Supreme Emperor of Swords

Chapter 370 - The Battlefield of the Sky

Chapter 370 The Battlefield of the Sky

“You are hiding like timid rats. That really humiliates your status. You gathered here to kill me, didn’t you? Come on, I’ll give you this chance today. Let’s battle in the sky.” Qi Qingshan roared with laughter. He easily dispersed the killing intent with a flash of red light.

He turned into a flash of flowing light and flew toward the upper sky.

The flowing light was like a huge pair of scissors which cut off the overwhelming cloud and left a stunning trace on the sky.

Tang Folei glanced at the Sword-hidden Peak shrouded by lightning and shouted, “go”. Then he moved and also turned into a flash of flowing light, flying in the direction of Qi Qingshan.

The surrounding Qi was moving.

The five or six flashes of light paused for a second and then broke the void as they chased him down.

Wang Juefeng looked up at the direction in which many experts disappeared, and he did not give chase.

He was full of confidence in his master.

More importantly, he needed to stay there and protect Ding Hao who was enduring a tribulation.

With a soft force, he sent bald Wang Feng down the sky to the mountains below where was, out of the dangerous zone. The strength of the bald man was too weak; he was a burden to Wang Juefeng.

The tribulation was underway.

The endless flashing lightning was constantly gathering, covering the entire sky of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect. The thunder and lightning were filled with terrible power; once it poured down, the entire Swordsmanship-seeking Sect might suffer greatly.

While in the Sect, numerous disciples looked up with astonishment to watch all that. They wondered which senior of the Sect was going to through such a tribulation, one that engendered such horrible abnormalities. “Is it the head Li Jianyi in the tribulation of Martial Emperor?” they thought.

The pillars of orange and silver Qi representing Ding Hao’s power were rather faint but strong in contrast to the oceans of clouds and thunder. They were hovering in the oceans of thunderbolts, like a dragon overturning rivers and seas. Then they combined into different shapes.

Although the state of Ding Hao in the plasma could not be seen, just from the fact that the two flashes of Qi were intact, Ding Hao was temporarily safe.

However, Wang Juefeng dared not be careless.

The departure of Tang Folei and the others did not mean that Ding Hao was safe.

“This situation had been expected and prepared by all the parties for a long time. As a wily man, Tang Folei is bound to kill Qi Qingshan in revenge for his teacher. Moreover, he will never let go off Ding Hao who is likely to threaten his status in the future. Tang Folei would eradicate the entire Sword-hidden Peak including me.” Wang Juefeng thought.

At that moment—

“Towering clouds and oceans of lightning covering a radius of twenty-five or thirty kilometers… It seems that another outstanding figure is going to show up.”

A slightly appreciative sound rang around Wang Juefeng.

Wang Juefeng narrowed his eyes.

That was “Painting”.

One of the three law enforcement experts of the Tranquility Academy.

“Book”, “Sword”, and “Painting” fought to the end of the world!

Since “Painting” showed up, the remaining two “Book” and “Sword” surely had come to the Sword-hidden Peak, too.

It was said that those three had already gone to the gate of the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect to kill Ding Hao and sought revenge for the silver-haired girl, Lu Xianr. That day, they once again had the opportunity. It seemed that they had colluded with moles in the Swordsmanship-seeking Sect, otherwise they couldn’t have secretly gone to the edge of the Sect.

“Surely he was the junior who dared to provoke Mu Tianyang. It’s quite interesting. The intensity of the tribulation has already caught up with half of the tribulation’s intensity which the 11-year-old Mu Tianyang endured.” Another voice was heard.

It was a figure covered in black smog, who spoke with a good voice. He seemed to be a young man.

The black smog around him burned like black inflammation. It sizzled strangely in the void, as if meat were sizzling on the grill. Moreover, the surrounding space and light were twisted by it.

That was also an outstanding young master.

“Unfortunately, such a genius is destined to fall.”

Another voice sounded. A gentle young man stepped out of the void barrier and slowly appeared beside “Painting”. He wore up to twenty pieces of rare jade with different colors. The handsome man was in a robe, holding a folding fan made of jade in his hands. He was exactly the “Jade Master”, one of the “Four Masters” in the sect.

Wang Juefeng took a deep breath. With the long sword in his hand, he sneered and said, “Whatever ghosts and monsters, just show up together.”

He did not curse at the “Jade Master”.

Because the presence of “Jade Master” had explained the problem. Saying anything was in vain.

“To kill Ding Hao needs this many people?”

Said “Painting” with arrogance; as part of the Tranquility Academy, the dominating Sect in Snow Province, he apparently was unwilling to wait. With the light flashing, a huge paintbrush with a jade handle and black bristles appeared in his hands. With a stroke of the brush in the void, a waterfall flowed down toward Ding Hao in the distance.

Wang Juefeng was going to stop him. However, with a flash of his figure, “Jade Master” blocked his way.

“The ‘Four Masters of the Sect’ have always keep pace with each other. ‘Seclusion Master’ has been missing for decades. ‘Master Sword’ Guan Feidu degenerated. Now, only you and me are here. As ‘Poison Master’, you are the lowest profile among us, and are thought highly of by many seniors. I wanted to challenge you for a long time, but you are my martial uncle. Let’s finish this today.”

“Jade Master” smiled; he was burning with fighting desire.

“Four masters of the Sect” were the excellent geniuses of that generation, whose strength was incomparable. They had their own good points. No one could have ever known that they would grow up in different ways. Only “Jade Master” was talented and interested in power. He always wanted to battle with the other three, however; he failed to do so. As far as he was concerned, that day was a good opportunity to force “Poison Master” Wang Juefeng to battle with him.

“If you want to protect Ding Hao, you should first defeat me with your full strength, otherwise…” “Jade Master” said. Burning with jade-colored light, he was aggressive and high-spirited.

Wang Juefeng said nothing and drew the sword.

The deafening sound broke through the sky. Moreover, the sky was suddenly full of golden sword radiance.

“Jade Master” opened his folding fan. The keel of the fan revealed a jade sword radiance which collided with the golden light. That burst into a loud sound. Moreover, the strength Qi and the transparent energy wave were flowing.

“Ha, ha, do you want to start killing pigs?” The mysterious young expert in a black flame said while moving quickly towards Wang Juefeng, like a flash of black flowing light. He joined the fight.

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