Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 129 - Chapter 129: Crippling a Grandmaster Realm In One Move

Chapter 129: Crippling a Grandmaster Realm In One Move

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After a pause, Yang Luo glanced at Kitada Karyu, Nakamura Ichio, and Yagyu Youmen and said, “1 advise the three of you to attack together. This way, you might be able to lose slower.”

Upon hearing Yang Luo’s words, Kitada Karyu, Nakamura Ichio, and Yagyu Goemon’s expressions instantly darkened.

They had never seen such an arrogant person.

Sato Taro sneered coldly.

This kid actually dared to provoke his three senior brothers at the same time. He simply had a death wish.

Even all the Hall Masters and disciples present were stunned.

They did not expect Yang Luo to be so arrogant and actually dare to say such words.

It had to be known that any one of the three people from Nakamura Ichio was difficult for them to deal with.

But now, this kid actually dared to let the three of them attack together. If he didn’t have a death wish, then what did he say that for?

Chen Rongrong shook her head and said, “This guy is dead for sure. Just wait to collect his corpse.”

The others also nodded, feeling that Yang Luo was dead meat.

However, Hong Yunzhi and Hong Zekai had thought it through. If Yang Luo was really no match for them, they would protect Yang Luo and escape even if they had to risk their lives.

Kitada Karyu stared at Yang Luo with a burning gaze and said sinisterly, “Kid, ever since 1 stepped into the Grandmaster Realm, no one has dared to say such things in front of me. You’re the first.

“Don’t worry, I’ll break your limbs, cripple your cultivation, and let you spend the rest of your life in bed. You’ll always remember this day.”

“Yes, breaking his limbs and crippling one’s cultivation is a good idea.”

Yang Luo nodded and said, “However, you’re the one lying in bed for the rest of your life, not me.”


Before Kitada Karyu could move, Nakamura Ichio, who was at the side, could no longer suppress the anger in his heart. He let out a roar and rushed towards Yang Luo first!

Nakamura Ichio’s figure was huge and his aura was thick. He rushed towards Yang Luo like a truck, more than a head taller than him!

And as he approached Yang Luo!

Nakamura Ichio raised his right arm, and a gray True Qi surrounded his palm. He struck Yang Luo’s head heavily like a huge saber!

Everyone present could not bear to watch anymore and closed their eyes in fear!

The next second!


A dull bang resounded in the martial arts field!

The ground cracked and strong winds howled. True Qi fluctuated, and a violent wind seemed to blow in the martial arts arena!

However, what puzzled everyone present was that they did not hear any screams at all!

Could it be that this kid was directly killed without even having time to scream?

Everyone opened their eyes and looked over!

Yang Luo was standing there calmly. He raised his left arm and blocked Nakamura Ichio’s palm!

The stone slabs under his feet had completely shattered!

However, to everyone’s surprise, Yang Luo was actually unscathed!

“He blocked it! He actually blocked it!”

“This kid actually blocked such a terrifying attack from Nakamura Ichio?!”

Everyone present exclaimed one after another, their eyes filled with disbelief.

Chen Rongrong and Qiao Yongjie were especially dumbfounded.

They knew that they would definitely not be able to withstand this palm. Even if they did not die, they would be severely injured.

Qiao Jingsong and Chen Qingshan had the same thought.

“That’s it?”

Yang Luo looked up at Nakamura Ichio with disdain.

Nakamura Ichio also recovered from his shock!

“Give me your life!”

He let out an explosive roar, clenched his left hand into a fist, and punched Yang Luo’s chest!

However, just as Nakamura Ichio threw a punch!

Yang Luo grabbed in the air with his right hand and grabbed his left wrist. Then, his right arm suddenly exerted strength and threw him into the sky!

Yes, Nakamura Ichio, who weighed nearly 200 kilograms, was thrown more than ten meters into the air!

Immediately after, Yang Luo kicked the ground and soared more than ten meters into the air. Then, he kicked down from above, his leg whipping at Nakamura Ichio’s chest like a golden battle axe!


Nakamura Ichio’s expression changed drastically. He wanted to dodge and block, but it was too late!

In the next second…


Yang Luo’s kick landed heavily on his chest!


Nakamura Ichio let out an extremely painful scream as his huge body fell heavily to the ground with a bang!

The thick and heavy stone slabs shattered into powder, forming the shape of a human!

Blood gushed out of Nakamura Ichio’s mouth. His entire body was shattered, and his internal organs were severely damaged. Even his dantian was shattered!

Therefore, Yang Luo’s kick crippled Nakamura Ichio. In the future, he could only lie on the bed and could no longer cultivate martial arts!

The moment Yang Luo landed steadily!

The entire martial arts field fell silent!

Everyone looked at Yang Luo in a daze, their eyes filled with reverence and fear!

There was a long silence before he looked up again.

An extremely excited cheer erupted from the martial arts arena!

“Well done!”

“Good, good job!”

“Too domineering. This young man is too domineering. He actually crippled this guy with a single kick!”

All the Hall Masters raised their arms and shouted excitedly.

Qiao Yongjie’s expression changed and he said with a trembling voice, “A Grandmaster Realm expert was actually crippled by a single kick from him… This kid is too strong…”

Chen Rongrong was also quite shocked, but she said, “What’s so good about that? Aren’t there two more people?

That guy called Kitada Karyu is a mid-stage Grandmaster Realm expert!”

Yang Luo stood quietly in the center of the martial arts arena and looked at Kitada Karyu, Yagyu Goemon, and the others. He said indifferently, “Do you really think there’s no one capable of going against you in the vast Chinese martial arts world?”

“D*mn it!”

1 will definitely kill you!”

Kitada Karyu let out a roar and released his aura. His body flickered with a blazing green light as he charged towards Yang Luo!

Yang Luo just stood quietly on the spot, his expression unchanged.

In less than a second!

Kitada Karyu flew more than ten meters and punched angrily at Yang Luo, his body flicking with a green True Qi!

However, the moment Kitada Karyu threw a punch!

Yang Luo gently raised his left arm and formed a palm with his left hand to block in front of him!


The fist and palm collided, and muffled thunder exploded!

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Astral winds howled as stone slabs were sent flying in all directions!

Rubble and dust swept through the air!

The onlookers did not dare to approach and retreated one after another another the rubble and dust dissipated.

However, Yang Luo was still standing quietly on the spot and easily blocked Kitada Karyu’s punch!

“He blocked it again?!”

Everyone present was shocked to the extreme again.


Kitada Karyu felt humiliated and shouted angrily. He clenched his left fist and punched Yang Luo again!

However, Yang Luo raised his right hand and easily blocked his fist again!

At this moment, Kitada Karyu felt a trace of fear and wanted to retreat!

However, Yang Luo did not give him a chance at all. Instead, he spread his fingers and grabbed his fists. Then, he exerted strength in his arms and twisted!




Kitada Karyu let out a miserable scream as both his arms were completely broken off by Yang Luo…

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