Taking Part in a Survival Game with My Brother

Chapter 49 - 49 Chapter 49 Shocking

49 Chapter 49 Shocking

Zhou Moli turned and asked, “Lu Yang, what do you think?”

“Their discussion can be used as a reference.”

Lu Yang looked into the distance and stated, “The people from the program team are here.”

“The program team?”

The six of them looked in the direction that Lu Yang was pointing.

Two helicopters were heading toward them from a great height in the sky. The helicopters appeared more plainly as the gap between them narrowed.

The black nose of the helicopter looked like a shield. The name Z6-102 was clearly imprinted on the blue and black helicopter’s body.

Lu Mingyu yawned, and his eyelids were heavy with exhaustion.

“The program team suddenly became kind and decided to airdrop supplies to us?”

Wen Jian’s eyes lit up. “Really? Do they have a spicy dry hot pot? Is there a barbeque?”

“Look at how hungry Wen Jian is. The program team should show humanity and quickly send her food!”

Lin Xinmeng was confused.

As far as she could remember, the program team had never appeared from the beginning to the end of the recording, let alone flown a helicopter over.

Lin Xinmeng asked the system, “System, what is this?”

The system stated: “Points are required to unlock the new plot. As the host did not complete the mission to rescue Lu Mingyu and Qin Yitan, your points did not increase. Therefore, I can not inform you of the new plot.”

Lin Xinmeng clenched her fists tightly and cursed in her heart.

“The system has detected that the host has insulted the system. 2 points will be deducted as punishment.”

Lin Xinmeng was speechless.

“That can’t be the wild army, right?” Qin Yitan was shocked.

Everyone looked again and found that the helicopter was more than 10 meters above the ground.

The man in the all-terrain camouflage suit descended one by one with the rope. The whole process was smooth and natural, like a well-trained soldier.

Many viewers poured into the live stream room, and all kinds of comments flooded the stream.

“Wow! There are so many men there. Please give me one to be my husband!”

“The program team is too generous. Isn’t this the smell of money?”

“This scene and this lineup is the first variety show in the country! I’ll be the first to disagree with whoever said that the second season of wilderness is on the decline!”

Eight men got off the two helicopters.

They were dressed in all-terrain camouflage costumes, which astounded spectators.

This camouflage outfit was made of unique material. It was capable of reacting to changes in light and altering its hue in response. It might help the garments blend in with the surroundings better and conceal the figure.

The man in the middle raised his hand and slowly removed his military hat with a wide brim. His well-groomed short hair, clear facial features, and reflection in the pupils of the six people were all clearly visible to the camera.

Wen Jian was dumbfounded and spoke the words in her heart. “What the h*ck! It’s Jiang Yanzhou!”

Qin Yitan patted his face and hissed. “I’m not dreaming! Jiang Yanzhou came to participate in a variety show!”

Not only were they surprised, but the audience in the live broadcast room also found it unbelievable.

One had to know that Jiang Yanzhou had been in the film industry all year round and had won plenty of domestic and international awards. He never participated in variety shows, let alone a non-station variety show.

“This was unexpected! It turns out that I’m the one who got slapped in the face instead of the variety program for intentionally leaking the word that Jiang Yanzhou was going to appear and leveraging off of his fame.”

“My hero is clad in military uniform! He is so attractive that it touches every cell in my body, including my heart and eyes.”

“In Jiang Yanzhou! Please always wear a military uniform, or think of acting as a soldier in a movie. The compatibility is 100% guaranteed!”

Jiang Yanzhou was in the midst of the group, dressed in a military uniform, holding a wide-brimmed hat and a well-kept military belt. His muscular build resembled a pine tree that was just beginning to sprout branches, which lessened the fragility of his sickly white complexion and enhanced his valiant and energetic appearance.

His lips were slightly arched, but his gaze was chilly and distant, like looking down at a ship sinking from the clouds.

Lu Mingyu’s eyes widened, and he was equally surprised.

“When did Jiang Yanzhou learn to jump down from a helicopter with a rope? What a scheming man, secretly learning behind my back and surprising everyone!” he thought.

