Sword Among Us

Chapter 1264 - Xu Yao Contributes

Chapter 1264: Xu Yao Contributes

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Demonic Zither Wind Chimes had now led the army under the town!

Wind Chimes led nearly one thousand supreme-class elites and only around ten thousand Chinese players to tear through the Persians’ lines, which were made of tens of thousands of people, and they arrived under the town.

In comparison, Orochimaru, Whirlwind Young Li, Wind Void, and armys the other people led did not have such a smooth time.

Even though Orochimaru and Wind Void had a slight advantage as well, it was difficult for them to destroy all elite Wild Wolves within a short time. They were now hundreds of feet behind Wind Chimes.

And Whirlwind Young Li was attacked badly by Evil Emperor. He could only be described to be in a really difficult situation.

If he was not currently in Myth Realm and an ultimate technique (Shifting Stars) that basically allowed him to be resilient as a cockroach, he would have died a long time ago, considering how Evil Emperor targeted him.

Of course, another major reason behind why Whirlwind Young Li was able to last until now was also because Evil Emperor had to pay most of his attention to Happy.

Both of them had been exchanging thousands of fierce blows in the air, but they still were unable to do anything to each other.

Evil Emperor had been focused on chasing down Whirlwind Young Li, as if he had not been paying attention to the situation at Wind Chimes’ side.

Then, as he kept on attacking Whirlwind Young Li, the positions of the soldiers at this side changed slightly.

And hence, the situation changed!

At that moment, Wind Chimes had already made her way until she was at the rear of the Persian army, and Evil Emperor was in a position where he could appear in between Happy and Wind Chimes in a flash. He laughed.

“Sect Master Happy, you fell in my trap!” While he laughed, he removed himself from the battle and moved backwards without letting anything stop him. His laughter swiftly tumbled out of his lips and headed to the rear of the Persian army. “When that woman with the Nine Yin Blocked Pulses dies, Lovely Land won’t be able to last for long!”

Evil Emperor never bothered to suppress his laughter. It was like rolling thunder, and it traveled through the entire battlefield clearly, thereby entering everyone’s ears.

All the Chinese players felt their hearts skip a beat. They looked up, and they were just in time to see two figures heading swiftly to Shiva Town, with one chasing after the other.

“Oh no!”

Many people had their expressions change.

“Notify Demonic Zither and tell her to log off!”

“Evil Emperor!”

“He’s too cunning!”

The people from Lovely Land and Chivalry Alliance both knew just how fragile Wind Chimes was due to her Nine Yin Blocked Pulses, and they shouted loudly.

But it was very difficult to remove oneself from a battlefield. Besides, Wind Chimes was fully focused on the frontlines now. Her attention was trained solely to that part, and she was completely immersed in killing. This was a crucial moment, and she did not even notice the movements hundreds of feet away from her.

Evil Emperor was too fast!

He flew in the air, and in an instant, he traveled dozens of feet and arrived in an area 325 feet away from Wind Chimes.

“Set up your formation! Protect Wind Chimes!” Howling Moon knew that the situation was bad.

Now, even if Wind Chimes left the battlefield, her body would not immediately leave the area. She was definitely going to be attacked by Evil Emperor!

“Target Evil Emperor!”

Howling Moon already had a bad feeling when Wind Chimes started advancing madly until she reached the foot of the town. Due to the angle and the distance, it was very easy for her to become Evil Emperor’s target, and she would die far too easily. But she had been advancing like a tidal wave. Not only was it difficult for him to stop her, Wind Chimes herself had told him that she could not remain using the Nine Golden Needle Transformative Acupressure Technique for long. She had to fight with every second she had, and it was also difficult for any outside forces to snap out of her killing frenzy.

When he heard Evil Emperor’s crazed laughter, Howling Moon knew that the most dangerous moment had arrived, and it was now the time for them to display their strength.

He gave his command. “Attack at full strength!”

