a standard where all stats went up about 500 each, it could be considered the best option for even Ian to use right now.


Ian snickered as he began to make plans to run a business.

‘Firstly, since I have no idea about the price, let’s register just one with the auctioning method.’

Ian immediately headed to the auction house.

And he selected a decent Common-rank Talisman and made a bid on it in the auction house.

‘Hmm… shall we start with about 50 thousand gold?’

50 thousand gold sounded incredibly cheap, but it was not a small amount of money for low-level users.

‘If I register it and go do the Orvil quest before coming back, it will probably have sold then, right?’

He didn’t have an exact idea of how much it would sell for, but he felt he just needed to see the price it was auctioned off at and release a certain quantity in the auction house.

“Since the preparations are all done, do I just need to go do the quest now?”

However, Ian felt some sort of uncertainty.

‘I feel like I’m forgetting about something…’

And shortly after, he was able to remember what it was.

“Ah, I didn’t check the Spirit Sensitivity skill.”

As he was researching on Inherent Patterns and all of his attention was on that, he had forgotten about the Spirit Sensitivity skill he had obtained at the same time.

Ian opened the Spirit Sensitivity skill.

*Spirit Sensitivity

Classification – Active Skill

Skill Level – Lv. 0

Proficiency – 0%

An Inherent Ability can be granted to one random item amongst all the ones that you have personally produced.

In order to use the ‘Spirit Sensitivity’ skill, five Spirit Marbles that are the same rank or of a higher rank than the item is required, and if failed, there is a chance for the item to be destroyed.

*The Inherent Ability that can be granted through the Spirit Sensitivity skill is limited to Inherent Abilities that were granted to items that were successfully produced previously.

*As the skills’ Proficiency and level goes up, the chance for Spirit Sensitivity to succeed will increase, and in case of failure, the chance for the item to be destroyed will also decrease.

*Spirit Sensitivity can be attempted up to three times on one item.

*If Spirit Sensitivity was used on a item with an option that was already granted through Spirit Sensitivity, the option that was originally there is erased and a new option is formed.


Ian, who read through all of the skill’s content, fell into deep contemplation.

‘I do want to try and use this skill to add another option…’

However, because it would be a predicament if the item broke while he tried without purpose, he was a little reluctant.

‘I don’t even know what the success rate of Spirit Sensitivity is yet, and in order to use it, I’ll need to use the skill multiple times on production items that I don’t need, but to do that, I’m a little short on time.’

In the end, Ian pushed off using the Spirit Sensitivity skill for a little later.

“That’s right, firstly, let’s finish the quest.”

He needed to complete the quest as quickly as possible and try for an S-clear rank with Fiolan in Forlan dungeon.

There was not much time left before the Dungeon Attack King event opened up.

‘The new capsule model is waiting for me!’

Ian, who was excited because everything he was doing was working out well, headed to Ikael with light footsteps.

He wanted to see his strengthened Familiars in an actual fight as quickly as possible.

* * *


Summoner Canoel, who was peeping around the auction house, discovered an item he had never seen before and had his eyes fixated on it.

“What’s this? Familiar-exclusive item? There was such a thing?”

As Canoel mumbled, Ranma, who stood behind him, approached him and explained it for him.

“Young Master, they say that Familiar-exclusive items have begun to drop because of some user a couple days ago. A production class called ‘Diviner’ has also newly appeared.”

Canoel asked with an interested expression.

“Diviner? What does that class do, Ranma?”

“Hmm, from what is known so far, it’s a class that can produce Talismans and Incantation Patterns that are Familiar-exclusive items. As there aren’t many people that have succeeded in class-changing yet, not a lot of information has been released.”

“Oh-ho, is that so?”

This time, Ranma asked.

“Well, by any chance, did a Familiar-exclusive item pop up in the auction house?”

Canoel nodded his head.

“Yeah. It’s up here.”

At his words, Ranma wore an expression full of wariness.

‘What is the Young Master trying to buy now…’

Because it was quite difficult to prevent Canoel’s impulse buying, Ranma was nervous.

‘On top of that, it’s not even a well-known item, and it hasn’t been long since it has appeared, so for it to be a Familiar-exclusive item that doesn’t even have much information, either…’

Ranma forcibly put aside his ominous thoughts and approached the auction information window that Canoel was looking at.

As he did so, Canoel, who was diligently reading the information window, turned his head and spoke.

“Do you also want to see, Ranma?”

“Yes, Young Master.”

And Ranma, who checked the very top of the information window, let out a sigh of relief.

‘Whew, at least it’s an item that came up through the bidding method.’

The reason why Ranma was relieved was simple.

This was because there were a lot of cases amongst the items that came up with a fixed price where an extravagant price was set, but with items that came up through the bidding method, it was normally reasonably priced through the competition of the people.

Even if the merchandiser set the minimum price extravagantly high, the bidding method was a reasonable system where the price automatically went down if there were no bids for a certain time.

Ranma slowly began to read down the information.

*Lotus Synthetic Talisman (Name change possible)

Classification – Talisman (Charm)

Rank – Common

Equip Limit – Can be equipped onto one ‘Familiar’.

Durability – 55/55

Option – Offensive Power +11% (+3%)

Vitality Regeneration +2% (+0.5%)

*All combat stats +100

(This is the Inherent Ability of the ‘Lotus’ pattern. / Rank: Common)

A Talisman produced by beginner Diviner ‘Ian’.

It’s a magnificent Talisman where the spirit of a glorious Griffin can be felt.

After reading through all of the item information, his two eyes rounded.

‘What the hell, the options on this are incredibly good!’

Ranma wasn’t a Summoner-class, but in order to assist Canoel, the Young Master he served, he normally studied information related to Summoners.

That’s why, even though it was a Familiar-exclusive item he was seeing for the first time, it was possible for him to make a decision up to an extent.

‘Let’s see, the equip limit… If it’s possible to equip on one Familiar, then that means that there’s nothing like a level limit.’

Towards Ranma, who was diligently thinking about the value of the item, Canoel asked with a quiet voice.

“What do you think, Ranma? If it’s something like this, wouldn’t it be an incredibly good item?”

It seemed that Canoel’s heart was already moved.

Firstly, Ranma calmed Canoel down and checked the price of the item.

*Date and time of registration – 1 hour 17 minutes ago.

Immediate purchase price – (None)

Current bid – 105,000 gold

Time left until end of auction – 3 days

Ranma, who checked the price, fell into deeper contemplation.

If it was instead an extravagant price, he would have been able to cut him off and speak bluntly, but if it was about 100 thousand gold, the item looked cheap compared to its worth even from what he saw.

‘Of course, there’s still a lot of time left, but it probably won’t be bad to try and bid.’

The percent increase value that was attached as the basic option was good, but he felt that the all combat stats +100 that was attached as an Inherent Option would be a big help to Canoel.

‘The Young Master is at about lv 60 now. Normally, the total stat average of Familiars in the lv 60-range are a little less than 2 thousand…’

If all of their combat stats were to go up by 100 each, it meant that there was a total increase of 400, and if calculated like that, they would be able to see about an additional 20% stat increase effect.

Ranma, who made up his mind, turned his attention towards Canoel.

“Young Master, let’s also bid.”

And after hearing the positive response, Canoel’s face glowed.

“Ooh, alright! As expected, Ranma, you have a good eye. From what I see, it seems like a really good item this time!”

While looking at Canoel, who was as happy as a child, Ranma shook his head.

‘Whew… Still, since it’s a decent item this time, it’s a relief.’

After momentarily thinking about it, Ranma decided on the price and bid.

The price that he put up was 125,000 gold, about a 20 thousand gold increase.

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