Taking Part in a Survival Game with My Brother

Chapter 50 - 50 Chapter 50 Sick

50 Chapter 50 Sick

Lu Mingyu was not the only one who was perplexed; Chen Su, on the other end of the internet, was as well.

His eyes were wide open as if he had been petrified.

He was still immersed in the joy of Lu Yang saving Lu Mingyu’s image. He ultimately saw this scene when he turned on the live broadcast after finishing his tasks.

This was too shocking!

“I’ve heard that someone learned that Lu Yang is a fan of Jiang Yanzhou. Her idol is giving an award to her. I wouldn’t have ever dared to dream of this!”

“Is our Sister Yang that direct? For other people, it’s in me the tiger sniffs the rose. However, Sister Yang is the rose who sniffs the tiger!”

“Lu Yang is still too calm. If I were her, I would’ve pounced on him!”

Lu Mingyu’s vision blurred, and he quickly called out to Lu Yang.


He looked at her in shock and bewilderment. “Why did you only touch his hand and not mine?”

Lu Mingyu mused, “I’m her brother, so how could she discriminate against me? Besides, I’m her biological brother! If Yangyang wanted to differentiate between us, she should be biased toward me!”

Lu Yang’s gaze shifted from Jiang Yanzhou’s hand to Lu Mingyu. Her expression was calm. “It’s different.”

“Don’t tell me Lu Yang has a hand fetish.”

“Jiang Yanzhou’s hands are nice! People will like them even if they don’t have a hand fetish! Yangyang, help me touch more and harder, and let Jiang Yanzhou’s hands tear!”

“I want to see from Sister Yang’s perspective. I also want to touch Jiang Yanzhou and Lu Mingyu’s hands!”

The fleshy layer on Jiang Yanzhou’s hand’s back was thin, and his skin was cool and fair. The blue veins on his joints were especially noticeable in the sunlight.

However, unlike the former, Lu Mingyu’s veins were less noticeable despite having fair skin as well.

When they shook hands, Lu Yang’s fingers brushed across the veins on the back of Jiang Yanzhou’s hand.

She immediately thought of how his blood vessels were superior.

Lu Mingyu raised his hand and scrutinized it. His fingers were so slender that they were almost perfect.

“What exactly was different?” he pondered.

Lu Mingyu suddenly thought of something when he took notice of Jiang Yanzhou’s handsome face.

Given that Lu Yang had grown up under the influence of traditional Chinese medicine, she likely sensed Jiang Yanzhou’s weak pulse just now and felt that he would not live long.

“Yangyang must have wanted to subtly remind Jiang Yanzhou that he should get medical attention if he were unwell,” he surmised inwardly.

Instantaneously, Lu Mingyu’s expression brightened. The dejected expression on his face turned to joy as though he had seen a rainbow. He nodded in agreement to Lu Yang.

“You’re right. It’s indeed different!”

Everyone looked around in confusion.

“Did Lu Yang give an explanation? How come they didn’t hear anything?” they wondered.

The program team had finally managed to invite Jiang Yanzhou, so they should not scare him away.

“Teacher Jiang, Lu Yang meant…”

Xiao Liu tried to save the situation, but nothing came to mind.

Lin Xinmeng seemed to have seen an opportunity. She frowned and advised, “Lu Yang, aren’t you making things difficult? Hurry up and apologize. You shouldn’t offend people.”

Lu Yang turned to look at her. “Why are you jumping out when the person in question isn’t saying anything? Don’t you worry about getting hurt accidentally?”

Although Lu Yang’s remarks appeared to be said out of concern, they actually had a deeper meaning.

After hesitating, Lin Xinmeng replied, “I…”

“I’m the one who’s asking. Do step aside. Be quiet if you want to watch.”

Having her thoughts exposed, Lin Xinmeng’s face turned pale.

“I’m just afraid that the netizens may use this as an opportunity to criticize you. I don’t want you to be admonished by them even if you’re misunderstood and have to leave the variety show.”