Sharp arrows and sword qis were released from the supreme-class elites. The momentum of those attacks were just as swift as the sound blade river from before. They charged at Evil Emperor murderously.

As he faced the dense and fierce attacks that intersected with each other, Evil Emperor laughed coldly. He had a mocking and derisive look on his face.

“A bunch of ants.”

Suddenly, a huge vortex that looked like a black hole appeared quietly in front of him.

Right before multiple people’s shocked gazes, their gazes sank into the black hole like stones thrown into an ocean. Not a single splash was made, and they disappeared just like that.


When he saw this, Howling Moon’s expression instantly turned pale.

This was the first time Evil Emperor used this skill!

It was clear that when Evil Emperor fought against Happy, he had been hiding his strength.

When Howling Moon saw that Evil Emperor had instantly pushed forward by dozens of feet, his expression turned even darker. He warned his friends around him, “Even if we die, we can’t let anything happen to Wind Chimes!”

“Got it!”

His friends answered to his words, and they gritted their teeth while the stared fiercely at Evil Emperor charging forward. They looked as if they were about to head to their deaths.

“Eyesores, get lost!”

Evil Emperor could tell with just one glance that Howling Moon and his group wanted to become Wind Chimes’ decoys. With a cold snort, he flung his arm without even batting an eyelid.


The group felt as if they were struck by a waterfall that appeared out of the blue and came crashing into them. They were swept off the ground and were sent scattering all over the place.

Even Howling Moon felt his qi and blood surge because of Evil Emperor’s attack. He could not gather his qi together and get up even after a long time had passed.

‘He’s too powerful! We’re not his opponent at all! Sect Master, we have to rely on you now!’

Howling Moon and the others struggled to their feet and watched the white figure charge forward like a bolt of lightning. There was still hope in their hearts.

The only one who was not affected was Wind Chimes.

At the moment she sensed Evil Emperor bone-chilling murderous intent, she instantly shifted most of her attention over and locked down on him. She placed layers of sound blades to protect herself and blocked off his attack.

“Not bad.”

Evil Emperor gasped a little, and he was finally able to tell that there was something different about Wind Chimes. He looked at her and saw the nine golden needles on Wind Chimes head. Then, he quickly came to an understanding as to what happened.

“So, it’s a technique that allows her to stimulate her potential.” Evil Emperor instantly lost his interest and had his curiosity deflate.

Since she obtained this power by stimulating her potential, she would not be able to obtain this domineering power for long. There was no need for him to intentionally come here.

Still, if his opponent were Wind Chimes…

Evil Emperor remembered Wandering Know-it-all’s dignified and otherworldly face, and a cruel smirk appeared on his face.

Killing the girl with the Nine Yin Blocked Pulses was still a form of entertainment for him!

When he sensed Happy pressing forward, Evil Emperor did not hesitate any longer. He flipped his hand and attacked Wind Chimes from above. Now, she was without protection.

Evil Emperor did not notice a woman who was also playing her zither while keeping a low profile. That woman was less than 164 feet away from Wind Chimes, and she was surrounded by a group of people.


As Evil Emperor said these words coldly, a thunderous roar rose in the air.

The world turned dark, and a large, black hand that seemed to have been formed by a raging power that caused the world to be restless showed up, and it went toward Wind Chimes without a sound.

At the moment Evil Emperor attacked at full force, the power in the world and the momentum from the countless sound blades that Wind Chimes originally conjured lost their original force.


A lot of those sound blades cut into the large, black hand.

When he saw this, Happy’s expression instantly turned incredibly dark.

Demon Hand!

This was an attack obtained from Great Dao Heart Demonic Seed Art when the user reached its highest realm. It was unique in the sense that it could not be counterattacked or neutralized. It also had an incredibly domineering effect of breaking defenses.

He wanted to kill Wind Chimes and not give her a chance to live!

When he saw this, even Happy held his breath.


A dragon’s roar rose.

