Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 368 - Lightning and Plasma

Chapter 368 Lightning and Plasma

But a strange momentum was released from Ding Hao, which made people feel that everything between heaven and earth was created for him, it belonged to him and was part of him.

The cynical man Wang Juefeng felt stunned and then he said with rage, “What the f*uck are you doing? Hold your breath and concentrate on your passing the tribulation. We don’t have much time, How dare you give your attention to anything else? Are you courting death?”

For any martial artist who was going to reach the Primordial Grand-master Realm, passing the tribulation seemed to be as important as the second reincarnation. It was not only because he would be beyond redemption if he failed. Most importantly, in the passing-tribulation process, the energy he had absorbed between heaven and earth, the duration of the passing-tribulation and his insights from it all determined his cultivation potential and prospects, after entering the Primordial Grand-master Realm.

For a martial artist, the passing-tribulation was a process of being reborn.

During that process, distractions were a terrible blunder. If the martial artist wasn’t cautious, he would feel a lifelong regret.

During the rare preparation time before passing the tribulation, Ding Hao had dared make a move and he was really courting death. Ding Hao was related to the future of the Sword-hidden Peak, even the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect. However he was opinionated and did not know how to be self-dignified; Wang Juefeng really wanted to drag Ding Hao over and give him a good beating.

“Meow. Just now it was that skinny skeleton that sneak attacked me. Meow. Hahaha. You don’t seem to be able to move. Why don’t you run? Meow. Haha. Now you are a dead man…”

Evil Moon covered his mouth with the front claws. Then, he jumped to Bloody Butcher’s frozen body, raised his legs and pissed without considering his image at all.

Noticing that scene, the cynical man shivered and felt disgusted. He swore that he would not provoke the evil fat cat any more in the future.

“Meow. Suddenly I want to sleep. Where should I go to sleep?” the fat cat Evil Moon got off-line completely. Obviously, he was totally out of line with the tense atmosphere around. He looked around leisurely and carefree. Then with shining eyes, he went ahead with the cat-walk style.

“Fat cat… why? Wait. Wait. Bastard cat, where are you going?” the cynical man looked at the fat cat with surprise and he was unexpectedly walking towards Ding Hao.


At the moment, Ding Hao was at the critical moment and he should not be disturbed by foreign objects. If it weren’t because of Ding Hao who had started his passing tribulation, Wang Juefeng would have had the urge to chop down the peach trees so that the falling peach blossoms would not disturb Ding Hao; but the fat cat was walking towards Ding Hao at that moment…

Unfortunately it was too late for the cynical man to stop the fat cat, since it seemed to be walking leisurely. Actually he was as fast as a white flowing light. Instantly he approached Ding Hao; then as usual, he jumped on his shoulder and wrapped himself with Ding Hao’s hair; then, it closed his eyes and snored.

The cynical man looked scared by such a scene.

Just like a heart walking on the blade’s edge.

Fortunately during the whole process, Ding Hao’s aura was very steady without any fluctuation at all. Obviously he had not been affected by the fat cat at all.

In the sky, Qi Qingshan was fighting with other three mysterious superiors.

Like Wang Juefeng used to be, in order to prevent Ding Hao from being disturbed, Qi Qingshan had to hold back from taking action against them to a larger extent, so that he could not go all out. But he had become well-known for a long time and as an experienced master he was really skillful to the top indeed. Even so, on his own power, he suppressed Tang Folei and other superiors completely.


In the sky, a sudden red lightning tore the clouds with five-to-six meters in diameter. It was so dazzling that people could not look at it directly. It looked like a red sharp sword, wrapped with thick plasma. It burst and chopped down to the cyan figure under the peach tree.

A overwhelming and terrifying momentum was created suddenly, between heaven and earth.

Finally, the tribulation had begun.

For a while, all the fighting around them stopped.

The power of heaven was irresistible. Even the masters like Qi Qingshan and Tang Folei had to stay away from the center of the enormous funnel of clouds and spiritual air. Otherwise, once they were contaminated with the tribulation, they would stir up their own internal karma, and under preconditions without any preparations, they would face the danger of death.

Under the people’s gazes, lightning flashed.

The red plasma wrapped Ding Hao completely and the dazzling light almost swallowed the whole lawn in the Sword-hidden Peak.


The entire Sword-hidden Peak almost shook at that moment, and the huge mountain floating in the void was shaking and crumbling.

“The power of the tribulation is like a strike launched by a grand-master. Theoretically, the tribulation of the Primordial Grand-master shouldn’t have such a disposition. Was it because of the strange cultivation method adopted by the Third Junior Brother during his cultivation?” The cynical man was shocked and had already withdrawn from the area. Even so, the terrible energy contained in the red lightning forced him to resist all the time while stepping backwards.

The vibration of the mountain slowly stopped.

The column of red plasma hit Ding Hao, and after a while, it slowly dissipated.

Ding Hao’s squatting posture appeared before the people. The red plasma was wandering in Ding Hao, and even the lightning was flickering in his hair. The peach petals disappeared, but the peach tree around him was not damaged at all. Peach blossoms were still splendid, the branches were swaying, but the petals fell again.

But beyond that, the entire lawn was completely destroyed by the plasma energy. The short grass was turned into flying ash, and the three-chi-thick soil on the ground was smashed into powder, exposing the ground below. It was like green metal with a faint light.

“Meow…” The fat cat Evil Moon screamed sadly and puffed heavy smoke out of his mouth.

It was lying on Ding Hao’s shoulder. Naturally, it was impossible for him to avoid the attack of lightning. The fat body was almost roasted into coke. The white fluff turned black, and the tail was upright. The eyes were normal and full of confusion after just waking up. “What the f*ck! I’ve provoked nobody, and what happened? How did I seem to be struck by thunder …”


In the next moment, another silver pillar of plasma was produced in the center of the celestial cloud funnel, and like a sharp magic sword, it cut down.

The second tribulation.

Its intensity was similar to that of the first one. The only difference was that the plasma changed color from red to silver white at that time.

Ding Hao was once again struck by thunder by accident.

The thick plasma-like tide was radiating into all directions in liquid form. As it passed soaring, rocks were broken and grass was burned to ash. A visible energy cluster, with Ding Hao as its center, was surging and radiating to all directions. It spread to all things between heaven and earth within an area of one thousand meters.

When the plasma was dispersed, Ding Hao’s body was small, but it still remained motionless.

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