Sword Among Us

Chapter 1266 - Promise, Last Fight!

Chapter 1266: Promise, Last Fight!

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The fight between the two peerless elites outside Shiva Town had changed in an inconceivable manner.

Due to both being unable to do anything to the other, Evil Emperor and Happy stopped attacking at the same time. They ignored the battle outside and inside Shiva Town. Both of them stood in the air without moving and faced each other as they waited.

Countless people outside Shiva Town held their breaths and focused as they waited for the final moment to come.

Meanwhile, war drums thundered in Shiva Town, and it was incredibly lively inside.

The speed of the Chinese players pushing inward was incredibly fast. With Wind Chimes and the other supreme-class elites working together, the people at the perimeter of the branch of Persia’s largest sect in power were all killed.

The group did not even want to wait for the ten minutes of the branch being invincible to be over. They just rushed inside!

The defense line formed by thousands of people inside the branch could not even block the Chinese players. They were defeated in one go, and in a short period of time, they were destroyed.

Once ten minutes were over, not a single person remained in the branch!

Only one hundred people remained to control the situation as they prepared to destroy the branch foundation.

“Howling Moon, we’ve already controlled the situation over here.” Whirlwind Young Li found Howling Moon. “The sect master is outside the town. Should we go over and help him?”

Howling Moon shook his head. “We’re not equipped to interfere with a fight at that level. No matter how many people go over, it’s useless. Send orders and have five thousand members stay where they are to intimidate the other enemies in the town. The others are to wait for orders at the town walls.”

He stopped talking for a while, then Howling Moon said earnestly, “Everyone is to go to the town wall to watch the fight. The sect master has sent word to me. If he doesn’t succeed in this fight, then he would have at least died for a righteous cause. If he wins, then the power layout in Persia will definitely change!”

“What if he fails?” Whirlwind Young Li could not help but take on Howling Moon’s tone. Soon, he noticed that there was something wrong with what he said, and he quickly changed his words. “Of course, with the sect master’s strength, he will definitely not…”

Howling Moon cast him a glance. “It’s fine. The sect master has said that he doesn’t intend to lose this battle.”

Whirlwind Young Li was slightly stunned.

Orochimaru and Wind Void had coincidentally come out of the branch. When they arrived next to the two, they were just in time to hear their conversation.

“But now, even with Heaven Crystal, the sect master can’t do anything to Evil Emperor. The possibility of him fighting to a tie with Evil Emperor is higher, I think.”

Orochimaru voiced his thoughts in a very cautious manner.

Wind Void and Whirlwind Young Li nodded.

Howling Moon shared the same thoughts, but he was not allowed to say such things at this moment.

At that moment, Wind Chimes walked out from behind the crowd and mentioned something different. “Happy is definitely going to win this battle.”



The four of them turned around at the same time.

“Demonic Zither.”

“Wind Chimes, you’re here.”

They smiled at her.

She was the greatest contributor to the war. They would naturally not underestimate her.

However, what caught their attention even more was the other woman who had appeared beside Wind Chimes. She was also surrounded by supreme-class elites, and she had a huge sword casket on her back.

Wind Chimes walked over with the unfamiliar woman’s hand in her hand. She looked incredibly familiar with her, and they seemed to be rather close with each other.

Whirlwind Young Li, Orochimaru, and Wind Void swept their gazes over this woman, and they were surprised.

‘Who is this?’

They had never heard about Wind Chimes having a close friend, and neither had they heard about Wind Chimes having a senior sister or junior.

At that moment, Howling Moon went over on his own accord. He welcomed her with a smile. “Ms. Xu, you’re here too? The piece you played before crushed Evil Emperor’s plans! It was truly exciting! I’m impressed!”

“Hall Chief Howling Master, you’re too polite.”

The person who came over was Xu Yao. When she heard this, she naturally gave a reply to him.

The group was shocked!

Howling Moon’s status might be below the elders, but Happy had handed commanding rights to him, which showed that Howling Moon was definitely going to have a bright future ahead of him in Lovely Land. In fact, he was almost certainly going to become a vice sect master, and Orochimaru as well as the others did not dare to underestimate him.

But right now, Howling Moon had taken the initiative to greet this unfamiliar woman, and then, he nodded at Wind Chimes. Most of his attention was on Ms. Xu, which caused them to be quite surprised.

When they heard Howling Moon’s words, they were even more shocked. They felt that this Ms. Xu had a high status in the sect.

The three of them sent private messages to Howling Moon to ask him, only to learn that this was the sect master’s wife, who was rumored to have taken care of Happy while he laid in bed for one and a half years. She took care of his daily life, and Wind Chimes had not been killed by Evil Emperor because of Xu Yao. They instantly became respectful, and no one dared to give her the cold-shoulder. They nodded as a greeting to her.

Xu Yao found herself feeling a little awkward, and she quickly signalled Wind Chimes to change the topic.

Wind Chimes soon understood her meaning.

“You’re all Lovely Land members, why aren’t you confident in our sect master?”

“Ms. Wind Chimes, that’s not quite right. We’ve managed to take down Shiva Town, even though it has Evil Emperor and two thousand elite Wild Wolves guarding it. One single Evil Emperor isn’t anything.” Howling Moon’s tone changed, and he took a firm stance on the two women’s side.

Orochimaru, Whirlwind Young Li, and Wind Void regarded his actions with disdain in their hearts, but they did not dare show it on their faces. However, they simultaneously swept their gazes outside the town in the direction where the two people were standing in a stalemate.

