Take My Breath Away

Chapter 33 - I Want To Apologize To You

"Mr. Huo, please let me handle this," said the general manager with a flattering smile on his face, as he sauntered closer. He knew better than to trouble a man like Carlos with such trivial matters. More importantly, if Carlos was to deal with the problem himself, the general manager and a few other senior executives might end up getting fired.

Everyone heard how the general manager had addressed Carlos. 'Ah, so he is Mr. Huo!' People stared at Carlos in awe and wonder.

"Shining International Plaza is under ZL Group, and the head of ZL Group is Mr. Huo. So that makes him Mr. Huo, the CEO of ZL Group."

"Mr. Huo? He looks so handsome. I'm so excited! I'm so lucky to see him."

"Hurry! Pinch me! Am I dreaming? Is that the real Mr. Huo standing in front of me?"

The women among the onlookers began to cheer at the top of their lungs. All the while, Debbie had looked at them, slack-jawed, wondering why they weren't intimidated by him.

Before long, the security guards arrived and began to clear the site. They also set up a two-man blockade in front of the store to prevent others from entering.

Only the people involved in the incident were left in the store. "Tomboy, that's Mr. Huo! Wow, it must be fate that keeps bringing you two together time and time again," Kasie whispered in Debbie's ear, excited. This time, Carlos didn't ask his men to throw Debbie out of the mall. Was he starting to get used to her?

Debbie was rendered speechless. She rolled her eyes and threatened, "Shut up!" 'Yes, I know he is Mr. Huo. I'm not deaf, nor am I blind.

What a fake friend you are! Did you forget how this man treated me in the past?' Debbie cast a scornful glance at Kasie.

'I wonder why she rolled her eyes at me?' Kasie was confused at Debbie's reaction.

Meanwhile, Gail's heart raced uncontrollably as she lost herself in her wishful thoughts. 'If Mr. Huo falls for me and marries me, I will become the most respected woman in Y City. No! In the whole world! Every woman will envy me then. I can do whatever I want.'

Trying to calm herself down a bit, Gail walked up to Carlos in the most elegant way and looked at him with her innocent doe eyes.

"Come in here!" Without even casting a glance at Gail, Carlos locked his eyes on his wife and asked her to come in.

Debbie hesitated, shivering with fear, and then walked towards the man reluctantly.

'I can't let Jail Mu frame me like that. I must do something. Wait, how did she act when her boyfriend was here?' Debbie tried her best to retrace Gail's actions.

Then she took everyone by surprise with a few special moves of her own.

She straightened herself up, got close to Carlos, and took his arm in hers before she said, in a soft voice she had never used before, "Mr. Huo, I was threatened by her." She pointed at Gail.

Carlos peeked sideways at her arms around his and realized what she was going to do. 'She is going to use me, ' he mused.

The bag in Kristina's hand dropped on the floor as she murmured in utter disbelief, "Oh my God! Has Debbie gone mad? Is she trying to seduce Mr. Huo?

Carlos had threatened to bury Debbie alive the other night. How did they get so close now?

Kasie gently yanked Kristina's arm and asked in confusion, "Is she out of her mind? Mr. Huo was just starting to put their past disputes behind him, and now she is trying to stir up trouble again? Why is she holding his arm so tightly?"

Gail stood there paralysed from the neck up, unable to comprehend what had just occurred. Burning rage hissed through her body when she noticed the intimacy between Carlos and Debbie. 'That dirty bitch! Why is she such a thorn in my side?' she cursed inwardly.

Disregarding everyone else around her, Debbie pouted her lips at Carlos and complained, "Mr. Huo, I took a fancy to the collar pin and wanted to buy it for you as a gift, but when I was about to pay, that woman and her boyfriend stopped me." She played the victim in such a pettishly charming manner that the people who knew her began to shiver.

Her voice was soft, and to add more effect, she even stomped her feet gently, just as Gail had done before.

As a matter of fact, she pulled off acting like an innocent girl quite well, and she appeared more natural than Gail. People who didn't know her would easily think that she was just a helpless, little flower, who stole people's hearts with her innocence.

Carlos looked at her performance, his face deadpan, but he didn't shake her arms off.

Meanwhile, the general manager cowered in the corner, wishing he could bury his head in the sand somewhere. 'Who is this girl? What's her relationship with Mr. Huo? Why does every woman want to seduce him?' he thought.

Kasie and Kristina held each other as they were unable to stand on their own. They didn't know why Debbie was acting like this. "Kasie, I guess we need to take Tomboy away from Mr. Huo and run away as far as possible. Look at his face! He must be so angry. What if he asks his men to throw her out again?" Kristina asked.

Kasie patted her hand to calm her down and answered, "Don't worry. Look, Mr. Huo didn't shake her hands off. Maybe things are not as bad as what we think they are."

Kristina finally calmed down a little. However, neither girl was able to figure out what Carlos was thinking, since he was just standing there poker-faced.

'I thought Mr. Huo and Debbie hated each other very much. Since when did they become so close?' both Kristina and Kasie thought.

The general manager approached Debbie in an attempt to take her away from Carlos, as he assumed she was making him angry.

"Miss, if you have any grievances, please come with me. We'll try our best to meet your needs." He reached out his hand towards Debbie.

However, before he could touch her, a man's hand grabbed his wrist. Kristina and Kasie held each other more tightly to support themselves as they watched with great anticipation from the corner. They couldn't believe their eyes.

"Kristina, did you see that?" Kasie asked her friend. Her only concern now was the relationship between Carlos and Debbie. She didn't even have time to smoothen her messy hair.

Of course Kristina saw Carlos protect Debbie from the general manager. Her eyes had been glued to them from the very beginning. Kristina nodded and asked, "Do you reckon they finally fell in love with each other after having been through so many fights?

The two girls looked at each other in awe. Then one nodded, but the other shook her head.

"How's that possible? I have seen lovers turn against each other, but I've never heard of enemies becoming lovers." Kasie cast a scornful glance at Kristina, as she felt like she was overreacting.

Then, they turned their heads back to watch the fun.

The general manager withdrew his hand in embarrassment. He finally realized that there must be something between Carlos and the girl.

Gail looked at Carlos in disbelief and wondered what their relationship was. 'Debbie is a sneaky little bitch! Since when has she been with Mr. Huo?

No wonder she was so bold last time when she said, "Who told you Mr. Huo turned me down?" So she is Mr. Huo's mistress?

That can't be possible! There's not even a chance in hell for someone like Mr. Huo to have a thing for a woman like Debbie!'

Gail consoled herself in her mind.

"Why don't you go pay the bill?" Carlos passed the box to Debbie. She flashed a wide, satisfied grin and walked over to the cashier's desk.

'He took my side this time,' she thought cheerfully.

The people in the store all heard what Carlos said. They didn't dare to disobey him. The cashier immediately put on a hospitable smile, and charged the item to Debbie's bank card.

Debbie felt like someone had squeezed the life out of her, as she glanced at the invoice and put it inside her purse, nonchalantly. With the box in her hand, she walked over to Carlos and gave him the gift.

In a sweet and soothing voice, she said, "I want to apologize to you for what I've done in the past. Please forgive me." 'After he forgive me, maybe we can sit together and talk about our marriage in a calm manner, 'she thought.

'Ah, she want to put our differences aside. So, that's why she bought the collar pin for me.' The thought gladdened Carlos, and his satisfaction showed on his face. 'A sapphire collar pin? I've never tried this colour before...'

"Mr. Huo, I will be leaving with my friends now." Shortly after Debbie handed the gift to Carlos, she bid him farewell as she was afraid that he would make trouble with her again.

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