Take My Breath Away

Chapter 32 - Tomboy What The Hell

"Are you seriously asking me why I threw your wallet out? You obviously wanted to snatch the collar pin that I wanted to buy! I've already had enough of your dirty little tricks. If you ever dare mess with me again, I swear you will get more than this! I'll definitely beat you up!" Debbie said, shouting so loudly that her voice grabbed the attention of many mall-goers. After saying this, she shook her fist that made Gail's face turn pale. Intimidated by her, she dodged Debbie's eyes and ran out to pick up her wallet.

When Victor saw his girlfriend getting bullied, he pointed to Debbie and threatened in a harsh voice, "If you dare bully my baby again, I will ask the guards to throw you out of the mall." Gail looked like a little girl helplessly picking up her wallet in front of the crowd.

Despite hearing his threat, Debbie only rolled her eyes and said in a nonchalant tone, "Help yourself. Go ahead and do whatever you like." She had never been a push-over. She wasn't afraid of anyone in this world.

This attitude of hers made her able to walk through life as brave as she could despite everything she'd been through. But, wait! Out of all the people, there was one man she wouldn't dare to offend -- Carlos. In the midst of her fierce stance, his face suddenly popped up in her mind. 'You want to threaten me? Okay! Just bring Carlos here, and then I'll do as you say, ' she thought to herself.

After some time, the crowd started to build up. Some mall-goers were already talking about the commotion that was happening, pointing to the store where Debbie was. Upon seeing Gail's wallet flying out of the store, many were surprised. How could the security of a prestigious mall allow such a commotion to happen? And that very moment the wallet flew out, coincidentally, Carlos was there.

Judging from the flying track of the wallet, he could easily tell that it was thrown out on purpose. He then saw a girl with red eyes, trying to stop her tears, running towards the wallet and picked it up.

Surprised, the general manager of the mall, who was standing right beside Carlos, could only wipe his cold sweat off his forehead, realizing that something wrong was happening in the store. 'Why did this thing happen in such a crucial time?' he thought to himself. "Mr. Huo, let's go check what happened," he said with utmost respect, trying to hide his embarrassment and fear of what would come out from this incident.

A few minutes before Debbie started the commotion, Carlos had arrived at the mall to inspect it with no prior notification. That day, the mall's senior executives had come as quickly as they could to meet him. Not a single soul in the management had known of Carlos' arrival ahead of time, and for such a thing to happen, nobody knew how he would react.

With such a messy sight, Carlos' face grew darker and darker. This left the general manager in a cold sweat.

Judging by the face of his boss, the general manager guessed Carlos didn't hear his suggestion. All that time, his eyes were fixated on the store.

Gail stood up after picking up her wallet; the next moment, a man was seen being pushed out of the store by a girl.

With this, more and more passersby gathered and stopped by to look in the hallway, gossiping in low voices.

After taking a glance at the man's face and recognizing who he was, the general manager held his breath, his heart skipping a beat. 'Damn it! What has this good-for-nothing done this time?' he cursed inwardly.

Victor, who had been pushed out by Debbie, ran back into the store and grabbed her wrist shouting, "How dare you lay your finger on me? This time, you are screwed!" His eyes were burning, his hand gripping harder on Debbie's wrist.

People who witnessed his violence thought that the girl would be at loss. However, Debbie didn't even bat an eyelash, fearless as she'd always been.

Worried, Kasie and Kristina were about to help their friend, but Debbie signaled them to stop and lowered her head to look at the man's hand. She could feel his grip getting harder, but it didn't stop her from fighting back.

Suddenly, she grabbed his arms and gave him an overarm throw effortlessly. She could bear Gail's attitude towards her for she could never beat a girl. However, there was no way she couldn't beat a man who dared to offend her.

Seeing her attack, the crowd was in awe. Some even applauded her actions.

"Ugh!" Victor cried in pain. His voice reverberated on the third floor. It was clear to everybody that he was truly in pain. "Ugh! Let go of me!" he repeated. As the commotion continued, more and more people gathered around, blocking Carlos' sight. Being able to take a short glance at the girl, he felt she looked familiar.

'Why is the girl so familiar?' Carlos thought. 'Damn it!' Suddenly, he realized who she was. After learning that it was Debbie, he immediately trotted towards the store, pushing people away in front of him.

After seeing Carlos' menacing yet prominent figure, the crowd stepped back and let him through. With his brows furrowed, the general manager and his companions sighed inwardly, 'We are done.'

Meanwhile, Debbie released Victor from her grip. She looked more arrogant than ever after what she had done. Victor remained silent. After a while, when the pain went off a bit, Gail helped him as he was struggling to stand straight. Furious, he cast a ferocious glance at Debbie and raised his arm, ready to give her a slap.

But as he was about to give her a hard smack, she blocked his arm and gave him a hard kick in the crotch. "Were you trying to slap me? Who do you think you are?" Debbie exclaimed.

