Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 128 - Chapter 128: Not Letting Any One Go!

Chapter 128: Not Letting Any One Go!

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At this moment…

Heavenly Path Martial Arts School.

In the martial arts arena.

The faces of the dojo masters and disciples of the various dojos were filled with grief and indignation, and their hearts turned cold.

Hong Yunzhi rushed up again and again, but he was forced back by Kitada Karyu.

Now, Hong Yunzhi was already injured in many places, and blood was flowing from the corner of his mouth.

However, Hong Yunzhi still did not fall and did not give up.

He was the Alliance Master of Jiang City’s Martial Alliance and represented the face of Jiang City’s martial arts world.

Therefore, he could not fall. He could not lower his head!


Hong Yunzhi let out another scream as he was sent flying ten meters away.

This was already the tenth time. A few of his ribs had been broken.


“Alliance Master!”

Hong Zekai and the others cried out in sorrow, their eyes red.

“I’m fine!”

Hong Yunzhi hissed in response and got up again.

Kitada Karyu’s gaze turned colder at this sight.

He stared at Hong Yunzhi and said in a low voice, “Alliance Master Hong, as long as you kneel down and admit defeat to us and admit that Chinese martial arts are inferior to Country Sakura’s martial arts, 1’11 spare your life!”

“I will never admit defeat!”

Hong Yunzhi let out a furious roar and charged at Kitada Karyu again!

“Since you’re so ignorant, don’t blame me!”

Kitada Karyu said in a trembling voice. His figure moved again and charged towards Hong Yunzhi!

At that moment, a killing intent appeared in Kitada Karyu’s eyes!

Since Hong Yunzhi refused to lower his head, he might as well kill this guy!

in an instant!

T he distance between the two of them closed again, and then they attacked each other at the same time once again!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Booming sounds rose and fell, causing everyone’s eardrums to buzz!

After more than ten consecutive exchanges!

Kitada Karyu suddenly stretched out his right hand and grabbed Hong Yunzhi’s right arm. Then, he twisted it!


T he crisp sound of bones cracking could be heard!

Hong Yunzhi s right arm was forcefully broken!


Hong Yunzhi let out a miserable scream. He was in so much pain that his face turned pale and he broke out in cold sweat.


Kitada Karyu shouted.

Hong Yunzhi roared, “Even if I die, 1 will never kneel to you!”

“Is that so?”

Kitada Karyu smiled coldly, “1 want to see how long you can last!”

As he spoke, he kicked Hong Yunzhi’s left leg!


With another crisp sound, Hong Yunzhi’s left leg was broken!


Hong Yunzhi cried out in pain. His body swayed and he almost knelt down.

However, he forcefully used his right leg to support his body and prevent himself from kneeling!

“Hurry up and save Alliance Master Hong!”

“Let’s fight it out with them!”

“Attack together!”

Qiao Jinsong, Chen Qingshan, Yuan Shichuan, and the others roared angrily and dragged their injured bodies towards Kitada Karyu!

“A bunch of trash wants to save someone?

Stop dreaming!”

Nakamura Ichio sneered and stood in front of everyone.

“After watching for so long, let me stretch my muscles too!”

Sato Taro also revealed a mocking smile as he stepped forward.

As for Yagyu Goemon, who had a sword on his waist, he stood there quietly and remained unmoved.

Qiao Jinsong and the others launched a fierce attack on Nakamura Ichio and Sato Taro!

However, under the joint attack of the two of them, no matter how many people rushed up, they were repelled by the two of them!

After an unknown period of time…

More than half of the hall masters and disciples present had already been beaten to the ground. The remaining small number of disciples were trembling, but they did not dare to go forward!

Killing intent exploded in Kitada Karyu’s eyes as he glared at Hong Yunzhi and shouted, “Are you going to kneel or not?”

“I won’t kneel!”

Hong Yunzhi gritted his teeth and roared.

“Since you’re not kneeling, die!”

Kitada Karyu roared and grabbed Hong Yunzhi’s throat with his left hand!

“Alliance Master!”


The people in the distance shouted hoarsely, their faces filled with pain.

However, at this critical moment!

“Ah! Ah! Ah…”

Screams suddenly sounded in the martial arts arena.

T he disciples of the Ichiki Karate Gym near the door spat out blood and flew in all directions like sandbags!

For a moment, everyone present looked at the door.

A thin young man with delicate features and starry eyes walked in step by step.

With every step this young man took, the disciples of Ichiki Karate Dojo took a step back in fear, not daring to stop him at all.

T hey recognized that this young man was the one who had beaten their dojo master until he could not fight back not long ago.

“Mr. Yang, you’re finally here!”

Blood flowed out of the corner of his mouth. Hong Zekai, who was holding his chest, stood up.

T herefore, this young man was Yang Luo.


Sato Taro also recognized Yang Luo, and his eyes were filled with endless anger.

“Sato-kun, who is this kid?”

Kitada Karyu asked.

Sato Taro gritted his teeth and said, “This kid is the one who injured me back then!”


Kitada Karyu nodded in realization.

Previously, Sato Taro had told them over the phone.

It was also because of this that the three of them had rushed over from Country Sakura to avenge Sato Taro.

Of course, after coming to Jiang City, they had other thoughts. They wanted to dominate the martial arts world in Jiang City and trample all the Martial Warriors in Jiang City under their feet to increase the might of Country Sakura’s martial arts.

At this moment, Yang Luo walked over step by step. After seeing the situation at the event location, his eyes seemed to be flickering with dark clouds.

Hong Yunzhi was his friend, but now he was beaten up like this, it naturally made him very angry.

He could not let any of these fellows from Country Sakura off. He had to make them pay the price they deserved.

Seeing Yang Luo walk in, Chen Rongrong frowned and said, “What’s this guy doing here? Does he think he’s a match for these few Country Sakura Martial Warriors?”

Qiao Yongjie sneered, “Since he wants to come here and have a death wish, let him have a death wish.”

Not long ago, they had been beaten up by Yang Luo, so they had long held a grudge against him.

Qiao Jingsong and Chen Qingshan did not think highly of Yang Luo at all. They felt that Yang Luo was here to die.

Hong Yunzhi also saw Yang Luo and hissed, “Mr. Yang, it’s very dangerous here. Hurry up and leave!

“If 1 unfortunately die, please inform the Chief of the Martial Alliance of China of what happened today!”

Yang Luo said calmly, “Alliance Master Hong, don’t worry. With me around, you’ll be fine.”

Kitada Karyu threw Hong Yunzhi to the ground and turned to look at Yang Luo. He sneered and said, “Kid, do you think you’re invincible just because you can defeat Sato-kun?

“You alone can’t protect this guy!”

“We originally planned to look for you, but since you’re here, it’s time to settle the score of you injuring me back then! ”

Sato Taro said viciously.

“Is that so?”

Yang Luo narrowed his eyes and said, “Then let’s try it!

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