Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 127 - Chapter 127: Does Not Know What Is Good For Him!

Chapter 127: Does Not Know What Is Good For Him!

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The first six forms were Swallow, Harrier, Turtle, Fish, Eagle, and Bear!

Like a light swallow skimming the river, a flying sparrowhawk spreading its wings, an old turtle moving a mountain, a fish swimming into the sea, an eagle flying in the sky, and a wild bear waving its palm!

Every move was incomparably fierce, sometimes fast and sometimes slow, sometimes hard and sometimes gentle, making it difficult for Nakamura Ichio to resist!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A series of collisions sounded in the martial arts arena like rolling thunder!

Hong Yunzhi and Nakamura Ichio moved around in the martial arts arena, leaving behind afterimages that dazzled everyone present!

After dozens of rounds!

Hong Yunzhi seized a gap in Nakamura Ichio’s defense and punched his chest!

Nakamura Ichio was shocked. He wanted to block, but it was too late!


Accompanied by a muffled bang, Nakamura Ichio let out a painful cry and was sent flying!

“Senior Brother!”


Sato Taro and the others exclaimed in shock. They did not expect Nakamura Ichio to lose to Hong Yunzhi!

“D*mn it!”

Nakamura Ichio roared angrily and prepared to continue charging at Hong Yunzhi!

“Nakamura-kun, you’re no match for this guy. Let me do it!”

Kitada Karyu said in a low voice and strode out.


Nakamura Ichio nodded.

Kitada Karyu hooked his finger at Hong Yunzhi and said with a smile, “Alliance Master Hong, come, I’ll spar with you!”

“As you wish!”

Hong Yunzhi shouted and crushed a stone slab with a stomp. He seemed to have transformed into a bolt of lightning as he charged towards Kitada Karyu!

Kitada Karyu’s figure flashed as well, leaving an afterimage as he charged towards Hong Yunzhi!

As they rushed towards each other, the auras on their bodies increased exponentially. They released their True Qi and flickered with white and green light!

“What a powerful aura!”

Qiao Jingsong could not help but exclaim, “The aura emitted by this Kitada Karyu has already surpassed Alliance Master Hong!”


Chen Qingshan’s expression changed drastically, “Could it be that this guy’s cultivation level is higher than Alliance Master Hong?!”

“It’s very likely!”

Yuan Shichuan nodded and said with a solemn expression, “I’m afraid this guy’s cultivation is at least at the intermediate-stage of the Grandmaster Realm!”

Hearing this, the hearts of the other hall masters and disciples sank to the bottom.

If this guy’s cultivation was really higher than Alliance Master Hong’s, Alliance Master Hong would definitely lose.

At this moment!

Hong Yunzhi and Kitada Karyu had already approached each other and punched each other at the same time!

Kitada Karyu was proficient in Aikido. When he punched out, it was the same as Hong Yunzhi’s Xingyi Fist. It was both hard and soft!


There was a terrifying collision sound!

Hong Yunzhi was forced to take seven to eight steps back before he could stabilize himself!

On the other hand, Kitada Karyu only took a step back before stabilizing his body!

Hong Yunzhi’s pupils constricted as he exclaimed, “You’re at the intermediate stage of the Grandmaster Realm?”

“That’s right.”

Kitada Karyu had a proud expression, “Therefore, you’re definitely going to lose this battle!

“However, 1 can give you a chance to kneel down and admit defeat to me!

“Then admit that your Chinese martial arts are inferior to our Country Sakura’s martial arts!”

“Dream on!”

Hong Yunzhi gritted his teeth and shouted angrily, “So what if your cultivation level is higher than mine!

I will never admit defeat to you!”

“In that case, don’t blame me!”

Kitada Karyu’s eyes turned cold. His figure moved, bringing with it a gust of astral wind as he charged towards Hong Yunzhi!

Hong Yunzhi did not dodge or retreat. Instead, he charged forward!

