Sword Among Us

Chapter 806 - First Battle

Chapter 806: First Battle

Thud thud thud thud!

Horse hooves quickly drew near!

The five people in the party held their breaths and curled up behind the slope. They did not move and waited for the best time for an ambush. No one took the initiative to reveal themselves and attack, because they knew very clearly that when this small group of patrolling cavaliers noticed enemies, they will definitely not engage them in a fight, but will do everything they can to flee.

This place was not far away from the enemy’s main army. Once they exposed themselves and one of those cavaliers left, it will be impossible for them to continue with their scouting quest. The only thing they will face was being surrounded by enemies.

Happy did not mind this. Even if he had to face one hundred cavaliers, he was also confident that he can slaughter his way out of the encirclement. After all, Nine Yang Divine Skill provided an endless supply of qi, and he was not afraid of this sort of continuous war of attrition, but Young Yu Yan and the rest of the party will not be able to last.

“It’s the Han Chinese!”


At that moment, the five cavaliers charging toward them finally reached the slope. The light that was reflected from the weapons from Happy’s party instantly pierced their eyes. Their pupils dilated, and they cried out in surprise while they reigned in their horses. Then, they turned around in an attempt to flee.

Unfortunately for them, since they turned around while they were so close to Happy and his party, it was enough time to create a chance for Happy’s party to kill them.

Bloody Lake led the charge and shot out from behind the slope. Two ghastly sawtoothed sabers released a terrifying chill and bloody red light under the sun.

Saber glares were flung out. The cavalier who was the closest to them was a big and built man. He was dressed in a metallic scale armor. Before he had the chance to completely turn around, he already felt the saber glares charge at him.

But what they did not expect was that the cavalier will actually counterattack when he tugged at his horse and turned around.

The cavalier’s hand went to his waist, and a powerful, short, and small axe went charging at the sawtoothed sabers coming at him accurately.


A piercing metallic whine rose in the air.

As expected of a man who was ranked on Demon Influence Rank. Bloody Lake was able to produce results with his attack straightaway. The Mongolian cavalier grunted, and the horse under him had its knees buckle before it fell down, a clear sign that it was unable to withstand the power that came from the clash of weapons between them.

A shrill neigh rose. The horse fell down. Even so, the Mongolian cavalier dexterously rolled on the ground along with the momentum before he charged into the distance without ever stopping. Bloody Lake’s attack did not actually create any obvious damage on him.

What Bloody Lake could not accept was that the full-powered strike he delivered while he had the initiative not only did not manage to create any damage on the Mongolian cavalier, his axe had actually caused such a great rebound that his qi and blood tumbled in his body. Bloody Lake took a few steps backward, and the distance between them instantly widened.

Everything might seem to have happened over a long period of time, but it was actually very quick.

While Bloody Lake fought against the Mongolian cavalier closest to him, the other four had already locked on to their own targets, and they had already exchanged one round of attacks.

The situation had already completely exceeded their expectations.

As the party leader, Xu Jun was naturally pretty good at fighting. He swung his longspear vigorously, and right from the start, he was able to bring down his target from his horse.

But at the moment the spear tip was about to stab the cavalier’s chest, the Mongolian cavalier managed to block his attack in time, and he used his armpit to clamp down on the spear tip.

Right after that attack, the Mongolian cavalier used the momentum to swing his axe down, and he nearly split apart Xu Jun’s head.

Xu Jun reacted quickly. He resolutely gave up on the spear and avoided the axe at a hair’s breadth. The axe grazed past his skin, and he rammed into the Mongolian cavalier so violently that he staggered.

When he saw the Mongolian cavalier flee madly with the tip of his toes tapping against the ground, Xu Jun’s expression changed drastically.

“Darn it, he’s so difficult to deal with! I’ll chase after him! Be careful, and don’t let them run!”

Once he finished speaking, he also chased after his own cavalier, just like Bloody Lake. Fortunately, these Mongolian cavaliers were not fast after they got down from their horses.

The only ones who managed to kill their Mongolian cavaliers in this mabush were Happy and Young Yu Yan.

There was naturally no need to mention how Happy succeeded. Even though he did not use Universe’s Lightning Destruction Style, his Flying Dragon Sword Technique could produce extraordinary effect as well.