The look on Lu Yang’s face did not change. “The netizens just lost the chance to scold me. But you lost your entire acting career?”

Lin Xinmeng, who was being cared for, sobbed.

She mused, “Why didn’t she play by my rules? She might as well change her name to “wildcard” instead! She needs to get a new name!”

Lu Yang raised her head again and looked at Jiang Yanzhou, saying calmly, “You can refuse anyone’s request, whether it is reasonable or ridiculous. You have the right.”

With that, she added seriously, “That is to say, it is up to you whether you accept or reject the request I make.”

“So… I exercise my rights while you exercise yours. It’s all peaceful? Huh? Why do I feel that these words make sense?”

“Ha! Lu Yang stated her requests first and then give the other party the right to make their own decision! This way, it would not be awkward whether the other party agreed or not. I simply can’t pick up this skill!”

Lu Mingyu stared at Jiang Yanzhou and communicated with him telepathically: “If you dare to reject my sister, don’t blame me for not taking our old friendship into account and revealing your illegitimate son to the public!”

However, Jiang Yanzhou didn’t even look at him.

After a while, Jiang Yanzhou’s lips twitched slightly, and his voice rang out softly. “Sure.”

As soon as those words were spoken, the people present and the audience in the live stream room froze on the spot.

Only Lu Mingyu looked satisfied.

“Sister Yang’s schemes are so deep. Jiang Yanzhou can only give in to her requests obediently!”

“Why does it feel like Lu Mingyu is a little redundant beside her? Hahahaha! He’s so redundant.”

Zhao Yanshu was watching the live broadcast with the director in the studio.

He looked at Jiang Yanzhou, who had sharp facial features and a straight nose, and Zhao Yanshu was utterly dumbfounded.

He thought inwardly, “S-Sure?! He wasn’t supposed to agree no matter what!”

Since the director discovered that Jiang Yanzhou was coming, he couldn’t stop smiling. “Teacher Jiang really likes to joke!”

“…Yeah.” Zhao Yanshu chuckled awkwardly.

First, Jiang Yanzhou visited the set, cleared the internet troll army, and now he was here to give the award.

Zhao Yanshu forced a smile as Jiang Yanzhou started to move.

He thought, “Wasn’t Yanzhou joking about everything? D*mn it!”


“Director, bad news!” A staff suddenly entered the room.

The director’s smile instantly disappeared, and his expression grew solemn. “Why are you so flustered? Don’t you know how to knock?”

“I’m sorry, director!” The staff member bowed and apologized.

“What’s the matter?” the director asked unhappily.

The staff explained, “The live stream room is so crowded that it’s collapsing…”

In the live stream room, the audience was looking forward to the follow-up. The next second, the screen suddenly turned black, and a line of words appeared: The live stream room is full. Please try again later.

After scrolling for a long time, the viewers who could not get in decided to change platforms and went to the official Twitter to ask about the situation.

Ultimately, it didn’t take long for the variety show to overtake other topics as the most popular ones.

Twitter also fell apart after a while.

Twitter and the live broadcast room were a mess, and so was the director team.

Lu Yang slowly took off her medal and grasped the strap with her finger. Her eyes were as bright as stars, and she lifted her eyebrows.

“I’ll touch it again the next time we meet.”

“Such a good blood vessel needed to be touched slowly. I can’t be anxious,” Lu Yang surmised inwardly.

Hearing this, Jiang Yanzhou’s eyebrows moved imperceptibly, and his clear brown eyes narrowed slightly. “All right,” he responded.

Wen Jian, an onlooker, eyes lit up. “I learned a valuable skill! She created a chance for them to meet again to increase the anticipation for the next time they met!” she thought.

Lu Mingyu raised his hand and pinched the bridge of his nose, secretly heaving a sigh of relief. He mused sarcastically, “I have to hope Jiang Yanzhou could live till their next encounter.”


Jiang Yanzhou: “You like my… hand.”

Lu Yang: “Others simply see your outer appearance, but I see your blood vessels.”

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