Kasie and Kristina were in awe from their friend's strength and bravery. "Tomboy, you're awesome!" Kasie clapped her hands and exclaimed in excitement. Debbie, on the other hand, acted like she didn't hear her and continued to stare at Victor who was now curling in pain on the floor.

Meanwhile, Kristina, who was also drooling over Debbie, said, "Tomboy, you're so handsome! I love you so much!"

Amidst their excitement, Carlos, who was inches away from the store, was not in a good mood. Hearing the man's painful cry and his wife being called "Tomboy", he thought, 'Tomboy? What the hell?

Just how could she be so fearless?'

'I've heard many of her friends calling her Tomboy. Is she not a girl? Why can't she act like one even just for a single day?' he cried in his mind. Contrary to her friends' amazement, he felt a little disappointed about her not being woman-like.

Intimidated by his strong aura, the crowd stepped further aside so that Carlos could see what happened and walk through.

Seeing Victor lying on the floor, struck with pain and moaning, Carlos stared at him for a second and then glanced at Debbie. Sparing him no mercy, Debbie was looking down at him, ready to give him another kick if he got up.

Pained, "Damn bitch! I swear I'll teach you a hard lesson today!" Victor said through gritted teeth as he finally struggled to his feet. Knowing what had really happened, many onlookers couldn't help but giggle at his awkward position.

This time, Gail didn't dare to come and help her boyfriend. She was afraid that she would be beaten by her cousin.

Meanwhile, Victor's arrogance made Debbie want to teach him one good lesson. She raised her leg and kicked him in the abdomen. Again, he cried and crossed his hands over his belly. He almost fell back on the floor.

Struggling to fight off the pain, he took several deep breaths, staggered towards Debbie and was about to slap her in the face.

However, his arm was blocked again -- this time, not by Debbie, but by a man behind him.

It was not until then that Debbie paid attention to the man standing behind Victor. It took her a second to realize who he was. Suddenly, an icy shiver ran down her spine.

'What the fuck? Not again? Why is he everywhere?' she shouted inside.

With her eyes widened, she asked, "Why?" but could no longer continue. 'Is he shopping with another woman this time?' she thought to herself.

'Or maybe, just maybe, does he have a thing for me? Could he be stalking me?' she wondered. Questions kept on popping up in her mind, as she tried to understand his presence.

On the other hand, Victor, not knowing who was standing behind him, scolded him harshly. "Who the hell would try to stop…" But as soon as he turned his head, he shut his mouth, looking closely at the man's cold eyes.

'He looks so intimidating! And his face looks familiar, ' he thought. 'I think I've seen him somewhere. Ah, I remember him! He's Mr. Huo!' he silently exclaimed.

'How come he's here? Does he know this bitch?' The very thought brought Victor out in a cold sweat.

Annoyed, Carlos shook him off. Victor was once again thrown onto the floor; he rolled about three meters before he finally stopped. Once again, everyone burst into laughter. They thought, 'How could a man be so entangled on such a funny scene?'

However, several others didn't laugh; they were Debbie and the senior executives of the mall. Surprised by his presence, Kasie and Kristina wondered why Carlos was there. It seemed like they had forgotten that Debbie was in trouble with Carlos, and they were now drooling over his handsome face.

"Uh..." Debbie was about to greet her husband, but she lost her words when she caught sight of his cold eyes. The once strong and fearless woman, who had just beaten up a man, now seemed to act like a little girl who was about to get scolded. She clenched her clothes and lowered her head, like an obedient wife.

'Oh no! Is he going to throw me out of the mall again?' she thought. 'This time, I'm screwed. Just why is he here?'

After staring at Debbie who was now acting so obedient, Carlos turned to look at the saleslady and coldly asked, "What happened?" Dominated by his prominent, alluring figure, the saleslady didn't dare to utter a single word.

Curious of the man who just appeared, Gail, who was standing not far away, widened her eyes upon seeing Carlos. 'The man is so handsome,' she realized. 'I remember him. He didn't even punish me for what I've done on his launch event. He must have a thing for me.' she thought, giggling a little.

Amused by her own idea, she plucked up some courage and went up to him, feigning a soft and innocent voice. "Mr. Huo, I'm Gail Mu. I took a fancy to a collar pin in this store. Then, I went to the ladies' room for a bit and when I came back, my classmate already took it away. I told her that it was already reserved for me but she didn't listen. Mr. Liu, the vice-general manager, also persuaded her but it went in vain. Not only did she not listen to a word we said, she even beat Mr. Lui."

'What? She didn't even mention that Victor is her boyfriend. Is she trying to pick on Carlos? What a slut!' Debbie thought after hearing her words.

Not giving a care to Gail's words, Carlos didn't even cast a single glance at her He just looked at Debbie and then stepped into the store asking "Where is the collar pin?"

Immediately, a salesgirl held embroidered box in her cupped hands and passed it to him.

Reaching his arm out, he took the box over, opened it and looked at the collar pin and the brooch. 'Why would Debbie want to buy a collar pin and a brooch? Could it be that she only wanted to stir up trouble for the girl?' he thought, wondering why Debbie would go to such extremes for such things.

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