Sword Among Us

Chapter 808 - Enemy’s Reconnoiterer

Chapter 808: Enemy’s Reconnoiterer

“We succeeded in the ambush this time, and we can at least be certain of two pieces of information. One, the combat power of those Mongolian cavaliers isn’t the same as the bandits we fought before, and the Mongolian cavaliers’ are very powerful. They are also very cautious, and their adaptability in combat is extraordinary. Their Arm Strength is also above ours, and it’ll be difficult for us to kill them in one shot.”

He stopped talking for a moment, and Xu Jun rubbed his nose in slight embarrassment while he smiled wanly. “Two, now that Sweet Chili is gone, I’m the weakest in the party. I’m not quite fit to be the party leader now.”

When he said this, he looked at Young Yu Yan and Chen Kai. “Both of you can kill a Mongolian cavalier right off the bat, and you’re both pretty good. Bloody Lake, if you’re okay with it, I’ll reestablish the rules for the distribution of points in our party. If we run into similar patrol teams, Young Yu Yan and Chen Kai will take turns into getting rid of that extra Mongolian cavalier.”

The battle just now had allowed him to see that Young Yu Yan was indeed worthy of her dazzling supreme grade equipment. She had displayed outstanding combat prowess.

But what caught him by surprise was that Chen Kai actually had great skills hidden under his ordinary looks and normal equipment. Without batting an eyelid, he showed that his strength was above Bloody Lake.

Bloody Lake looked very displeased.

He looked at Chen Kai for a while, but he said nothing in disagreement.

Even though he was slightly displeased by the redistribution of points, Xu Jun had indeed made the best arrangement, and the strength Chen Kai showed just now had actually made him a little wary.

“No comment.”

Happy’s tone was calm. Even though he was not very interested in the extra ten points, since Xu Jun made those arrangements, he will not mind getting more of it.

Based on the skills she showed just now, Xu Xin might just be at a normal first-class player, but the combination of sword techniques and saber techniques allowed the combat strength she could display in one explosive moment to be extraordinary. Her reactions while adapting to situations was also pretty good. If she continued developing like this, she might be able to enter the ranks of a top class player.

With a set of divine weapons and demon vessels at the fourth echelon on her, she had indeed become more capable in protecting herself on these plains.

Young Yu Yan nodded.

“We’ll do things based on what you said. I’ll rotate killing that extra cavalier with Chen Kai.

“Chen Kai, you can kill the next one first. I’ll watch by the side.”

Perhaps it was because Chen Kai’s name was too similar to Chen Kaixin, which was why she cast an additional glance at Happy when she spoke.

A new rule was formed.

The Mongolian cavaliers did not drop anything, and the party of four went on their way once more.

Since they were very close to the enemy’s camp, the four continued to move forward while crouching down. Their attention was fixed solely advancing while relying on the terrain around them providing them cover. At the same time, they paid attention as to whether there were signs of enemy forces around them.

“Yu Yan.”

This was the first time Happy spoke to Xu Xin face to face in the game.

When she heard Chen Kai call her, her reaction made her look as if she was somewhat affected by him calling to her. She turned around and looked at him with a hint of puzzlement and confusion in her eyes. Bloody Lake and Xu Jun also became attentive to their conversation.

Yu Yan’s strength in the party had caused them to treat her seriously. They were still not very certain of Chen Kai’s true strength, and they did not know whether his ability to kill that Mongolian cavalier in one go was by luck or by pure sheer, because they had not been able to see how Chen Kai attacked clearly.

Right now, Chen Kai, who had been keeping quiet all this while, suddenly spoke, and it naturally attracted their attention.

“It’s nothing important, but I just wanted to remind you to stop for a moment and put on a disguise for your outer clothes, or else it’ll be too eye-catching, and it’ll be easy for the enemy’s reconnoiterer to discover us.”

Happy reminded her calmly.

Even though Yu Yan was strong enough that she could survive in this place, she was still not well prepared when it came to certain details.

It was only then that the trio came to a realization. On the boundless plains, the bright light yellow dress was indeed rather eye-catching.

When they were in an environment where they could be discovered at any moment by the enemy forces, this sort of attire was very dangerous.

“You’re right. We’ll run into enemy reconnoiterers at any moment. If we’re discovered, the situation will be bad for us.” Xu Jun nodded.

“I got it.”

Xu Xin cast a puzzled glance at Chen Kai, who looked away. She agreed to his request and quickly brought out some medicinal liquid from her Universe Bag before she poured it on her clothes.

It was a concoction to remove color.

The light yellow dress quickly faded in color, and it was no longer as eye-catching as before. From the distance, she looked like a small gray dot, and if no one paid attention to her, it was difficult for anyone to notice her.

They resumed their journey.

The party of four had been moving forward silently for more than ten minutes, and they noticed that the frequency in which patrolling teams appeared around them had gradually increased. In fact, the terrain around them seemed to have been tampered with, and they could even occasionally see some crude looking traps in the area.

All this made the party of four instantly become even more cautious. They knew that they were now very close to the enemy’s main camp, because there were similar items near the Chinese army.

Xu Jun deliberately lowered his voice, but he still managed to send his voice in Happy and the others ears. “Very good, we’re at our destination. The map the system gave us has already begun automatically recording the situation. We just need to circle round the area once, and we’ll basically complete the second quest. Be careful. This segment of the quest takes up a rather high portion of the progress bar. Don’t expose yourselves.”

They nodded, held their breaths, and became even more cautious of their actions. They moved at an even slower pace than before, and they will stop and observe their surroundings once every 328 feet.

Happy took some time to cast a glance at the map. It now showed about one-tenth of the region, and if they continued progressing this way, in half an hour, they will be able to complete the most important part of the reconnaissance quest.

“Heh, this reconnaissance quest isn’t that hard…” Bloody Lake could not help but say and sneered at the back of the party. He looked up in a contemptuous manner and revealed a small part of his head from above a slope.

“It’ll soon be dark. Why don’t we stop and move when night arrives?” Happy looked at the sky and suggested.

“This place isn’t a good hiding spot. Let’s continue moving forward.” Xu Jun pointed at an area ahead. It was a concave slope. The terrain there was rather bumpy, and people could hide there.

“That place?”

The entire party peeked out of the slope, and a problem instantly fell on their heads.


Dust suddenly stirred up right at the spot where Xu Jun pointed, which was the bumpy area in the distance. Several men in black crawled forward with dexterous movements, and at the same time, a piercing red signal shot out from one person’s hands. It rose to the air 656 feet away. With one loud bang, it exploded, and all those within a circular area of three miles could see it clearly.

The party’s expressions changed drastically.

‘Oh no! Enemy reconnoiterers!’

Xu Jun’s expression turned dark. He did not expect that the system will also take a fancy of the place that caught his eye, and it had even exposed their identities and positions.

“Kill them!”

Happy was the first to react to the situation. He shot out of the slope. “Once they release the signal flare, the patrolling soldiers nearby will soon come over, but if we don’t get rid of those reconnoiterers now, they will keep following us! By then, even if we run to the ends of the world, we won’t be able to shake them off!:

The alarm in Xu Jun and Bloody Lake’s eyes instantly turned into resolution and killing intent. They followed closely behind Happy and charged out of their hiding place, increasing their speed instantly to the limit.

Once the three-man recon squad noticed Happy and the rest, they did not leave after they fired the signal flare, because they could already tell that these four came from the plains, and they were in charge of reconnaissance. Their job was to keep an eye on these four spies while they waited for the patrols to come over.

But unfortunately for them, they were clearly too optimistic.

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