Even though the defense and reaction from the Mongolian cavaliers were a little ridiculously strong, they were just at the rank of Inaction Realm martial artists. When they changed their attack trajectory slightly while they delivered their attacks, they can send their swords into the spots where the armor did not cover, and they could stab their enemy’s neck.

Compared to Happy, who restrained his strength, Young Yu Yan attacked with a far fiercer intensity.

Her four-echelon weapon was the demonic blade from Sky Demon Secret Cave. It could serve as a saber and a sword, and she could use both saber and sword techniques. Her attacks varied greatly, and the demonic blade was as great as a high-grade demonic vessel.

While its damage was not high—it was only at four thousand points—it was still one time higher than a grade one masterpiece at the fourth echelon, which was something many first-rate players used, but only had two thousand damage. But when she used the weapon with a saber technique that required her to attack with all her strength, her attack was actually above Happy’s.

When Happy killed a Mongolian cavalier in one strike, he had been paying attention to Young Yu Yan’s situation.

And just as he expected, Young Yu Yan, who had only been very average in Happy’s previous life, seemed to have been influenced rather greatly in this life. Under the stimulation provided by Phoenix Dances, Glutinous Rice, the Three Lonely Wolves, and even Happy himself, her sword technique and saber technique became rather good, and she had already reached the degree of a first-class player.

From the moment she charged out of the slope, the demonic saber was filled with a saber glare, and the momentum was astonishing!

Even though the Mongolian cavalier managed to block her attack on the spot, she managed to quickly change her attack trajectory. She pulled back her saber glare, turned around, and thrust forward once more.

The Mongolian cavalier was different from martial artists in the sense that he did not have a body fortification. He instantly had the sword force that shot out from the demonic saber pierced through his forehead, and the entire process of Young Yu Yan’s fight was very relaxing and magnificent.

Young Yu Yan sheathed her sword and stood.

She quickly cast a glance at Chen Kai, who had already ended his fight, then released a slight sigh of relief before she turned around and looked at Sweet Chili, the lady in red.

“That guy’s good… Help me stop him!”

The lady in red was not that great. Even though her sword technique was gorgeous, Happy could already tell from the party’s fight against the Mongolian cavaliers that their reaction and experience in battle was very great, and they had astonishing Arm Strength. When they fought against these cavaliers head on, if they did not use some tricks, it will be very difficult for them to end the battle quickly. The lady in red fought against the Mongolian cavaliers seriously or carefully because she thought that the Mongolian cavaliers were just normal soldiers, and she instantly suffered a great setback.

Right when they fought, she was sent flying away with one swing of the Mongolian cavalier’s weapon. Her purlicue tore open, and she practically could not hold her weapon tightly.

Her expression changed. Sweet Chili then saw that Chen Kai and Young Yu Yan had already dealt with their opponents, which was why she quickly decided to ask for help.

If one single cavalier fled at this moment, the situation will be very dangerous for them!

Bloody Lake and Xu Jun might have two people flee, but they fled without the aid of horses, and it was just a matter of time before they managed to kill those Mongolian soldiers, but Sweet Chili did not even kill the Mongolian cavalier’s horse. The Mongolian cavalier struck the horse, and in pain, the horse instantly fled into the distance.

The Mongolian cavaliers were very cautious. When he saw that two of his comrades died, he knew that the situation was not good for him, and he could not fight against his enemies head on. He turned tail and ran without dragging out the fight at all.

“Stay where you are!”

But Young Yu Yan found the situation a little strange. She was curious as to why the lady in red and the rest will suffer such setbacks right when they fought against these cavaliers.

However, when she heard the lady-in-red’s alarmed scream, she quickly snapped out of her daze, cast an indifferent glance at Chen Kai, and chased after the cavalier.


When the Mongolian cavalier felt wind above his head, he swung his axe without hesitation in the hopes of forcing the person chasing after him to retreat.

But at that moment, Young Yu Yan threw a whole handful of flying needles at the horse’s legs!

A shrill neigh rose. The Mongolian cavalier was thrown off the horse when it lost its footing, and he fell to the ground.

Young Yu Yan did not chase after him. She just watched Sweet Chili hold her sword and went after his life aggressively while she smiled in glee.

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