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Chapter 124 - Chapter 124: Three Grandmaster Realms

Chapter 124: Three Grandmaster Realms

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Chen Qingshan smiled and said, “Now that Alliance Master Hong has stepped into the Grandmaster Realm, 1 believe our Jiang City Martial Alliance has a chance of entering the top ten this time.”

“That’s right.”

Yuan Shichuan nodded and said, “If our Jiang City Martial Alliance can get into the top ten, our Jiang City Martial Alliance’s reputation will completely spread.

“At that time, more outstanding martial arts talents will join our various martial arts schools.”

Hong Yunzhi waved his hand and said, “Brothers, I’ve just stepped into the Grandmaster Realm. I’m afraid I can’t compete for the ranking yet.”

Qiao Jinsong smiled and said, “It’s fine, Alliance Master Hong. Isn’t there still half a year? At that time, if you can step into the intermediate-stage or late-stage of the Grandmaster Realm, your chances will be very high.”

Chen Qingshan and Yuan Shichuan also nodded.

Hong Yunzhi sighed and said, “1 hope so. 1 also hope that our Martial Alliance in Jiang City can rise and not always be ranked last.”

Chen Qingshan suddenly thought of something and said, “However, the most exciting part of the annual competition is the ranking battle for the Heaven and Earth Lists!

I wonder if there will be new martial arts experts who will enter the Heaven and Earth Rankings this time. I’m looking forward to it!”

“I think it’ll be difficult.”

Yuan Shichuan shook his head, “After all, martial arts experts who can be ranked on the Heaven and Earth List rely on real strength.

“Unless an extremely talented martial arts expert is born, it’s impossible for a new person to replace the old.”

“Father, if Mr. Yang participates in the martial arts competition, I think Mr. Yang is very likely to occupy a seat on the Earth Ranking!”

At this moment, Hong Zekai, who was standing behind Hong Yunzhi, spoke out.

“Xiao Kai, is Mr. Yang the expert who helped Alliance Master Hong step into the Grandmaster Realm?”

Yuan Shichuan asked.

“Yes, Uncle Yuan.”

Hong Zekai nodded, “Uncle Yuan, to be honest, Mr. Yang’s martial arts strength is really very strong.

Back then, the owner of the Ichiki Karate Dojo, Sato Taro, had come knocking on our door, but he had been easily subdued by Mr. Yang.

Moreover, Uncle Qiao and Uncle Chen are not Mr. Yang’s match.”

Hearing this, Qiao Jingsong and Chen Qingshan’s faces turned red and they felt a little embarrassed.

“Oh? Is that so?”

Yuan Shichuan turned to look at Qiao Jingsong and Chen Qingshan and asked, “Is what Xiao Kai said true?”

Without waiting for Qiao Jingsong and Chen Qingshan to speak, Chen Rongrong rushed to reply, “Uncle Yuan, don’t listen to Brother Hong’s nonsense!

Back then, my father fell into that kid’s trap by accident!

If my father is serious, that kid is not my father’s match at all!”

“That’s right.”

Qiao Yongjie chimed in, “That kid does have some strength, but he’s definitely not a match for my father and Uncle Chen!”

Qiao Jingsong and Chen Qingshan did not say anything. They naturally would not admit that they had lost to a brat.

Hong Zekai frowned and said, “Yongjie, Rongrong, Mr. Yang is really strong.

“It has to be known that Sato Taro of Ichiki Karate Dojo is a perfected Connate Realm expert, but he was beaten up by Mr. Yang until he could not fight back.”


Chen Rongrong had a look of disdain, “The martial arts of Country Sakura can’t compare to our Chinese martial arts at all!

“I think their Martial Warrior realm must be very exaggerated!”

“Rongrong is right. In a small country like this, martial arts are naturally not that strong. It’s impossible for there to be experts.”

Qiao Yongjie added.

However, just as Qiao Yongjie finished speaking!

A loud shout came from outside!

“Alliance Master Hong, something has happened. Something big has happened!”

Right on the heels of that.

A flurry of footsteps could be heard.

“What happened?”

Qiao Jingsong was stunned.

Chen Qingshan and the others were also puzzled.

“Let’s go out and take a look!”

Hong Yunzhi stood up and walked out.

Qiao Jingsong and the others hurriedly followed.

Soon, Hong Yunzhi and the others arrived at the martial arts arena.

They saw a large group of people running in from outside the door in a panic.

Moreover, everyone was injured. Many of them had swollen faces and looked very miserable.

“Old Li, Old Zhao, Old Liu, Old Ma, what’s wrong with you? Why are you covered in injuries?”

Hong Yunzhi hurriedly asked.

Therefore, the people who rushed in were the masters of the four third-rate martial arts schools in Jiang City, Lee Chang’an, Zhao Baisheng, Liu Zhuomin, and Ma Chuanwu.

The others were disciples of the four martial arts schools.

Lee Chang’an said with a bitter expression, “Alliance Master Hong, not long ago, a group of people from Country Sakura’s martial arts world came to challenge our dojo and injured our people!

“We’re not their match at all!”

Zhao Baisheng also said with grief and indignation, “That’s right. Now, not only have our four dojos been kicked out, but even the other dojos have been kicked out. The other dojo masters are also rushing over!”

Liu Zhuomin gritted his teeth and said, “Moreover, those guys said that they want to trample all the martial arts schools in Jiang City under their feet today, including your Heavenly Path Martial Arts School, Alliance Master Hong!”

Qiao Yongjie said angrily, “These martial artists from Country Sakura are too arrogant. They actually dare to clamor and trample all the martial arts schools in Jiang City under their feet!”

Chen Rongrong said to Chen Qingshan, “Dad, if those Martial Warriors from Country Sakura come later, you must teach them a lesson and let them know how powerful our Chinese Martial Warriors are!”

Chen Qingshan nodded and said, “Don’t worry, 1’11 definitely teach those arrogant fellows a lesson!”

Hong Yunzhi frowned and said, “I’m afraid these martial artists from Country Sakura don’t have good intentions!

Moreover, since they dared to clamor and trample all the martial arts schools in Jiang City under their feet, they should be very confident in their strength!

Therefore, we must be worried and not be careless!”

Qiao Yongjie said, “Uncle Hong, aren’t you overestimating those Martial Warriors in Country Sakura?

Even if they really have some strength, they are definitely not our match.”

“That’s right!”

Chen Rongrong nodded and said, “If they dare to come, we’ll definitely beat them up!”

At this moment…

Shouts came from outside the door.

“Alliance Master Hong, bad news, bad news!”

“Alliance Master Hong, you must stand up for us!”

Another large group of people ran in from outside the door.

The people who came were the masters and disciples of the six second-rate martial arts schools and the other five third-rate martial arts schools.

Hong Yunzhi hurriedly asked, “Elder Zheng, has your martial arts school been kicked out too?”

“That’s right!”

Hall Master Zheng nodded and said indignantly, “Those guys are too strong. We couldn’t even exchange a few moves with them before being beaten down by them!”

Upon hearing this, Hong Yunzhi, Qiao Jinsong, Chen Qingshan, Yuan Shichuan, and the others finally revealed expressions of shock!

From the looks of it, other than their Heavenly Path Martial Arts School, Zhongyi Martial Arts School, True Martial Dojo, and Big Dipper Dojo, the other martial arts schools had all been kicked out!

Hong Yunzhi asked in a deep voice, “How many people challenged the sect?”

Hall Master Zheng replied, “Three people.”

“Then how strong are they?”

Hong Yunzhi asked again.

Hall Master Zheng said, “Those three are probably all Grandmaster Realm experts!”

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