Take My Breath Away

Chapter 34 - A Fight

Just after saying goodbye to Carlos, Debbie grabbed her two friends, who were still caught in a daze, and left the mall as quickly as they could.

A foreboding darkness took over Carlos' face, as he handed the gift to his secretary and swept his eyes over the crowd before he ordered the general manager, "Call the other senior executives. We need to have a meeting, now

Carlos gave everyone shivers as he strode past them and proceeded to the conference room of the mall.

The senior executives on the site palpitated with terror and thought, "A drastic management change will ensue."

In a beverage shop named No. 99 Milk Tea, three girls were drinking their pudding milk tea in silence. After a big gulp, Kasie decided to speak up.

"Tell us what was going on between you and Mr. Huo." She winked and flashed a wicked grin at Debbie, who was so nervous that tiny beads of sweat started popping out of her forehead.

Debbie knew they wouldn't let her go easily if she didn't tell them anything. After a brief consideration, she explained with a pitiful look, "All of this started from that kiss between Mr. Huo and me that night. He felt offended by me and because of that, I've had such a hard time these past few days. Kristina, you heard him the other night. He wanted to bury me alive. As if that weren't bad enough, I accidentally bumped him with my car last night. What lousy luck, eh? Fortunately, he was not injured. Otherwise, I might have been dead by now."

Fearing that they were going to see through her lies, she lowered her head and slowly sipped her milk tea through a straw.

'Sorry, Carlos. I lied to them about bumping you with my car. I had no other choice. If I told them the truth, they would react in the same way as Jared did and send me to a mental hospital.'

Debbie sensed that the two girls were not fully convinced, so she continued, "Alas! I kissed him at the bar first. Then I offended him in Shining International Plaza. Last night, I almost ran him over with my car. I had to apologize to him for the sake of my own safety. And do you think a verbal apology would suffice? Come on! He's the richest man in Y City!"

Still, the two girls looked unconvinced. "I don't think the sapphire collar pin would work either. He is a man of wealth. I don't think he would like the gift," Kristina retorted. Initially, Kristina thought that the collar pin, which cost nearly $200, 000, would make a great gift as it was expensive and extravagant. However, on second thought, when she remembered that Carlos was the richest bachelor in Y City, she realized that it wasn't going to satisfy his taste.

"Of course, it's not going to work. I was afraid that he would reject the gift, so I ran away from the mall as fast as I could." Debbie wiped the sweat off her forehead. Why was it so hard to tell a lie?

Why couldn't they believe that Carlos was her husband?

Kasie smoothed her hair and teased, "Tomboy, I believe what you're saying is the truth. I don't think a rich bachelor like Mr. Huo will fall for a tomboy like you. Look at you, you don't even have big boobs or a juicy butt."

Debbie slammed her palm on the desk and argued, "Hey, watch your tongue. I have a perfectly good figure." The topic had been successfully changed, but Debbie still had a lingering fear at the back of her mind that she couldn't shake off.

Kasie and Kristina eyed their friend from head to toe and looked at each other before bursting into laughter.

Debbie knew what their laughter meant. She raised her chest up and snorted with laughter. 'I'll ask Julie to make me nutritious dishes every day so that my boobs will grow big.'

The three of them had hotpot that evening. After saying goodbye to her friends, Debbie went back to the villa.

The weather was getting colder. She pulled her coat close and opened the gate of the villa.

'It's only 9 p.m., and I don't think Carlos would be back so soon, ' she thought.

She hummed a song as she changed her shoes and walked up the stairs.

"You are the one, and you knew it anyway. If I said I love you, would you say it back, la la la... Aghhh!" A heartrending scream broke the silence.

Carlos looked at the girl in front of him, expressionless. Was he that scary?

If Debbie hadn't held onto the rails tightly, she would have rolled down the stairs.

What was Carlos doing home at this hour? That was weird.

"You need to go to the university early tomorrow morning. So don't stay up late," Carlos said indifferently, as he cast a glance at her and walked down the stairs with an empty glass in his hand.

Debbie nodded slowly, still feeling a bit shaken up. 'I better listen to him.'

She took a deep breath to recollect herself, before she left for her bedroom and locked the door behind her.

The next day, a girl with long hair and a white dress was reading a book on psychology in a large classroom. A gentle smile was hanging on her lips. Her name was Gail. Although she seemed to be reading her book, her attention was focused on the conversation of the students behind her.

"Hey, did you guys hear that? Debbie Nian, who has a strong family background, has been seen riding a luxurious car recently. The car is worth tens of millions of dollars!"

"Yes, I heard that. Does she have a sugar daddy?"

"Are you kidding me? She doesn't even dress like a girl at all. I think she's a lesbian. I don't think men would find her attractive. Look at our Gail, on the other hand. She is so pretty and elegant. She could be our Miss University!" commented a boy with pimples all over his face while giving Gail a flattering smile.

Deep down in her heart, Gail was thrilled, but she managed to keep herself calm. "Debbie must be from a prominent family. I couldn't hold a candle to her." Sarcasm was pouring out of her voice, but the others were unable to spot it.

The boy was not convinced. "Gail, you come from an affluent family as well. What's more, we don't actually know Debbie's family background. I guess she cooked up a story on her mysterious family background and spread it around herself." His voice was so loud that everyone in the classroom heard it.

Many students wanted to chime in with him, but when they saw the girl staring at the boy with a fierce look in her eyes, they all lowered their heads and pretended to read.

However, Gail and the boy failed to notice this. "Don't say it like that. My dad merely owns a small company," she said with a timid smile. Gail was pretending to be modest on purpose.

Thinking of Gail's family resources, they look at her with eyes beaming with admiration. "Gail, your father is a CEO. But what about Debbie Nian? I heard that she is an orphan. Her father died a long time ago. Her mother abandoned her..."

Bang! before he could continue, the door of the classroom was kicked open all of a sudden.

When he saw who was standing at the door, he cowered in fear, face as pale as a ghost. 'When did Debbie Nian get here? Are we going to have the lesson with her class? Did she hear what I said?'

Standing behind Debbie, were several boys rubbing their fists, eager for a fight. This made the boy feel more frightened and intimidated.

Debbie scowled at the boy as she was really irritated by his comments regarding her parents. She cast a short glance at the camera in the classroom and gave Jared a wink. Jared immediately understood what she meant. As the tallest boy in the university, he grabbed a chair and covered the camera with a book.

"Tomboy, I was wrong. Please forgive me!" The boy apologized to Debbie as he was soon surrounded by several boys with malicious smile and a thirst for violence.

'Ha? Now you are apologzing to me? When you spoke ill of my parents, did you ever realize that I would be piseed?' Debbie thought. As soon as she made a gesture with her hand, the boys threw him to the floors and started beating him.

The boy cried in pain, but nobody in the classroom dared to come forward to help him. On one hand, the boy deserved it, and on the other hand, they didn't want to cross Debbie.

Gail was gripped with fear when she saw what was happening. She turned to look at Debbie and wondered, 'does she know that I went to the Dean's office yesterday to file a complaint against her?

What a shameless hooligan! All she knew is how to bully others. Why hasn't the dean or the principal kicked her out of the university yet? Bah!'

Five minutes later, Debbie left the classroom with her hands in her pockets, followed by her companions.

The boy staggered to his feet. His body swayed a bit while his face remained unscathed. His attackers made sure to hit him everywhere except for his face.

'It hurts so much!' He twitched in pain. As he watched Debbie walking away, he swore to himself that he would stay away from this hooligan as much as possible.

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