Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 369 - Punishment from the Heavens

Chapter 369 Punishment from the Heavens

The horrible tribulation seemed not to cause too much trouble for him. Even his green robe was intact.

That time it only did harm to the fat cat Evil Moon.

“Meow, why is it me again?” Evil Moon said and puffed silver plasma out of his mouth.

It was shrouded in an ice-like lightning. It shook his body angrily and then its black fluff became white and thick again which was as smooth as water. The fat cat looked at the sky which gradually turned into a huge orange cloud funnel and roared, “Meow, dare you come again…”

Before it finished its words…


Then came the four horrible booms from the sky. The whole sky turned into orange and pale silver. The overwhelming vital force of heaven and earth spread out in terrifying proportions. Then, orange and silver pillars of plasma fell down madly towards Ding Hao.

“Meow, no…!”

As the fat cat screamed, all the terrible plasma fell beside Ding Hao.

In an instant, the entire Sword-hidden Peak had almost become an ocean of plasma. The orange and silver lightning was interwoven close together like lovers. The sound of the plasma covered the sound between heaven and earth. Even those people who were kilometers away could feel that their hair and bodies were full of static electricity.

A powerful suction came from the Sword-hidden Peak which drew stones, ancient trees and river to it.

“This situation is strange. I have never heard that it would produce two-color plasma when someone undergoes tribulation…” Wang Juefeng said and he ran three kilometers away from the plasma, holding a frightened bald-headed Wang Feng. If the cynical man had not brought him out in time, the poor bald man was likely to be struck by the thunderbolt.

In the sky of the Sword-hidden Peak.

The drunk Qi Qingshan was confronting three vague figures.

The abnormality of the tribulation made those four superiors alert. After all, the prestige of heaven was unpredictable.

“It should be the strange cultivation method of Hao who has the Qi of both ice and fire. That leads to this strange tribulation… It has already been the third time. It is so powerful. I don’t know how many times it will come and how strong it will be…”

Qi Qingshan really valued his new disciple.


In the twinkling of an eye, there were several consecutive sounds from the sky. When everyone looked up again, they were shocked.

The orange lightning and the silver lightning had integrated completely which then turned into thunderbolt. It was like an endless ocean floating in the void, which collected Spiritual Qi from heaven and earth. So, it became more powerful. There was fatal aura radiating from it.

Below, Ding Hao was still wrapped in endless lightning.

The screams of the fat cat, Evil Moon, came constantly from the lightning.

Several flashes of lightning struck from the oceans of thunder like numerous arrows which engulfed Ding Hao.

“Well? Abnormal tribulation? And twice…” the voice of Tang Folei came from the sky, “Ha,ha, old monster, it seems that even the heavens want to ruin your third disciple… This is the punishment from the skies because of your killing.”

Before he finished his words…

“Ah, ah, f*ck! I can’t stand it.”

The fat cat’s crazy voice came from below, amid the thunder. A huge head moved and the lightning shrouded in the Sword-hidden Peak was suddenly gathered; then it was drawn to the head. After that, the cat’s head showed up. It opened its big mouth and sucked all the lightning into its mouth.

The tribulation thunder between heaven and earth was incredibly stopped for a second because of that sudden change.

“What the f*ck!” Let me show you something, or you’ll take me as a pushover,” the fat cat shouted. Its teeth were full of lightning. Moreover, several flashes of lightning moving around it made it look a little bit powerful.

But everyone who saw that scene gasped.

“What kind of monster is it?”

“How could it swallow the tribulation thunder?”

“Even a great grandmaster would not dare swallow such a thunder. Because the human internal organs are always more vulnerable than the skin and bones,” they thought.

After the thunder dissipated, Ding Hao was revealed.

He was still sitting under the peach tree, motionless like a rock. There was no trace of scars on his body. Moreover, the grass around him within ten meters was still lush and the peach tree was gracefully swaying. However; ten meters away, the ground was cut off by the terrible thunderbolt and there was no grass nor trees left. Looking from afar, Ding Hao seemed to be sitting on a green pillar.

“Is it true that the powerful thunderbolt didn’t threaten Ding Hao at all? How did he still have the strength to protect the vegetation within ten meters?”

People thought of this and everyone dreaded to think of that.

The potential and power of the warriors could be seen from the power of the tribulation, when they were passing it.

Ding Hao’s potential was great, which had been shown before. As everyone expected, the endless thunderbolt just then was far beyond the power of the thunderbolt when general warriors reached the primordial grandmaster. It even threatened superiors at the realm of great grandmaster, let alone Ding Hao who was a junior who had just reached the primordial grandmaster stage. How could he be so relaxed?

Moreover, what happened to the cat?

It was squatting on Ding Hao’s shoulder. It was supposed to be protected by Ding Hao’s power. Why was it struck by the lightning, whereas the surrounding vegetation was intact?

The mysteries were coming into the people’s minds.

All that happened only in the blink of an eye. After the pause, the thunder of the sky seemed to be irritated by the provocation of the fat cat. With the boom, it madly struck down and instantly covered the whole Sword-hidden Peak.

At the same time—


A flush of horrible killing intent suddenly came out of the void. It was like a concrete substance covering Qi Qingshan.

Qi Qingshan dodged quickly and only left a shadow there.

Almost at the same time, a flash of invisible sword radiance completely smashed that shadow.

Then another hidden superior raided him suddenly.

At the same time, Tang Folei and the other two mysterious superiors had also started to attack.

Four horrifying strength Qi strands which scattered clouds attacked Qi Qingshan together. The sound it made even covered up the sound of lightning and thunder. Qi Qingshan was engulfed by it.

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