Evil Emperor froze for a moment, but only for a moment. The large, black hand did not stop for a moment and continued charging forward to attack Wind Chimes.

She was now in danger.

Wind Chimes’ eyes had originally been filled with murder, but now, a hint of clarity returned in them.

When she saw the large, black hand charging into her face, she quickly grabbed her Demonic Zither and placed it on her knees.


She pressed her hands on the zither, and all the sounds from it disappeared.


A resonant and beautiful zither force appeared six meters away from Wind Chimes, like a large bowl made of jade.

But when the large black hand touched it, most of it quickly melted away, as if poison had seeped into ice.

This was the zither force the sect master of Zither Sect had taught, but it was not able to block Evil Emperor’s attack at all.

When she saw this, Wind Chimes had shock appear in her eyes. Then, her pupils dilated a little. She removed her hands from the zither strings, shut her eyes, and waited for release.

It had come to an end.

She went through this for five years, and she had done enough during the last moment, because she killed a large group of supreme-class elite Wild Wolves.

‘Now, it’s up to you.’

Before she shut her eyes fully, Wind Chimes saw Happy through what remained of her vision.

At the moment she completely shut her eyes, suddenly, a familiar zither sound crept into her ears.

Wind Chimes’ eyes flew open in shock.

When he saw how Wind Chimes’ final move was destroyed effortlessly and how Wind Chimes had shut her eyes as if she had accepted her fate, Evil Emperor felt as if he was in control of everything again, and he felt smug, as if he had won the fight.

He sighed in his heart.

He had been holding back for far too long as he waited for this moment to arrive.

And he sacrificed far too many Wild Wolves for it.

But as long as he could kill Wind Chimes and have her Nine Yin Blocked Pulses ruin her, and as long as he could win this battle, the price he paid and the sacrifices he had to give were nothing.

However, when another zither sound with a different rhythm suddenly rose, he was slightly shocked. His eyelids twitched, and he instantly saw a graceful figure playing a zither in a meditative position. She was 164 feet away, and she was surrounded by another group of people.

In an instant, an even more perfect zither force appeared in his spirit sense.

The large and black palm was blocked once more.


A loud bang rose. Some parts of the large and black palm were chipped off by the power that surged out of the zither force.

The entire force was completed in an instant.

When he saw that his pride and joy was blocked, Evil Emperor’s eyelids twitched. He simply could not believe his eyes.

Who was that woman?

Evil Emperor was full of questions.

Since when had it become possible for someone to negate his attacks?

Howling Moon and the others were even more surprised and delighted. They quickly picked up Wind Chimes in their happiness and stuffed a medicinal pill into her pill.

Unfortunately for all of them, no one was able to answer Evil Emperor’s questions.

Someone did not intend to let him have the chance to get his answers.

Happy was now one arrow away from Evil Emperor. He charged forward at full speed and arrived above Wind Chimes. He did not intend to let Evil Emperor have another chance to attack.

Wild Fights in All Directions!

Space trembled a little.

The damaged palm was instantly crushed. Evil Emperor was also forced back dozens of feet before he stopped.

The danger Wind Chimes faced was temporarily absolved.

But Evil Emperor’s gaze turned cold.

“You won’t be able to protect the person I want to kill!” As he spoke, he delivered an attack downward.


Happy did not even have the chance to react.

Xu Yao and the supreme-class elites protecting her did not even have the chance to make a sound. They were killed on the spot by Evil Emperor’s enraged, full-powered attack.

After he got rid of the person who ruined his plans, Evil Emperor trained his cold stare at Wind Chimes, who was below Happy and had a pale face. “You should know by now that I have been hiding my real strength all this while. From now on, I’m going to be serious.”

When he saw this, Happy instantly felt that the blood in his chest was set on fire.

An indescribable fire was ignited soundlessly.

“Is it?” These cold words tumbled out of Happy’s lips. “Same here.”

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