Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 126 - Chapter 126: Extremely Arrogant!

Chapter 126: Extremely Arrogant!

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“Old Qiao!”

“Hall Master Qiao!”

Everyone present exclaimed in surprise, their eyes filled with shock.

Even Qiao Jinsong could not block this guy’s punch!

This guy was truly a Grandmaster Realm expert!

“Well done!”

“Nakamura-kun is mighty!”

The disciples of the Ichiki Karate Dojo raised their arms and shouted excitedly.

‘Til take you on!”

“Count me in!”

Chen Qingshan and Yuan Shichuan shouted and rushed towards Nakamura Ichio at the same time!

Nakamura Ichio smiled mockingly and said, “Is this the style of Chinese Martial Warriors?

You can’t beat me in a one-on-one battle, so you plan to attack me in a group?

“Very good. Even if all of you attack together, you won’t be my match!”

As he spoke, Nakamura Ichio took a step forward and fought with them!

In an instant!

The three of them met in the center of the martial arts field!

Chen Qingshan raised his right arm and mobilized all his strength to slap Nakamura Ichio!

Yuan Shichuan held his claw with his right hand and swung it with all his might. He tore through the air in front of him and grabbed at Nakamura Ichio!

One of them used the Eight Trigrams Palm while the other used the Great Strength Vajra Claw. They were both famous martial arts in China!

However, in the face of their fierce attacks, Nakamura Ichio’s expression did not change. He clenched his right hand into a fist and turned his left hand into a palm, bringing out two streams of gray True Qi to meet them!

Boom boom boom!

Accompanied by two thunderous explosions, terrifying air waves spread out, causing the surrounding people to retreat repeatedly!

The thick stone slabs in the center of the martial arts arena cracked one by one, giving those people standing there a rude shock.

“Piss off!”

Nakamura Ichio roared and exerted strength in his arms, sending Chen Qingshan and Yuan Shichuan flying!

After flying for five to six meters, Chen Qingshan and Yuan Shichuan finally stabilized their bodies!

However, their right arms trembled and they felt pain and numbness!

Grandmaster Realm!

They were certain that this Martial Warrior from Country Sakura was definitely a Grandmaster Realm expert!

Just as Chen Qingshan and Yuan Shichuan were sent flying!

Qiao Jinsong, who had already regained his senses, rushed over diagonally and punched Nakamura Ichio’s chest!

A cold smile appeared on Nakamura Ichio’s lips. He raised his right hand and easily blocked Qiao Jinsong’s punch!

Then, he raised his leg and kicked Qiao Jinsong in the chest!

With a muffled bang, Qiao Jinsong was sent flying again, falling more than ten meters away!


When he fell to the ground, Qiao Jinsong spat out a large mouthful of blood.

This kick not only broke a few of his ribs, but also injured his internal organs.


“Hall Master Qiao!”

Qiao Yongjie and the others shouted and rushed forward to help Qiao Jinsong up.

Everyone stared at Nakamura Ichio with anger in their eyes.

This guy was too ruthless. He was simply asking for death.

Nakamura Ichio ignored everyone’s gazes. Instead, he hooked his finger at Chen Qingshan and Yuan Shichuan and said with a smile, “Come, continue. Today, I’m going to trample all the dojo masters of the 19 martial arts schools in Jiang City under my feet!”

“Don’t be arrogant!”

“Seeking death!”

Chen Qingshan and Yuan Shichuan roared angrily and prepared to continue attacking!

“Old Chen, Old Yuan, stand back. I’ll deal with this guy!”

At this moment, Hong Yunzhi said in a deep voice and strode out.

As the Alliance Master of Jiang City’s Martial Alliance, he naturally had to stand up at this moment.

No matter how strong the enemy was, he could not retreat.

This not only represented his personal honor, but also the honor of the entire Jiang City’s martial arts world.

The honor of the Chinese Martial Warriors could not be trampled on by anyone!

“Senior Brother Nakamura, this guy is the Alliance Master of the Martial Alliance in Jiang City, Hong Yunzhi!”

Sato Taro reminded.


Nakamura Ichio nodded in realization and narrowed his eyes at Hong Yunzhi, “You’re the Alliance Master of Jiang City’s Martial Alliance?

I thought you would only hide behind the others and not come out. Looks like you still have some guts.”

Hong Yunzhi met Nakamura Ichio’s gaze and said in a trembling voice, “Cut the crap. If you want to fight, let’s fight!”


Nakamura Ichio’s expression turned cold as he shouted, “Today, I’ll trample you under my feet and let the martial arts world of Jiang City see that you guys are a bunch of trash!

After we sweep through your Jiang City martial arts school, we will go to other cities and sweep through all the martial arts schools in other cities!” “Extremely arrogant!”

Hong Yunzhi was furious. He let out an angry roar and charged towards Nakamura Ichio in a flash!

Therefore, at this moment, Hong Yunzhi was already angry, so the aura he erupted with was very fierce and terrifying!

Every step he took cracked the thick stone slabs on the ground!

“Good luck, Alliance Master!”

“Alliance Master, defeat him!”

“President, let him know how powerful our Chinese Martial Warriors are!”

Everyone present cheered for Hong Yunzhi.

Seeing such a powerful aura erupt, Nakamura Ichio stopped underestimating him!

His entire body shook as he erupted with a powerful aura and rushed towards Hong Yunzhi!

In an instant…

The two of them crossed more than ten meters and approached each other!

Nakamura Ichio twisted his fist and punched Hong Yunzhi with a gray True Qi!

Hong Yunzhi also twisted his fist. A white True Qi lingered on his fist, as if it had transformed into a snake to meet the attack!

The two of them were both early-stage Grandmaster Realm experts, so their auras were not much different!

However, the martial arts displayed by the two of them were clearly very different!

Hong Yunzhi’s Xingyi Fist was ancient and profound. It was not something that karate could compare to!

In the blink of an eye!


The two fists collided heavily, as if a muffled thunder had exploded on the ground!

The stone slabs under their feet instantly shattered, turning into rubble and dust that scattered everywhere!

After this exchange, Nakamura Ichio was forced back seven to eight steps before he could stabilize his body!

However, Hong Yunzhi only took three steps back before stabilizing his body!

It was obvious who was stronger!

“Good! Good! Good!”

“Good job, Alliance Master!”

Everyone shouted excitedly.

Just now, Nakamura Ichio had defeated Qiao Jinsong, Chen Qingshan, and

Yuan Shichuan, three dojo masters of first-rate martial arts schools in a row. It made them feel very angry and embarrassed!

And now, Hong Yunzhi had finally suppressed the arrogant Nakamura Ichio!

Nakamura Ichio roared angrily, “We’re both at the early-stage Grandmaster Realm. I don’t believe you can defeat me!”

Accompanied by a furious roar, Nakamura Ichio charged towards Hong Yunzhi like a bull!

As he approached Hong Yunzhi, Nakamura Ichio circulated the True Qi in his body to the limit. He clenched one hand into a fist and turned the other into a palm, continuously attacking Hong Yunzhi!

Hong Yunzhi, on the other hand, was calm and composed. He also circulated the True Qi in his body to the limit. He clenched his fists and punched out one punch after another!

As he punched out, Hong Yunzhi directly used the first six forms of the Xingyi Fist.. His True Qi transformed into the first six forms!

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