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Chapter 51 - 51 Chapter 51 Russian Nesting Dolls

51 Chapter 51 Russian Nesting Dolls

The sun beamed mercilessly down on the earth from the bright, blue sky.

Xiao Liu smiled in relief. “Professor William, do you have anything to say to Lu Yang?”

William’s cold blue eyes were gentle as he looked at Lu Yang approvingly. “I admire her style of doing things.”

“Thank you,” Lu Yang replied.

Lin Xinmeng gritted her teeth and communicated with the system: “System! Get the h*ll out and speak to me. Are you certain that this is a script intended to make everyone like me rather than make them despise me?”

The system responded: “Host, you insisted on using backhanded way which backfired and caused the script for everyone to like you to be gone overnight. You can blame no one.”

Lin Xinmeng was speechless and thought, “Is this the attitude a system should have? Did Lu Yang send this to me?”

The system replied: “Of course. If Lu Yang sent me, you wouldn’t be playing. You’d be done.”

Lin Xinmeng was at a loss for words.

She had forgotten that the system could hear her inner thoughts.

It added: “It’s unfortunate that the system can’t be changed at whim once it is tied to a host. Otherwise, I would be watching the plot develop quickly.”

Once again, Lin Xinmeng was at a loss for words.

She mused, “It’s over. Everything is over. The system had gained intelligence. Since I can’t rely on the system, I can only rely on myself.”

Lin Xinmeng quietly considered the events of her previous life, pondering if she would learn anything helpful so that she could make preparations in advance.

Just then, she suddenly remembered that the variety show’s filming was postponed for a few months because of an accident that occurred during the filming.

I will undoubtedly be in the news if I can change the course of events and keep this variety show from facing issues.

I have already thought of the headline for myself. “Wow. She’s the saving grace of the entertainment industry!”

When nobody was looking, Qin Yitan glared at Xiao Liu while mouthing. “What is mission 3? Hurry up and tell me!”

Xiao Liu remarked, “Third Young Master Qin, do you have any questions? Can you speak louder? Anyway, I won’t be capable of meeting your requests.”

Qin Yitan was rendered speechless.

Even Qin Yitan did not dare to cheat openly.

The program team would ruthlessly remove him from the variety show if he were discovered to be cheating.

“I’m just looking at you!” Qin Yitan responded hastily.

“I have no fear. Look more if you enjoy doing so.”

Wen Jian nibbled into the berry and asked, “Qin Yitan’s accent is even more fluent than a northeasterner like me. Don’t tell me you’re also of northeastern ancestry?”

Qin Yitan remarked, “My ancestors of 18 generations are from Yonkers!”

Wen Jian said, “Your ancestors must be lucky to have you.”

Qin Yitan was confused.

Zhou Moli had a plethora of thoughts running through his head as he stared at them, but he kept a straight expression.

Zhou Moli caught Lu Yang’s attention, and she was impressed by him.

Zhou Moli desired to collaborate with Jiang Yanzhou but was able to restrain himself from approaching him.

“This male protagonist is pretty tactful,” she thought.

Xiao Liu reiterated what the director had said when he called.

“Sorry, guys. There was a problem with the show’s live broadcast, so the director asked everyone to take a break first. We can redo after everything is settled.”


Lu Mingyu asked directly, “Isn’t this program meant to be a script-free live broadcast? It will be too fake for us to act it out again.”

Lu Yang sighed. She surmised inwardly, “Mingyu’s acting abilities are appalling. He is unable to perform anything that requires acting. The problem is one won’t be able to make it in the entertainment industry without good acting skills.”

Lu Mingyu could only be completely shunned from the spotlight if he could not act.

“What do you think we should do?” Xiao Liu appeared distressed.

Lu Mingyu answered, “Of course, I’ll go wherever I go.

Lu Yang called out, “Mingyu.”

Lu Mingyu responded joyfully, “Yeah?”

She asked, “Don’t you have a message for an old friend?”

“An old friend?” he wondered.

Lu Yang signaled to Jiang Yanzhou with her eyes, and Lu Mingyu immediately understood her intention.

“Right! I have something to tell you, Jiang Yanzhou.”

The program team was in a dilemma because the program’s live broadcast had been interrupted, and nobody was in charge of the aerial camera.

Lu Yang raised her head with a smile and whispered softly, “I have another idea, Teacher Liu. There’s no need to perform it out again.”

Xiao Liu seemed to have grabbed onto a life-saving straw and joyfully cried out, “Please elaborate!”

“The aerial camera filmed our entire procedure.”

Lu Yang pointed at the aerial camera. “The program team can post the part that wasn’t broadcast on the official account as a bonus. It can serve as an advertisement and a bonus.”

Zhou Moli, a man of few words by nature, agreed. “The approach is practical. It can not only raise the topic of conversation and create enough suspense, but it can also draw followers to the program team’s official Twitter account.”

Lu Yang added, “The most important thing is to protect the program team’s live broadcast.”

“I’ll let the director know right away!” Xiao Liu was overjoyed.

Lu Yang stopped him. “Wait.”

Xiao Liu paused in his action of dialing his phone and looked up, clearly confused.

“Shouldn’t the director give us something in return because we helped him address this issue?” Lu Yang enquired.

“What do you mean?” Xiao Liu was perplexed.

William remarked, “Lu Yang is saying that you guys ought to assist them in solving a problem.”

It was preposterous that a foreigner had to translate for a local speaker.

“That’s right,” Lu Yang said.

Only then did Xiao Liu come to a realization. “Is that so? What do you want then? I’ll talk to the director and see if it’s okay.”

Lin Xinmeng wanted to interject once more, but she recalled that Lu Yang had always handled her without issue. She was very tactful this time and did not pick a fight.

Lu Yang tapped on her watch and raised her wrist to show Xiao Liu the bottle from mission 3.

“It’s simple. You just need to tell us the connection between 0312 and Mission 3.”

“Mission three?” Qin Yitan pondered. His soul immediately returned to his body, and he was in high spirits.

Xiao Liu hesitated before saying, “All right, I’ll talk to the director about it.”

Xiao Liu called the director. Qin Yitan walked to Lu Yang and asked subserviently, “Why don’t you just ask them to tell us what mission 3 is?”

Zhou Moli stated, “We won’t receive any points if they tell us directly what mission 3 is since we didn’t do any logical reasoning.”

“Huh? Why?” Lin Xinmeng was confused.

Qin Yitan threw her a quick glance. “Why? It must be the rules of the program team!”

Lin Xinmeng was speechless.

Wen Jian was munching on her fruit and enjoying the show. She thought, “A fool is acting smugly in front of a bigger fool. What a sight to see.”

After some time, Xiao Liu was done speaking to the director. “The director gave his approval. The connection between clue 3 and mission 3 is 73.”

“73?” Qin Yitan repeated.

He turned his head and looked at Lu Yang. “What is 73?” he inquired.

“It’s a number,” Lu Yang replied.

“What’s the number?” he went on.

“It’s 73,” answered Lu Yang.

Qin Yitan was utterly speechless and mused, “Are we playing with Russian nesting dolls?”

However, he did not get upset. Qin Yitan chuckled and tried to butter up Lu Yang. “Do you mean the natural cycle?”

Wen Jian could not stand such flattery, so she said faintly, “Why don’t you give it some thought yourself? Why do you keep asking Lu Yang? Don’t you think you’re annoying?”

Qin Yitan’s face changed.

Lin Xinmeng tried to salvage the situation and leave a good impression on Qin Yitan.

“Wen Jian, I believe that Qin Yitan only wants to know about mission 3 so that he can contribute to the team. He means no harm.”

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