“Shiva Town has been taken down. Looks like the Wild Wolves aren’t really that great. We haven’t even been fighting for more than an hour, have we?”

When Happy saw that the ruckus and the sounds of battle in Shiva Town were gradually calming down, he cast Evil Emperor a ridiculing look. “Is this the Persian Empire you have been managing with everything you have for years?”

“Hmph! You can be as arrogant as you want right now. Once your Heaven Crystal loses its sword will, I will give you the chance to watch how your people in Shiva Town will die in front of you.” Evil Emperor’s tone was cold. With an indifferent look, he stared at Happy’s Heaven Crystal. It was getting weaker in his hands. The smile on his lips grew wider. “I hope that you will still be able to smile by then.”

While he was still airborne, Happy laughed long and clear. “Hahahaha… Evil Emperor, o Evil Emperor, why waste so much effort in that? In truth, you just need to tell me to put away Heaven Crystal. That’s all you need to do. Why waste so much time?”

Happy’s words caused Evil Emperor to be stunned.

He frowned a little, and his expression sank a little.

Happy continued, “Are you really going to wait for the final fifteen minutes? Do you really think that you have enough of an advantage to suppress me? At that time, if we don’t manage to decide the victor between us, you’re going to start saying that this fight is unfair.”

Evil Emperor could not understand the meaning in Happy’s words. His expression turned dark, and he did not continue with the conversation.

But Happy’s next action caused him to suck in a deep breath.

Happy put away Heaven Crystal into his Universe Bag as it continued to weaken.

Evil Emperor looked shocked again.

There were still a few more minutes before Heaven Crystal’s sword will completely disappeared.

If Happy did this, it would be the same as him extending Evil Emperor’s advantage. This caused Evil Emperor to be surprised as well as puzzled. At the same time, he became uneasy.

“Since you want to die, I will grant you your wish.”

Evil Emperor slowly spread out his aura. A qi that spread through the world instantly swept toward Happy.

With Demonic Heart Seed planted in him, Happy could only fight against him. He could not run.

The aura smoothly covered a circular area that was 656 feet!

When the aura enveloped him, Happy did not show even the slightest hint of uneasiness. He just stared at Evil Emperor as he gathered his momentum and was prepared to attack. He circulated his qi and spoke, “Before we attack, why don’t we make a gentleman’s promise?” His voice spread through the battlefield and through Shiva Town.


Evil Emperor froze a little, and he snorted coldly with a derisive look on his face.

“You’re thinking about stalling for time now?”

“To you? I won’t need to.” Happy generously gave him a derisive look back. “This is Persia. Both our people are here, along with people who are not involved whatsoever. They can be our witnesses. When we fight, whoever loses has the second chance of challenging the other.”

Evil Emperor frowned a little. He could not understand what Happy meant.

Happy smiled. He explained calmly. “What I mean is that if you die in my hands later, I will not leave immediately… Don’t be in such a hurry to be angry. Listen to what I have to say. After the person who dies is resurrected in the temple, he can come back here and fight again.”

When he heard this, Evil Emperor finally understood what Happy wanted to say.

His gaze grew darker, and he cursed Happy for being arrogant.

Happy’s voice continued resonating across him. It spread through a circular area of three miles and entered the players’ ears clearly.

“Of course, if the loser doesn’t dare to fight, it’s not a problem too. We will just treat the person who lost as having accepted his defeat. What do you think?”

Happy’s voice traveled outward like thunder, and it instantly caused the people in Shiva Town to cheer.


“Let’s do that?!”

“If the one who dies doesn’t dare take up the challenge, then he will be considered to have admitted defeat!”

“If he doesn’t dare fight, he’s a coward! Hahahaha!”

The ones who said these words were neither Wild Wolves nor Chinese players. Both sides had cautiously chosen not to say anything in case they ended up insulting themselves. The ones who caused the ruckus were all the casual players from Persia who did not know what was going on.

However, when a lot of people started cheering, it was also very terrifying!

All of Shiva Town descended into a ruckus.

A countless number of people started causing a ruckus in the town.

Evil Emperor replied with a dark expression, “Very well. Since you want to finish everything in one go, we’ll do that. The one who dies has the right to come back and challenge the winner. If he doesn’t show up in ten minutes, he will be considered to have admitted defeat and will acknowledge the other fully. Next time, when he sees the other party, he must leave!”

“Alright!” Happy replied firmly. The two matchless elites made their promise in front of the people.

Right after they finished speaking, not only did the Wild Wolves have solemn expressions appear on their faces, but the tens of thousands of Chinese players within the area held their breaths and trained their attention on the two people outside town as well. They turned on their recording function and directed their cameras at Evil Emperor and Happy, refusing to miss even a single detail.

At that moment, everyone knew that the next battle might be the battle that would determine the power layout in World of Martial Arts in the future!

It might also be the last fight between the two of them!

In a moment, the streets in Shiva Town became empty, because everyone was gathered on the wall where they could watch Evil Emperor and Happy’s fight.

In the air, while Evil Emperor was under everyone’s gazes, he slowly brought out a pair of bloody red gloves from his Universe Bag. It was a savage shade of red, and he calmly put it on his hands.

At the same time, Happy brought out a pair of gloves from his Universe Bag. It shone with a profound, black, and metallic light…

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