Super Insane Doctor of the Goddess

Chapter 125 - Chapter 125: A Bunch of Trash!

Chapter 125: A Bunch of Trash!

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“What?! They’re all Grandmaster Realm experts?!”

“Uncle Zheng, are you mistaken?!”

Qiao Yongjie and Chen Rongrong exclaimed in disbelief.

Even Hong Yunzhi, Qiao Jingsong, Chen Qingshan, Yuan Shichuan, and the others were skeptical.

Hall Master Zheng waved his hand and said, “I won’t make a mistake. You have to know that my cultivation level is at the early-stage Connate Realm.

However, one of the three defeated me in a few moves.

“Only Grandmaster Realm experts can do such a thing.”

Hearing this, Hong Yunzhi and the others frowned.

They naturally did not think that Hall Master Zheng was lying.

However, if the other party really had three Grandmaster Realm experts, even they would find it difficult to match them.

At this moment, shouts came from outside the door.

“Hall Master, our Zhongyi Martial Arts School has been kicked out!”

“Our True Martial Dojo has been kicked out!”

“Our Beidou Dojo has also been kicked out!”

Another large group of people ran in from outside the door.

The people who entered were the disciples of the Zhongyi Martial Arts School, the True Martial Dojo, and the Big Dipper Dojo. All of them were injured. “What?! Our Zhongyi Martial Arts School has also been kicked out?!”

Qiao Jingsong was stunned, his eyes filled with anger.

A disciple of Zhongyi Martial Arts School said with a long face, “Yes, Hall Master. Not long ago, those Martial Warriors from Country Sakura came knocking on our door and injured all the disciples of our martial arts school!” “Bastard!”


Chen Qingshan and Yuan Shichuan were also furious.

“All! All! Ah…”

At this moment, a series of screams suddenly came from outside the door.

Everyone turned around to see disciples of the Heavenly Path Martial Arts School fly in from outside and fall heavily on the martial arts arena.

Then, a group of men in martial arts clothes and wooden clogs strode in.

At the front were three middle-aged men in black, blue, and gray martial arts suits.

The middle-aged man in the black and blue martial arts suit were unarmed, while the middle-aged man in the gray martial arts suit had a sword at his waist.

The three middle-aged men had proud expressions and were energetic. Their eyes were filled with disdain.

Sato Taro, the owner of Ichiki Karate Dojo, followed closely behind the three of them.

Hong Yunzhi glared at Sato Taro and said angrily, “Sato Taro, so it was you who did it!”

“That’s right. I did it. What can you do to me?”

Sato Taro walked out with a smug look on his face. Then, he pointed at the three middle-aged men and said, “Everyone, let me formally introduce you!

“These three are my senior brothers, Yagyu Goemon, Nakamura Ichio, and Kitada Karyu!”

Hong Yunzhi’s expression was cold as he said in a trembling voice, “You kicked out 18 martial arts schools and injured so many of us. What exactly do you want?”

Sato Taro smiled mockingly and said, “Alliance Master Hong, we only wanted to spar with your various martial arts schools. Who knew that you guys would be so weak?

So many dojo masters are not my three senior brothers’ match. They were even beaten up by my three senior brothers.”

Nakamura Ichio, who was more than 1.9 meters tall, cupped his fists and said in broken Chinese, “Your country has always claimed that martial arts originated from your country!

I originally thought that there were many martial arts experts in China, but seeing it today, I’m really disappointed!”

Kitada Karyu, who had a strong figure and was about 1.8 meters tall, stood up and sneered, “What bullsh*t martial arts expert? I think you’re all just a group of trash!”


“How can you slander our Chinese martial arts?!”

“If a true expert from China were to take action, he could beat you up with one hand!”

All the disciples present roared.

“A real expert?”

Nakamura Ichio smiled teasingly, “Then let the true experts come out!

“I think it’s not that you so-called experts don’t dare to come out, but that they don’t dare to, right?”


The disciples of the Ichiki Karate Gym burst into laughter.

“Bastard, I think you’re asking for a beating!”

Chen Rongrong shouted and rushed towards Nakamura Ichio!

“Rongrong, come back!”

Chen Qingshan shouted when he saw this.

One had to know that even so many dojo masters were not their match. Wouldn’t Chen Rongrong be looking for trouble if she went up?

However, Chen Rongrong did not listen to Chen Qingshan. Instead, she rushed towards Nakamura Ichio!

And the moment they got close…

Chen Rongrong’s right hand turned into a palm, bringing with it a force that was both hard and soft as she slapped towards Nakamura Ichio!

“I think you Chinese men are really gutless. You actually sent a woman out!” Nakamura Ichio sneered. He raised his right arm and punched forward!

This punch was abnormally ferocious and brought along with it a wave of gray True Qi!


The fist and palm collided heavily, emitting a low collision sound!

The next second!


Chen Rongrong let out a painful cry as she was sent flying!


Chen Qingshan exclaimed and quickly rushed forward to support Chen Rongrong.

Chen Rongrong’s right arm was fractured. She was in so much pain that her face turned pale and she broke out in cold sweat.

“How dare you hit Rongrong? You have a death wish!”

Without waiting for Chen Qingshan to make a move, Qiao Yongjie rushed forward first!


Qiao Jingsong was also shocked, but it was too late to stop him.

“An Acquired Realm Martial Warrior dares to come and court death?”

Nakamura Ichio sneered. His right hand was wrapped in gray True Qi as he punched Qiao Yongjie’s chest!

Qiao Yongjie was shocked!

Although Nakamura Ichio’s punch was ordinary, its strength and speed were extremely terrifying, making it impossible for him to dodge or even have the chance to retaliate!


This punch landed heavily on Qiao Yongjie’s chest and broke a few of his ribs!


Qiao Yongjie let out a scream and was sent flying seven to eight meters away.

He clutched his chest in pain, and a trace of blood seeped out of the corner of his mouth.

Seeing that Qiao Yongjie was also injured, Hong Yunzhi’s son, Hong Zekai, and Yuan Shichuan’s son, Yuan Yiming, prepared to go forward!

“How dare you hurt my son? You have a death wish!”

However, before the two of them could move, Qiao Jinsong flew into a rage and charged towards Nakamura Ichio with a strong wind!

Seeing Qiao Jinsong attack, everyone present was filled with anticipation.

One had to know that Qiao Jinsong was a late-stage Connate Realm Martial Warrior and was very powerful.

“Late-stage Connate Realm?”

Nakamura Ichio sneered, “You’re still not my match!”

As he spoke, Nakamura Ichio’s figure flashed and rushed forward!

The next instant…

The distance between the two of them closed!

Nakamura Ichio directly used a karate move, throwing a heavy punch!

Qiao Jinsong used the Back Connecting Fist and also threw a heavy punch!


The two punches blasted out at the same time like two cannonballs colliding, emitting a muffled thunder!

However, the impact lasted less than a few seconds!

Qiao Jinsong only felt a sharp pain in his arm before he was sent flying!

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