Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 367 - Bloody Butcher

Chapter 367 Bloody Butcher

“Why… is that fat cat actually not dead?”

When looking back, it had been seen, Evil Moon’s massive body, like a leaky pig’s bladder, had instantly shrunk and returned to his normal size. His limbs were flailing in the air, then with the sound of bang, he heavily hit the distant rockery, pressing a clear fat cat print on the hard rock; then, he slowly slid down to the ground.

That enormous power, like the vast sea, even if the opponent was a master at the Primordial Grand-master Realm, he would have also been directly bombed. Unbelievably, not even the slightest injury was inflicted on that fat cat; actually, not even one of his white hairs fell.

“I’ll f*ckin’ fight with you!”

At the moment of falling on the ground, Evil Moon directly ran away. He screamed wildly, turning into a silver lightning, and rushed toward the void on the left side.

“Meow!” The fat cat grabbed something with his claws and blood splashes fell from the air.

Wang Juefeng instantly understood what it was; he flashed and appeared next to Evil Moon. With the inexhaustible sword light, he cut the place hurriedly where the blood had fallen.

“Jingle! Jingle! Jingle! Jingle!”

A series of sparks burst into the air.

The sound of metal clashing was endless, like rain hitting banana leaves. The sword light was cut clearly in the air, but it was like cutting steel, and there were always sparks. Like ripples resulting from stones being thrown into water, a looming figure was gradually cleared by shaking.

“Meow! I’ll bite you to death!”

The crazy and enraged Evil Moon was fighting faster and faster. At the beginning, he had just produced a series of white shadows in the air; white lightning continued, and in the end, the virtually invisible white light. The light was surrounding the mysterious man.

Evil Moon’s frightening seeking talent helped him to always find the mysterious man’s figure at the first time. The man hid himself completely in the void several times and avoided Wang Juefeng’s deadly attacks. But at the moment, he had been caught by Evil Moon with his claws, so that he exposed his whereabouts without any suspense.

“Ah… the damn bastard!” The mysterious man was both frightened and angry. He had never expected that a fat cat could find out where he was hiding.

Finally, a skinny old man—wearing a black robe, with gray beard and hair, and an angry expression—was forced to emerge from the void.

The man was so skinny that he was like a bamboo pole with clothes. He had no face muscles at all, like a skeleton with a layer of skin. With deep eyes, he was like a ghost. A pair of magic weapon gloves was shattered and the white bones and blood were exposed.

“It’s you as expected,” the cynical man said, as he knew that man. He was one of the elders in the Falling Star Sect and the father of the One-Eyed Person who had been killed by Ding Hao, back in the sect ruins at the antiquity times in the Western Rock Mountain Range. His nickname was Bloody Butcher, a cruel man who sought revenge for the smallest grievance.

But at that time, obviously the Bloody Butcher had no power. He was forced to show his physical build by a cat and his real identity had been uncovered. So he was totally defeated. From then on, he had to face endless killers from the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, and it meant that he would eventually face a dead end. Throughout the entire Snow Province, nobody was still alive after he forced his way into the Sword-hidden Peak of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect and conducted violence.

“You really don’t know what death means. You can behave like a tyrant in the outside world, but you actually dared to come to the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect to kill people. Now you will die a grave-less death.”

The cynical man snorted.

As soon as he waved his hand, a mysterious green eagle flying in the void screamed and landed on his back, shaking his sword wings, and in a series of metal rushing friction sounds, its wings turned into two huge sword wings, which were attached to its back.

“Hey, you’ve got wings? Meow, everyone! Come and have a look at the bird-man,” the fat cat Evil Moon screamed without moral principles.

The cynical man stumbled and almost fell down. “Am I a bird-man? Don’t stop me. I must kill that fat cat … Why didn’t I allow the Bloody Butcher to kill the fat cat like a viper?”

The Bloody Butcher realized that the situation was going against him; he wanted to run away without saying a word by immersing himself in the void. The cynical man shouted. The two wings on his back were more than twenty meters long when they were extended. He shook his wings lightly and was suddenly before the Bloody Butcher. The sword light all over the sky shot out from the sword wings and blocked the space within the surrounding area of ten meters completely.

“Why do you want to kill all of us? Ding Hao killed my son. Can’t I still avenge him?” The Bloody Butcher could no longer hide himself and a thin face showed his horror, while he spoke angrily.

He was a master of assassination. He was good at conducting sneak attacks by concealing himself with paying attention to surprises. In a close fight with short weapons, he was not Wang Juefeng’s opponent at all. Wang Juefeng, the cynical man, used to be one of the Double Jades in the Sword-hidden Peak.

“Your son deserved to be killed. You also deserve to be killed… Tell me the traitor who guided you into the gate of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect and I’ll kill you quickly.” The cynical man held the sword mercilessly.

There were heavy blood debts between the Falling Star Sect and the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect. Ma Yifei’s death was related to the Falling Star Sect. Moreover, the father Bloody Butcher and his son were not good men at all. They had committed crimes of murder, arson, robbery and abuse so that their crimes were inexpiable. That time the Bloody Butcher was able to lead a great amount of killers into the deep gate of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, and he had committed deadly crimes. Meanwhile there were some traitors helping the Bloody Butcher and his fellows. The cynical man had to be tough. He didn’t kill the Bloody Butcher at once in order to get some useful information from him.

“Hehe. I am not a three-year-old child. Let me leave first and I will tell you who the traitor in the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect is.” The Bloody Butcher saw a glimmer of hope and tried to bargain.

The cynical man frowned.

But at that moment—


A silver light emerged without any sign. It penetrated the Bloody Butcher from the back and out of the chest. The terrible force almost shattered more than half of the body instantly. The horrible icing air had burst out and in a split second the Bloody Butcher was frozen.

An instakilling!

“He’s just a butcher full of evils. Just kill him. Senior Martial Brother Wang, you are so wordy. Why did you talk so much with him?”

Ding Hao’s voice rang in the distance.

The silver light of extinction turned out to be Ding Hao’s trademark magic weapon of mysterious frost with the inscription in Chinese-characters.

The cynical man turned around and looked at it, but he saw Ding Hao still sitting quietly under the peach tree and covered with the falling colorful peach blossoms.

The six-sided and palm-sized crystal snowflakes were whirling like loyal guards, covering Ding Hao and the whole peach tree completely. Two clouds of column-like and dragon-like Qi rose to the sky, connecting to the huge cloud funnel in the sky. The dense spiritual air that was visible to the naked eyes was coming. The cloud funnel was so large that it could almost cover the entire sky. The spiritual air projected through the bottom of the cloud funnel and wrapped Ding Hao.

In contrast, Ding Hao was as small as a grain of sand in the Ganges River, a grain of yellow sand in the vast desert. In front of the sky wonders, Ding Hao could almost be ignored. Even the smallest cloud cluster of the spiritual air in the sky was ten millions times larger than Ding Hao.

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