Lu Mingyu observed Lu Yang’s expression from the corner of his eye and asked softly, “Yangyang, what do you think of Jiang Yanzhou?”

Lu Yang’s dark eyes flickered. She looked at Jiang Yanzhou for a moment, then at Lu Mingyu.

She mused inwardly, “I can’t crush my silly brother’s confidence. I have to tell a white lie.”

Her eyes flickered, and she thought for a moment before saying, “You’re the most handsome in the universe.”

Lu Mingyu nodded in satisfaction when he heard the answer. “I knew it!”

He thought, “I’m still the most handsome man in my sister’s eyes! I will let Jiang Yanzhou act cool in front of others.”

Lin Xinmeng was shocked and mused, “Why is Jiang Yanzhou here? It doesn’t make sense!”

While they were still in disbelief, the eight men in camouflage attire had already walked in front of them.

The man standing at the edge took a step forward with his head held high, and his chest puffed out. His aura was overpowering. “Attention!”

Qin Yitan was so scared that he immediately straightened his back.

“Hello, everyone. I’m a member of the program team. You can call me Xiao Liu! Today, we’re here to give Lu Yang an award!”

Wen Jian always spoke before thinking, and she asked subconsciously, “What award ceremony?”

Xiao Liu answered, “That’s right. The last time Lu Yang set up a tent, she broke the Guinness world record and brought us a huge surprise. It also made the show popular, so the program team specially invited the authoritative expert, William, and the famous actor, Jiang Yanzhou, to present her with the award.”

Lu Yang’s eyes appeared to be radiant and full of life. She cast a brief glance at Jiang Yanzhou and William, who were standing in the center.

They smiled and nodded courteously as their eyes met.

“Jiang Yanzhou is amazing. Everyone says he’s a frail idol, but he’s still very handsome in his military uniform! His muscular pecs look like they’re going to pop out of the screen. He’s so handsome!”

Suddenly, Lin Xinmeng interjected, “Is there a need to offer an award with such publicity? Can’t you present it later?”

Everyone stared at her with odd looks.

Lin Xinmeng explained with a smile, “What I meant was that we’re recording a variety show now. The environment here isn’t very good. I’m afraid that you’ll suffer if you come.”

William’s pair of blue eyes shot toward Lin Xinmeng, and he sneered. “You hadn’t even been born when I was wandering the desert alone. Don’t worry about everything, little girl.”

He spoke with assurance and vigilance. Lin Xinmeng’s face stiffened, and he did not dare to say anything more.

“Wow. It sounds like William is saying: “I’ve experienced more in life than you. Worry about yourself first!”

“My main point is that William’s mandarin is so accurate. Is he really a foreigner?”

William turned his head and looked at Jiang Yanzhou. His tone instantly softened. “Do you want to start now?”

Jiang Yanzhou answered, “Mhm.”

The medal was handed to William by the person standing next to him, who subsequently passed it to Jiang Yanzhou.

Jiang Yanzhou walked toward Lu Yang and stopped in front of her, holding the medal in his slender fingers.

Lu Yang raised her head.

The two of them looked at each other subtly for just three seconds.

Jiang Yanzhou reached out and hung the medal around Lu Yang’s neck. His voice was soft. “Congratulations.”

“Thank you.” Lu Yang shook her hand in a friendly manner.

Lu Yang was still absorbed in the sensation when Jiang Yanzhou retracted his hand.

“Lu Yang, congratulations! Congratulations to everyone, including the program team!”

Following his excitement, Xiao Liu turned to Jiang Yanzhou and asked respectfully, “Teacher Jiang, do you have anything to say?”

Jiang Yanzhou’s eyes were overflowing with incomprehensible emotions as he looked at Lu Yang, who was still distracted.

“Do you have something to ask me?”

Then, everyone’s eyes fell on Lu Yang.

Lu Yang stared at Jiang Yanzhou’s hand, and after a while, she raised her eyes and asked sincerely, “Can I touch your hand again?”

As soon as she said this, the audience in the live broadcast room was shocked.

Likewise, Lu Mingyu was the same.

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