Sword Among Us

Chapter 805 - Meeting Yu Yan

Chapter 805: Meeting Yu Yan



While horse hooves thundered against the ground, the crowd gradually split into small teams that headed to different directions.

As he listened to the monotonous horse hooves, Happy sized up the party where he was quietly.

Along with Happy, there were five in the party.

The captain was the young man who smiled in a very friendly manner. He was between twenty-five to twenty-six years old, and he was not affiliated to any sect. His equipment was not very flashy, but there were two grade one equipment that were at the fourth echelon, and his steed was a Hoof Shadow. If he were placed in a crowd, he can be considered to be an aristocrat with a rather high ranking.

In Happy’s previous life, if a solo player could reach this extent, he was already considered to be doing rather well in the game, and he can be treated as a symbol of strength.

The other three were composed of two ladies and one man.

The man was around thirty, and he was built. There was a sawtooth saber hanging by his waist, and he looked incredibly fierce and valiant. However, what caused Happy to find him displeasing was that the man’s gaze kept wandering about the two ladies in the party.

The two ladies in the party were quite young. They were in their twenties. One of them wore an inconspicuous, light yellow dress befitting for immortals. She had a quiet air about her.

The other was dressed like flames. She was curvaceous and hot. Her gaze was also bold!

“Hey, captain, what’s the new kid’s name? Why doesn’t he speak?”

She seemed to have noticed that the new boy who joined them never paid much attention to her, and he did not say anything either, which made the hot lady in red a little surprised. She sized him up a few times before she opened her mouth to ask her captain.

“Plenty of them solo players don’t like talking…” The captain cast a glance in the direction where the lady in red looked before he redirected his gaze and asked nonchalantly, “But I seriously forgot to ask his name just now.

“Hey, bro, what’s your name?”

Honestly, forming parties in this game was based on verbal agreements. There was no such thing as extending invitations or official invites. In fact, there was no formality whatsoever, so there was no such thing as the player revealing their status after they joined a party.

Otherwise, Happy would have long since regretted his decision of not rejecting the offer to form a party.

“Call me Chen Kai.”

“Heh, Chen Kai, my name’s Xu Jun. Let me introduce our party members to you. This red beauty is Sweet Chili, not C-H-I-L-L-Y, but C-H-I-L-I.”

Happy said nothing. He nodded at the lady in red and treated that as his greeting. Then, he looked in the direction where Xu Jun pointed, and his gaze landed on the man beside him. Xu Jun said, “Bloody Lake, eighty-seventh on Demon Influence Rank.”


Bloody Lake clearly regarded Happy in disdain because of his normal attire, and he just gave him a faint, contemptuous look before his eyes returned to the beauty with the extraordinary presence.

“Ignore that guy.” Xu Jun clearly did not like Bloody Lake as well, but unfortunately, he was the strongest in their party, and while they worked together, they could only tolerate his actions, but that was only if he did not overstep his boundaries.

“By the way, let me introduce to you a beautiful elite from the strongest sect in the Chinese server. That’s Young Yu Yan, a great beauty from Mu Clan. I don’t know why she’s alone out here doing a quest, but heh, I picked her up.”

‘Picked her up?’

Happy curled up his lips, and a hint of a smile could be seen on him.

Young Yu Yan was clearly a little excited. She charged forth on her horse, and her dress fluttered gracefully in the wind, making her look just like an immortal in the clouds.

Xu Jun could read some of the emotions in Happy’s eyes, and he smiled knowingly before he whispered a reminder to him, “Bro, don’t blame me for not reminding you of this. I know that girl is pretty. But while she has a great temperament, has good looks, and is very pure, her status in Mu Clan is definitely not low.”

Happy was stunned silent.

Xu Jun thought that Happy did not believe him, so he pointed at her and said, “Young Yu Yan’s name has never appeared on the ranking boards, and I’ve of anyone powerful in Mu Clan having this name either, but look at her… all her equipment are at the fourth echelon, and I can’t even recognize any of her equipment. Look at that light… Whew, that’s definitely not the light a grade one masterpiece has, I’m telling you.”

When he said that, he gave Happy a serious look that said, “You know what I mean.”

And he stopped talking.

Happy instantly did not know whether he wanted to laugh or cry.

He naturally understood the hidden meaning behind Xu Jun’s words, but Xu Jun will definitely not be able to guess that the person who gave Young Yu Yan her equipment was right in front of him.

Hence, Xu Jun’s reminder, which Happy did not know whether it was given to him out of kindness or whether there was another meaning to them, made Happy feel speechless, and he really did not know whether he should laugh or cry.

He had given Young Yu Yan this set of equipment for quite some time. Once Knife and the others obtained it, he deliberately prepared one set for her and sent it to her.

At that time, he remembered that Young Yu Yan had argued with him a little and said that the equipment was too eye-catching, and people will take notice of it, which was why Happy did not force her to wear it. He did not expect that Young Yu Yan will wear that equipment when she left Mu Clan’s party to enter deep into enemy territory.

Happy was apprehensive but delighted.

He was apprehensive because the girl had actually thrown herself into danger without telling anyone, but he was also delighted because the equipment he gave her will not be preserved in the storage forever.

But Happy was rather curious right now.

Young Yu Yan had always trained out of his sight. Now, it had been more than one year since they last saw each other in the game, and he wondered just how strong she was right now.

Just what exactly drove this girl to run to the back of the enemy army at the borders and carry out the most dangerous quest?

Since Xu Xin decided to leave Mu Clan’s party to carry out a quest, Happy knew that she must definitely have her own plans, which was why he did not intend to reveal his identity and continued to quietly use Chen Kai’s identity to follow the party and venture deep into enemy territory.

However, after riding for more than half an hour, he did not see any sign of any enemy cavaliers around him. All he saw when he cast his gaze forward was green grass and plains.

“We’re almost there. If we head further, we’re most likely run into the enemy’s outpost, and we’ll be discovered by the enemy reconnaitras and patrolling team.” Xu Jun resolutely reminded his party to get down from their horses.

The group put away their horses and carefully ran along the slope. Because of it, since they were high above the land, they could notice the situation on both sides of the hill and hide beforehand.

‘This Xu Jun is pretty good.’ Happy followed the party and found that he had another target for observation.

One hour passed.


As Xu Jun gave him a word of warning, the party lowered their bodies and hid themselves behind a slope.

A row of black dots appeared swiftly from the horizon in the distance with loud shouts. They gradually became clearer.

After travelling for so long, the five finally traces of the Mongolian armored cavaliers.

“Perfect. There’s five of them.” Xu Jun smiled and said with a stern tone, “Alright. We should talk about the rules in our party. As of current, we will split our points equally. There are five of them. Each of us can choose an opponent. When they approach us, we’ll attack. We’ll do the same for all small squads we encounter. If we run into a large team, we’ll earn points based on our abilities. What do you think?”

“It’s a pretty good plan.”

“I agree.”


Xu Jun’s suggestion was accepted by everyone.

Then, all five of them quickly became quiet. They lowered their bodies and hid behind the slope while holding their breaths as they ascertained the cavaliers’ route. They then quietly went over and waited for this group of patrolling cavaliers to get close to them.

All five of them accumulated strength and waited to ambush the cavaliers.

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