Sword Among Us

Chapter 1265 - Demonic Heart Seed

Chapter 1265: Demonic Heart Seed

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Evil Emperor and Happy stood in the air. Once they said what they had been keeping in their hearts, intense sparks flew in the air as their gazes met.

They did not spend too much time looking at each other, and they did not exchange a lot of words either. Both of them disappeared from where they were at the same time.

He did not even need long to think. Happy knew that Evil Emperor’s target was Wind Chimes, who was behind him.

An invisible power descended from the sky, and it quickly enveloped a circular area of 324 feet. Happy and the group of people in the area quickly sensed a powerful pressure push down on their bodies.

There was no need to even mention it. Evil Emperor had definitely activated his aura again, but this time, he shrank the area, causing all the people in the area to have their movement speed slow down, and their qi gushed out even faster than before. It was as if they were experiencing the signs of qi deviation.

Happy was still in better condition.

With Willpower and the tendons strengthened by Tendon Changing Classic, he could still withstand the effects brought by the aura.

Howling Moon and the others felt that their body fortifications were thrown into chaos. They could not step at the spots they wanted to, and they were also showing signs of having their qi circulation being thrown into chaos.

Wind Chimes was in an even worse condition.

The time where the Nine Golden Needle Transformative Acupressure Technique had just passed, and now, she had to bear with the effects of having her tendons shriveling up. Yet with Evil Emperor’s attack, her qi spilled out once more, and her breath became chaotic. He qi raged in her, and her face turned red. Her limbs were weak, and she had to be supported by two people. The medicine would not be able to show its effects within such a short period of time.

At the moment Evil Emperor showed up, Happy appeared as well.

A huge, black vortex appeared in front of Evil Emperor.

Happy calmly activated Dragon Coil and had it surround his body.

Evil Emperor immediately got rid of his thoughts of using the Vortex of Consciousness.

He might not have witnessed how powerful Dragon Coil was, but Happy’s calm gaze caused him to hesitate for a while.

But when he saw Wind Chimes being carried away by Howling Moon and the rest, Evil Emperor frowned, and with the huge, black vortex behind him, he crashed into Happy.

Something against Evil Emperor’s expectations appeared.

Happy switched his strategy of negating his attacks while attacking. This time, he did not avoid his attack and just faced Evil Emperor.

In an instant, dozens of palm strikes rammed into the black vortex in front of Evil Emperor.

In the span of one breath, the black vortex was destroyed in Happy’s hands.

Evil Emperor was shocked, but soon, he understood what had happened.

The black vortex was indeed one of his hidden abilities, but he must have had most of his abilities discovered by Wandering Know-it-all, and Happy must have prepared for it a long time ago.

Worse still was that Happy’s strange palm technique had a shocking speed, and its damage was very high as well. If he attacked in an instant, he could indeed destroy Evil Emperor’s Vortex of Consciousness.

The Vortex of Consciousness might be successful before Howling Moon and the other supreme-class elites, but before Happy, it did not pose as a threat at all.

But Evil Emperor had managed to complete his goal as well!

He had managed to draw near!

He used the black vortex to close the distance between them, and without hesitation, he revealed the other hidden ability he had.

He opened his eyes.

A cold glare shot into Happy’s body like a sword, and his true origin aura did not manage to block it at all.

Happy froze.

At the moment the Sword of the Heart entered his body, Happy obtained a system notification.


“Evil Emperor has planted a Demonic Heart Seed through the Great Dao Heart Demonic Seed Art in you!

“The effect will last for thirty minutes!

“If the person who has Demonic Heart Seed planted in them is killed within them or flees after he is defeated, the Demonic Heart Seed will grow in the person’s body, and it will plant a trauma in you that cannot be destroyed. Next time, when you meet a person who practices Great Dao Heart Demonic Seed Art, your abilities will be reduced by 10%, and there is a certain chance where your attacks will miss.

“If he cannot kill you or make you flee in thirty minutes, Evil Emperor will suffer a rebound by Demonic Heart Seed, because he is the one who planted it in you. He will suffer from a trauma that he can never heal from. When he runs into the person he has failed in planting the Demonic Heart Seed, his abilities will be reduced by 10%, and there is a certain chance where his attacks will miss.”

While the system notification rose, Happy had already exchanged one hundred moves with Evil Emperor, as if the notification never appeared.

As Happy protected Wind Chimes with all his strength, Evil Emperor was unable to get close to Wind Chimes at all. He watched as Wind Chimes was escorted back to the army by Howling Moon and his group.

At the moment the system notification ended, Happy gave Evil Emperor a curious smile.

“Is this Demonic Heart Sword your trump card this time?”

Evil Emperor smiled and spoke in a relaxed tone, “That’s right. As long as I can kill you in half an hour, when you face me next, your abilities will be reduced by 10%. At that time, I will plant another Demonic Heart Seed in you so that you can never win against me. You will forever lose to me.”

“You want to defeat me in half an hour? With the likes of you?”

Happy found what he said to be amusing.

Both of them had been fighting fiercely outside Shiva Town for more than forty minutes, and now, they had returned to the peak of their condition. Evil Emperor was basically indulging in wild fantasies by saying that he wanted to end the fight in half an hour.

“You won’t be able to smile later on.” Evil Emperor stared at Happy in an unconcerned manner. He looked confident.

“Half an hour will pass by very soon. If you don’t hurry up, that time will pass by very quickly.” Happy reminded Evil Emperor in amusement. “At that time, the Demonic Heart Seed will deal a backlash on you, and it will be too late for regrets for you.”

Those words also showed his confidence.