In the following period of time!

Hong Yunzhi first used the first six forms of the Xingyi Fist and summoned the first six forms, but he could not suppress Kitada Karyu at all!

After that, Hong Yunzhi used the last six moves and had his Qi transform into the last six forms!

The last six forms was the dragon, tiger, monkey, horse, snake, and chicken!

Punches were thrown one after another like an azure dragon soaring into the sky, a ferocious tiger pouncing on its prey, a spirit monkey climbing the mountain, tens of thousands of horses galloping, a Venomous Snake spitting out its tongue, and a golden rooster reporting the dawn!

However, even after using the last six moves, Hong Yunzhi was still unable to suppress Kitada Karyu!


Accompanied by a loud bang, Hong Yunzhi was sent flying more than ten meters away. A trace of blood flowed from the corner of his mouth!

“Alliance Master!”


Everyone present shouted in shock, their eyes filled with unwillingness and anger.

“I’m fine!”

Hong Yunzhi gritted his teeth and replied. After stabilizing his body, he continued to rush towards Kitada Karyu!

“You still dare to come and die?”

Kitada Karyu sneered and took a step forward to attack Hong Yunzhi again!

At this moment, Hong Zekai saw his father being forced back again and again. He gritted his teeth and clenched his fists tightly.

He really wanted to go up and help, but he also knew that even if he went up, it would be useless. Instead, he would drag his father down.

However, if this continued, his father would definitely lose.

At that time, the entire Jiang City’s martial arts world would be humiliated.

He could not let this happen!

But who could deal with these guys now?

Hong Zekai thought for a while and immediately thought of someone!


Mr. Yang!’

According to his father, Mr. Yang’s cultivation was very likely at the intermediate or late-stage of the Grandmaster Realm!

If he asked Mr. Yang for help, he might be able to defeat these guys!

Thinking of this, Hong Zekai quickly walked to the side to make a call…

At the same time…

Cloud Peak Hotel.

In the venue.

Su Qingmei and the higher-ups of Hua Mei Biomedical had been busy from the morning until now. It was already two to three in the afternoon.

However, there was an endless stream of bosses who came to sign the goods contract. After a batch left, another batch came.

Therefore, Su Qingmei and the others hurriedly ate a packed lunch in the afternoon and continued to be busy.

Although they were very busy, everyone was very motivated and did not feel tired.

Yang Luo also helped out. He was so busy that he was dizzy.

It was precisely because of this that his heart ached for Su Qingmei even more.

He only just realized that running a company was so troublesome.

“Everyone, don’t push. Line up one by one!”

Yang Luo called everyone to line up.

But at this moment…

His cellphone rang.

Yang Luo took out his phone and saw that it was a call from Hong Zekai, so he walked to the side to answer the call.

As soon as the call went through.

Hong Zekai’s anxious voice sounded.

“Mr. Yang, please help!”

“Mr. Hong, don’t be anxious. Tell me slowly. What happened?”

Yang Luo looked puzzled and also felt that something must have happened on Hong Zekai’s side.

“Mr. Yang, it’s like this…”

Hong Zekai hurriedly told Yang Luo about Nakamura Ichio and the others challenging the school.

Yang Luo’s expression immediately darkened, “A mere martial artist from a tiny place dares to come to China and be arrogant? He really doesn’t know what’s good for him!

Mr. Hong, don’t worry. I’ll come over now!”

“Yes, Mr. Yang!”

Hong Zekai replied excitedly.

After hanging up, Yang Luo quickly walked to Su Qingmei’s side and said, “Qingmei, I have something on and have to leave for a while.”

Su Qingmei said, “It’s fine. Go do your work. Leave this to us.”

“Sure. Call me when you’re done. I’ll pick you up.”

Yang Luo replied and hurriedly left the hotel.. He hailed a taxi and went straight to the Heavenly Path Martial Arts School…

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