Sword Among Us

Chapter 807 - Brutality at the Battlefield

Chapter 807: Brutality at the Battlefield

Bloody Lake was pretty good. Once he caught up, he used just a few moves to kill his Mongolian cavalier before he returned in anger.

Xu Jun was slightly weaker. When he witnessed the Mongolian cavalier’s strength, speed, and reaction, he instantly became careful. While he chased after him, he avoided the sharp momentum from the Mongolian cavalier’s attacks. He utilized his advantage in shifting his position and by changing his moves to slowly whittle down the Mongolian cavalier’s life. He fought for a full half a minute before he ended the fight.

The weakest in their party was the lady in red, Sweet Chili.

Even though Young Yu Yan caused the Mongolian cavalier lose all possibility of fleeing, Sweet Chili clearly did not notice her own advantage. After suffering multiple setbacks from fighting against the Mongolian cavalier, she had practically lost her confidence in fighting.

“Can someone like this still be considered a cavalier? He’s definitely in Inaction Realm…” The lady in red’s purlicue was in pain. While she chased after the cavalier, she grumbled in shame.

“Those ten points are indeed not so easy to get.” Xu Jun stood on his spot with sparkling eyes, and no one knew what he was thinking about.

Bloody Lake chased after Sweet Chili’s cavalier with wide steps.

“You’re so slow! I’ll deal with him!”

At that moment, Xu Jun, Happy, and Young Yu Yan could already tell that the lady in red absolutely could not kill a Mongolian cavalier on her own. They frowned, but they tacitly agreed to have Bloody Lake interfere into the fight.

Due to his previous experience, with less than ten moves, Bloody Lake managed to leave behind terrifying wounds on the Mongolian cavalier, and he gained another ten points.

“You can’t even kill a Mongolian cavalier, and you still had the courage to accept the quest to go to the enemy rear?”

Once Bloody Lake received the system notification, he snorted derisively while he walked past the lady in red to return to the party. At that moment, Sweet Chili’s face was red in rage.

Right then, the system notification arrived once more.

“Completed mission to kill patrols. Current progress of Reconnaissance Quest: 10%”

But it was clear that the lady in red did not obtain any notification, because she did not personally kill a patrolling cavalier.

“It’s best if you leave.” As the party leader, Xu Jun walked to the lady in red under the other three’s silent gazes. “If you can’t even kill a Mongolian cavalier, it’ll be very hard for you to gain points. Even if we bring you around, it won’t benefit you in the slightest. That’s why, you should leave.”

Sweet Chili said nothing. The color on her face switched between pale and red, but she could not say anything as a retort.

She originally thought that the Mongolian cavaliers will be very easy to kill, but by now, reality showed her that this was not the case. The Mongolian cavaliers’ strength had exceeded her expectations, and normal people will not be able to kill them.


When the lady in red left the party, there were already countless players who left the borders in dejectedness as well on the plains where the two armies fought.

They joined the battlefield much earlier than the lady in red, and they got into contact with the Mongolian cavaliers much earlier!

These people who lived on the backs of horses lived in extremely bad conditions all year long. Fighting, wrestling, sparring, shooting, and riding were their past times.

The trend of martial arts was great among them.

Even though their martial arts were not as systematic as the Chinese martial arts, those in the army trained every day. In fact, they would even fight against tigers and leopards.

Each of them had extraordinary Arm Strength!

They also had great experience in fighting!

They might not be able to compare to the Chinese martial artists when they fought against them, but while they were on horses, cavaliers were the true masters of the battlefield.

The Chinese martial artists who were used to fighting on even ground felt that the situation was different from what they expected right when they came into contact with these cavaliers.

Some of the weaker ones were sent flying away with one axe or saber strike. The powerful impact crushed their bones.

Some of the players could not even hold their weapons with a firmly.

There were even a lot who were killed with just one swing of the Mongolians’ attack.

Tens of thousands of players who joined the quest to attack the enemy flanks were like a piece of frail paper before the thousands of cavaliers. They were easily torn and crushed!

The powerful charge from the great cavaliers caused them to feel how it was like being trapped in a meat grinder that brought death who all inside!

The attacks from the cavaliers on the horses as well as the ingenious and exquisite kills by these cavaliers while they spurred their horses forward could instantly determine life and death, even if the martial artists had managed to seize the initiative.

Some people attempted to strike these cavaliers down using hidden weapons.

But there was a limit to the attack range in hidden weapons, and they will always strike the armored cavaliers’ body armor.

Even if they got lucky and managed to strike down a small group of Mongolian armors, this small number was insignificant to the grand scale of things!



Horse hooves thundered against the ground. The cavaliers turned into sharp awls that viciously moved through the Chinese martial artists who were fighting against their own opponents.

Surprised cries and pained screams could be heard nonstop.


In a certain part of the plains, blood gushed into the air. Tens of thousands of people and horses were scattered in a disorderly fashion on the plains, and they fled madly into different directions, but they were still killed by groups of Mongolian armored cavaliers who chased after them in a tight formation.

“Knife! Bar! Thunder! Form a formation with me and block their charge! Others, retreat!”

In one of the directions was a small group of people who gathered together, and they retreated in an orderly fashion.

But everyone’s expressions in that group was unpleasant, especially Rampaging Dragon’s.

This time, he led a little more than one hundred and thirty Mu Clan, but in the blink of an eye, sixteen of them died. The others were all injured, and in such a chaotic area, it was impossible for him to control the situation.

During the first charge, the tens of thousands of Chinese players as well as two thousand infantrymen were all completely scattered and defeated by only thousands of Mongolian cavaliers.

This was not a battle, this was a pure, one-sided massacre!

While surprised screams rose around him, Rampaging gnashed his teeth and roared, “A group of cavaliers are heading our way! Everyone, retreat! Heal your injuries and restore your qi before rebuilding your formation to fight!”

The real war had just begun.


On the first day a storm raged at the borders, the system caused countless players to experience the brutality of war!

As many players who died began cursing up a storm online, a large number of players also rebuked the system for the ridiculous setting on the Mongolian cavaliers’ strength, but there were even more people who enjoyed the misfortune these people suffered.

[You have millions of Chinese martial artists fighting at the borders, so why should the enemy army be so easy to deal with?]

[Those are Mongolian armored cavaliers, not some roving bandits!]

In fact, there were even some people who posted a few pictures of the martial artists retreating while they were about to enter the battle, creating a chance for the Mongolian cavaliers to bring forth chaos among them.

Some of those who had ulterior motives suddenly withdrew at the moment the two armies fought, intending to have someone else withstand the impact from the first charge, but that just resulted in the formation being thrown into chaos. Then, it caused a single sided slaughter, and no one was able to retreat unschathed from the charges by the cavaliers.

The titles of the posts were full of a mocking tone.

[Is this your so called war?]

[Martial artists might be good when it comes to a one-on-one battle, but before the armored cavaliers, you can’t even compare to a normal soldier!]

Attached behind these words was a lancer resolutely thrusting his spear at a Mongolian cavalier and throwing him off his horse.

Similar words of anger gradually died down.

But the devastating situation on the first day did indeed make many people become dispirited. They came to realize that they might not be able to gain a lot of points or benefits over the month.

Many martial artists left the borders and retreated from the battlefield.

But even more people chose to stay.

Regardless of whether it was to fulfill their dream of fighting in the battlefield, their reluctance to admit defeat in the hands of normal cavaliers, or because of even greater ambition, there were still many martial artists who chose to stay and search for a breakthrough point.

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