But against his expectations, Evil Emperor’s confidence was also incredibly great. When he heard this, he showed a mysterious smile. He said, “One of the reasons behind why you have your current strength and why you can fight against me until this point of time is because of that Heaven Crystal in your hands, am I right?”

Happy looked down at the Heaven Crystal in his hands and frowned a little. Then, he seemed to have remembered something, and he looked up. “So what?”

“Heaven Crystal’s sword will can only be activated for an hour in a day.”

“You’re waiting for that one hour to go over, then.”

“More accurately speaking, I’m waiting for the final fifteen minutes to pass.” Evil Emperor stared at Happy’s gradually disappearing smile, and he smiled even brighter.

“Now that you have Demonic Heart Seed planted in you, you can’t escape. At that time, I can easily kill you.” Evil Emperor’s words revealed the final parts of his plan.

“Oh?” Happy smiled coldly. “Are you so certain that I won’t be your opponent after I can’t use Heaven Crystal anymore?”

“Your palm technique is pretty good, but you aren’t my opponent if you rely solely on my palm technique.” Evil Emperor spoke with a confident tone. He stopped talking for a moment before he brought his arms up. “Do you know why I have been waiting until this moment?”

Happy stared at Evil Emperor quietly. He appeared to be in high spirits, as if the results of the battle had already been set in stone.

Even if Happy did not play along, Evil Emperor’s interest did not decrease in the slightest. He raised his hand and pointed at Shiva Town, which was behind him. He said, “I know that you have been secretly contacting many of the forces of power in the world. Not only do you have close contact with Thailand, Vietnam, Persia, Penglai, America, and Russia, you have also managed to convince a lot of people to fight against the Wild Wolves. The Imperial Army you built is made to fight against me. So, to let these people understand just who is the one who makes the calls in the world and maintain normal order, I must behead you and let the people who have been in contact with you in Shiva Town understand clearly just how I defeated you.”

Happy remained calm.

But Evil Emperor used his qi when he said those words, and his voice traveled across the battlefield like a roll of thunder. Quite a number of people sucked in deep breaths when they heard Evil Emperor’s words.

Howling Moon knew about the weakness in Happy’s Heaven Crystal, and he frowned, thinking that the situation was bad.

Evil Emperor’s smug announcement continued to ring in the air above the battlefield.

“There aren’t plenty of people outside the town who can watch, but here, there are a lot of spectators. They will witness your defeat and Lovely Land’s destruction.”

“Not a bad speech.” Happy smiled coldly. “If your confidence built on the corpses all over the ground or the fact that you lost to me twice? Before I woke up, did anyone ever mention that you have delusional disorder?”

“After fifteen minutes, I hope that you can still stand as calmly as you are doing right now.” Evil Emperor smiled coldly as well.

“If that’s the case, I will wait for fifteen minutes with you.” While Happy spoke, he looked into the distance. “But I don’t think that your people can last for fifteen minutes.”

Indeed, due to Wind Chimes’ charge just now, the Chinese players had long since arrived at the foot of Shiva Town. Many of the Persian players started fleeing into the town pathetically.

Once the number of Wild Wolves were reduced, the Chinese players pushed forward. The pressure from the flanks also instantly increased by several fold, and they retreated into Shiva Town.

He cast a glance at the bad situation outside the town, and Evil Emperor snorted coldly.

“Once I get rid of you, Wind Chimes will definitely die.” After he said his final sentence, a powerful killing intent spilled out of him.

Even so, Evil Emperor did not intend to spend time to protect Shiva Town either.

To him, as long as he could kill Happy, he would have won this fight!

No one in the Chinese plains would be able to stop him then.

“Hurry up and get rid of Shiva Town!”

When Howling Moon saw that Evil Emperor and Happy had actually descended into a stalemate and did not move but instead wanted to wait for the seconds to pass by, Howling Moon quickly understood what happened. He gave his commands resolutely.

After he left Evil Emperor, the group quickly recovered part of their strength.

Wind Chimes had lavishly used up one drop of Fire Qilin Blood and got rid of all the side effects brought by the Nine Golden Needle Transformative Acupressure Technique. Then, with Orochimaru, Whirlwind Young Li, and Wind Void, she started a second round of killing in a frenzy.

Shiva Town was instantly filled with pained screams. The Wild Wolves did not dare to step out of the town at all, and the Persians retreated even faster.

Even so, the Persians still lost more than ten thousand people within a short period of time.


There were nearly twenty thousand Chinese players left. Howling Moon cast a glance at Evil Emperor and Happy. When he saw that they did not intend to move, without another word, he ordered all the people to return to the city.

Foreign players could join a war between sects.

When the people in the town saw that the Chinese players had managed to get into the town with just tens of thousands of people and started heading to the branch of the largest Persian sect in authority and who was working with Wild Wolves, they burst into a ruckus.

Shouts with a foreign accent rose and fell.

The people who followed the army to the branch formed lines resembling dragons. They jumped on all sorts of round roofs built on unique buildings. The situation was majestic, and it stirred up their hearts.

Evil Emperor and Happy still remained standing in the air outside Shiva Town.

Gathered on the town walls were the Wild Wolves and Persians.

Compared to the people from the Persian sects, these people looked further ahead. They were more concerned as to who among Evil Emperor and Happy would have the last laugh.

All the Wild Wolves decided to stay, because they knew that with Wind Chimes, Orochimaru, Whirlwind Young Li, and Wind Void helping the Chinese army, the branch in Persia would not be able to remain standing. It would be swept to the ground in just a short while.

For a period of time, the atmosphere was tense on the town walls of Shiva Town.

Countless people stared at the two people standing at a stalemate in the air, and they held their breaths as they waited for the seconds to pass.

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